Antonio Livi and Giuliano Ferrara: shepherds, theologians and devout atheists

Father Antonio



In response to an article in the newspaper The Gazette directed by Giuliano Ferrara:

In the famous interview with Eugenio Scalfari, Bergoglio get to argue that "the Son of God became incarnate to infuse in the soul of men the feeling of brotherhood". So, for the Pope, that is pushed and anthropocentrism of the "theology of the meeting" the distinctive feature of his pontificate, disappears the redemptive purpose of the kenosis of the Son. Christ became incarnate to redeem man from the bondage of original sin (this also disappeared from the "magisterium" bergogliano in place of an unacceptable and pernicious cainismo) e, through the cross, do reborn to a new life of the Resurrection. This says Catholicism. Here and only here can the true brotherhood in Christ which is not that umanitarista by NGOs and sentimentalist, much heralded as unacceptable, of Pope Francis [full article WHO].


Author Antonio Livi

Antonio Love

Ferrara de Mattei

the Director of the sheet Giuliano Ferrara and the historian Roberto de Mattei European University of Rome, during a conference at the Lepanto Foundation

My friend Giuliano Ferrara dice, on this occasion, things absolutely right, but as always says from a point of view that does not involve me. He and many others who analyze and comment on the public actions and alleged meaning that isi of Pope Francis do not speak as believers who turn to other believers but as intellectuals; by journalists, Sociology, politicians who turn to an indeterminate "public opinion" which should, according to them, be interested to know what happens in the Church "view from outside". They think that all, even believers, should take place every day for or against the innovations that occur within the ecclesiastical world, approving or disapproving any apparent reorientation of the church hierarchy in matters of doctrine, Morale, of liturgy. To help this indeterminate "public opinion" to take a stand, these commentators have recourse to the same hermeneutic categories that apply to assess the cultural dialectic, economic and political, that is, the struggle for power, rights claims still not respected, the forces of reform and conservative resistance. In short, no news and comments that do not interest me that much, because to me the Church only care what the Church really is.

I love my churchMy point of view, I love that for which the Church has always and I do my best to serve you faithfully, is the theological point of view, while Ferrara and other gentlemen like him look so with a certain admiration the Church, yes they have a good knowledge of his doctrine, but when you ask them if they really believe that the Church has been willed by Christ, the Incarnate Word, to announce to all men and in all times the Gospel of salvation and administer the sacraments of grace, them honestly admit that they do not believe. At most are beliefs that appreciate intellectually, but without her own.
But I consider myself a believer because I have always believed and continue to believe the Church as "universal sacrament of salvation" and I make my own his doctrine because I do not doubt that it is the absolute religious truth, revealed by God Himself. And in my pastoral - academic teaching, catechesis, spiritual direction - I turn logically to those who see the Church from the same point of view, because this is what qualifies, in intelligence, the true believer, what sets it apart from sympathizers of each type, with which we can be the greatest friendship on the human level, but even a little 'share of the criteria by which they evaluate the events of the Church.

Indro Montanelli

Indro Montanelli [Fucecchio Florence 1909 – Milan 2001]

Giuseppe Prezzolini

Giuseppe Prezzolini [Perugia 1882 – Lugano 1982]

I remember with respect and sympathy sympathizers the older generation, as the writer Giuseppe Prezzolini or journalist Indro Montanelli - Two Tuscan, both friends of Paul VI -, which resemble much, for intelligence and culture, to those of the current generation, as the philosopher Marcello Pera, friend of Benedict XVI; and the same Giuliano Ferrara, admirer of Benedict XVI. I know well and for this I can not say that I appreciate the sympathizers last hour, as Eugenio Scalfari and Marco Pannella, old ideologues of atheist and anticlerical radicalism and now eager to look like friends of Pope Francis. The political and journalistic professionalism of all of them and the intention with which an interest of the popes and the doctrine of the Church deserve, a greater or lesser degree the respect from believers, deserve to be respected as well as the decisions of the Popes that establish and maintain personal relations of friendship with these so-called "devout atheists". Ma, at the same time I - I repeat - do not agree with virtually nothing of what they say, and even try to simulate a consensus that there can be. I, the Church and the Pope I see them from a different point of view, which is that of faith, and if I talk about it with other believers I talk with a different intention, which is not that of journalism, necessarily linked to the superficiality of sociological surveys and hypersensitivity - not intolerance but addictive - in respect of the temporal power, the civil and ecclesiastical. I always repeat, because it is absolutely true, that any consideration based on the data of religious sociology glosses over the actual reality of the life of the Church, which is a supernatural mystery of which we believe we have only some clues through faith in divine revelation and then some experimental verification in the examination of their conscience - mystical experience, ie the action of grace in us - and in apostolic addressed to the salvation of the next - pastoral experience -.

papi postconcilio 2To be faithful to Jesus Christ serve perhaps as much information on the pastoral decisions or Government of Pope Francis? They serve many comparisons with his predecessors and many of his speeches analysis? Is it really necessary for the individual faithful Catholic to figure out what is the trend of the changes that are taking place today in the life of the Church from a sociological point of view, such as statistics on attendance at Mass, new baptisms and so-called "sbattezzamenti", to growth or decline in priestly and religious vocations, Opinion polls on standards of sexual morality? For the purposes of greater personal union with Christ is essential to be aware of all the news stories about the controversy among theologians, appointments and dismissals of senior prelates, in short, those who are presented as interesting background of ecclesiastical politics?

I think, with reasonable grounds pastoral, that for the life of faith of believers is indispensable onlylivi metaphysics and common sense possess and increase adequate capacity for discernment, that sense of faith which leads us to give a little listen to the clamor of the media sensationalism, to avoid being lured by idle curiosity. I'm interested in drawing the attention of believers to the documents of the Magisterium solemn and ordinary and authentic interpretation of the Gospel and that they authoritatively propose. Only in this way can help to prevent the "fantateologia" Shepherds' irresponsible and media image of the Church, built solely on the basis of its external human affairs, overlaps the knowledge of faith, that is the truth of the Church as it is by divine revelation.

Layout 1As a priest, when I speak of the Pope or the developments of Catholic doctrine I care about the fate of the faith in the heart of individuals, taking into account, necessarily, the fact that the story of the events proposed by the media ecclesiastical daily increases every day the bewilderment and disorientation among the faithful. I worked last year to the publication of a volume of several authors - including, the Dominican theologian John Cavalcoli and historian Roberto de Mattei - which is titled precisely Truths of faith: what to believe, and to whom [Leonardo da Vinci's publishing house, Rome 2013, see WHO]. I had previously published a true and false theologyscientific treatise entitled True and false theology. How to distinguish the authentic "science of faith" from an equivocal "religious philosophy" [Leonardo da Vinci's publishing house, Rome 2012, see WHO]. Giuliano Ferrara has dedicated to this liBro a entire full pages of his newspaper, The Gazette, but it has labeled, editorial in the title as an expression of the thought of a theological school traditional, close to 'establishment ecclesiastical. Apart from that the truth of the matter is just the opposite - all'establishment ecclesiastical, except for Pope Benedict XVI, my book did not like -, disinterest of Ferrara for the arguments properly theological text was granted. Journalists unbelievers, although highly educated and genuinely sympathetic as the talented director of Sheet, I do not expect any help in my battle, which is purely pastoral and caters to the public with the hope that someone Catholic, between those who read and understand what I write, can be re-oriented to the essentials of the Catholic faith, ceasing to give importance to the news and clerical, even worse, to give credit to the doctrines of the false teachers of the faith.

barcaiolo. 1

No wind is favorable for the sailor who does not know which port wants to land [Seneca, da letto Lucilius, letter 71]

Difficult task, I would say a mission impossible, ma, today as yesterday, all true pastoral action is like rowing against the current, is like throwing the seed in the furrows without being able to predict whether and to what extent the seed will sprout. I know very well, because I live in the midst of people, that the public is involved from the Catholic controversy instrumental - that is aroused by power interests - around the Pope's speeches and the different interpretations that they have had by commentators who declare themselves believers but actually profess, more than the Catholic faith, the ideology of the conservatives or progressives, and that for this talk, Unfortunately, the same language used sociological and political that comes from those other commentators I first appointed, which are themselves non-believers and political leanings or right or left and in this hail a pope criticize another, or pass dall'osannare to the same criticism when his work with seem to go more towards the "right". Per me, any "direction" that they seem right to me no good anyway.

I make another type of speech. I remember the believers of each "type" hierarchical or cultic, that a speech or gesture of the Pope, whoever he is, is to be taken seriously only when he acts appearing explicitly as supreme teacher of the faith, that is only because it intends to formally commit the doctrinal authority that is proper. It's no use being to analyze the opportunity or the intentions of its recondite daily pastoral decisions or Government, nor is it helpful to spend every day sifting his speeches occasional, informal, homiletical, even the private talks.

Francis white

the fake monaco Enzo Bianchi dress abbot in audience by the Holy Father Francis. This so-called multi-prior of the community of Bose has never received any order or any sacred ministry established, nor ever professed religious vows, is a secular self elettosi supreme authority of himself and from which many Italian bishops send their seminarians to make experiences of exotic spirituality before ordering deacons and priests

I have often criticized - on Compass Daily come on The Island of Patmos to which Ariel S. Levi Gualdo gave life with Giovanni Cavalcoli and to me - the tendency modernistic and ultimately Masonic many shady characters who work for a religion mondialistica humanitarian and give the Pope their ideas for reform of the Church, to name a few of the most famous: Cardinal Walter Kasper, Archbishop Bruno Forte, the pseudo monaco Enzo Bianchi, Professor Melloni with the School of Bologna that will retain the exclusive dell 'interpretation of the Council, etc.. But I, addressing the public Catholic, I can not venture to confirm that the Pope is really agree with them, yet because there are no official records of the papal magisterium documenting seriously this suspicion. If there were, we would face a real schism, but I am convinced that this will not happen. The Church is Christ and is unfailing.

Scalfari 1

Eugenio Scalfari, founder and editor of a newspaper that the Catholic Church has launched for decades whole truckloads of garbage, Today is a devout atheist papolatra

the, instead of the prophet of doom for the Church, as those who cry: "Here we are full schism!», or instead to enlist in the army of "papolatri" of the moment announcing "here finally the advent of the new Church and ecumenical synod!», I prefer to remind everyone that the evaluations of Vaticanists, sociology of religion and ecclesiastical politics have a marginal interest in the Christian life, where the essential is the concrete reality of the life of faith of every single person who has to hold in his heart the divine truth which is the only guarantee salvation. To this I say that the life of faith of the believer can not be based on suspicion or arrampicamenti straws in commenting speeches not explicitly Magisterium of the present Pope: should be based only ever on the dogma, which is expressed in formal statements not susceptible to conflicting interpretations, namely the dogmatic formulas.

Prof. His K ?? NGT ?? Bing

the priest and theologian Hans Küng heretic

Though they may be or seem puzzling actions Jorge Mario Begoglio, thank God we all Catholics, clergy and laity, we continue to have as a reference point and most certain topical dogma, moreover exposed and synthesized by the Catechism of the Catholic Church, that has not yet been repealed or ever will be; no pope and no ecumenical council or synod will in fact take up the false theory of Hans Küng according to which the dogmatic progress of the Church is carried out through continuous dialectical contradictions and excesses, with a truth today that denies those of yesterday and so prepares tomorrow. We are not called to regret Benedict XVI or to rejoice that he has resigned and that in its place there is Francesco. We can not think that the latter has beatified Paul VI and John Paul II canonized then contradict their teaching, for instance through the moral standards of Human life and of Family member company. In the life and work of every Roman Pontiff there have always been shadows, as well as many lights, if it were later canonized. Them, anyhow, Christ has served to guide his Church, especially with the Ministry of the doctrine of the faith and the supernatural efficacy of the sacraments.

statue of Peter in the chair

Statue of St. Peter on the chair

What the Pope says and does in the exercise of the Petrine ministry should be of interest to all the faithful - Regardless of different affiliations within the Church, from different feeling or any other variable on the human level - always and only for a reason of faith: because Christ himself wanted him as Pastor of the universal Church, that is why so eminent he really is the "Vicar of Christ". As a result, I know I can say and having to say to all believers that the Pope - whoever he is at any given moment in history - not interested, interested or very little, as human personality or as "private doctor", ie only as a theologian, but only as supreme guarantor of divine truth entrusted to the Church by the only Master, which is Christ. In this sense, I said before that you can safely do without much controversy follow the ecclesiastical or ecclesiological and trust documents the true faith, which are available to all, but obviously not in the pages of Sheet or of the Republic or other newspapers.

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  1. Gederson says:

    This is the outburst of an aching heart, that with deep bitterness do not for you, beloved brethren, but with you to deplore the behavior of many priests, that not only allow you discuss and criticize the wishes of the Pope, but not ashamed to reach the impudent and shameless disobedience with so much scandal of the good and so ruin of souls. This lament is not caused (I repeat) da can, beloved brethren, that, observant of the rules of the Union, solemnly professed your treat, your affection, Your devotion to the Pope. – God will keep these holy intentions and comfort you with his blessings; that blessing that I invoke upon you, upon your confreres, your families, People on all dear to you and you have in mind, because everyone is a bearer of all comfort”.


    I end up wondering:

    What has changed?

    Peace and love.
    Greetings from Brazil

  2. Louise S. says:

    Rev. Monsignor

    I agree with what was said in the previous comment. While not wanting to follow the newspapers (lay or less) enough sermons of our pastors, that are no longer based on what the Gospel says, or the official magisterium, but on what he said the day before Pope Francis, or catechesis, (strictly kept now lay , because they also have an important role in the Church today) full of quotations from Enzo Bianchi, even when not made on his texts.
    I could dwell, but the situation is this , How long thought to have a person who works or has family is in later years and finds himself having to care for their grandchildren.

    Thank you

  3. hector says:

    Rev. Monsignor
    She gives a clear message, and many valuable suggestions meticulous instructions to be good Catholics. The arguments, suggestions are unfortunately not available to everyone.
    Unfortunately, not all of us Christians have common culture, preparation, faith to separate, to sift, discern.
    Daily, several times a day, Pope speaks.
    I media (television, radio, newspapers, Web) give news, the relaunch, reporting is not always the full text of the speech, rather a synthesis adapted, with partial quotes, a free interpretation that every organ extrapolates information and exploits its own use, according to their purpose.
    And the more the claims seem to deviate from the teaching of the Catholic teaching to meet, almost to adopt, new ideologies, the greater the emphasis and the clamor.

    Here's an example of the "outcomes" I mentioned.
    Avvenire 26/11/2014 page shows
    Presents the new version of : In His image Tv In the Gospel of the priests of the road.
    From the ground to tell Heaven. Rai1 announces big changes. Not so much for graphics and logo, renewed. As for content and choice to tell the people of spirituality in the Church known for their civic and social.
    The comment of the Sunday Gospel entrusted to priests like Fr. L Ciotti, Don G Raghavan, Don M Patriciello, Don V Albanians - that translates into images and made what we asked Pope Francis, to be a Church in output. At present the new season of the program, collaboration between Rai and Cei, was the general secretary of the CEI Nunzio Galantino. (Monsignor?). Saving photos and quote Don Ciotti!
    All that remains is the prayer.
    If this is understood by the "enemies" of the Church, sounds outrageous that they do indeed share it even some Catholic media, some cardinals, some parish priests, …
    The sheep of the flock, God's people who obediently follows its Shepherd, is bombarded by these messages, it is submerged, is "educated" in this "new, modern "catechism, these new Christian rules and it turns disoriented.
    Possible that the Pope does not feel this disruption? No one who notices, that it calls fraternally? Maybe a little 'more than prudence, greater weighting, greater ownership of language, even theological, would not hurt.
    Let us pray for our Pope Francis, master, that "He hath shewed strength with his arm,, scattered the proud,"Preserve him and give him life, and shall not deliver him unto the will of his enemies,.

  4. father ariel
    priest grateful says:

    I would like to say to the readers of the Island of Patmos that I was a student of Bishop. prof. Antonio Livi the Lateran ten years ago and that I always saw in him the model of a priest that I would like to be: caught yet pastoral, philosopher and theologian of very thick but at the same time pastor of souls and enlightened confessor. Then I “tried” Ariel's father as spiritual director at a time of tremendous difficulties while I thought seriously of leaving the priesthood to the situations in which I had been put. Mai dire Father Ariel “you saved me” gets angry because of bad and answers “I'm an ass (imagine, a donkey he!) is entirely the work of God's grace”.
    With Livi as confessor and spiritual director Levi Gualdo as I exceeded my misfortunes.
    Dear fathers: you want a good soul!

    • father ariel
      father ariel says:

      I answer that, A BISHOP. ANTONIO Livi

      Dear Brother,

      I want to tell you that if due to such messages, that publishing is not always for me a slight embarrassment, I unfortunately caught by vanity, I risk to finish roasting in the flames of Hell.
      Sacrosanct words: “E’ all thanks to the grace of God”, which, repeat with sincere and genuine conviction, in the absence of better can settle even the donkeys like me.

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