Clerical pornocracy and ordinations of homosexual priests, who have long since made a coup within the Church, generating an irreversible decline

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Today the government of the Church is in the hands of homosexual clergymen: «It is not an exaggeration of mine, but only pure realism, to affirm that the Church is now a homosexualized structure and that today, the first of the world's states with the highest percentage of homosexuals, it's Vatican City State ».


Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo



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In this video lesson I go back to documenting that there is no aggregation in the world in which, as in the Catholic Church, the presence of homosexuals is so high; nor does aggregation exist where, as in the Catholic Church, homosexuals have made a real “blow”, by entering all the "command rooms".


Today the government of the Church is in the hands of these people: «It is not an exaggeration of mine, but only pure realism, to affirm that the Church is now a homosexualized structure and that today, the first of the world's states with the highest percentage of homosexuals, it's Vatican City State ».


This problem, which is decidedly devastating for the Church, I began to study it in 2008 e, at the beginning of 2011, printed my book "And Satan made himself triune" [Editions The island of Patmos, II and. 2019], in which I wrote and explained the current situation ten years in advance. I suggest you read it, because many will find answers to the many questions that arise.












CORRECTION AND CLARIFICATION: At the minute 21:30 Ariel quotes H.E.. Mons. Mauro Parmeggiani as Bishop of Albano Laziale. It is a fallen branches, this prelate is in fact Bishop of the Diocese of Tivoli.



From the island of Patmos, 18 May 2020













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54 replies
  1. Massimo Nanni
    Massimo Nanni says:

    good morning.
    Thank you for this very interesting conversation and very rich in food for thought.
    A question. How is it possible that a bishop knowingly ignores a norm of canon law and orders of priests knowing that the appointment could be invalid?
    I understand that judging such a fact from the comfort of an armchair in front of the computer is very comfortable. But one day this Prelate will have to give an account to the Eternal Father of his choices.
    Those who have received such an important mandate will also receive the graces necessary to endure the hardships and persecutions associated with that mandate.. Perhaps the Bishops and priests of the Church of Silence have not entrusted themselves to the Lord and to Our Mother to carry out their mandate with the utmost consistency.?
    Thanks again and good luck with your work.

  2. Andrea
    Andrea says:

    My experience in a seminary of a fairly well-known religious congregation was similar. the, Unfortunately, I knew what the situation of the seminaries she described was today, for that reason, although there were signs of a possible vocation, I have always stayed away from such sinful structures. Then instead, known such congregation, it seemed to me that the aforementioned problem did not exist between them, with lots of reassurances from those who have me “following”, the series “we are pure and perfect, Do not worry”. Never was a choice more vicious. I risked becoming an atheist and anticlerical. If you know the movie “the Marquis del Grillo”, there, he knows the scene of the castrati in the theater? This was what I experienced. A homosexualized church is a INFECONDA church.

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Marquis Onofrio del Grillo:
      « … Look at those geldings, like jie turn the balls "

  3. Art
    Art says:

    Salve. I am very active in parish life. I run the choir in my country and am highly respected and appreciated for my service. I would like to know from you, father Ares, if I, homosexual believer and practitioner, as well as my partner, with a peaceful life imbued with honest everyday life and devoid of worldliness, respecting everyone and avoiding being a bad example, I should leave my role or if I can continue to animate the liturgy at the service of the Church of God and the community? I who have always believed in a Church that welcomes that does not discriminate, in a God who embraces all, who loves everyone, I cannot think that I am considered abomination and unworthy. In the event to, I'd leave the church and my role right away. My homosexuality is clean, honesty, loyal and made of great love towards my partner with whom I live from 25 year old. one thing is certain. I would never think of entering the seminary knowing that I am homosexual, not because I consider the latter to be an illness or a sin or a psychic disorder or an immoral practice, but why a priest must be pure chaste immaculate like our Lord and I would never be able to live a double personality for personal interests. I am a man of faith and I believe in Jesus Christ, but I'm homosexual. I am condemned to marginalization by the Church, O, as happens in the secular world, feel like a child welcomed and loved ?with esteem Art

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      “My homosexuality is clean, honesty, loyal and made of great love towards my partner with whom I live from 25 years"

      … I have two Ukrainian companions instead: Svetlana ha 22 years and Irina is 25.
      However, my priestly life is clean, honest loyal and made of great love towards my two lovers with whom I have been sleeping for several years.

      May God free her from that great snare of the Devil that leads to calling evil good and good evil.
      I bless you from my heart.

  4. F.Sct.
    F.Sct. says:

    Thank you for your commitment to everyone's seriousness. It is important to; the Church cannot do without seriousness or all will be lost. But Christ help us.

  5. ClaudiusIII
    ClaudiusIII says:

    Some questions: there are chaste homosexual priests ? I can ask you what it is, in his opinion, the percentage of sodomites in the Italian diocesan clergy? And that of the bishops ? And finally, how are the “diocese of south-eastern Lombardy” ?

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dear Reader,

      in this video of mine I explain several times that the theory «…let's take them and make them priests even if they have evident homosexual tendencies, the important thing is that they do not practice homosexuality "was an idea and a line that turned out to be dangerously suicidal.

      The dioceses, from this point of view, with ups and downs, some with very high peaks, others with minor peaks, they are all living, but all of them, this problem. Indeed, the process of “pollution” started from the late seventies to the early eighties, with results that, in some dioceses, they were truly devastating.

  6. Dario
    Dario says:

    Watching the video I asked myself a simple question, Why? Why a homosexual in the 2020 should find in the church the only way for social self-affirmation? What is there in the church that there is nothing else that still makes it such a place “palatable”?

    The thing that left me promised is the history of blackmail, blackmailing a bishop of unspeakable scandals (what can still shock us having seen and heard everything now?) to get the order, Why?

    Never before in civil society have homosexuals been considered, to use a theoretical figure, pandas to be protected and looked after in an embarrassing way. All that's missing is the criminal and tax shield for those who declare themselves gay. Why then go to look for one's place in the church to essentially lead a free and uninhibited lifestyle that outside the church would be raised to the standard of living?

    I can understand the situation of those who in the past found a more comfortable environment in the church given the social prejudice and the risks they faced by declaring their homosexuality, but what sense does all this make today?

    Perhaps going to look for the reason that makes the church still a conquest field for homosexuals could eliminate the origin of this “cancer” inside the church which is causing a lot of damage to all the faithful.

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dear Dario,

      I give you an answer to this question already given in my book And Satan became triune.
      You are right to ask yourself: "because, the Church as a refuge?».

      The answer given by me is repeated here, she is truly merciless, but mercilessly real, namely this: if a young gay boy from a provincial country, just twenty years old, has beautiful physical presence, or better yet, if he is really a beautiful son in the flower of youth, just make a one-way ticket to Rome, Bologna, Milan … because a fifty year old gay professional successful or otherwise full of money, who takes it and who keeps it or fixes it, find it immediately. But if, as I repeat, he is a great son with various aesthetic qualities, both visible and hidden.

      Instead, an analogous young man from a provincial town, not kissed by nature, if anything small in stature, chubby, with an expressionless ball face, it can happen with a certain frequency that he knocks on the seminar door. And since many of our bishops now have empty seminaries and a frightening hunger for priests, Unfortunately, not a few, they will take it. And at that point we will meet again – if he comes to the priesthood – with a bad and bad-tempered homosexual.

      Such things, several times I hit them on the bishops' faces, for example by telling them: “But he didn't realize that his seminar looks like one Shop of Horrors? All his seminarians are aesthetically unpleasant, ugly, grassi, or poorly grown minnows. He wondered why?».

      I must say that these my talks have always taken them badly. When a bishop replied that "there are no physical fitness aesthetic tests to be admitted to a seminary", at that point you increased the dose and I answered telling him: «First in middle school, then in high school, then to university, I had before my eyes a vast sample of boys. There was the really nice one, the cute one, the one who was not beautiful but who had such a sympathy and a charm so bursting that he was more successful with girls than the beautiful ones, there was the ugly one and there was the really bad one. In short: there was everything. Because instead in his seminar there are only ugly, but ugly to the point that his seminar seems like a collection of caricatures? And why, among his seminarians, there is not the son of a single freelancer, or an entrepreneur, or a wealthy merchant, but all of them alone and de rigueur are children of workers 'and peasants' families? It is possible that God does not call the son of an entrepreneur to the priesthood, of a successful lawyer, of a wealthy merchant?».

      As I wrote, explained and reiterated, the thing that I'm sorry – for their, not for me – is the fact that several of these bishops, with arrogance and pride all over episcopal alto-prelatizia, When then, even if warned, years later they found themselves in very serious trouble with several of these subjects who had become priests, None, but none of them ever told me: “well, I must admit that you were right and that you had warned me in time”.

      Or said badly: handsome and friendly gays can be found with statuesque physicists to play cubists in discos, paid good money, whereas – always said badly – i “ceases” we find them in the clergy e, I repeat, they are neither funny nor brilliant, nor basically as good as many of the gays who dance on the disco cubes, quite the opposite, our clerical gays are almost bad practices, unkind and dangerous, as ugly on the outside and ugly on the inside.

      But nobody has ever listened to me, though, to the test, I didn't see it once, but ten times.

      • Kerigma
        Kerigma says:

        Dear Father Ariel,
        After his video, my wife and I are worried because we have
        two pre-adolescent children who this year (by their choice)
        they will attend the seminary of a Venetian diocese.
        Which he advises us to do?
        Thank you for your attention.
        Praised be Jesus Christ

        • father ariel
          Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

          … always be praised!

          Talk to one or more priests you trust who know the diocese and the seminary and ask for precise guarantees..

          A sincere wish for all good.


          I apologize for the late reply, but the system had mistakenly put your message in the antispam. Every so often it happens that it reads some e-mail addresses as advertisements.

  7. Maria
    Maria says:

    I saw a young priest on TV and his name was Tommaso. Surname, due to old age, I forgot it. It seems to me that he was from South Tyrol. I still remember some of his homilies.
    This good young man went to infiltrate a broadcast with Ilaria D’Amico who promised him anonymity while then making him recognizable.
    A pandemonium of revolt from the Vatican. All against this poor boy who had allowed himself to muddy the sanctity of the holy places..
    In short, he disappeared from that Catholic TV. I also asked and they pretended not to understand.
    Sometimes during the rosary I remembered and I recited some Avemaria for that good boy. Characters of a certain importance who fall into the hypocrisy of appearing and seem not to have
    never read the Gospel where it is written that – matter of time – there will be no secrets for anyone.
    The truthful and humble will have their victory after the inevitable bitterness of this land.

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Thank you!
      I will pray to God to fill it with “deep and inevitable bitterness” so that she can have her victory.

      • Maria
        Maria says:

        Do you pray, God is not stupid enough to satisfy her.
        I pray too and I won't be fooled.

        But what did you understand about my story to take offense and replicate myself like that?
        I truly believe that good will win over evil and the truth over lies.

        • father ariel
          Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

          My dear, it's not that she explained herself particularly well, or maybe I'm the one who doesn't understand. One thing is certain: if you express yourself in a vague and unclear way, therefore the interlocutor is put in a position to interpret, it may happen that one misunderstands.
          I have no problem apologizing for misunderstanding, but she must recognize that she has not clearly explained herself.
          With a sincere wish for all good and grace from the Lord.

  8. orenzo
    orenzo says:

    You know what I'm sorry about this video of his father Ariel?
    That after a premise that from how the impression she married the doctrine of “God created you like this”
    at the expense of that of “sin against nature…”.
    is very concerned about wanting to dogmatically discuss the illegality and invalidity of the sacrament of orders given to men with XY chromosomes but “created like this” by God.
    Well aware of how you think these interventions of mine are dictated by resentment, I remember it in my prayers.

  9. stile
    stile says:

    I have often criticized it, especially for alignment with the Holy Father's policy, but I am impressed by this story.
    But I don't understand. Why Becciu was supposed to execute an order from the gay lobby? It does not seem directly linked to the most evident circle of gays. It being understood that everyone in the Holy See is linked with everyone and that there is no gay lobby, but most of them are gay. If anything, there should be a sparse straight lobby.

  10. orenzo
    orenzo says:

    But how good is that doctor who prescribes painkillers to those who have gangrene legs and to those who criticize his method of treatment reminds him of the medical graduate!!!

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      … no one prevents her from going for a butcher's surgery.

  11. orenzo
    orenzo says:

    Dearest editorial staff, given that, as he writes “Letter Signed” the 19 May 2020 Everyone 13:16, ” "Sin must be condemned" on the other hand, the sinner must always be welcomed with all his human complexities.”, however, welcoming those with existential problems without helping them solve them is like welcoming those with economic problems without helping them find a way out.
    But Father Ariel however claims that:
    – "The situation is unfortunately irreversible" having "passed the threshold of no return".”,
    – “physical sexuality (And) the consequence of mental sex”,
    – homosexuality was "... rightly removed from the list of diseases ...",
    – ai “homosexuals who do not accept the drives of their libido… an offer of spiritual care”.
    I instead argue that:
    – the situation is not irreversible,
    – if the mental sex is not aligned with the physical one, the person inevitably has problems,
    – even if the problems of those who do not have mental sexuality aligned with the physical can no longer be defined, by democratic vote, disease, problems always remain,
    – the homosexual, which today is defined as such by nature, can go back to being heterosexual once, after a psychiatrist manages to pinpoint the cause of the “short circuit between body and mind, agree to remove it: if the homosexual is a homosexual instead of a vice, like all vices, it can also be overcome with willpower alone.
    Unfortunately, however, today the Church is the one described by Father Ariel, the Church is the first sponsor of homosexuality.

  12. Michele
    Michele says:

    father ariel,

    but these clerics who blackmail to be ordered,once priests the sacraments they administer are valid ?
    I know well that the sacraments act independently of the minister's state of grace, but i doubt if in this case (blackmail) the priestly consecration takes place.

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dear Michele,

      as you will have understood from the tone used in the parts where I expose the various theological arguments: the problem is very serious and very serious, for this you should never “play” on the substance of the sacraments.

      However, the problem must be divided into two different parts:

      a) it is unquestionable – unless someone, but to date it has never happened, do not reform the entire sacramental dogmatic – that in the absence of the minimum requirements, the sacrament of the sacred order is null, as in other ways it can be null for example that of marriage, always in the absence of the minimum requirements.

      b) another delicate matter is the fact that a believer in good faith, through a false minister, I can still receive the grace of God.

      About this second point, in sacramental dogmatics several so-called school cases are brought, for example the following: what happens if a Catholic faithful confesses to a false priest, that is, with a subject who pretends to be such and who therefore commits a serious crime by simulating a sacrament, convinced that he is an authentic priest?
      It happens that the false priest who simulates a sacrament, he commits a serious crime, which is also part of the case of sERIOUS oFFENSES, while the penitent, truly and deeply repentant but above all convinced of confessing with an authentic priest, despite receiving an invalid acquittal, however, he obtains God's mercy and forgiveness by mystery of supernatural grace.

      In short: the penitent goes to Heaven, the false priest who acquitted him seriously risks ending up in hell.

      This is why I say it shouldn't be “play” too much on grace fills It is on supplies the church.

  13. orenzo
    orenzo says:

    Dearest father Ariel, in my opinion, and well aware that you don't care about my opinion, his statements on homosexuality are ideological in nature and in contrast with reality.

    In fact, you say that “… physical sexuality is an entirely mental consequence from which sexuality and physical sex cannot be separated, being physical sexuality the consequence of mental sex…”: nothing more false.
    While it is indeed true that some (and I repeat some) Chemical castration techniques act on the brain by inhibiting the release of hormones that stimulate the testicles to produce testosterone, it is still the physicality of each individual that stimulates his sexual drives: perhaps an individual may wish to copulate continuously or his cravings end when he no longer has “cartridges to shoot”?

    You say that homosexuality was “… rightly derubricated from the list of diseases…” and if for her “rightly” means with a democratic vote based on ideology and not on scientific evidence, from gustibus…

    If for her, to those who call their libido a disorder, offers a spiritual cure instead of a psychiatric cure, from gustibus…

    If you do not understand that if nature has foreseen that the individual consumes a lot of energy to produce sperm and eggs without having correctly foreseen that the mind is directed to use them as established, from gustibus…

    Since the available characters are running out, I stop here.

    • father ariel
      Editor of The Island of Patmos says:

      Now that as usual he has argued and after us, as our usual, we gave her space because censorship is certainly not our sport, be kind enough to provide, for all the points indicated by you, precise solutions.
      Criticism as an end in itself serves no purpose, of always.
      Together with criticism, offer solutions: in the face of the very serious problem that Father Ariel raised, what are the solutions?
      father ariel, that this problem has been studying it from beyond 10 year old, but according to what she writes she would have understood nothing about it, has explained, for instance, that "the situation is unfortunately irreversible" having "crossed the threshold of no return".
      Surely you have solutions. Good: expose them.

      • orenzo
        orenzo says:

        There is something far worse than censorship in which your mastery shines through: the selection of answers.

  14. Andrea
    Andrea says:

    His fatherly courage is admirable and even more his profound love for the Church which animates his dramatic denunciation. I just want to hope that the degradation of the Church is not irreversible. In history it has often appeared with its back to the wall. Who would have bet on the immoral Church under the yoke of Marozia? Or on the Church that saw Gregory VII die apparently defeated exile? Not to mention the tragic immorality of a large part of the episcopate in the fifteenth century / XVI sec. or of the softened and impotent church of the late eighteenth century. but yet…. We hope that once again the Spirit will find docile and courageous children, however few and with marginal human views.

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dear Andrea,

      as much as she hopes we all hope so.
      Looking back on the historical eras you mentioned, in all it has come: first to a collapsing situation, then there was the beginning of a recovery.
      However, what worries us today is the fact that the crisis and the decline we are experiencing has no historical precedent, because while in various other situations, including the ones you mentioned, the Church has been hit from outside, by external forces; while in certain times individual and numerous clergymen led immoral lives, today, the singularity, lies in the fact that the Church, Evil, does not receive it from outside, nor does it assimilate it through various single and numerous figures of clergymen, but it produces it right inside. This is the singularity without historical precedent: the visible Church transformed into a structure of sin that produces evil within itself.
      That after this collapse there will be a slow and painful recovery, it is undoubted, Why, if not, then the parousia would come.

  15. chicca
    chicca says:

    Mr. Mario Voltaggio perhaps referred to the fact that earthly life in general (especially in the workplace) it is unjust for all and that we all suffer wickedness and experience deep sorrows. Often these injustices determine the life we ​​spend on earth. I don't think he's insensitive to his pain, father ariel. Christ's phrase was perhaps not the most suitable, but I think the writer's idea is that you have to endure with meekness. Which my character hardly understands, but it's my fault.
    These mistreatments, however, are compensated by the choral approval that you, father ariel, seems to enjoy in television.
    I have to add that kind of comments: she doesn't understand anything, if the churches were full of people like her it would be a disgrace, better empty, they disturb me somewhat, written by priests. They are very ugly. Unless you really know these people and they are real carrion.

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dear Chicca,

      the Book of Ecclesiastes, or Qoelet, teaches us: “there is a time for … there is a time for … there is a time for …”
      See here:,1-15&formato_rif=vp

      You speak for example of meekness, very good virtue, however, if exercised at the appropriate time. Indeed, if in 1571 fossimo state domesticated, instead of arming us and leaving for a defensive war, in Lepanto the Mohammedans would have won and with two jumps they would have reached Rome, where today, Saint Peter, similarly to Hagia Sophia to Istanbul, it would not be one of our Christian arcibasilica, but a mosque.

      As for priests, and in particular the parish priests that I understand, being of many of them confessor or spiritual director, I can assure you that almost everyone, in front of certain seemingly lovable crampons, they react resentfully, because in principle, our laity, have these virtues:

      1. they always have the word ready to indicate how things should be said and done, except, however, wait for the others to do it, especially starting from the exercise of the acts of virtue;
      2. they always have the word ready to indicate the defects of the priests, but sometimes they become beasts if someone points out their serious defects;
      3. they come on Sunday and in the space of a couple of hours they would be able to redo the Catholic Church, starting from pastoral care, after which they go home until the following Sunday, while the parish priest has to face the problems of the parish day after day, which he almost always has to try to solve on his own;
      4. the parish priest is almost always subject to criticism, if, however, he put into effect what certain faithful propose, would send the parish in a scatafascio;
      5. today certain faithful, following certain fashions, they speak of poor and poor church, so-called left-wing Catholics are in favor of welcoming migrants, those of the center-right ask for control and prudence, after which the parish priest must go to the bank to ask for a loan because he does not have the money to pay for the heating, given that often, certain faithful, they do not hunt a penny to contribute to the expenses of the parish and if anything, if anyone reminds them to contribute, they respond “… ah, but you have millions and millions of eight per thousand!”.

      And when a priest, or as in the specific case, one who has been a parish priest for forty years, he feels beaten in a certain way, can also respond with the joke: “Better the empty churches than the churches full of certain people”.
      Quite understandable jokes, exactly like myself, several times, I said – and I repeat it – : “Empty seminars are better than some young people inside. Much better, in fact, to close the parishes for lack of priests, rather than having certain priests”.

  16. father ariel
    Don Francesco Messina says:

    There are many important steps, I take one that has touched me personally, when you explain the shameful injustice to which they subjected you to the Causes of the saints, saying: “I do not intend to remove pebbles from my shoe at all” … then explain “that letter (sent by them without containing reasons for the measure) it is registered in my file”, and continue to explain that you are alive today, tomorrow you may not be, and for this you believe it is your duty and right to protect your good reputation today, and your memory tomorrow, so that nobody, who does not know the facts, reading that letter, can categorize you as one of the many problematic priests.
    You did very well!
    I am touched by these words because years ago it happened to me that, the then vicar general of my diocese, who had no particular sympathy for me, he took an anonymous letter and put it in my file. In that letter he painted me like a monster, with very serious and seriously false news.
    You teach me that, anonymous letters, cannot be taken into consideration e, even less, recorded in a file.
    Years passed, until, the new bishop has arrived, a few months later, when I had a private interview with him, he took care to show me that letter saying … “how can such a material end up in a parish priest's file with 30 years of grateful service?”. Me let this, telling me … “you want to provide it, to destroy it?”.
    This is why I say that Father Ariel did very well, calling the makers by name (not caring that they are powerful), to clarify what he has clarified, in the way he clarified it, Why, if we do not defend ourselves against certain things, we will be beaten alive, then, vilified by the dead.
    There is no content in your video that I don't approve of, and I thank you also for the service you have done to all the good priests, than for certain situations, they suffer terribly.

    • Mario Voltaggio
      Mario Voltaggio says:

      The comparison between the matter of the Eucharist and that of the sacrament of’ sacred order does not seem clear to me. Bread that is bread and wine and wine are the matter of the Eucharist, but in the sacrament of Orders the matter is not’ the person who receives the order but the laying on of hands. For the rest I am sorry for his suffering but in the world the abuses that we lay people suffer are no different from his and the only way out are the words of Christ : do not condemn and you will not be condemned.

      • father ariel
        Don Francesco Messina says:

        For years bishops and priests have been wondering about the fact that, our churches, they are increasingly empty.
        E’ a problem, surely, also serious, Certainly.
        But she offers us relief to everyone, because if the churches were to be full of people like her, we would all prefer them absolutely empty.
        What you write does not really deserve comment, including the gospel phrase used as a club to beat sore people.
        She didn't understand anything, he doesn't want to understand anything, and nobody, would succeed, theme, to make her understand something.

      • father ariel
        Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

        The comparison between the matter of the Eucharist and that of the Sacrament of Orders is very clear, if you don't understand it, it's his problem.
        As for his cry on the laity, mi tip: she accidentally jokes? Its intended to be a joke, vero?
        If, however, he is not joking and, unfortunately, he is serious, then I must tell you clearly and surgically that your comparison is absurd and devoid of logical criterion, for a simple and obvious reason: perhaps you want to compare the relationship of a layman, with what instead is the relationship of total subjection and dependence of a priest with the Ecclesiastical Authority? Because ours is a total dependence that affects everyone, but precisely all the spheres of our living and existing.
        her instead, when he turned his back and closed the door of his house, Authority Ecclesiastica, can also go to be blessed.
        Let's not joke, please: we are serious … no joking!

        As for the matter of the Sacrament of Orders, perhaps you forget a fundamental passage: the matter concerns man, consecrated priest, that becomes, as I explained, Eucharistic object and subject. Or does it not seem to you that during that sacred rite we receive the chalice and the paten with the ritual phrase of the bishop who says: "Receive the oblation of the holy people for the Eucharistic sacrifice. Understand what you will do, imitate what you celebrate, confirm your life to the mystery of the cross of Christ » ?

        there: my speech is entirely structured on this principle, what is contained in my video is irrefutable proof of this.

  17. father ariel
    Letter Signed says:

    I'd like to offer my testimony.
    I am homosexual and I don't know if I am a believer, or what I possibly believe. I work on television networks and my relationship with the Catholic Church ended in Milan at the age of nine when I made my first communion, I haven't even been confirmed.
    I met Father Ariel in the Mediaset studies in Cologno Monzese in January and was impressed by his humanity, his welcome and his great openness of mind.
    We have established a relationship of friendship and frequently we feel.
    Ariel never made moral judgments about lay people who live and practice homosexuality, with whom (and I am a witness) it is welcoming and very lovable. A me, and another homosexual, speaking in private he said: “I don't give free moral judgments unless asked to. If you ask me if it is good to live a certain sexuality, I answer by saying no, and also explaining why, no. But if I'm not questioned, I would never allow myself to enter people's most intimate life, judging. And even after replying that this is wrong, because when asked about the specific speech, I would clarify that I cannot know the judgment of God”. Then he brought us, in a nice way, the example of the good thief on the cross next to Christ who “he screwed heaven to everyone in the last two minutes of life”. Then another example, always on Christ who reproached certain moralists of those times by telling him “beware because prostitutes and thieves will precede you in the kingdom of heaven”. He then explained to us that in these two, there were many other categories, including homosexuals.
    He didn't say homosexuality was beautiful and it was good, but he specified that if on the one hand “sin must be condemned” on the other hand, the sinner must always be welcomed with all his human complexities.
    Between me and I said: this priest, I want to have him as a friend.
    That's all, this is Father Ariel, and I'm glad I met him.

  18. Davide
    Davide says:

    father ariel,

    I saw the video you uploaded on youtube and I must say that I have been following this section since I saw it in the Network program 4 (Straight and Reverse). I wanted to congratulate you for the work done and for the quality of the contents I think is the only one that deals with particular and well-developed themes. Regarding the question that lay people asked us, I have to say that personally speaking I never happened to be in similar situations in the video, but even if it were who I could never turn to if I were inside in such situations?? for us lay people it would also be total ruin, we risk being dismissed or even excommunicated, it would make sense? it is true that as you say, turning to the other side is worse, but it is not easy.

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dear David,,

      in high-risk situations like the ones I have illustrated, one must always turn to the bishop of the diocese, because it is he who must exercise control, power and discipline.
      If he does not act in the bishop and is reticent to do so, in that case it is good to contact the Holy See, signaling that the bishop, albeit informed, did not act.
      If the Holy See should not respond and take action, at that point you have to make everything public, or look for people who can do it, for example good journalists.

  19. stefano
    stefano says:

    P. Ariel,

    because she also repeats the commonplace that homosexuality is not a disease? If it wasn't a disease, because it would be counter-nature? If it wasn't a disease, Why, and in what way, homosexuals should be helped, untreated, as she says?
    If it's not a disease, those who say that homosexuality is a normal variant of human sexuality are right. But if so, because homosexuals are victims of a compulsion to repeat the counter-acts (as his friend Paolo Poli also stated), compulsion that does not exist in sins, not counter-nature? And if a compulsion to repeat evil (against themselves) it is not a disease, what is it, a form of diabolical possession?

    Finally a question of moral theology: if the compulsion to perform counter-acts is stronger than the will to resist them, what is the strict responsibility of those who perform these acts? And how can such a diminished objective responsibility make vengeance cry out before God? There is something wrong.

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      The great teacher of morals, Sant'Alfonso Maria’ Liguori, he would be horrified at this pseudo-argumentative logic of his.

      However, knows what amazes me about her, given that it is not the first time this has happened? First of all, indifference to everything related to human suffering and pain produced by serious injustice. Just so, because he sees, in this video, among other things, I reported my testimony, lived and paid for on my skin, explaining what I went to, in attacks and retaliation, for doing my duty as a man and as a priest, documenting that doing this kind of duty, carries great risks and that to those who dare, everything is paid for a lifetime.
      there, if while i “I ruined my life” to claim truth and justice, I had before people who reason like you, I assure you that I would not have taken certain risks completely unnecessarily.

      On all this she stands as if nothing had happened, because what you are interested in is looking for the “little word” on which to make fleas, that is to say controversy.

      And the word found it, But, Once again, misunderstanding and distorting what I said, because in the passage you quote it is clear to everyone, but at all, even to grandma Pina who makes noodles, that I speak of two totally different things:

      1. the conception of homosexuality according to today's psychiatric sciences, who rightly do not consider it a disease, because such cannot be considered ;
      2. the conception of homosexuality according to Catholic morality and specifically in the delicate relationship linked to the admission of candidates to sacred orders ;
      3. the terms In addition to nature e against nature, they are used in the strict sphere of Catholic morality, as grandmother Pina well understood.

      If you knew the doctrine and morals of the Church, should know that Catholic morality defines homosexuality “moral disorder”, certainly not illness, at the limit you can use it, like I did, the term of “personality disorder” closely related to the spiritual sphere to indicate a spiritual disorder (morale) soul.

      I repeat: Grandma Pina, that while making noodles he listened to my video, he understood perfectly what I expressed, but she doesn't, because he has to look for the “little word” on which to build what the author has neither said nor expressed.

      I'm sorry for her, also because I have already replied to that effect several times, but apparently it didn't help.

      • stefano
        stefano says:

        Now it is clear to me that you have a prevention towards me. Maybe it's my fault, but surely she is constantly biased against whatever I say.
        I have no intention of making sterile controversies with you, nor to take it in chestnut on something she writes or says. I just asked one question: because a psycho-affective disorder should not be considered a disease? E’ a question to which I have not found an answer. What does indifference have to do with human pain? Giving myself free of charge of the cynical and indifferent does not do her honor and does not answer the question.

        • father ariel
          Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

          … but I replied. And once again, she, it totally fulfilled the detailed answer I gave you, to focus on other things, even accusing me of not having answered his question. Not only did I reply: first, I explained to her that you misunderstood what I said, although expressed in an understandable way, then she tells me that "she doesn't do her honor and she doesn't answer the question"

          • father ariel
            Don Angelo Rossit says:

            Dear brother,

            sorry if I allow myself, you know how much I respect you and how much I also appreciate your patience: forget about this and other similar subjects, because you will never get anything out of it. You can explain things to him in the best way, but they don't understand much, because they don't want to understand, and they will always reply by sticking to a word, to upset the whole thing, and to argue.
            Believe if I tell you it's wasted time, at least, I, I've long since given them up.

            Speaking of serious things: this video lesson of yours is a profound act of love for the Church and a test of high priestly honor, to which many, surely, we feel united, as priests.
            They won't dare do anything to you, because they are gazelles in front of the lion.

          • stefano
            stefano says:

            All right, let's pretend for a moment that I'm another Stefano who read his answer to Mr. Stefano above.
            You say homosexuality is not a disease, but a moral disorder, as the Catechism. But the Catechism, correct me if I am deceived, it refers to the practice of sexuality against nature, not to the homosexual tendency as a psychic disorder. It seemed to me that Mr. Stefano above referred instead to the mental disorder, maybe he expressed himself badly.

        • Unamicodidonariel
          Unamicodidonariel says:

          Why her … did not understand the heart of the video.
          The problem is not homosexuality, but the distorted and criminal use that is made of it in the Church where the leading cadres are only male and blackmail is on the agenda.

          • stefano
            stefano says:

            But yes I understand, and I understood that my question was marginal to the subject matter, and this was interpreted as a provocation. Except that I agree on the rest and I have no more questions to ask.
            The only thing that I can't explain is how Fr.Ariel says that homosexual syndrome is not a disease, also because it seems to me that this contradicts its position regarding the possibility of ordering those affected. Then, if it is not a disease, what prevents you from ordering a homosexual? I only ask for clarity, and please believe that I am not dragged by hostile feelings towards anyone.

          • father ariel
            Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

            She insists on arguing about what she hasn't understood or doesn't want to understand: I have explained far and wide that if man and believer are missing, it is not possible to give birth to a priest.
            I honestly don't know what else, in a clear way, I should explain.

  20. Alessia
    Alessia says:

    Dearest father Ariel. First of all, congratulations for the courage to say exactly how things are. I am very sorry to hear that you have been subjected to such injustices, or worse, unjust meanness. Luckily she is a very well known person, and this offers you the advantage of being able to defend yourself in front of a large audience.
    I am convinced that God sees and provides. We only hope you do it quickly, because of this mad world we can't take it anymore!!!
    A dear filial hug

    • father ariel
      Letter Signed says:

      Dear and very reverend Father Ariel.

      I had already read years ago “And Satan became triune”, but his video lesson has turned his finger in the wound.

      Know that I experienced exactly the dynamics you describe on my skin, if you were confined to two years of Holy Masses in the catacombs, I was discharged from the seminar on the grounds of motivation “suffer from migraine and get tired easily”. The same Commission in Ordines ordered the year before to order one who after less than a year of Mass turned to alcoholism and is now living with her boyfriend.

      The problem is that I didn't like him “powerful” from whose lips Msgr. Bishop hangs. And here are the dynamics…

      Excuse the outburst. Remember me in prayer.
      Praised be Jesus Christ.

      • father ariel
        Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

        Very expensive,

        yours is just one of the many letters of this tenor that I receive periodically, but the most tragic thing is that testimonials of this kind have been sent repeatedly, with all the details of the case, to the Congregation for the Clergy, who is responsible for the seminars.
        What have they done?
        Better to let it go and postpone.

        Several times some Italian bishops have “dared” I even reproach myself for urging them healthy seminarians out of infected seminaries, while I heartily invited others not to go right inside them, first of all because correct and real formation to the Catholic priesthood was not guaranteed.

        We start from training: future priests cannot be formed on the basis of emotional and subjective sociologisms, in a completely distorted idea of ​​Church and priesthood.

        At the gates of sacred ordination, a seminarian said to me:«I chose to become a priest to realize my right to happiness». I replied asking if no one had explained to him that when the priest goes to the altar for the celebration of the Eucharistic Sacrifice, climbs to Monte Calvario and that in the rite of sacred ordination, the invitation to the "right to happiness" is not addressed to the newly consecrated priest, which concerns the liberal constitution of the United States of America, but he is invited to "conform to the cross of Christ". He looked at me as he looks at an extraterrestrial and replied: «… but Mass is a meeting of joy, a party between brothers!»

        I fly over what he did just two years after becoming a priest, such was the emotional and feminine joy with which it was “Format”.

        The thing that I consider absolutely most serious is that over and over again, to several bishops, I made a heartfelt plea to dismiss certain subjects from the seminaries and not to order some who reached the threshold of the sacred order. I must say that in principle they have always taken it badly, including the rectors of several seminars, one of whom came to stomp the bishop because he wanted me to take away the faculty of being able to celebrate Holy Mass, administer confessions and preach in the territory of his diocese, reason? Simple: because I asked the bishop if he had never noticed that in his seminary, seminarians, accomplice the rector who knew but pretended not to know, they had formed real couples of boyfriends.
        And the bishop did nothing and never made any provision.

        In this, as in other cases, when, a few years later, certain boils came out into the open, after the subjects in question had become priests, never once has it happened that no bishop and no seminary rector sought me to apologize and tell me: “Unfortunately you were right and we didn't listen to you”.

        The rector who carried out certain subjects and who demanded that his bishop take away from me the power to be able to celebrate Holy Mass in the territory of their diocese – which of course the bishop did not do – he even found himself with the case of a blatantly gay priest for whom, a few years later, the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments decreed the nullity of sacred ordination.

        This former seminary rector, at the moment, in that diocese, he is covered with all the most delicate tasks.

        The 24 May 2018, speaking to the plenary assembly of the Bishops of Italy, the Supreme Pontiff complained that there were too many homosexuals in the seminaries and that priests should not be ordained: «We have faced pedophilia and soon we will have to face this quest too’ other problem".

        The problem though, as I explained in 2011 in my book And Satan became triune and how I went back to explaining in this video, is that some of the worst elements that between the seventies and eighties led inside the seminars “Gay pious confraternity”, Today they are bishops.
        Are they, that must be removed and laid to prevent them from continuing to spread metastases. But the power they have acquired and the blackmail mechanism they exercise is so complex and powerful, unfortunately nothing can be done.

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