That destructive ideology immigrazionista clerical-political: angels Nigerians in outburst in Rome? Recourse to the use of more than legitimate violence is essential in the face of certain situations and subjects

- Catholic morality, politics and society -



Always Catholic moral teaching which must be evaluated and applied to all conditions in which the use of force is not only necessary, but essential, that is the only viable and actionable. If all the more reasonable and non-violent civil means, however, they will prove to be not only ineffective, but they should even be harmful on people who should be placed in a position to do no harm, at that point, the use of violence, not only it is legitimate, but it is the only viable, and it is quite dutiful. Otherwise: soon we will have uncontrollable and violent gangs of immigrants that will create urban warfare ....


Ariel S. Levi Gualdo



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and video service TGCOM24 Rome: "Brother refugee" Nigerian slaughters fellow guest at the Policlinico Umberto I, attacking a woman at Termini Station and injures the Police. He had previous convictions for assault and sexual assault and had been expelled from Italy, without that the expulsion was executed

I'm not Cardinal Pietro Parolin nor Cardinal Gualtiero Bassetti, then to treat certain issues I expected that the elections had passed for the renewal of the European Parliament. I'm a priest old style and I had teachers saints who taught me to always seek to exercise that virtue which governs all other: caution. And then, if Church leaders there are those who practice the imprudence as if it were a sport and at the same time finds nothing better to do than give imprudent of me to tell you the truth - and I say that when the truth can not turn into damage and create more problems -, This is their business, not mine. It will then be the task of the Christi fideles living members of the Holy People of God, determining who is authoritative in faith, in doctrine and pastoral, those who followed to sink into the ridiculous, exerting aggressive forms of authoritarianism-clerical dictatorship to compensate for its lack of authoritativeness, just as they usually do various evil dwarfs Today impestano poor but still the Holy Church of Christ…


In the land of beautiful souls happened in those days that a "brother refugee", suffering from some kind of social and psychological distress, caused of course by our evil society and all its bad components - which according to some modern political sociology are the true and only responsible - attacked for no reason and then repeatedly hit a fellow causing injury and a prognosis at the Policlinico Umberto I in Rome thirty days.


Telling the true story is superfluous, in a one-minute service 45 seconds TgCom provides a detailed account to invite you to listen [see, WHO]. If then the fact that it is consumed and the damage caused by this thug with a criminal record for assault and sexual assault are not enough, you pay attention that at the Prosecutor's Office in Rome, one of those beautiful souls who for his beltade It could be included in the White Rose of the Blessed of Dante's Paradiso, He has even bothered to investigate the Carabinieri (!?). Indeed, after the soldiers, arrested person, they carried him to the location where the repatriations take place, "brother refugee" has further bluster, Finally hitting his head and without causing a slight wound on his forehead. Faced with a subject with a history and a deportation order is not executed, that attacks slapped a woman to Termini station, that knocks a fellow in a waiting room of a Roman hospital, that once handcuffed spits and starts to Carabinieri bites, It is nothing short of a duty that a magistrate of the Italian Republic appuri if the soldiers of the Meritorious have accidentally caused a slight excoriation, We are a nation ultra garantista, in the? [see WHO].


For those who do not know, it is good to inform that among the few always a crime in Italy, for which it exits the strictly handcuffed court to be translated in prison without reduction of sentences and benefits of any kind, in addition to the so-called homophobia and the alleged discrimination of gays, is that of insulting a magistrate in the exercise of its functions. One also known as a crime: unprecedented attack of treason to the supreme and untouchable caste. But if some were not clear the hint, then we say exhaustive way down: if a freaked out attacks you in the street for no reason, while Carabinieri or Cops are always preparing minutes in court, the magistrate has already freed with a thousand excuses: He was half drunk, It took a sunstroke, there's violence, however, it was not so excessive ... But, if in the face of all this, one says to the magistrate: "Look, you're an asshole to do so!», In this case you can be sure that there are no half-drunkenness or sunburn, and so on, you end up prosecuted for summary, sentenced for contempt and jailed without any discount of sentence. Or someone who lives and works for years and years in the legal and judicial, It can perhaps reasonably deny everything?


Some lie magistrates so shameless, When pressed by reporters on sensational cases like this, that are repeated more frequently in Italian cities, respond by saying that they apply the law, and that for so, blame, It is the Lawgiver. What completely false, because the Criminal Law Code and the Criminal Procedure Code, especially in front of recidivism and proven ability to commit a crime, up to endanger the safety of persons, laws contain and how to apply it, and also precise and well detailed. So the excuse "we apply the Law" ergo "is the fault of the legislator", It does not hold water at all, especially then when in fact apply or disapplicano the laws existing in their own free will and discretion, such as leaving free an award-impaired person, violent and dangerous.


But here's the chorus of beautiful souls who have not hesitated to explain: «.. and, Oh well, but it could also be an Italian!». Unfortunately,, beautiful souls, ignore that several Italian, being abroad for tourism or living, when they committed crimes - and there's all right, those who committed them - were strictly arrested, processed, convicted and often jailed. Let's take an example related to a recent case in Spain: a young man of twenty-nine Campanian, native of Casal di Principe, student Erasmus, exit from a nightclub assaulted a young Spaniard and after letting it fall to the ground with a punch, while the victim was lying helpless on the road has kicked in the head knocking him out and causing trauma, thus exerting also the aggravating circumstance of cowardice [cf. chronicle, WHO, video WHO].


Station Turin: a group of Savoy “beautiful anime” disapproves of the police who are trying to immobilize an illegal Nigerian who had just taken a bite a policeman. One of the agents, a “beautiful soul” that says "…but it is a human being!», replica: "What do you know, what happened? And to us, who thinks?». Already, beautiful soul of post-humanism: the assaulted policemen and wounded, who thinks? [click on image to open the video]

The dangerous violent in question, Of course Emilio Puorto [cf. WHO] He was arrested by the Spanish police and translated in jail awaiting trial; and will respond very serious charge: attempted murder. Of course, the parent of the aggressor, He did not fail to let people know and to reassure that "my son is not a violent" [cf. WHO]. And then, that the aggressive and violent attitude of his "harmless creature" emerges from its profiles social and as such both diagnosable for simple analysis of images from any clinical psychologist, this is another matter. On the other hand, unfortunately, it is known, many Italian parents, especially in southern Italy, They are willing to say: "If my son did this, Perhaps I was a bad teacher '? Or more simply: "If my son did this, it is not by chance that I, without realizing, I was wrong to raise and educate?» No, is never. The Italian child in general and in particular Southern, for her parents it is always just perfect. And if something happens, are the others who did wrong. And so, this widespread kind of parents, They are able to blame everything and everyone, even to unspecified abstract entity of the so-called "failing state". Why Is That, they say, when they do not know where to stick, rather than admit that maybe they were authentic failures as parents, at that point they begin with the ejaculation: "Because the state is missing ... missing the State!». And who will explain, these former subjects of the Bourbon Kingdom, that the state is not an abstract entity detached, but we are in practice all of us, because we, we are the Italian Republic?


Not to mention the mothers the police find their son with a bloody knife in his hand and killed the dead man's corpse on the ground? Rest assured that the typical mother bell, calabrese, Puglia and Sicily, He will not hesitate to defend their eternal child saying that his son was peacefully wiping the blade of a knife, so that one fell dead on the ground, seeing him so carefully clean the blade, taken by envy for the beautiful knife was thrown at the tip repeatedly hitting her with his body, both chest is then, turning, repeatedly with his back. In conclusion: My son has nothing to do, It is the whole blame of the dead.


Against this episode, Like it or not the parent of the "young non-violent" that affects so cowardly a peer fell helpless on the ground, in this case Italy has given herself the image very little uplifting of its many young wasters, maintained for years off the course in the universities from their parents, pretending to study with the plan Erasmus and so. And faced with this fact, There does not appear that any Iberian magistrate has said: … Oh well, after all it is just one of the Caserta province was born and raised in the stronghold of the Camorra Casale, law student for obvious hobby, in addition to being totally unaware of the basic foundations of law, as evidence the fact that this student so zealous and committed, coupling almost at the threshold of thirty years, It has not seriously decided what to do when you grow, if the lawyer or the thug. Nor is it any good Iberian soul, in a country where no shortage left a perhaps even more sinister and fierce of our, has raised the justificatory shield saying ... Okay, It could also be a Spaniard!


Recall incidentally the Penal Codes of most democratic countries of the world, always consider as an aggravating factor that a foreign national, while staying in a country that is not his, is not it better to do than make the offenses. Aggravating circumstance that these practices and rigor is not however applied by the Italian courts.


By studying certain cases of law, we could notice and demonstrate, obviously with convictions, not with free talk, that not only, some of our Italian citizens, They have been convicted abroad for various offenses, but were repeatedly denied by the magistrates of the place, and then by the relevant ministries for the extradition Italy's applications to international rogatory Foreign Affairs. With these denials, that have not been few, has been demonstrated that certain countries have low opinion of our judiciary and the manner in which, in Italy, is applied justice. In these countries where our citizens have committed crimes for which they were tried and convicted, the authorities both political and judicial does not like to be teased by our judges to Democratic Left. They know it well that this caste of judges, instead of proceeding to the execution of the sentence in Italy in their imposed, They have already signed the decree in advance for release or that for a farcical alternative punishment under house arrest, since from landing at the airport of certain convicted in other countries.


Matera: “brother refugee” Nigerian attacking the policemen aboard the steering wheel with a stick [click to open the video]

A senior US federal magistrate, almost thirty years ago, before a reiterated denial of extradition for an Italian citizen convicted in the United States for complicity in crimes of terrorism and armed gang, He told me word for word:


"To us it costs nothing to entrust this town on the Italian justice, indeed doing it will avoid having to keep us in jail. But we can not take us around or on your Left or from certain your judges. We know that she, for the kind of condemnation had in our country, but especially it is always been a communist militant, in Italy would be welcomed as a hero, then throw immediately after freedom in a real inversion of roles and reality: She would figure as the good, We judges and the Federal Justice of the United States as the villains'.


The US Federal Justice then he handed it to Italy when this was held diagnosed with cancer, although non-malignant. And, QED, Mrs. airport was welcomed among the waving of red flags of the Communist Refoundation Party, This entire cheek of the Italian radical Left of the late nineties [cf. WHO].


Our rulers They enjoyed a high international reputation. Again we depict everything with an example: in an Italian town it happens that two Tunisians early twenties pass heedless and mocking in the city historical center closed to traffic, in two over a scooter Fifty displacement, of course without a helmet. Infractions are three and all serious: tandem riding on a moped approved for a passenger; do not wear a helmet; vehicles in the city center closed to traffic. Seeing from a distance two policemen, instead of pulling back the two long and Tunisian, in brazen way, They try to pass before the two soldiers with a wry smile on his face. One of the police stops them to proceed with the immediate seizure of the vehicle. One of the two Tunisian - being in fact a Tunisian affected and therefore being able to allow all in Italian - finds nothing better to do than spit in the face to policeman, which instinctively a slap spring. All filmed by surveillance cameras installed in the corner urban.


The Tunisian went to the emergency room with a slight bruise on her lip and claims to have been assaulted by a policeman. The policemen on duty in the emergency room are required to take note of the statements and to draw up the minutes. The judge for preliminary investigations opened the file to load the policeman who a month later, with an extraordinary legal speed, it is processed, He convicted and suspended for two years without pay service. All this to have dropped a slap to a Tunisian who had spat in his face, and who was known to justice since when he was a minor for a whole series of earlier related to theft and drug dealing. The story does not end here: the policeman threatened a second prosecution during the preliminary hearing by the inevitable Democratic Left magistrate who was about to open a case for contempt offense before a question addressed to her by the soldier:


"If a convict with twenty pending criminal charges since he was sixteen, He had spit in her face during the exercise of its public functions, what would happen?».


In the sentence it was specified that the soldier had manifested and brought into being violent behavior totally incompatible with belonging to the Police.


“brother refugee” Nigerian rushes against a policeman inside the police station and detaches a finger with a bite [Click on the image to open the service]

The question to be put to good souls it would also be another: what would happen, Tunis, if a thug early twenties had spit in the face of a Tunisian policeman? When its time to lay this question at a dinner together with the jurists, two of them answered: "Your comparison fails, we are a civilized country ". Replicai: "I see. So you, in order to defend the politically correct ideology of the indefensible, without even realizing it you are in fact saying that Tunisia is a civilized country?»


We want to have a word with the public security agents working around Italy at the various offices for foreigners and immigration? How many times it happened that the Africans have given berserk and attacked the police? Possible that no one ask why, these same subjects, at the police offices of their countries instead they would present heads down and speaking softly softly? Faced with these facts, is there someone who intends to justify ... Okay, They could also be of Italian! If so then we pull out the statistics: those Italians who decide to take the risk of attacking the cops directly into the public security offices? For an Italian, for example an affiliate to some of our mafia associations, It can be safely able to cool by gunshots while a policeman comes home from his service, as guilty of doing extensive surveys turnovers of certain gangs, and it has happened on several occasions and as well. But it will never be so stupid to attack members of the police directly inside the police office, as they have done repeatedly over time certain subjects from various countries of the African Continent, showing among other things - like it or not the beautiful souls -, a form of nonsense so that unheard, If undergone clinical, perhaps it would lead to a brain plate, or a vaporous gas inside the head in place of the brain matter.


Years ago, three underage prostitutes Nigerian, stopped by the police assaulted two police officers. Knowing the "rules" of the judiciary in our country the two policemen beat up you are left, They were chased as they tried to flee without lifting finger, finally ending up in hospital. Of the two policemen one, early thirties, He left permanently disabled because seriously injured in an eye that was not possible to save. And yet, those two cops, as the three minors were aggressive, they could pull off the rubber batons and put them quiet with four batons. Why Is That, they did not? Or maybe someone knows cops, even attacked, They would defend themselves with truncheons by three prostitutes diabolical minors as the black panthers, as well as untouchable by virtue of the fact that enjoy the great privilege of having black skin? And now we put another question: At those three minor prostitutes, in their country of origin, It would never have crossed my mind to attack two police officers in Nigeria?


Having said that we ask now, Always the beautiful souls: it would be possible to have statistics of the Italian underage prostitutes who attacked the police and resulting in one of them the loss of vision in one eye? Because the prostitutes we have put our, and also minors, if anything is easier than exercising the activity in some super penthouse of Parioli [cf. video, WHO], not however the street. But underage prostitutes who attack and force the fleeing policemen who are afraid to defend themselves - knowing what he would do them good judge of the Left Democratic woman -, chasing them and finally they blind in one eye ... no, this kind of prostitutes, in Italy, Like it or not the beautiful souls, we do not have. Also because, our glorious and professional prostitutes, minors or adults who have, they are intelligent, I am not stupid like some Nigerian, that they slam on the sidewalks by their men-nothing after being terrorized by rituals voodoo and threats of other strange magic. And do not you come and tell me "But poor things, is their culture '. No, culture is that of Aristotle, of Lucretius, Sant'Agostino, Saint Anselm of Aosta and St. Thomas Aquinas; It is to Dante, Petrarch and Boccaccio; it is also that of Marx, Hegel and cursed poets E Rimbaud Verlaine. But do not call me “culture” that of women who frightened with a doll with two pins planted above and a chicken bone dead, end up on the road into prostitution, because if you really want to give it a name - politically incorrect as we want - to be just good we should talk about sub-human sub-culture.


The tragic thing is that the left Radical chic Europe, together with a certain slice of episcopate that it is increasingly proving to the restricted lounges of himself, not what they think and above all live in concrete priests and Catholic faithful, It seems to have given concrete political and ecclesial in that extraordinary hymn to Surrealism atheist song Image John Lennon:


Imagine there’s no heaven
It’s easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today…

Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace…

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will be as one

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world…

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will live as one



Imagine there is no heaven
If you try it easier
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
You just live for today

Imagine that there are no homelands
It is not hard to do
Nothing to kill or die
And even no religion
Imagine all the people
That living life in peace

You could say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you will join us
And the world will be as one entity

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or lust
A brotherhood of men
Imagine all the people
Share worldwide

You could say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you will join us
And the world will be as one entity.


Milan: “brother refugee” attacks cop in the heart as he went in the air turning wielding a knife … [Click on the image to open the service]

What the multimillionaire John Lennon it is hoped the nonexistence, actually exist, including the demonized "property". And he, which left an official assets of about three hundred and fifty million of euro, You should know something about the property, if together with the entrepreneurial cobra Oko Ono had not been a champion of the most grotesque incoherence ... [cf. WHO].


Not only are there homelands, but also they exist, its territories and borders, which if necessary must be protected and defended with all their inhabitants. And if world peace does not exist, It is because it was part of a perfect harmony that has been corrupted by the original sin of Adam and Eve. Therefore, it is diabolical that today, to demand peace, including rainbow banners, with all the appurtenances, sodomites are just proud that while I'm writing these lines are parading through the streets of Rome, shouting Peace and Love. In conclusion, to invoke the harmony of peace in the name of that sin against nature among the sins that according to the biblical expression "cry to God for justice", It really needs great courage, but above all a spirit altered by the man who since the dawn of time is the largest inverter: Satan. All said and expressed freely ignoring the shameful blasphemy uttered on the occasion of the various Gay Pride by that great heretic of the Jesuit James Martin.


In addition to the homelands There are the basic principles of anthropology that prove with scientific rigor to the existence of different ethnic strains, cultures and historical influences and socio-political dissimilar that determine and influence individual and collective behavior. Even the geographical and climatic conditions make the different peoples on a structural level, including the different eating habits. It is therefore easy to say that the behavioral system of an inhabitant of Stockholm, his way of relating with others and with society in general, his living, to sleep, operating, feed and so on, It is quite different from that of an Italian living in areas of Pachino, Porto Palo and Marzamemi, in the tip of South Eastern Sicily. And yet, on identity cards issued by the city of Stockholm and those issued by the municipalities of the three Sicilian villages where Italy ends, stands the inscription: European Union. This means that you can start from the far north of Europe and go as far as the tip of Sicily which is located on a geographical parallel that is eighteen kilometers below Tunis, without having to show your passport at any border, unless on the way you will pass through the territories of the Swiss Confederation, the Principality of Monaco, or the Principality of Liechtenstein. If required, even by the State of Vatican City State, surrounded by walls and security services, in which you can not enter and move around without permission, is something proved by the fact that inside there are no Roma, neither homeless nor African illegal vendors; there are camps in the Vatican gardens or caravan of gypsies in the square outside the Governor's Palace ... because everything is on the Italian territory, with the blessing of the Holy See, now specialized for some time to bless everything and more in the territories and in other people's homes, but not in its territory.


The Stockholm European and that the extreme tip of south-east Sicily, although the identification common EU label, anthropologically figures are antithetical in all respects, influenced and conditioned not only by different stories, but also from different weather situations, environmental and food impacting on the character and behavioral sphere. Example trivial: when evening, in the spring or autumn, the Italian who lives on the extreme tip of south-east Sicily, between 21 and 22 He sits at the table for dinner, a quell’ora, the inhabitant of Stockholm, It is already in bed sleeping two or three hours, after dinner in the evening between 17,30 and 18, to a zone in which, between Naples and Reggio Calabria, It does the snack. And while the inhabitant of Stockholm sleeping with goose down and perhaps even with the heating on, between Naples and Reggio Calabria, in those spring and autumn, you already have the air conditioner running and you make sea bathing.


The Italian justice system in the past, especially in certain areas of our country, on the one hand condemning, the other tended to mitigate the penalties for the so-called honor killing, about which the Criminal Code recited Article 587:


"Whoever causes the death of a spouse, daughter or sister, the act in which he discovers the unlawful carnal relationship and the anger was determined from offense he went to the honor or his family, It shall be punished with imprisonment from three to seven years. The same punishment those who, in those circumstances, causes the death of the person who is illegitimate carnal relationship with spouse, with his daughter or sister ".


The provisions and mitigating its provided for the so-called honor killing They are only finally repealed in 1981, by Law No. 442 of 10 August.


Vicenza: “Brother refugee” Nigeria launches bottles on police car, then attacks a cop and breaks the nasal septum [Click on the image to open the service]

There is instead wonder why this form of crime, with related mitigating, It was not foreseen in the penal codes of Scandinavian countries. Not that these countries are absent ones in the Italian vernacular are referred to as horned, but simply because a socio-cultural level, in Scandinavia, a betrayal or a relationship that is illegal was not the extent that he could have in Italian society to less than forty years ago, in particular in certain areas of our South. In return, the Scandinavian countries, if they do not have a high rate of horned, always hold the highest suicide rate, especially in the young age group. As regards instead the sick, elderly or people variously tired of living, entered into force for some time that highly civilized and socially evolved possibility of the so-called euthanasia or assisted suicide. This, It is a highly developed civilization, the Scandinavian. Mica that Italian, where until a few decades ago were given the extenuating circumstances for a man who lost all control over himself was dry his wife caught in the act with her lover. In any case it is clear: with globalization we also evolved us. In fact today, if a Calabrian or Sicilian husband comes home and finds his wife in bed with her lover, not to appear retro In front of her and him, it may be that esordisca saying: "My love, what a surprise! You have organized an exchange of a pair ... Threesomes without my knowledge? Wait now I get too ... ".


Ours is a strange country, original. We Italian lor we know and admit it without any difficulty. Indeed, people like me in the early nineties of the twentieth century was in the age group between twenty-five and thirty years, remembers well the boats from some former communist countries, in particular loads mainly Albanians and Romanians. And all of us we should also remember with what kind of crime we found ourselves at home, within a short time. Only after we found out that in many of these countries of the former Soviet bloc, the fall of Communism had opened the jails and, not a few among their most dangerous criminals, we found ourselves there in Italy. Or no one remembers the organized Albanian gangs, Romanians, Kosovars and so on singing, who plundered the whole Italian houses residential quarters?


No one remembers, in areas of the villas on Lake Como, in those Brianza, in those Colli Bolognesi, Poggio Imperiale in Florence and the Tuscan countryside, to follow with various ultra residential neighborhoods in Rome, how many people found themselves with thieves in the house on several occasions is "amused" also barrel stun the father and the son and rape his mother and younger sister? There are news reports and court documents that are part of the recorded history of our country, Fairy tales are not racist and anti-immigrazioniste trumped those of the Northern League of yesterday and today. And you try asking, some economist specializing in real estate market, What happened during those nineties, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, with the arrival of certain waves of people in our country, under the banner of false refugees fleeing from the rubble of the fallen communist regimes. It happened in a short a real collapse of the luxury property market. And so, people who had bought a property in certain areas in the early eighties, compared with that problem and wanting to return to live in the city for fear of thefts and especially dangerous raids in the villas by violent gangs, a few years later they could not sell them even at half of what they had paid, because many wanted to sell, But no one was willing to buy, except at bargain prices.


If we do a search in the archives of the newspaper libraries, going to read the newspapers of the Left Radical chic the then, with the son of Giorgio Napolitano, who in those years was luxury student at the high school Sant'Anna of Pisa, which he delighted in talking about the proletariat and the working class, we will discover that the blame, It was not the bands of thieves, not at all! Blame, practically, was the bourgeois fat cats that were made luxury villas on the skin of their poor workers. But being Napolitano junior consistent as John Lennon, we learn today, in the heyday of immigrazionismo supported by the usual suspects in competition with today's sacristy, the scion it looks good by encouraging the installation of Nigerian gangs in the exclusive Capalbio, where it is usually retire on vacation together with the main leaders the Left Radical chic.


And if we turn to a search in the judicial archives, We discover in them, always preserved, old tapes of telephone recordings made by our investigators, who found themselves in front of incredible interviews: Albanians and Romanians criminals and active as such in Italy, that of their countrymen about to come, or eager to come, They explained with confidence that ...


"In Italy it does not work at all like we worked with Nicolai Ceaucescu. If they catch you stealing, at most they give you two years, then discounts them not, because for two years, in jail, They do not even put you. And then, the Italian police, They're not our agents of the old Security, that if you took t'ammazzavano the barrel and then did you disappear. No, If in Italy a policeman touches, He ends up in jail […] watch, Once, to me, while they were taking me inside, just arrived at the police station said a headboard on the wall, I said then that the police had beaten me after taking me inside. You know, that those cops did all three on trial?».


This following text is the official translation a series of phone records put on record during an investigation carried out by the Milan Criminal Court in 1991 of organized gangs of Albanians and Romanians specialized on our territory in thefts and robberies.


Meadow: “Brother refugee” Moroccan, attacks verbally and covers of heavy insults a group of policemen in front of the police. aggression, cops, do not react minimally, knowing full well what would face if they did [Click on the image to open the service]

Needless to say, but we say the same: criminals apart, in Italy also it came, and above all a valuable army of workers from Romania and Albania with extraordinary capacity for work and great dexterity at the technical level. Some large construction companies Brescia, without these workers they would have had serious difficulties. Because, as the facts show, unfortunately,, the young Italian, almost thirty years, He is able to move around Europe to make the student Erasmus off course for years, but to do the mason or laborer does not think their own; and the first not to want me to do a similar job, are his parents, it cost also keep it charged up to forty. I honestly do not remember having met Italian so industrious, hardworking and tireless workers how some Romanians and Albanians. How can we be forgotten, Always in those years, the great entrepreneurs of Triveneto who went directly into Romania and Albania to select both general workers both skilled workers, not finding in Italy young people willing to make more certain jobs?


Africa is a continent, as I explained and reiterated several times. Speaking then of Africans is exactly like talking about that complex entities and in some abstract aspects that are so-called European. An African Ethiopia, with an African from the Ivory Coast, socially, cultural and anthropological have in common that a European of Greece has to do with a European Finland. Apart from the logo of the European Union, what unites, more socially, cultural and anthropological, a Lithuanian in a Maltese? Or an Austrian in a Spanish? And moreover, as a Spanish, Whereas, within Spain there are areas and regions who claim their cultures, entirely separate from those of the national geographical entity called Spain?


I remember a discussion on the entry of Turkey in Europe. Taking finally angered the two Greeks who were present, I said: "But Turkey in Europe already we have it". And while some asked me if I was kidding answered: "I'm serious. If we have Turkey in the European Union, We, however, the Turks, ie the Greeks'. When the stakeholders declared themselves offended, I replied that, as Italian, I had no difficulty to say that I came from one of the people about the human person is one of the most “bastards” existing in this world, because in Italy we had to pass all the disparate peoples of East and West. Which is why today you can find yourself in front of a Sardinian who, morphologically, It seems just out of the kasbah of an Arab country. So find yourself at the same time before a Sardinian for generations that seems rather out of a store downtown Oslo, because it is blond, white skin, and more than I could be a Norwegian with light blue eyes ice.


There are more blonde from northern European morphology in Palermo rather than not they are in Turin. And since the people of Palermo have a lot of humor, They are also able to explain ... "You know, our grandmothers were always women who were busy with all those who passed in our country!». The Greeks today have so little to scream outrage, if anyone remembers them the simple and obvious fact: Greeks are current, for most, nothing but Turks. Five centuries of Turkish domination - and that domination! - the ancient Greek morphological structure, they destroyed and wiped out entirely. And then, if the Greeks believe current mirror those that are models of classic era statues, in that case, like: we surrender before the evidence of the unreal. Unfortunately,, evidence, He tells us and shows us that certain somatic features typical of ancient Greek populations, We not find them in the current Greek-turkish, but the inhabitants of what was once the Magna Grecia: for example in the low calabresi Calabria, Puglia in the areas of Salento, while in the nearby Bari dominates the Arab character; or Syracuse in Sicily, Catania and surroundings, because already in the neighboring Ragusa somatic character that predominates is the Arabic.


And then, If anyone is convinced that the Egyptians current are authentic and pure descendants of the fathers of ancient Egypt, there are two solutions: silence, as sometimes it is silent with people unable to understand or unwilling to understand; or, if a person does not know and is willing and open to understand, They can explain that the Arabs have wiped out what remained of the fallen in the seventh century culture of the Egyptians, including morphology, physical features and language. What we call Egyptian, are nothing more than an Arab population that lives on a geographical territory that was at the time the cradle of the Egyptian culture today extinct in every sense. Therefore, Egyptians today, They are to Ramses the Great and the last queen Cleopatra, exactly like an Eskimo may be a citizen of Madagascar, or as a greek current can be the somatic immortalized in sculpture Scopas, Praxiteles and Lysippos, or the famous bronzes found no coincidence in the Calabrian Magna Grecia, Riace Marina, in the territory of the present province of Reggio Calabria.


This is to reiterate and explain what about Africans, addressing with this definition to the inhabitants of an entire continent, If not denote gross ignorance, at least denotes the total and involuntary lack of knowledge.


In the varied complexity of the African Continent, there are people who should be prudently kept at home, preventing high-risk individuals to migrate to Europe, because their emigration can be and just be a source of major problems, including public safety issues. This for a number of reasons that the old Europe, with their feelings of colonial guilt to Africa, no one dares even to sigh, but are not really easy to get round, much less bollabili with racism and racist label.


Salerno: “Brother refugee” Nigerian attacks on the train on-board controller [Click on the image to open the service]

We'll talk now in the broad sense, without specifying the countries and their populations, thus avoiding unnecessary problems by beautiful souls. First we start with the concept of democracy: Africans of certain populations not know precisely. Their societies are fundamentally built on tribal nature plants, and their internal exists absolute authority, with magical connotations often, from which emanate other "legitimate authorities" who exercise their relevant authorities so decided, hard and severe. Africans born and raised in these socio-cultural and magic-tribal contexts, even if they connect to the Internet and the latest model of Smartphone, if included in democratic social contexts as our, They will be soon entities outside of any possible control; and once out of control will become aggressive and moved by a violence also characterized by elements of cruelty. Again to quote concrete examples: if one of these subjects, in a bus or in a train, He takes off his shoes and puts his feet up on the seat, if anything, even spreading a nauseating smell among passengers, the onboard controller can not tell him, with a smile: "Lord, Please, she has to put on his shoes and do not keep your feet flat on the seat ". In this way, the on-board controller will give himself the image of man weak and not manly, that belongs as such to a weak system that does not deserve respect and less than ever obedience. Therefore, this kind of African does not cure the invitation addressed to him. If then, the on-board controller, repeat the invitation, it is very likely that they will get up and assaults those who dared to call it to order without proving that they have neither strength, it virility or authority to do so. Unfortunately,, in similar cases with similar topic, you should not ask for anything, because the only language that such people mean is the following: the on-board controller nears, He does not say a word, pulls out an iron bar and repeatedly striking the foot. Then he stopped the vehicle driver, He takes this subject as a sack of potatoes and throw out injured, in the middle of the road. This is the only language that these people intend, all the rest: our democratic rules, our respect, the protection of the person and his physical safety, for them it is just a manifestation of weakness on the part of men who do not deserve to be considered men because they lack virility and determination.


It then failed policy, indeed suicide, that some of Europe carried out by the good souls who think, with its wonderful democratic rules intended upon ultra garantismo, Power educate and train in time of the people who have very deep roots that you do not intend to give up, especially just when they move from their home and settled in other socio-cultural contexts. It is indeed in immigration situations that reinforce these subjects more than ever, their roots and their tribalism, if necessary by extending their aggression and their violence just happen to live in a paradoxical society in which the magistrate woman Democratic Left condemns, He switched to two years in suspension without pay service, a policeman who dared to give a slap to a Tunisian award-affected after violating three articles of the Road Traffic spat in the face during the exercise of his functions.


The beautiful souls anthem "We are all brothers", or song Image John Lennon, have they forgotten all ticket collectors, the controllers of public transport, The bus drivers in Italy were attacked and seriously injured, some even serious permanent damage? They are aware, beautiful souls, that in Rome and Milan, if a salt controller on a train or on a bus for the checking of tickets to passengers, just see faces of young Africans jumping over and does not dare to ask them the ticket? Do you realize what we have reached levels of racism? The controllers, tickets, They ask them only to whites. And this is pure racism, in the?


More politically incorrect speech: no one has ever noticed that there are some African ethnic groups within which the work is considered disdainful for a man? Indeed, their kind of sub-culture to work is only the woman, man's task is to command and to exert the best of his male virility. And what happens when this kind of men arrive in Italy? Are they educated, formats to work, stimulated by our wonderful democratic society to change lifestyle, always among the song "We are all brothers" and Image John Lennon? No, men become entrepreneurs on the spot of the work of their women. And so, took wives and daughters, send her to beat on our streets. It is in fact what “culturally” much more honorable and above all very manly to pound the pavement with his wife and daughters, rather than working.


Now we come to the end apotheosis of political incorrectness: what are the Africans in the various countries of this continent that instead can adapt, sometimes good, all'ambiente Europe in general and perhaps to the Italian one in particular? Well: heard, heard! Because now you the big shot so as to deserve the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement for political incorrectness. Those that adapt without too much difficulty, are those Africans from various countries that belong to the Catholic cultural strain and who for generations have been trained and catechized by our first missionaries, then from their native clergy. Indeed, through faith and the Christian religion, They have acquired a shape and a dimension of universality and universalism that is the whole peculiar to Catholicism. This kind of African, by Christianity, they have acquired, consequently they practice and live, quite another conception of society, family's, the relationship between man and woman, between parents and children, between them and between the constituted authority, civil or religious that. Their Christian cultural roots primarily promotes their insertion, making them not with problems, or at least much less problematic.


Frosinone: “Brother refugee” Nigerian attacks and hits the conductor, then flees. Soon after, the railway police officers who try to stop him, are in turn attacked [Click on the image to open the service]

If political correctness He had not been elevated to the supreme dogma by that same civil society and some national and European policy laughing amused and ironic about the dogmas of faith of Catholicism - which, however, none of us wants to impose on anyone, much less shots mandatory laws, as is the Liberal Democrats have made with gender, the homosexuality, marriage between same-sex couples, euthanasia, and so on ... -, you should have the courage to say that all the elements of violence, aggression and tribal cruelty, They are not put in place by Africans who come from a Christian culture, but by Africans who come from sub-cultures animist, that they are related to magic-tribal cults or who belong to Islam. And in African countries, especially in some, Islam has a specific characteristic: It tends to be particularly radicalized, much more than in Arab countries.


Always continuing extreme political incorrectness: bands of Nigerians who have already implanted a dangerous mafia devoted to prostitution, to drug dealing, trafficking in human organs, with various and dangerous links to terrorist groups Islamic, for case, It is someone who is of Nigerian Catholics? These are questions that you should ask yourself, as part of studies, analysis and serious investigations, for instance: as there are males Nigerian Catholic religion who bring their wives and their daughters street prostitution? How many Nigerians Catholics who have completed rapes, aggressions or acts of violence, even to the detriment of the same law enforcement? The Italian Episcopal Conference and the various centers of Caritas, composed and directed from the apex of the beautiful souls, you have ever wondered why, in Lampedusa or various landing areas of Sicily, Nigeria came almost entirely animists and Muslims? And why, repeatedly, the few Nigerian Catholics who managed to board, They declared and reaffirmed that he made the trip with great fear, it several times, when certain individuals have discovered the board Christians, They were thrown into the sea to die men, women and children? Could it be that our society, now free from all kinds of taboos, it has created so much new far as to prevent the study, analysis, Research and lucid exercise of critical thinking?


In the past month of May, in Rome, while I was in a store to buy milk and bread, an African mother with three children, one in the stroller, the other two of four or five years, seeing the window sent the little inside to say hello and to ask the blessing. The oven was full Romans Rome, who were left stunned when the two children, after I I laid his right hand on the head, They have made the sign of the cross and came out smiling towards mom all happy to have received the blessing by the priest. The mother smiled and waved his hand from outside, accennandomi a bow with the head. But do you know, always on the streets of Rome, how many times it happened that as I passed on the sidewalk, North Africa has some spit on the ground, or, two or three blacks lads, we purposely bumped me with his shoulder in passing boisterous way? And I can guarantee that there was no need to ask this kind of people to whom socio-cultural sub strain belonged.


I hear what I did instead of once: I was walking on the sidewalk three Negroni early twenties came forward in groups, the series … or get off the sidewalk and there you go, or we'll come on him. I understood everything I stop and look at them. They try to smile defiantly, and I will intimate: "Listen well, I'm a man and fifty years in this country are religious authority recognized by the State '- obviously the big shot him, to give me all you can tone imaginable - "then you will shunned and let me pass, because you are guests in my home and I not a guest in your home ". If those three rottweiler They had jumped on him, What could happen to me? I said no coincidence rottweiler for a reason: if this kind of dog, undoubtedly dangerous, You see that you remain still and does not feel in you fear and adrenaline that will not dissolve in the blood, unless it is not a totally deformed dog and trained to combat the clandestine, then able to attack even his own master, It will never attack.


Milan: group “refugees Brothers” Nigerian, immobilize the train controller and then leave in a pool of blood the policeman intervened in his defense [Click on the image to open the service]

Unlike those who do not learn from anything or anyone, I tried to learn from animals. In the past I had a barboncino toy, I took it that he had a month and a half and lived a long happy life fifteen years. When he was five years old I had to give it to my brother, because I was living in Rome at an international priestly house as the dog does not disturb anybody, the rector, rightly, He told me that allows me to keep an animal so lovable and well educated, still he would have set a precedent with other priests, and one day, other, they were entitled to keep pets too. He went anyway to live in the best environment, Also for the son of my brother also he had five years and grew together. One time, while my brother was in his country house in the lower Maremma, He remained frozen in seeing at a distance the little poodle that had moved away and stood between two huge shepherds Maremma, moreover, both males. He feared that ended mauled. When remotely she called him hoping for good, He returned with two dogs behind. Then happened the other episodes, different but similar. With him, Dogs large size, males, were peaceful. And yet: Our family had a two mediums possessed dogs barking at each trifle, especially if they also felt and only at a distance other dogs. When he was taken to their home, these they stood good without emitting even a half bark. The secret was revealed one day to the vet who said to my brother: "The thing is very simple, This little dog is a pack leader. The size and size are irrelevant. Other dogs, including those of large size, warn, then the acknowledge the role of pack leader "... That's why the three Negroni gods who told the first, which also they looked like three rottweiler, They drew back and made me go on the sidewalk, although I am not really a barboncino toy, But the principle, on the level of animal instinct, was exactly what. And we humans, often, we are much more beasts beasts.


Celebrities, my dear readers, with Africans from various countries of that great and complex Continent, I lived there together, and with them I shared important moments of my precious priestly life. They were the ones, including some of them who are now bishops, to teach me how to behave with certain people and in certain situations. It was they who explained, in depth and in detail, that when they find themselves in Italy, although formal fearing compared, on our bishops and their attitudes they laugh over. An African who had learned very well the Italian, with all its most original shades, even with expressions in Roman, once he told me:


«… but you, your Bishops, just before they are consecrated, cut case for the balls? You know, because when I see them with those smiles that not even our sisters do, when I hear them talking with those honeyed voices, when I see them moving … I wonder if assumed to be bishops in Europe is to be free of manhood ".


Not easy to find an African led to some speculative studies, because more are the qualities that in principle have, starting from the pastoral qualities. But he was very taken him, and at the same time he was also brought for diplomacy. To be honest, It was a potential and genuine star. So that, at its unbeknownst, I pointed out to some members of the Roman Curia that the priest had the potential makings of a future Bernardin Gantin [cf. WHO]. In Rome they had already noticed, however, and in fact they wanted to recruit to direct it towards diplomacy, but he categorically refused, saying he wanted to return to their country. I then explained why:


"I, as an African man and as a priest, I could not live and survive in the midst of this poor little women of the court, and gossips … etc, etc".


From him I learned the fundamental element that escapes many prelates: for Africa in general, for some populations in particular, the authority is closely linked to the authority of the person. Authority and authority, They are inherently inseparable. And the authority involves a whole series of assumptions: by the force of character at a particularly virile quenching. If these assumptions are missing, for Africa in general and for some populations in a very special way, there can be no authority, consequently the African will never listens and least of obedience. Being in certain contexts and with no authoritative authorities - for example, African priests who are in Rome to study or for various types of assignments -, pretend to obey, but as soon as you turn your back they will do what they want and how they want better. And they are doing it again with a sense of profound contempt for the non-authoritative authorities, then for them is not an authority, but, as I said another African priest:


«… nothing more than a mask, just like the masks that once wore our old sorcerers. Here, you to Rome, Vatican, you have more wizards masked than ever we have had some of our people before the arrival of the White Fathers who converted them to Christianity ".


Lecco: band of “refugees Brothers” Nigerian attack before the on-board controller and then massacred barrel, continuing a policeman beat him even when he was on the ground passed out and saying mocking tone … "So you can not help it, we are refugees!» [Click on the image to open the service]

Certain Catholic beautiful souls They tend to shout “scandal” before certain expressions which they say should not escape from the mouth of a priest. Peace to their, because the example that follows, to anyone who does not stop the appearance of the phrase itself, say much, indeed clarify just about everything. The fact: I was a deacon passer-by about to receive from there shortly priestly ordination. A Congolese priest, although ten years younger than me, he already had twelve priesthood. Coming from a non-metropolitan and even urban context, but from one of the various deep-Congo provinces, He tended to be influenced by certain behaviors typical of his social context. Therefore, without wanting to, not yet I presbyter but Deacon, tended to treat me as if I were a seminaretto. una sera, after dinner, in front of other two Congolese priests, I told him:


"Try not to treat me like a kid, but not because I am older than you in age, It is not the reason. The real reason is that, even if they are white - and as you say the white joking among you “stench of dead” —, you should know that I've got bigger than yours. I chose to eunuchs for the Kingdom of Heaven and I will respect chastity for life. But never forget that I come from a people of manly men who made her sigh women around the world. The greatest seducers in history were Italians, no Congolese, always remember ".


For two weeks he gave my word and he kept at a distance from me as if I were the plague, also because, so far from causal, all I had deliberately told him before other two of his countrymen. Until one day, as the three Congolese were in the pool we had available in the park along with other sports facilities, I went for a swim. I passed that was offended by the pool and ignored me completely, whereupon I told him: "You have to take the longest swimming trunks". Angry and dyed with blood eyes told me: "Now they do not go well even my swimming trunks?». Replicai: "No, They are fine, it is only for a speech decency: You do not see you out hanging out at the knees?». That said I softened him a shove and threw it in the water. While he laughed, I plunged myself. As soon as I was inside, before he pushed my head under water to simulate drowning and my yelling "I'll kill him, I'll kill him!», and then, when resurfaced, He hugged and kissed me. Two months later, to my priestly ordination, They were present to concelebrate with Bishop ninety priests resident in Rome. Those three Congolese asked me “granting a privilege”: You could lay hands immediately after the first Bishop. And so, one to whom I said, 'I have it bigger than yours "and so on, imposed my hands immediately after the first Bishop.


That said: those who want to stop at the apparent “vulgar jokes” and “that is inconsistent” a priest, that there is still and that it be with all the soul more shocked that best prefer. Instead, who wants to understand and is willing to understand, encompassing and, if he wants, also face treasure for himself, certain experiences, because with the inhabitants of the African continent in general, with those of specific countries and socio-cultural contexts in a very special way, no manhood, it is not. For Africa in general, for certain African strains in a very particular way, the manly spirit is the primary measure by which they measure people, people and situations, then acting accordingly, For better or for worse.


Treviso: “refugee Sister” Nigerian, dedicated to prostitution and drug dealing, found in possession of various drugs eggs and taken to the hospital to evacuate, snatches the gun from the holster of a policeman and try to shoot … [Click on the image to open the service]

Two African priests, in Rome for study, in the situation described here did what they wanted and how they wanted. When to visit ad limina Apostolorum He came their Bishop, who he lodged at the priestly house where we lived, I noticed in those days their attitude that I had never seen before. first of all, with their bishop, always spoke in a low voice, looking down and never look at him. Only the Bishop, He could speak loudly. Watch it go straight in the face, It would be a lack of respect, because only peers, you can look each other in the eye. To me, the other Italian priest present in that house, this bishop had suffered from an attitude of instinctive and deep sympathy. He wanted me to accompany him twice at the Vatican, thing I asked, but so very lovable ordered me, because a bishop in general, an elderly bishop in a special way, a priest asks, order. Reason for liking to me and the other Italian? Due to a fact to say the least obvious for us: when he reached the Bishop of seventy years, we turned to greet him on his knees and kissed his right hand. What they did not do many lovely Latin American priests who instead fought him a pat on the back, with the result that he glared at them with a fiery gaze and did not look at them anymore. That said - because there would much more to be told -, one can only conclude by saying: those who want to understand, that wishes. Although unfortunately, the sick ideology, or their surreal idea of ​​Africa and Africans, anything real and reasonable can be said, is useless, because in that case is the reality that mistakes, not their ideological fantasies.


Remember when Cardinal Giacomo Biffi, Eighties, making a speech on the topic of immigration, dare say that if Italy and Europe are in need of good workers who are happy to do - with all the right remuneration owing to them and certainly not exploited -, the kind of work that, unfortunately, our young people do not want to do more, it is favored by some Oriental and African countries, the immigration of Catholics and Christians? Because otherwise, if not, accepting armies of Muslims, tomorrow will lead to major problems [cf. WHO, WHO]. Does anyone remember what were the frantic reactions of both the beautiful souls of the Left Radical chic, and those of so-called "adult Catholics"?


How you can manage these people and situations, place that we're actually in a state of unmanageable? first of all, certain high-risk individuals, which are objectively these because anthropologically and violent tribally, therefore reluctant to any form of integration, It should not be allowed to set foot in our countries, because as soon as you enter turn into authentic social risks. And unfortunately, like it or not our army dreamlike beautiful souls, these people can only be managed through the use of the most severe coercion and the use of violence. Lacking the one and the other will take over as they see weakness, that means: of this country, of these people, these law enforcement officers who can not even touch you from afar, we can literally do anything we want.


Let's return to initial: the aggressor of the porter at the Gemelli Hospital, once took, He was brought in a barracks and then inflated barrel as a bagpipe; obviously not causing no serious damage, let alone permanent damage, but still it is making him feel all the pain of the beatings. Also because, strike the person, It means not only to punish but also inflicting a deserved humiliation. After recovering from the blow;, He was tried and imprisoned. Inside of prison, he should receive orders and obey only to prison officers strictly women. The first lack of respect for one of these women jailer, another volley of blows, obviously not causing no serious damage, let alone permanent damage, but still it is making him feel all the pain of the beatings. I pasti in carcere? Strictly based on pork. Therefore: bucatini matriciana, porchetta, pork tripe and offal. Instead, subjects related to, belonging to those strains in which men do not eat sweets and sugar because they believe that this limits the power of their manhood, dishes that are served in sweet and sour, together with marzipan cakes and Sicilian cassata at will, but especially tiramisu, right considering that they are afraid that sweets tirinogiù. Or maybe some beautiful soul intends to protest to some international court of justice for the typical Roman dishes or Sicilian pastries served in prison in some African? Or maybe we want to outlaw the Roman kitchen because Nigerian Muslims and members of other magic-animist ethnic strains decide to commit crimes in our house and end up in our prisons? The criminal in question took early from the beginning as an example, He was arrested in Rome, Small Riad. If I you committed a crime in Riyadh and were jailed in Saudi Arabia, I put mica pawing or to complain about the violation of human rights by the fact that I would give the pasta matriciana cooked with pork cheek! Otherwise, If certain parties want to claim the right to have certain foods and not to have any more children, They had to take into fights a fellow guest at a polyclinic in Mecca, Mica a fellow guest at a polyclinic in Rome!


… facts of this kind are repeated daily and always with the same people of the same nationality [click to open the video]

Just to clarify: Catholic morality does not prohibit a dangerous offender is prevented the possibility of harm to anyone, especially on defenseless people. Both for this clear: who defends his life and that of others, committing in extreme cases even a murder, where it was not possible to defend in any other way his safety and that of others, It does not commit a sin, but it can even make a heroic act. Our moral also teaches us that self-defense is not simply a right, in some cases is a duty, It is a Christian imperative of conscience, especially for those who are invested with those responsibilities that aim to protect the lives of others. Among these they should also include hyper-you granted magistrates of the Democratic Left which call into violent dangerous freedom award-offenders, but at the same time investigating the Police to check if the violent aggressor was really hurt by himself giving bluster or if, one of the soldiers took a bite and spit, He had dared to put it comfortable with a punch.


Always Catholic moral teaching which must be evaluated and applied to all conditions in which the use of force is not only necessary, but essential, that is the only viable and actionable. If all the more reasonable and non-violent civil means, however, they will prove to be not only ineffective, but they should even be harmful on people who should be placed in a position to do no harm, at that point, the use of violence, not only it is legitimate, but it is the only viable, and it is quite dutiful.


Even the worst criminals It must first be recognized human dignity and the best democratic guarantees of defense and the protection, However, if these protections and guarantees for the offender with proven ability relapse to crime, imply invariably to strengthen in their dangerousness and aggressiveness, in this case, we must resort to other means, equally legitimate and appropriate. The law and who is called to apply it and administrate, it must above all avoid running the risk to better protect the habitual offender and dangerous you end up forgetting - in our society schizophrenic and now completely reversed -, the protection of the weak and innocent from its potential and severe damage. Up to the point of reaching the real climax: before a citizen with a valid gun that inside their homes, before finding three robbers opened fire and killed one, it is unthinkable that the political correctness of the beautiful choir sing praise souls “poor robber!”. Instead of assessing that person, finding himself at night in the house with three robbers while his wife and his children were sleeping, to defend their first, so if the same, He did not have many other solutions, also because, Three thieves caught at night inside a house, if anything, even in an isolated place, there is little reason to induce the three to conversion and the forgiveness of their sins.


Otherwise, the beautiful souls of the Left Radical chic, the wide slice of bishops that seems to give him rope with a failed and very dangerous socio-political ideology immigrazionista, the magistrates of the Democratic Left which call into freedom award-dangerous and violent offenders, but which, however, at the same time they are able to convict a policeman who reacted with a slap to a spit in the face that was launched in the exercise of its public functions, at this rate, between the false "We are all brothers" and the surreal "ImageJohn Lennon ', we will within a few years of urban warfare situations, with whole neighborhoods and cities operated by a kind of violence it originated from an organized crime that we have never met with the mafia on our national territory. Indeed, any person reasonable and realistic to what was given any chance to choose their own running, and then his own death, I would choose to be killed by the Camorra, from 'ndragheta and Cosa Nostra, very few would choose to end up in the hands of the bloodthirsty criminals, ruthless and cruel the Nigerian Mafia.


Some time ago someone - I can not remember the name, but it does not matter -, He stated that the Mafia have not invented Nigerians, but Italians. If this person even so deficient in history, It had documented, first he found that the same word Mafia is not Italian, but it is of Arab origin. That said: United States of America, Mafia, It was not imported and made known by the Italians, but by Russian Jews. that Italian, known as Cosa Nostra, in the United States he came about twenty years later and took off only at the beginning of the Thirties, while Russian Jews, their mafia, They had implanted the first ever between the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.


With our gooders, and our hyper guarantor politically correct, we deserve this and much more ancòra. Introducing Rome and the waste of twenty centuries of history, art and culture: “Brother refugee” Nigeria is swimming naked in the fountain of the Janiculum, while a pair of newlyweds are laying ahead for souvenir photos [to open the service click on the image]

This is proven and documented history, the first that the recount is precisely the Jewish historians with the best scientific skills. Maybe, no rabbi liberal di Buenos Aires, out like that from any kind of Jewish orthodoxy - to better understand those reformed who agree to anything and everything: abortion, euthanasia, marriages between same-sex couples and so on -, He never informed of it some illustrious personage, during their various inter-denominational meetings. If this illustrious scholars had attended Jewish serious and competent, he would have discovered that the "Jewish Mafia", this Kosher Nostra, He came and imposed for first ever three decades before the Italian, this Cosa Nostra.


So we should be cautious, in giving Italians primates that have historically not, although the casupola del Quirinale and governicchio of our country, before the offensive statement no amendment and submit a formal apology has claimed. This proof that the decay and decadence is now complete, and invests all the disparate civilian areas, political and religious of our small company Image John Lennon, while bands of Nigerian Muslims or magical-animist, unmanageable and so-called fucksters, do not hesitate to attack violently the free and harmless citizens and members of the Police Force. And if these are the facts and this is reality, some ideologue of’open ports, of built bridges and of’knock down the walls, You can only continue by saying, before the facts and the reality: “Sorry about the facts, and I'm sorry for the reality, because what is true and only what only counts, It is my surreal ideology”.


Blessed are the old sixty-eight times! At least at the time, the spoiled children protesters, they wanted to send imagination to power, but today, in power, They have sent schizophrenia.


the Island of Patmos, 10 June 2019


State Police


Guardia di Finanza










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  1. But "Image" is not one of those songs so much appreciated by the good (see Manzoni) Catholics and often perform in churches as Carol?

    1. Dear Orenzo,

      There is an air of an opera by Giuseppe Verdi in which the character of Violetta, that does not personifies either Agnes or St. Cecilia virgins and martyrs, but a cheerful figure said non-coincidence the Traviata, sings:

      Semper libera degg'io
      frolic from joy to joy,
      within’ I slide on my live
      along the pathway of pleasure ...

      One time, while I was in a context totally private and cheerful with fellow priests and no other person or secular mind, I die laughing a couple of German priests telling them that the Greens – these two beloved as an opera composer – he had to use a very chaste language and sweetened, and even though, time, the figure of the Traviata Violetta, He was greeted by some with deep scandal.

      Explained what I said that the Greens, perhaps without any problem and without shock anyone, Today could have quietly singing the soprano these words:

      Semper libera degg'io
      I want to do always the slut,
      within’ I slide on my live
      over the beds of pleasure ...

      All priests laughed, the most even of all Germans.
      There was a priest who did not smile but then, in private, He said he was impressed by my spirit vulgar and objectionable material to a priest.

      This same priest from the mouth so delicate, in his capacity as professor of theology at a higher institute of religious sciences, advised students read heretical books by Andrea Gallo as pastoral ecclesiology ideas and Vito Mancuso as a theological inspiration. The first, He is waving the red flag and sang “hello beautiful!” at the end of the Mass [cf. WHO], the second, Priest dismissed from the clerical state just a year after ordination, author of a book which was undermining the root of the main tenets of the Catholic faith, so as to be branded by a well-known theologian of so-called progressive aerial as S.It is. Mons. Bruno Forte as suffering from "return gnosis" [CF. WHO].

      I am cheerful and joking in private, with the appropriate people and in appropriate places, but above all without ever transcending the vulgar, while certain priests have carried, as the movie she sent, a hymn to atheism and nihilism directly into churches with singers who have their backs to the tabernacle from which it was not even removed the Blessed Sacrament.

      What about: evviva i pretended “vulgar” but, in defense of the sacred mysteries, They would make the skin!

      1. Caro father Ariel,
        I find that the words written by the Jesuit cardinal Carlo Maria Martini in his preface to the book of the priest (A priest forever) Vito Mancuso:
        “Even those who believe they have extremely solid benchmarks can read your pages with profit, because at least they will be induced or to question their certainties or will be led to deepen, to clarify, to confirm”,
        may very well be applied also to many utterances of our Holy Father is about to migrants, as in this case, is about, above all, Sue certain evangelical and doctrinal interpretations.

  2. Caro Father,

    standing ovation!
    Long live God that someone has the courage to tell the truth’ and to hell (literally) the politically correct. My cousin, for many years on the force, He has often told me how they behave Nigerian prostitutes. An episode of all: repatriated on a plane because delinquents in effect, They have removed the dirty towels and threw them in the face of poor police.
    that culture!

    I was in Africa and I know even I, in my little Africans. It seems too obvious to say that they are not all equal and therefore I will not tell. The fact is that those who truly have been evangelized behave differently.

    If Islamic or tribal (or even some American-style Christian denomination, where it converts in exchange for economic and social benefits), It is another story. But now the Catholic missionaries are not going to convert, but to convert to the local culture! Eh why’ they are closer to Mother Earth!
    Reading is believing! I add that I have known personally and I know the Father Zanotelli…

    1. Dear Elena,

      I have 34 years and are entered in the State Police after a law degree. Become “policewoman” It was a dream of mine since I was in high school, and after graduating I realized.
      They are still very honored to work in the State Police.

      At the used absorbent which you refer can add bags containing human excrement, even those launched him to our colleagues, while spitting am “minimum wage”, the cleanest thing with these high-risk elements we happen to get.

      I saw the police bring in Nigerian women for which three policemen were required for each of them, and they could hold them with great difficulty, almost always getting hurt from scratches, bites and beatings.

      We police officers live with the fear of causing to them one bruise involuntary, not because beaten, but only to hold them or groped to defend ourselves from their aggressions which are always very violent.

      The police injured by the Nigerian man to hospital in Rome stuns the porter, and who regard the magistrate wanted to see clearly from what depended bruises on his forehead and took care to release him, says it all about what is our ever more difficult and in which we are on one side exposed to certain aggressive delinquents, exposed to other magistrates who do not hesitate to open investigations on us.

      It ended yet I under investigation of the judiciary, and I had to answer for having beaten a Nigerian: while two of my colleagues were bringing in for this rage investigations holding arm (images of men attempting to carry a tiger, the example is very adherent to reality), She has wriggled, He threw one on the ground then launched with the nails on the other's face. I was a few meters away and I challenged the baton repeatedly hitting.

      Nell'irrogarmi sanction the judge ruled that the beatings were not motivated because the woman was already in the police station and (he said) He could not escape and harm. The medical report of the colleague who applied were six points on the cheek on which the Nigerian sank the sharp nails, It was not taken into any consideration, You think if she could take it to the eyes.

      In one of the videos shown by the excellent father Ariel in his long and very interesting article, I resumed in Turin comments of a group of good citizens outraged by a group of policemen trying to handcuff a Nigerian not easy to hold. In that video it is represented throughout: good citizens to defend the thief, the delinquent, the drug dealer, the violent etc. …
      [N.d.R. the video to which the Police Officer is referring to is this: WHO]

      Francesca (Rome)

      1. Francesca, for what it can serve, my deepest sympathy to you and your colleagues. And the recognition on the part of law-abiding citizens, even themselves (right-thinking people of Turin do not think they were).

  3. This document will be sick victims of political correctness today. And’ all true what he says.

    Many Italians think that in compliance with European rules are fools like us. From my experience I remember just the opposite.

    I lived in Paris for a few years and I remember how I was treated when I fainted in a shopping center following a mild food poisoning, and the terrible heat of August. Other than emergency services! When I recovered I wanted to understand who I was and where provenissi have even asked me the temporary residence address before calling the ambulance fire.

    Prudence excessive, but due to the laxity of the past decades since the mass immigration has created France today.

    Mass immigration and selective NO will lead us to the police with machine guns to defend ourselves outside churches, it is good that we put him in the lead. In France it is already reality, I saw it.

  4. In his homily the Holy Father on 8 June vigil of Pentecost 2019, the best move was when he said: “This thought the maternity of the Church reminds me that 75 years ago, on June 11, 1944, Pope Pius XII performed a special act of thanksgiving and supplication to the Virgin, for the city of Rome Protection. ”
    Go read the words of Pope Pius XII
    it was like I could finally quench to Living Water Source.
    Is it possible that the passage in which Pius XII begs: “Bring back the refugees to the lands abandoned in the storm underway, what care earth, where they were born, grew, they worked, they called your sweet name, and it gives them the strength to reconstitute with bold and alacre lena their homes destroyed, their collapsed churches, their desolate fields, their devastated workshops, their domestic happiness upset and disturbed.”,
    it does raise the question, to the proper authorities, smartphonati that all those boys in their prime are not really refugees fleeing from Herod?

  5. Maybe some of us would be able to implant a urban warfare. There will only be massacres slaughtered chickens and pullets raped to death.

  6. Dear Father,

    for a cop 30 years of service to hear a priest speak and analyze the situation in this lucid, ruthless and realistic, It is an authentic breath of oxygen.

    8 years ago I did a few weeks in the hospital and months of treatment for a serious accident on duty.

    In the vicinity of the faculty of law of an Italian city (no matter what), We tried to nab two Nigerians peddling and supplied regular consumers university students to so-called soft drugs that, despite their “lightness” They are either banned or harmful.
    There were four policemen.
    While we were handcuffing the two blacks we were attacked by a group of twenty students who shouted “police killer”. Because of that assault the two fled (I point out that only two months later one of those who were killed by stabbing arresting a prostitute, and he hid the body in a landfill).

    dumpsters overturned, a pair of broken shop windows etc. … etc.… and while reinforcements were on the way we were beaten by a score of college students.
    I had four broken ribs and why I risked, they had not intervened quickly and well a rib was about to puncture the lung and perhaps other vital organs.

    Several students presented themselves voluntarily to the police station to testify falsely, and to declare that we had attacked the two blacks and that they had intervened to defend our aggression.
    It opened the file at our expense.

    To me the notice was notified to the hospital the afternoon of the day when I was operated on early morning.

    Thanks to the excellent investigative skills of our colleagues were saved by the presence of five surveillance cameras in some stores, but above all of a video shot by a guy 17 years from the third floor of a balcony all shooting, who gave it to the police saying that he dreamed of becoming a cop when she was a fifth grade elementary.

    The recordings, and especially that of the 17 year old showed that we had not attacked anyone and that aggression towards us was staged by four young men who turned over the law students investigations, which it was later done nothing.

    the commissioner urged the president of the university to expel the four grave believing that just the law students had instigated an attack to the police officers who were arresting drug dealers.

    The academic authorities rejected the request and not they provided to their expulsion.
    Tomorrow these types will (if already a number of years are not) lawyers and judges, and will be among those who will care no serious injury, the P.S agents. but a slight bruise on the forehead of the person arrested who slammed himself his forehead on the wall.

    She made a big news service and I believe many policemen, police and members of the yellow flames will be quite grateful.

    Thank you very much.

    Policeman with 30 years of service

    P.S. the seventeen year above three years later, finished middle school, entered the 20 years old at the police school.

  7. How best animals in certain things of us!
    No dog starts to struggle senselessly with another dog that recognizes an alpha male or a pack leader, no matter the size , because he knows and feels that it would be a senseless struggle and the animals do not do anything foolish and purposeless.

    Among humans, however priests and bishops-capons, not to say another word that ends in …they They want to stand as eagles to dictate to politicians and voters, and unworthy uproar among episcopal conferences and even political parties disfigure the Holy Mass of Pentecost.

    The faithful attend astonished.

  8. reverend Father,

    if we were in an official context, I would thank on behalf of the Carabinieri, however I can not send an official message or publicly qualify. The private letter I sent remains as our private relationship and in this comment I renew the invitation to visit our barracks.

    Something tells me that his article is filming throughout Italy, if I consider that I was sent by well 11 policemen who invited me to read it.

    As I explained in the detailed private text: to me, I was captain, the promotion was blocked and I was called to respond venue therein. Everything is then solved, but after an unpleasant and even painful process humanly.

    The fact: my men arrested two Nigerian prostitutes not because prostitution itself (which we know it is the offense that is) but for drug dealing and possession of cocaine.

    Translated into the barracks we closed in the security room while the three policemen who had arrested you were doing dressing wounds, having been repeatedly attacked while the bore in the barracks. I called myself colleagues from the nearby police station asking if they could send some policewomen for undertaking searches of the two arrested because I did not think appropriate to move with them, because they already had wounded three policemen and transport them altered in that way was not easy.

    They came two women police officers with a Chief Inspector and found themselves before a scene that define “principal scene” it would be simplistic: the two (who were dressed revenue) had her clothes torn, his face reddened by slapping (none of us had ever given them) and they were without underwear (!?). When they saw the policewomen hugged weeping.
    Stuff Academy Award for acting!

    The next day the newspapers had headlines: “police under investigation for suspected rape”.

    She knows the details that I have narrated, while those who think the law is enough to understand what just described meeting in what trouble she went myself station commander and the other three policemen.

    After that our Regional Command ordered the internal video surveillance installation at all the barracks who were not yet equipped, except for the toilets all had to be under video surveillance inside.

    thanks, dear Father, in my name and I think many of my colleagues and fellow soldiers.

    A commander of the Carabinieri

  9. I respond here to give solidarity to the fellow as he wrote, are sad stories and notes, although not told.
    When these things happen you fill the front pages of newspapers, When the police are exonerated innocent because you write a short little article on the inside pages, possibly Monday, when certain newspapers give mainly sports news the previous Sunday and people go to read other things …

    Father Ariel Caro,

    thanks for this service is a service in every sense, ourselves, as P.S agents. We certainly learned a lot about using, morals, ways of acting habits of certain peoples and their citizens are not easy to treat when they are in Italy.

    I got to know one of your signatures, Father Ivano Liguori, our Sardinian (when he visited the sick), because I attended for service reasons the hospital where he works as a chaplain in Cagliari, occasionally it happens to us of having to bring someone who, if anything, is not really a free citizen, or attend for reasons of service emergency room etc..
    For email I gave references, if it happens in Sardinia in our area, visit our police because the welcome you as a friend.

    Beautiful its abutment on the two Sardinian … one that looks like it came from an Arab Casbah and one that looks like it came from a store in the capital of Norway. I see you know our people and all our ancient mixtures, which are ancient and many.

  10. There … there … there!
    We on this island that the priest fascistello strombetta for Salvini !

    1. Dear Giuliano,

      my paternal grandfather, who likewise became the “pleasure” It is beaten by agents dell'O.V.R.A [cf. WHO] with Alberto said Salustri is Trilussa outside a cafe on the Via Veneto in 1927, after the promulgation of fascist laws He had to choose between exile and jail. In 1937 He died in exile outside Italy.

      My paternal grandfather had to leave Rome in 1939 with two children, one of which my father, on suspicion of subversive ideas. Mise secure the children and his wife who was of Venetian origin in a remote area of ​​Friuli border, after which he returned to fulfill his duties patri.

      My maternal grandfather, war as an officer of the police, He volunteered prisoner in Yugoslavia in exchange for the release of some Italian families, telling comun Titini and in their eventual negotiations it would have weighed more than an official of the poor families. When the early 1940 he left for the war his wife was pregnant and when only in 1949 He returned after being released from prison Yugoslav years after the end of the war, He knew his only daughter who had nine years. In 1954 he was awarded the gold medal of valor.

      My father and my mother, I know, during the period when in Italy there was a strong Communist Party have always stopped up his nose and gave the vote to the Christian Democrats.

      For me personally, if I was alive in those years, for the type they are and for the faith that animates me, First I would protect and tried to save the lives of communists persecuted by fascists, and then, after 1943, the fall of Fascism, I tried to save the lives of sought-fascists by communists who were not content to kill even obscene defamation of their bodies in public squares.

      As the stories of our Italian families are sometimes complex and sometimes surprising, I suggest you make a family tree search his, Because maybe, while she delights in giving the "fascistello 'to me, may also find that while my neighbors ancestors by the fascists were beaten and driven into exile, The ancestors were singing “Duce, Duce!” and in the colonial period “Little black face beautiful Abyssinian“, then becoming communists on the day after the fall of Fascism. SA, I have known many, of stories of this kind …

      1. How right! My mother told me how after the war, the priest, Free S returned from prison. Vittore where instead the priest was dead, He had this to say during a sermon that he was threatened with death by closing with these words ” We have received threats, we know that it changed the color of the ink but the hand writing is always the same.”

  11. dedicated Sonnet
    His In. Cardinal Lucifer-movimentista-elettricista-(futuristic?),
    the new electro-theology of not paying the earthly light,
    and the use of new Vatican bills (do not pay),
    give N, N. disbeliever-payer-of-bills (and of those who do not pay costs).


    Supplication 'the pious monks Minister delli
    zoccolanti the BUBBLE exemption
    dall'arcivescovil jurisdiction
    seems to be a priori and abbots;
    and 'the canonical prebendati
    Below the cattedral capitol model
    in purple skullcap and ambition,
    by supplication to the court out of the porporati.

    Receive petitions with offices facie
    pel pope was something quite agree:
    fur ever heard pious wishes
    and it pays the bubble was blessed.
    Or si riceve – ideas novatrici! –
    expired light a BOLLETTA.

    Pasquino revived Roman

  12. St. John Paul encouraged and consoled the world with a beautiful word of Christian order: “Do not be afraid!”. There are those who collates from suburban bar talk, with camouflage capacity from neorealism of yesteryear, and it pretends to preach a little’ alcoholic, even the signature “from the island of Patmos” almost like a blessed apostle (and here we are at the collegiate, no doubt about it), to get nothing but a soft scared and angry over simple minds. Okay the malaise of priests, the drama of the priests of the metropolis, and worse still that of someone who does not even have a parish with certain boundaries, okay the web drama immaterial as it tilts to delirium, but to spread grief and fear does not seem much of a Christian. Even Don Camillo Brescello waving fists Guareschi, however, was not the bully fashion. The Gospel uses tough words but when in the name of the law are crowded around the adulteress (“the whore”, Ariel would do well pleased) already with stones in hand, Master for calm people takes time, prevent lynchings, He writes on the ground, off the voltage. Does not excite tempers against underage prostitutes…

    1. … but she, read what they have written and commented on several of the police officers who live in the real world and not the “gooders dream”, several of whom assaulted, wounded, ended up in the hospital under the surgeons knife and so on?
      A word for them, as even defend its security, It did not have their own?

      1. The word is simple: Thanks. But perhaps the police did not need priests to indicate how and where to hit alcoholics although Islamic. But above all he does not need this pathetic expression of 'feel-good’ or 'cattivista'. We are not in kindergarten childhood, we are not grannies pitiful: “do good to grandma” the “not do bad, not to anger the little angel”. We are big and strong, evil at the root because of that sin in Eden that she knows better than I., we should try to overcome the evil that is in us, maybe even to love our neighbor as ourselves, neither more nor less. And certainly this should not be confused with sentimentality cloying, the oratorio moral, with the pious intentions (but with good deeds maybe yes), But without ending up in special police teams Clubs, of the toughest agents. It will be personal ignorance for lack of a Gospel passage that enhances repression or simply order (whose pure humanity needs). There is not even the word 'home'. Perhaps' before the Jews’ Yes, but since the response of Israel was not exciting, Jesus said to his preaching to other people. To…

        1. You talk about reality that knows no, people who do not know, of antropologie who does not know.
          Especially did not read my script and if you read it intended it in a completely different. For example, I fear has not paid attention to the fact that I have explained and illustrated with Africans from various countries of that continent we have lived together for years. To this should be added that I have traveled several times throughout the Maghreb and various countries of that continent. To little I've learned, maybe something I learned, much more than the surreal press articles of the Italian Left.

          Just did not pay any attention to all the parts in which, bringing my own talks with African, I explain what is their concept of authority and authority, etc. … etc. …?

          People are what they are anthropologically and culturally, They can not be changed into what we would like them to be, but which are not absolutely.

          The port is an example related to the pure animal nature:

          she is free to think that a stray dog, or worse, a pack of wild dogs, They can be treated in the same manner with which an English noblewoman can treat your pet dog.

          I wish you from my heart to have some time to deal with both a dangerous stray dog ​​is a pack of wild dogs, so that she can adopt the criteria it considers entirely appropriate.

          Then when hospitalized half dying in a hospital, call me or let me call, because at that point to ask you if you think in the same way.

          1. Slightly laughable, it is a personal matter: we know we, but she is used to decide whether I'm familiar with Moroccan and policemen as she, if you know dogs as I do,etc.. The priests should take care of the Gospel, when in fact they come to the bar and bring you to say about those who have it longer, with good jokes to impress oratory, They are simply pathetic. What used to the hard life of the priest and then announce the good news canine? But he realizes? The foxes have holes, but the Son of Man no. Do not spare its hope that I end up surrounded by ferocious stray (stuff to do Carognetta played by the great Deaf), Instead I want charitably hope that she will not die of ridicule when she walks with her poodles.

          2. She accuses me things that I did not say, statements that I have done and what is worse totally disrupts the narrative that has deep significance of anthropological and socio-psychological; but mostly she responds by attacking in mocking and not responding so on the merits of the issues.

            I am first of all a gentleman and the gentleman on the fabric was woven of the priest.
            Do not allow yourself to give me a grotesque image of a priest Bar going to discuss amenamente with "who's got bigger", because to me in these places will not find me ever, You find me instead to pray, to celebrate Mass, to administer confessions, to preach and to give the anointing of the sick to terminally ill.

            I spoke, and explained in a strictly scientific, in pages and pages that she has not read or does not understand, incidence which has the principle and concept of virility in the various African cultures, where it constitutes a fundamental element. I then explained all the details of the case as I myself have adhered to certain styles of behavior when I had to deal with some of my dear and beloved brother priests from the various countries of this continent, who were the first to instruct on how to behave and to their various populations rapportarmi.

            As to my being 'pathetic', I reject everything to her and forbid, at least on this our columns, inappropriately using the image of the Holy Gospel, that if the uninitiated, of manhood, It is the quintessence, as it is true that Christ was true God and true man; and a man was perfect in every way in his human nature.

            She has a distorted image of the Gospel and saccharine, a peace and love it gives Gay Pride, until it became aggressive and insulting a minister bosomes that the answers right tone and how she deserves after she insulted and after grotesquely misrepresented my words.


            At all add the element of cowardice: while I have a name, an identity and a face with which I answer for what I say and write, you throw insults protected behind anonymity, this thing that the qualification and disqualification.

          3. Father Ariel Caro,

            The detailed careful examination of the company that you try bringing evidence of shameful and shocking cases of ferocious crime against Italian citizens makes you honor! If a priest tries to communicate the message using a simple homily will never be so fond, to carry out a targeted survey which settles even anthropological racial motivation of criminal behavior that goes beyond simple cultural boundaries.

            There are countless examples of crimes reported in Italian territory, made due to a pseudo-touted “social evolution” I would say more involution, Globalization led to the desired at all costs even at the expense of the same society where ignorance prevails. That same ignorance of a decadent society,due precisely to the freedom of having to tell each his own, to give voice to clichés of equality, Parity without understanding the true essence of the evils that this phenomenon generates and must be stopped by people like you puts his face to the any pretense or false ideology, with the gift of persuasion and documentary not only verbal.

          4. She was truly and gravely insulted.

            The writing of Ariel father of the foundations and scientific and anthropological value on which there is very little to be ironic.
            All the examples that the father Ariel has brought are very relevant,, in particular the aggressive stray dog ​​and the pack of wild dogs, that can not be treated as the puppy home of a British lady.
            The example is so obvious, but just scientifically obvious!

            I do not know what faith you belong, But if you were Catholic, then no, since catechism, It taught that no one turns this way to a priest, all with an aggravating factor of no small importance: She has tried in every way to twist and distort the words and the father Ariel content and until the last serious attempt, to topple on him and on what ever said and affirmed the sheer ridiculous and offensive, mocking him like a priest trivial Bar, one has to learn the gospel and so on … and all because his personal subjective and ideological emotion is the only truth and valid law.
            In conclusion: She is the ideological and violent anti-war classic with iron bar in his hand.

            Re-read the history of his comments and his answers and see that it is exactly like that.

          5. but where do you live? In what city and what reality? In what world peace to “we're all brothers” she leads her life?
            Lei lo sa, I have had to give up a teaching post shortly after he managed to get role?
            I explain it to him right away, as a woman today 39 year old, my personal “familiarity with Moroccan” to which she alludes.

            I live in Modena and Modena and had teaching role in Bologna, no matter which school, count the fact that now the narrated.
            In broad daylight, and in the center, three Moroccans was pushed into the door of a house, and let his imagination what their intentions were.

            I saved thanks to two professional studios, one of a dentist the other a lawyer, who were on the first floor of the apartment building and which were called by two of my screams before one of “non-brothers” He tappasse mouth with one hand while with the other he tried to open my legs … understood: beautiful soul of pacifism and acceptance of my c …..? Because maybe, attributes, I have them there longer I who am a woman of her that as a man thinks in this way.

            If the dentist, his assistants and patients who were in the waiting room had not landing overlooking the atrium, causing the three to run away, she tells me, what could happen, while the other two had already closed the door and the other had already plugged my mouth?

            but you … coming, coming: peace and love!
            When I hear the phrase “open ports” They are crossed by a shiver, because I reminded those inside the atrium of a door in the center of Bologna, They tried to open my legs.

            Letter Signed

  13. Thanks Don Ariel. I discuss frequently with the pious souls cattoimmigrazioniste course left voters, but everything is useless. They are so ideologized who do not understand the problem. Do you think one of them, who claims to be a graduate in theology, He argues that the poor man rescued by a good Samaritan was an immigrant..
    This is the result of our church hierarchy that can no longer reason in evangelical prudence and in turn is fueled by our dear Pope.
    I allow me a small observation that corroborates his speech on the Egyptian people: Cleopatra, the Ptolemaic dynasty, It was of Macedonian origin.

  14. To those who think that you are inciting racial hatred, I ask you to provide a practical solution, feasible and not smoky problems related to migration of people unable to live accepting the rules of a society, that although far from perfect, seeks to ensure at least the survival and civil coexistence.

    If one of these subjects immigrants, or Italian people with ipermisericordismo bergoglioso, He wants to try to commit a crime in any other country, especially Muslim, It would have the opportunity to appreciate the difference in treatment.

    I speak from immigrant, in London, where immigrants of all kinds have always come. And’ true that this country is increasingly Islamized and eterofobo (if you're gay you're worth just short!), ma legnate, when needed, they give the police all right.

    If they make a reason even the clergy degenerated: it is true that we are all creatures of God but do not automatically Sons of God. Why “those he predestined, he also called; those whom he called he also justified; those he justified, he also glorified”.

  15. Immigrant in Reggio Emilia palpated policewoman and masturbates. The judge immediately puts it back into the wild because the fact is “minor”. The next day gives in outburst station with a stick in hand,
    Do not comment because we are on a religious site and I could not do it without using inappropriate words.
    I will just ask how it can be mild action before offends a woman as a woman, then he offends as a component of law enforcement and accordingly offends all Italians that she is in the performance of its function.

    1. [… ] "Not because we comment on a religious site and I could not do it without using inappropriate words".

      Dear Klaus,

      then I comment, also because, as you may have figured out, I do not hold any ambitions to become bishop and cardinal. Also because it regarded the decline to a minimum of one and the terms sacred college, being with certain people would be very humiliating for me.

      I hope instead in a very different kind of career. Indeed, every time I celebrate Mass, asking for forgiveness for my sins before the celebration, during the Penitential, during purification of the hands in the offertory rites and The secret prayer before Communion, I ask God to grant me the grace of a light purgatory.
      Few are those who just died – and we own priests species – They will immediately go to Paradise.

      Without fear that the Divine Judge me switch, as now I will tell, a slight if any purgatory in a hard purgatory, I can say …

      … if “brother extracomunitario” at issue, erotically had performed in front of some department of the Holy See while many joyful monsignorini They came out at the end of their grueling work, several of them would be quick to give you their business card and said … "I recommend, keep in touch and as soon as you're free call!».

      Here, I've called a lot bigger than you ever would have called her, but know that unfortunately is the truth, Everybody knows, from those who purged the news in the press offices of the Holy See.

  16. The article by Don Ariel is flawless in content and in the complaint that is. Chi care, He does not know what it is. accusing then – as is fashionable to do – to arouse fear those who gives voice to the real and justified fear of many, It is simply grotesque. Defending civil coexistence is not “fascist” (the fascists indeed did not care about the good coexistence rules), it is only of any decent citizen (and free and democratic).
    Allow me only plead that the Greeks, albeit with many of Turkish matrix customs ( see the kitchen), physically they are not exactly similar to the Turks; women are very different (Turkish ones are more beautiful, Alas). Although in effect in Greece in the Middle Ages there were appropriations of other peoples (the Slavs were in the first place from the albanesi, but also Western and even some Norman) who changed the ethnic composition, and the Turks themselves have invaded and occupied lands already inhabited by other peoples.

    1. “Accusing then - as is fashionable to do - to create fear those who gives voice to the real and justified fear of many, It is simply grotesque”. Holy words.
      Unfortunately I can hardly attending Facebook because I struggle daily with a couple of friends who continue to repeat just this, pointing accusation as spreader of hate who is frequently portrait upside down at Piazzale Loreto and is also priests who invite to his killing during homilies (SIC, apparently, Alas).
      Whenever I plan to keep quiet, then the fire bigger than last time and I can not. People who boast of having been always accused of being cattocomunisti. I will answer: not cattocomunisti, Communism was serious in his tragic mistake, not to speak of Catholicism, You are always pseudo-catholic-radical-chic (without getting into the sincerity of their religious belief, what belongs only to the Divine Judge). But it would be the final break, and I do not feel.

  17. And the food offered to migrants (which moreover often complain of the want quality’ You want not’ Halal and so) It ends up in the trash quintals, even open
    Congratulations, in a single blow it shows how this aid is not appreciated it’ used and how those who manage all are pure little ecological (not even in the recycle properly, although this seems to me the lesser of two evils). The hot meal that the city took my mom was less abundant! And no one and’ never offered to pay the light, me and, lei's’ Italian and he never asked for anything

    1. … and then her mother was also catholic!
      In conclusion, his mother was a genuine competition of any obstacles to the exercise of charity towards her, try to understand.

      Well I know that, several times, I had to reprimand several African priests who threw away the food fresh in the priestly home and wasted daily water and soft drinks? Already, because after opening bottles of sparkling water or sodas, not closed again, because this involved a great deal of energy. After that, once revs, the cast.

      In 2010 I sent a video document of the Congregation for the Clergy to document the waste that was done in contempt of poverty in two different international priestly houses, and the whole, rigorously, by priests from various countries of the African continent.
      Prefect of the time (2010/2011) was Cardinal Mauro Piacenza.

      Never received any response, never taken any action.
      After that, subjects described here, in their sermons preached in parishes where they served in Europe said that while he wasted money to give food to cats and domestic dogs, in their countries children were starving.

      I've always had pets and I can testify that never, none of them, wasted food.

    1. I can not think of anything, because unfortunately I do not know if not in name.
      And to say something, you have to know the person, life and works.
      I do not know anything about these three things.

  18. Don Ariel do you take from “shot effect” and for example from the point of ethnic continuity are superficial. But this remains only an inaccuracy, pergiunta useful to the rhetorical purpose of this article duty.

    The setting dates is however subject to instrumentality.
    You can not be so naive as to ignore the pincer grip on the Catholic world, that the European East simply plays a role when the data in hand often is made worse in Western countries – this from the point of view of just the right issues, forever if Catholics we should be of interest to this dichotomy – first of all Russia. You can not ignore that even the traditionalist world “infiltrated” or paid by a third party.

    Talk of the police force, that while pregnant with good people and exemplary, They know who should not touch, from top to bottom and in fact the result she reveals the same : better to work that mutiny.
    Certain affiliations determine which way you are and the Italian was ab origin is one of them. We are more alone than you think humanly speaking and rigraziando God we will be judged not on what we ignore. But you do not look for help where no…

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