Open, on the contrary: wide the legs to cosmetic gynecology!

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[…] even a person sexually incattivito, famously irreverent and aggressive toward the Catholic Church and Catholicism, this has always been known to be the Spanish director Pedro Almodovar, he could give life, through his perverse fantasies, to a grotesque image as The dialogues on the vagina Vatican.



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Father Ariel Caro.

They no longer a nun nurse on duty. I played my last years of work, or better Christian mission, in a hospital, where for 10 years I was the head nurse. Do not hide the fact that at first, reading the material that I send, I thought it was a joke, but the news was authentic. The around the poster and brochure that advertises this conference on Gynecological cosmetic surgeryto be held at an academic institution of the Holy See. More than to know his thinking (that reading it for a few years I can well imagine) the wonder: but what is happening?

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Dialogues on the vagina the shadow of the Tomb of the Prince of the Apostles

We all still in the ears and the heart's loving admonition of St. Giovanni Paolo II in that 1978 He said beginning his pontificate with the famous words: "Open, on the contrary: open wide the doors to Christ and his saving power "Cf. WHO, WHO].

That decline is bad There is known from an anthropological point of view, philosophical, historical and even theological; and we are also conscious of living a moment of crisis of faith and intra-ecclesial decline that has no historical precedent. In its twenty centuries of life the Holy Church of Christ went through moments of great crisis, but as today is done without prior. It never in fact had happened - even in the most inauspicious time - that the Church favored the crisis of faith within itself. Never before it had happened today that internally the good become bad, evil good, the virtue of vice and virtue vice, sound doctrine heresy and heresy sound doctrine. Never had happened that priests deeply mediocre, weak in faith, gaps in the doctrine and taken at will to the fashions of this world and to conform to them, They were promoted to the episcopate glory, and all with severe damage done to many particular Churches, damage that soon will become irreversible, considering that these bishops will enter into the Sacred Order of Priests new facts priests in his own image; in the image of the world to enjoy the world, not in the image of Christ to please Christ and, if necessary, sorrow for the world.

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letter of invitation of the President of the Society of Cosmetic Gynecology, Dr.. Alexandros Bader

So it is natural to ask: What would you say to this San Giovanni Paolo II, viewing transformed into grotesque way, almost burlesque-circus, his loving admonition? Because today, the warning of the Holy Pontiff, for more full Holy Year, It was changed to ... "Open wide the legs to the specialists of cosmetic gynecological" !?

But we come to the fact: the 20 and 21 April 2016 at L 'Institutum Patristicum Augustianianum [cf. WHO] - Papal institution located in front of San Pietro, dependent on the Holy See and aggregated to the Pontifical Lateran University -, will be held the first World Congress of Gynecological cosmetic. The present clinical specialists are all renowned and most of them are the most distant from the Catholic world can exist, but also by the more generic Christian world, made up of many combinations born mainly from the heresy produced schism of Luther; heresy that, today, for how things are going really likely to include a small thing in comparison of our reality.

In the shadow of St. Peter's Dome on which recently were already projected monkeys and chimpanzees on the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Vergine Maria [cf. Video of Hypatia Roman cat, WHO] in a few months we will finally be enlightened on a big secret: how to stimulate the mysterious so-called "G point”, that the system may generate a more creative and exciting sex life?

Augustinian gynecology 3
some of vaginal rejuvenation techniques

Many horizons will open in this conference, for example with regard to vaginal reconstruction techniques, or through which plastic-surgical technique to increase the lips of the female genital sex, or how to reduce those too "chipped" due to an excessive use which has understandable wear product. It will then be clarified and explained how to proceed surgically vaginal rejuvenation. In the program of the conference it is ample space dedicated to the scientific explanation of the new techniques of lifting the clitoris, to follow up with the latest techniques on cosmetic vaginoplasty.

In conclusion, a Church which has become now aware of how outdated the message "open the doors to Christ and his saving power», It seems to invite to "open your legs to the surgeon who specializes in cosmetic gynecology". What we thank God is that unlike monkeys projected onto St. Peter on the day of the Immaculate Conception, This new idea will not take place at least in the solemnity of the Annunciation of the Angel to the Blessed Vergine Maria.

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the conference venue: Institutum Patristicum Augustinianum, Vatican City State (Rome)

Such a massive presence of luminaries of gynecology to the Holy See it is still well and good, but especially understandable. There is in fact known that within the leonine walls are ever less prelates at risk of prostate diseases, missing, not a few of them, of the raw material necessary and essential in order to ill: the male attributes.

It is therefore possible that several prelates greet with joy this conference, thereby seizing the happy chance to learn how and with what prodigious techniques is surgically possible to proceed to the "restoration" of many worn orifices; these orifices that led some of them to the episcopate, in the seats of various apostolic nunciatures around the world, on the chairs of various dioceses, the dignity of Cardinal … everything always being faithful to what is shown by the disgraceful events of recent years, It not infrequently resulted in judicial proceedings and criminal cases that have seriously harmed the dignity of the Church, mainly because of all ecclesiastical authority, knowing, for years they have remained silent instead of acting, thus sinking deeper into tremendous cardinal sin of sloth …
... as it is known, and well known by now for several decades: an ecclesiastical charge val well a worn orifice, especially if the aesthetic gynecology then you run to the aid directly into your home to share what has become the lifting and eliminate signs of wear due to reasons of ecclesiastical career by those prelates who, the mouth, all have used it but prayers.

gynecology 3
all surgical aesthetic specialties, up to the aesthetic treatment of the clitoris, reported in large bottom of page

We must take note, in a serious and objective, that even a person sexually incattivito, famously irreverent and aggressive toward the Catholic Church and Catholicism, this has always been the Spanish director Pedro Almodovar, he could give life, through his perverse fantasies, to a grotesque image as The dialogues on the vagina Vatican.

The next conference will perhaps be promoted by the Society of Urologists to discuss the techniques of stretching the penis and increasing its circumference in patients with congenital micro-penis? In the event to, This possible new conference, It could be organized at the St. Anselm Pontifical Athenaeum, with guest speaker emeritus Archabbot of Montecassino, former member of the Italian Episcopal Conference, who could speak to those present of his rich experience with escort and the marchettari paid professionals barrel of money centimeter behind centimeter, night after night, with the money coming from the nineteenth revenue per thousand and intended to Caritas of the Diocese he ruled? And even in the latter case not a few, within the hallowed halls, should ask: how old the ecclesiastical authorities were aware of the dissolute life of this prelate, including the use of hard drugs? Why they did not act in time, waiting with helplessness that omission to take the obligatory initiatives was the criminal law of the state before various embezzlement against which were then detected either offenses? What it is happening in many abbeys and Benedictine and Cistercian monasteries scattered across Europe, many of which are similar to real brothel, governed by abbots that seem languide dame incipriate, to which must be ascribed the merit of having recruited among its monks a veritable army of homosexuals in search of quiet refuge and safe rein? Even in that case, will expect to act are the penal laws of the Member, when some of these vices and malvezzi will become offenses?

Augustinian gynecology 4
date and place of the conference …

Expressed suffering with these facts, I hope some red robe does not dare to take it with myself Reverend Lord, because it is precisely the factual data; and in a few months will be acts of a conference on vagina celebrated in the shadow of the Tomb of the Prince of the Apostles, with invitations to specialists around the world printed in the background of the Papal Archbasilica of St. Peter and with the assurance already given to all participants could also benefit from a hearing reserved for them by the Roman Pontiff, always indicates how the program. Now, I always pray God to save me from any form of inappropriate vulgarity, but before this I made me came back to mind the title of a filmetto pleasant in the early eighties, of which I know only the title, never having seen, and the title would seem to do so fall as they say brush: «Viva la foca … and that God benedoca» [cf. WHO]. think: at the time the movie - that this could be screened in cinemas parish for its contents modest today - it was confiscated by two magistrates behind ecclesiastical reporting because of its title, and the director risked arrest. But here we are finally served the bill after three decades away, after all this moralizing clerical against which it was enough that a monsignorotto telephoned to copings Democrat duty to delete a program on state television. And a result of the logical and inevitable results of moralism clerical-Democrat remains, What horrid paradigm, that poor soul emeritus-Abbot of Montecassino, that is not the only, but only one of several that he took by megalomania and blinded by the certainty of being untouchable, then above good and evil, He has exceeded all human and moral measure.

Augustinian gynecology 7
the European Society of Gynecology logo Estestica

This is unfortunately the present state of the poor bride of Christ I intend to defend, certainly not lay on the sidewalk, as they are making many "cautious” ed “appropriate"Eminent and Excellent Signori, in their dissociation real human and Christian, I fear irreversible, They may even have the audacity to scold me for daring to say nothing but the blatant and solar horrible truth: The dialogues on the vagina the shadow of the Tomb of the Prince of the Apostles, complete with a blessing hearing of the Pope at the end of the conference. And anyone to refute, Father Federico Lombardi in the head, Official spokesman of the Press Office of the Holy See, come forward; but the face, however, with solid and clear arguments, because now, climbing on slippery mirrors, able to smell them from afar even naive, no longer willing to believe all are in effect for “adult Catholics”, that aim to de-Christianize and ridicule the Church from within, making the eyes of the comic world, grotesque and caricatural. And all this is skilled and devastating work of the devil. Therefore, It faces the war against Satan, instead of showing anger toward me, “guilty” only to say that "the king is naked” e che "Regina language".



To examine all of the entire program The vagina dialogues printed in the background of the Papal Basilica of Saint Peter, which will be held at the Pontifical Institutum Patristicum Augustianianum click WHO and WHO


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NOTE 19 DECEMBER 2015, hours 12.00


A friend Vatican journalist has been good enough to send me a note of denial of the Holy See by the Father Federico Lombardi, S.J. A note that we publish immediately and also with extreme pleasure.

see WHO

According things like informs the official spokesman of the Holy See, we note that an association recognized by the international scientific society would involve the Holy See and its academic institution in a convention to which 'no one had been informed'.

We therefore hope that those who have involved the Holy See without his knowledge, printing invitations and brochure with the background image of the Archbasilica Papale di San Pietro, however, at the beginning of the Holy Year and Holy Christmas doors, they meet at the appropriate locations. The aim is not to have talked about that noble organ of the vagina to which we owe the virgin birth of the Son of God's only begotten, but to have spread news with all the trappings of officialdom and sowing understandable confusion among the Catholic faithful who, with the times they are racing, day after day are now ready to be prepared for anything.

But one thing I remain perplexed: can the organizers of this event have been so foolish as to come up with a conference on’aesthetics of the vagina the Pontifical Institute Augustinianum, pointing official invitation for some time printed on paper and sent to numerous specialists, as well as reproduced in electronic and diffused on the telematic network? So that I wonder: it would be better to clarify that at the Pontifical Institute, some of the many incompetent that now populate our ecclesiastical structures, He has made available a room-conferences without having bothered to check before and carefully what it was about this clinical conference? Because maybe, all, It depends again by the superficiality of the wrong person put in the wrong place. And in this case, blame, would be “our”, not the organizers of the conference on’aesthetics of the vagina Vatican.










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