Set&surroundings: because of the Neocatechumenal San Kiko Arguello and Carmen Hernandez Santa eminent doctors of the Church, four villages of the Campania end up in quarantine for coronavirus




The true nature of the Neocatechumenal, always falsely obsequious to the Church and its authority, It has come to light in this time of grave emergency. In fact it happened that because of them, four villages of the Campania, They were put under quarantine in the province of Salerno, it is the town of Sala Consilina, Caggiano, Cock, Athena Lucana.


Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo




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Who are the Neocatechumenal, founded by painter bohemien Spaniard Kiko Argüello and Carmen Hernandez? I explained in a book whose reading back: They are one of the worst seven intra-ecclesial heretical that it is facing in the Church scene in the entire history of modernity. In this book of mine, published a few months ago, I'll explain the story, but above all with their damage within the Church, where since the time of the Holy Pontiff Paul VI broke the great intoxication of lay movements, that followed under the pontificate of the Holy Father John Paul II, some saw in their way as a kind of future of the Church, this would seriously wrong in, alas Pontiffs included.

The true nature of the Neocatechumenal, always falsely obsequious to the Church and its authority to do except always, of practice and rigor, what they want and how they want, It has come to light in this time of grave emergency. In fact that happened because of them, with a decree signed by the Governor of Campania [cf. WHO], four municipalities have been placed under quarantine in the province of Salerno, it is the town of Sala Consilina, Caggiano, Cock, Athena Lucana [see in the news WHO, WHO, WHO, etc …].
Violating all rules as is the practice, the Neocatechumenate are wont to do always in their closed lounges, only to attack with sectarian and lying spirit anyone publicly unmasked them over time - including myself held for months of insults around the entire computer network -, in full emergency coronavirus held a liturgical celebration kikiana. The result was as follows: as a result of meticulous reconstructions of the chain of infection, the infected are today 22 in total, including the celebrant. Among the participants of a man 76 Belizzi year has already passed away 10 March, while his wife tested positive for coronavirus it is currently in quarantine. The "close contacts" occurred during the Rito kikiano They have until now produced as a result 45 contagions in Sala Consilina, 20 Caggiano, 10 Polla, 8 Atena Lucana, 5 Teggiano, 5 Montesano, 3 Buonabitacolo, 3 to Auletta, 2 and in Sant'Arsenio 3 a Padula, for a total of 104 infected [please refer to chronicle, WHO, WHO, etc …].
At this point we expect the Neocatechumenal, like their style and lifestyle, the cry ritual: "We have been approved, we have been approved, in all respects by two Popes Saints! And who is against us, It is against the Church and the holiness of these Popes'. To follow with destructive insults to no end always facing anyone who has tried to adversaries and to highlight their doctrinal tendencies and their heresies, that they have developed and have taken their foot for the weakness shown towards them by the Church and the last four Popes. Exactly as I explain, with documents and evidence not subject to denial, in this book of mine, which frankly I recommend reading, also to understand what serious viruses have been produced over the past fifty years within us by the lack of the exercise of authority by the Church, the Popes and Bishops.


the Island of Patmos, 16 March 2020




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23 replies
  1. Dabeiva
    Dabeiva says:

    I am sad to read your blog , how far are you from the gospel , your words ooze hate , resentment , words speak the heart , I invite you to pray for those who so much judgment , that's what true Christians do , always good before launching judgment look at us what we are , what we say , how we act , go to the other shore , understand or justify the other , put yourself in their shoes and speak the truth with mercy .
    Happy day

  2. Kerigma
    Kerigma says:

    Sorry, and has 2 comments yesterday have not been published: I know why? So I orient myself for the next. Thank you

    • Kerigma
      Kerigma says:

      I wanted to share with you some excerpts of the message that Dr. Massimo Gandolfini (neocatecumenale), He sent to walkers.
      I've always had respect for him, for pro-life battles, of the family, but always expressed with soft tones and respectful.
      See how he has lent to religious fanaticism, She was saddened and disappointed.

      《…And 'evident manipulation of the episode in question, with the intention - once again - to strike the Christian world to identifying him irresponsible "infector", using false information and manipulated unacceptably…
      …The attack on the Way is an attack we can not but feel like an attack on the great and brave prolife movement and ProFamily…
      …While the facts are manipulated, as clearly demonstrated by the press, as if to represent the Christians and the Neocatechumenal Way in particular, as undisciplined danger to society…
      …I would like to reiterate the total groundlessness of the accusations …as the facts show clearly…well aware that "the servant is no longer the master," and if the "master" is loaded with lies, get ready…》

      • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
        Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

        Your wise Doctor has somehow also denied official claims of the bishop of the Diocese? Because there have been mentioned and shown several times, but none of you, including you, he replied. Faced with these official statements, neokatekiko in perfect style, you have only changed the subject and solely.

        Well, the Bishop of the Diocese said:

        "Certainly they were neither guided nor appropriately coordinated by those who had the responsibility".
        And to follow:
        "Definitely not postpone everything was a serious imprudence".

        We are we to infer that by stating that the bishop is guilty of misrepresentation, which it is a reckless and a hater of the greatest gift from the Holy Spirit to the Church: the Neocatechumenal Way?

        To these official declarations of the Bishop of the Diocese she says, the merits, or should we wait for response from your learned doctor neokatekiko?

        • Kerigma
          Kerigma says:

          Dearest father Ariel, I wanted her mind that my comment was not a justification of the way:quite the opposite!
          In fact in the header to the message, I wrote:
          “See how he, too (Gandolfini ) It has lent to religious fanaticism, She was saddened and disappointed”.
          My intention was just to highlight how the path even confuse people with uncommon intelligence and studies.
          Unfortunately i 1200 characters available did not allow more clarity.
          The rest, in one of my previous comments, the way call “the monster “…e, Alas, I it took me thirty years to discover his true face.
          Best wishes to you and to all the island fathers

      • Corrado Massa
        Corrado Massa says:

        @Kerigma : you can’ be smart and fall into the trap of a’ ideology. Lenard was a great physicist but he was also a Nazi. The Manzoni speaks of “jumble of the human heart”.

    • Mario
      Mario says:

      This unfortunately is a site of [CENSORED]



      The Editor informs that do not publish any kind of gratuitous insults sent by aggressive people full of hatred hidden behind the anonymity that make e-mail address specifically for this purpose, especially at this time when it would be good to pray and to offer penance to God.

  3. Iginio
    Iginio says:

    For objectivity we must also mention this adjustment of the facts:
    Apart Neocatechumenals, the fact remains that in Greece greek orthodox church – that existed well before the Neocatechumenal – It said it would continue to celebrate the Sacred Liturgy, and to give Communion with a spoon, as the Orthodox habitually:
    The Church of Greece said that the celebration of the Divine Liturgy and other Lenten offices will continue regularly with loyal competition, as well as regularly continue the distribution of Holy Communion. Archbishop Chrysostom of Patras said: “It's simply not possible to close the churches or to stop distributing Communion. How many believe that the Holy Communion save, they have nothing to fear, it is a question of faith. Over the centuries, it is not never heard of diseases spread through Communion”.
    We can be perplexing, But we have to admire the faith of these “separated brethren”.

  4. Kerigma
    Kerigma says:

    I state that I come from thirty years of walking and because of so many contradictions, some serious, for the love of the truth, I left a couple of years ago. So I know the “monster”.
    I express some thoughts on the statement issued by the heads of the journey. First refers to the TG1 and TG2, not the local newspaper article used by the father Ariel.
    1 – only when the fact was denounced on national TV, At that time, in 24 hours, They have issued the press. Come May?
    my answer: They had to reassure them walk; is never that set in motion the neurons and synapses of critical thinking! Very dangerous!
    2 – is it credible that a movement of evangelization was able to field investigative energies and capacities that, that in 24 hours have solved the case, show the absolute innocence of the accused and imbecility (or worse) the complainants'?
    my answer: if so, then all the police should ask them how to get similar results…ah, I forgot: they have the assistance of the Holy Spirit in them is ever present and infallible by virtue of their preaching by St. Kiko.
    Ops…I finished the characters…

    Continuous comment
    3 - is it possible that in this matter we are all wrong, Journalists of Tg, the local newspaper, the authorities have established the facts and also the governor of the Campania region that is exposed with words of fire, ASL giving mandate to proceed with criminal charges?
    None of them have taken steps to verify the sources of chatter from trusting wives?
    Hard to believe.
    Unfortunately, the walkers do not have the critical thinking skills, They are subject to the single thought descending from catechists (as from God) and whatever they say, to them it's okay.
    But I would suggest to his father fighting Ariel to follow the development of the story, perhaps with assistance from local friends who keep him informed.
    So ... for the love of the truth.
    Greetings to Father Ariel

  5. E' time to close
    It 's time to close says:

    I want to bring my experience (bla bla bla” resonance”)
    Years ago I was invited to a baptism neokatekiko,my family and that of a friend of mine ,only not be the k.n.k (kamminoneokatekumenale)
    At Communion time the manager to provide for komunionekika for not belonging to knk .
    To receive the loaf snacks get their hands cross bla bla bla
    For the common watering give a good long sip and mellow bla bla bla….
    All good until the passage of Coppone front of my friend, with a wave of his hand he refuses the cup,the acolyte insists,second refusal,He insists again and again refused
    All eyes were enraged the neokatekat for my friend,
    At the end of the celebration during the Agatha ops Agape asked explanations to my friend
    Well he had not been drinking in Coppone salad bowl because he had a herpes,
    aware that I can infect others
    Kapito Kari would be the tekiki?
    And you ke we had seen the devil

  6. Paolofise
    Paolofise says:

    Good morning Father
    I'm a big geek from blog, but I read It makes him such a wholesome joy that I can not help but thank you for rinsaldamento the Spirit who gives me.
    Know that, for that nothing that is worth, my full support.
    I pray that the Lord will continue to support it in His ministry as pastor of souls, expertly and lovingly also fulfilled in these particular occasions of comparison.
    A cordial greeting

  7. Roberto
    Roberto says:

    Dear Father Ariel,
    my surprise the easy’ with which you have dispensed judgments when just last night the TG1 has been disproved date OFFICIAL regarding the occurrence of which she speaks.

    Despite his latest post trying to divert attention to the main theme, I must remind you that you as others have posted a hoax news.

    The meeting’ It occurred in a period prior to D, L. respecting the directives of the bishop as he himself confirmed in a statement.
    I wonder and wonder who’ her to dissent from the Church's Word and to publish news FALSE.
    Please answer with facts not assumptions (if possible).

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Non “put in your mouth” to the media what they have not said: TG1 has only denied that was given Communion by drinking from the chalice, this, He denied.
      But now you have to sue the bishop of the diocese who declared:

      "Certainly they were neither guided nor appropriately coordinated by those who had the responsibility".
      And to follow:
      "Definitely not postpone everything was a serious imprudence".

      Because declaring this, Bishop has surely misrepresentation, It is a reckless and a hater of the greatest gift from the Holy Spirit to the Church: the Neocatechumenal Way.
      So, denounced the bishop and place it in a position to publicly ask for forgiveness with ashes on his head.
      I denunciatelo.

  8. Cristiano
    Cristiano says:

    father ariel, I'm sorry that you trivialized his interlocutor and put words in my mouth that I did not say, not going into the merits of the speech. I do not know anymore “the best specialists and virologists in the world right now are squeezing the most of their brains”. I pointed out that in view of the “best specialists and virologists” Why n'e’ at least two that have produced data and statements that overturn a version of the situation, with references and data, with an invitation to read.
    Of course, outside internet. As your blog, the rest.
    I repeat that in my humble opinion his article exploits an uncertain situation for longer without adding anything relevant to what’ you had already written on NeoCat.

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      The answer with an example: the antivaccinisti bring as evidence to support their theories two doctors who have been struck off the medical.
      Said this: his problem and the problem of many other, and attacking the bishops and priests, telling them what to do and how you should do.
      Of course, if I went immediately on the merits of the speech that she made.
      As the bishops decided and established it should not be even vaguely discussed by the faithful, the task of which is to follow the shepherds and teachers, does not indicate the pastors and teachers what they should do, as they must do, what it is right and what is wrong.
      I went all right, the merits of speech.

      • Cristiano
        Cristiano says:

        And where would, of grace, “He attacked the bishops and priests, telling them what to do and how you should do”?
        The only one I called in and’ She, I think even in the urban way and without sarcasm or trivializing, stating that the article in question adds nothing to the relevant information and assessments of the Neocatechumenal Way (“excellent analysis”). This is’ the merit of the speech.
        From his second comment, today, I can deduce that she pictures or read between my lines a hint of disobedience to bishops and priests. I guess on the closure of churches for pandemic.
        Why there is not', born’ express it’ implicit, let alone wanted.
        Mindful of the calls that you make to his critics: but you saw what I submitted to your attention?
        Because no one here would see that it glorifies disobedience’ dr. Ceruti (7. No disobedience, pag. 19) born’ let alone myself.
        Remain barred from His reaction, Let me, decomposed. I hope you can read this short dialogue in a different light.

  9. Cristiano
    Cristiano says:

    father ariel, I find myself in agreement with the publication of this news.
    Nothing adds to His excellent analysis of NeoCat while exploits a dangerous topic, on which Catholics should instead talk and talk in a different way.
    If you have the patience to hear and inquire ( e and see the pdf of Dr.. Ceruti ) may start to think that this “pandemic” it is not’ what we are served up from there c.d. mainstream. Let me also point
    What is most troubling at this time and’ that, thanks to this “pandemic”, we are seeing unusual scenes and decisions that in other situations would lead to very different reactions and comments, you see
    This “pandemic” (and all its corollary of tough decisions) e’ The new verb, and anyone who dares to dissent will -stavolta- literally passed to the sword. Who supports other opinion, although it based on facts , this time is likely very large, because public opinion, the “pulp”, time '…

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      So you will know most of the best specialists and virologists in the world right now are squeezing the most of their brains, because you will go for the great academy of sciences of the Internet we have found that this news graciously toured us in connection.
      I could report them as many videos and articles in which it is claimed, and the whole, really, with evidence presented as irrefutable, that Jesus Christ was an alien.
      Others try and demonstrate instead that Mary Magdalene was his partner and that their relationship was born a daughter.
      Free anyone to believe.

  10. Kerigma
    Kerigma says:

    This is the unequivocal demonstration that the ideology of the road darkens the mind to the point of risking his own life and that of others without scruples whatsoever. madness!
    So I wanted to share with you an exchange I had with a doc neocatechumenal, who worried me a lot for the irrationality of his answers.
    I sent him the article and responded: “Pazienza..siamo all sinners…walk or do not walk… and in this time the Lord is calling us to conversion….”. Surprised, I countered by saying that if it had happened to him and his loved ones, He would not respond well.
    Reply: “Life is not in our hands…my loved ones do not live in eterno..non is that no coronavirus do not die…” Stunned by the cynicism and superficiality, then I tried to reason with the heavy personal responsibility and, with that gesture, They attempted God, adding that a judge would never accept such excuses to justify the gesture.
    Reply: “Give Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what is God's.”
    At this point I greeted as I realized that this man was just disconnected from reality.

  11. l'apostata
    l naughty says:

    These are people who deny the existence of sunlight if their master ordering them. I already imagine the hypocritical excuse: “Masses are suspended, not our Celebrations”, as well as the usual moral blackmail: “You do not have faith if you do not come. Forziamo hand Dio, ahead with the celebration and no one will get sick”. And who knows how many more there will have been all over Italy, of course in the strictest secrecy. I hope that the bishop of the so-called priest neocat who blatantly disobeyed the rules of the Church publicly take the kick in the butt. At least he will not sit during the next Eucharist. Hers, father ariel, thanks as always for having the courage to put his face.

  12. Paolofise
    Paolofise says:

    Good morning Father.
    Even if I knew the news, Nevertheless, I can not but address to you my heartfelt thanks for having paid to public attention in your way as always vivid and incisively.
    I am reminded of the thought that now as ever I seem to notice more and more frequent realizations of the popular essay (in its original formulation) “the devil HELPS to make the pots but not lids”
    He is finishing the omerta time and the arcane, as Jesus tells us in Luke 12: “2. There is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known. 3 Therefore whatever you have said in darkness, It will be heard in the light; and what you have spoken in the ear in the inner chambers, It will be proclaimed on the housetops”.
    I wish you and all the readers a fruitful Lent and a joyous Easter Resurrection!

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