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[…] to Father Tomas Tyn was a message of truth as a theologian and preacher, as well as of freedom as a Christian, all arising from a heart burning with love, which it is the bond of perfection. And a saint theologian is rare today, in which teem with the ambitious, alls and impostors.



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Image of Tomas Tyn

January 1st 2016 marks the 26th anniversary of the death of Servant of God Father Tomas Tyn, Dominican theologian of Czech as source, but he lived in Italy in the Dominican convent of Bologna from 1972 al 1989, At its end year, suffering from an incurable disease, He went to finish his earthly journey in his parents' house in Germany, a Neckargemünd, where he is buried and where they live her mother Ludmila and her brother Paul.

Father Tomas He left us an exemplary Christian witness that, in the early 2000, thanks to the work of Father Svatos, He led the Czech Province of the Order Dominican to become a promoter of the Cause for Beatification of Father Tyn, opened in Bologna in 2006 by Cardinal Carlo Caffarra, at the time Metropolitan Archbishop of the City felsinea. That testimony, in his heroic summit, It consisted in the holocaust that the Servant of God made of his life for the freedom of the Church in the then Czechoslovakia by a tyrannical regime inspired by Marxism. As is known, the Servant of God died in the days in which President Havel inaugurated the new political regime that instaurava religious freedom and an end to the persecution of the Church was.

Caffara and Cavalcoli

Cardinal Carlo Caffarra, at the time of Archbishop of Bologna, during an exchange of greetings with the Father John Cavalcoli and some of his Dominican brothers at the end of the opening of the beatification process

The sacrifice of Father Tomas was the ripe fruit of a religious life spent in an untiring, fecund, convinced and joyful industriousness as a religious, priest, preacher, anime guide, scholar, professor of philosophy and theology at the Theological Dominican Bologna. Father Tomas has left us a splendid example of 'greater love: "To give one's life for his friends" [GV 15,13].

We find in Father Tomas another of the signs of holiness: his concentration and unification in God, of whom all rests, in Whom all is experienced, Cui everything you receive, to Whom everything is constantly and consistently ordered and finalized [1]. Even Tomas could repeat with St. Teresa of Avila: God suffices.

The life of Tomas gives the impression not of a journey, but of one corsa towards God, such was the clarity with which he could see the way forward and the momentum of his strong will sustained by grace [2]. And because he saw clearly the goal, He could show it to others. Teach others.

Cardinal Carlo Caffarra during the opening of the beatification process of Tomas Tyn

It is known the firmness of his faith convictions and the acuteness of his critical eye, for which not only does not let himself be confused by errors and heresies, but he knew them find and vigorously refute. This did not fail to drawn him hostility and derision on the part of the enemies of truth, humiliations and sufferings that he endured forgiving all, bastandogli consolation of his clear and innocent conscience, and the gratitude of the good. Free from any form of human respect and only mindful of its mission as a theologian and priest, He was not afraid to oppose the fashions of the day, even if followed by vast spaces of time.

The life of every saint It has the incomparable advantage of being, in the most different forms and degrees, so unified, simplified, consistent, collection, concentrated and synthesized around a single high, Ideal charming and divine, that it can almost be summarized in a single message, doing fine, the strength and usefulness of the feature Santo, for the salvation of souls and the good of the Church, message that provides the underlying reason and the cause of his beatification. What was the message of Father Tomas? A message of truth as a theologian and preacher, as well as of freedom as a Christian, all arising from a heart burning with love [3], which it is the bond of perfection. A holy theologian is rare today, in which teem with the ambitious, alls and impostors.

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some Tyn Tomas images distributed by the office of postulation

We talk canonically and legally "cause" for beatification, because for beatifying or Holy man of God, The Church rightly calls a "cause", a "why" sufficiently convincing or conclusive. The devotee of the saint, who supports it, l ' "advocate", let's say so, his cause, It must be able to demonstrate in front of the Church and the people of God Why, for what reason, for what purpose and for what benefit or what advantage do Santo. Well, this "cause" is given by the message of the holy. We say, completing the already mentioned, that what he has created, as stated in the canon law, the the reputation of holiness Father Tomas was the extraordinary consistency in him between thought and action, between faith and charity, the intellect and the will, the moment of truth and that of freedom, the moment of conscience and that of the law, that of grace and the free will.

Book of tyn Cavalcoli

the book of Tomas Tyn John Cavalcoli

One thing of which we desperately need today and the truthful foundation of virtue, The metaphysical basis of morality, the intellectual foundation, doctrinal and dogmatic of holiness and the Christian life. The solution of all other problems, of the relationship between reason and faith, between God and man, between religion and science, between body and soul, between man and nature, between the person and society, between authority and freedom, art and morality, tradition and progress, State and Church, Justice and mercy, and so on.

In thought and in the life of Father Tomas, enlightened by the mystery of the Trinity, the unity and harmony of the mind functions, starting from the single person, Unified by the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, spread out to Community-scale, ecclesial and cosmic, according to the principle of analogy and participation, under the primacy of Christ, "Head of the body, the church:, beginning and the firstborn from the dead, to have first place in all things, because it pleased God to dwell in Him all the fullness, and through him to reconcile to himself all things, having made peace through the blood of his cross, that through Him, all things, whether on earth or of heaven " [With the 1, 18-20].

tomb tyn

Tomas Tyn's grave

From this vision of cosmic synthesis, under the primacy of Christ, founded on the metaphysics of St. Thomas, is the virtue of reconciling and reconciling spirituality Tyniana, in the sign of Mary Queen of Peace and winner of heresies, in full filial submission to the Successor of Peter. Thus it appears this magnanimous spirituality, impregnated universality of Catholicism, It can be of benefit in bringing today and reconcile with each other factions still a struggle, inside the church, modernists and lefevriani.

We therefore ask the intercession of the Servant of God, Get as soon as possible by the Heavenly Father to his devotees around the world and particularly in his beloved Dominican Family, joy to see him raised to the honor of the altars.


Varazze, 01 January 2016
Solemnity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Mother of God




[1] I am splendid her school courses on the ultimate goal and the blessedness

[2] theological masterpieces are his courses on grace.

[3] Also admirable school courses on charity.


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  1. hector says:

    Rev. Dad,
    She is very meek, gentle with his brother, observing the advice given by Paul to Titus (3.2). How fail to mention the role of the Blessed Virgin Mary and all the titles “honorary” which it is requested in the Litany of Loreto, how to ignore (although it is not a truth of faith) the value Marian miraculous intercession for the many children who invoke? Caring mother, ausiliatrice listened with her Son, pledge of many recondite, silent healing of spiritual disease even more than corporal defined scientifically inexplicable!

  2. hector says:

    knowing His filial devotion and also of Father Tyn to the Blessed Virgin Mary, What can be said of “"Father Cantalamessa statements, in St. Peter's, in the presence of the Pope:
    "We Catholics have contributed to unacceptable Maria Protestant brothers, honoring it so sometimes exaggerated and reckless "
    Third Advent Sermon "The Blessed Virgin Mary, in the mystery of Christ and the Church "
    That's it?

    • father ariel
      Giovanni Cavalcoli, ON says:

      Dear Ettore.

      Father Raniero Cantalamessa Ofm. capp. He should have specified by referring to some events or popular beliefs overdrawn in superstition or fanaticism, things indeed always repudiated by the Church.
      We think for example today at the Shell movement, speaking of Madonna as a Fourth Person in addition to the Holy Trinity.

      And instead that “we Catholics” is an expression inopportune, because it gives itself to believe – and that would be a grave calumny – which show that the above “exaggerations” They are to be charged to the conduct and worship of the Catholic Church itself, as well as to Mariology and the liturgy approved, or the testimony of the Saints, that always, instead, in fidelity to the Magisterium and to the provisions of the Church, They gave impetus to the healthy and fruitful devotion to the Most Holy Mother of God.

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