– Video – “God is Catholic”, He teaches the Light of the Gospel of John

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Not long ago, the reigning Pontiff Francis, conversing with the reporter happily atheist Eugenio Scalfari, he has declared: "I believe in God. Not a Catholic God, there is a Catholic God, God exists'. And saying this has taken a concept already expressed in autumn 2007 Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini and be recorded in the book titled Nighttime conversations in Jerusalem. Maybe it is not for me to argue late Bishop of Milan, celebrated to death by all the left Radical-chic anti-Catholic in Italy and beyond; but I can say quietly that night, old cardinal, perhaps they would do better to go to sleep, thus avoiding damage to sow through their sleepless-theological dialogues.



Author Father Ariel
Ariel S. Levi Gualdo



three cycle lectiones dedicated to the memory of Girolamo Savonarola

Before: "God is Catholic, He teaches the Gospel of John Light »

Second: "The gold of the Magi and the false love for the poor of Judas Iscariot"

Third: «Pietro, turned again, strengthen your brothers in the faith "


Lessons “second” and “third” They will be published in the coming days






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6 thoughts on "– Video – “God is Catholic”, He teaches the Light of the Gospel of John

  1. If I can, I have two requests.

    The first concerns the video: it would be possible to distribute the mp3? Get them from youtube is becoming increasingly complex… Wishing there would also gloria.tv!
    Verreste incontro a chi, like me, He has a habit of walking around town listening to catechesis…

    The second relates to donations: you also have a iban?


    1. Dear Paul.

      When we published them all three, insert also MP3.
      Regarding Gloria TV, as I have already answered a reader of Brazil, I wrote to the management to ask if we could publish our videos also on their platform, but they said.
      The Iban him sent to your email.

      1. Dear fathers,
        you could kindly send to me your IBAN code?
        Praised be Jesus Christ.

  2. Caro Father, them to him his compliments to this lecture I do in a private message and point by point, Here I limit myself to one question: I saw this video on Youtube that has had only 260 views, and this I sincerely rammatica.
    I'm waiting, like many other readers, the other two lessons.
    The Lord will assist you and always protect you and … I hope I did not do anything!

    1. Caro Michele.

      I would like to cheer her up by telling her that she views that indicates, in my opinion are many, indeed many.

      We are indeed at 20.35 of 20.01.2016 and the video has been uploaded to You Tube Channel Island of Patmos at 13.14 of 19.01.2016, when visits are 339 in just one day only.

      I honestly believe that we can be more than happy, I am considering that I speak of very precise things theologically and even a little’ complex, certainly not singing songs wealthy&poor, like that certainly my wretched brother in the priesthood. Indeed, if I had lent to ridicule the Church and to reduce joke in her sacraments of grace, I would have like this subject 1.500.000 of views.

      This is to reiterate that, with priests who unfortunately circulate, As I say and I say in conformity with the doctrine and the Magisterium of the Church, the proper authorities if he has to take and be silent, or at least respond in the strait about theological, because, if not, if they have no sense of proportion, in this case I to him I do resurface memory, sense of proportion …


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