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Before Christ must take a position, how to choose between good and evil: or for or against, aut-aut. Of course, in human affairs good is always mixed with evil and evil supposes the good: but it must separate them and call good good and evil evil. You can not be neutral or indifferent. It can not be "neither hot nor cold", Otherwise "we will spit out of his mouth" (cf. AP 3,15)



You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.

GV 8, 32



Author John Cavalcoli OP

John Cavalcoli OP



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  1. hector says:

    Massacre of Nice, the bishop wonders:

    «what can dwell in the heart of a man when he acts like this, and that he perpetuates this act of hatred, barbarism and death

    «Mr Devil». eminence.

    Someone on the web suggests, with some reason: prayer prayers and processions throughout the nation, from Paris to Nice, carrying the Most Holy, and also by rededicating France to Our Lord and to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
    Poor France, eldest daughter of the Catholic Church, increasingly secularized, now in the hands of Freemasons, now at the mercy of Islam.
    Poor Italy that is emulating it…

    • father ariel
      Drafting of the Island of Patmos says:

      Ed. «What can dwell in a man's heart, when he makes such a gesture, than through such an act of hatred, perpetuates barbarism and death

      «Mr. Devil»


      The problem is simple: France has never recovered, after the French Revolution.

    • Zamax says:

      The events in France are symbolic of two grandiose bills that are coming to maturity. The first, and it will be a final deadline, it is that of Islam, who, contrary to what many believe, it's a world in agony, a world in the throes of deadly convulsions exported beyond its borders, characterized by a literally suicidal and even grotesque erratic violence that has nothing to do with the reasoning aggression of a totalitarian but healthy organism. Even if it is despised by modern historians, the medieval perception of Mohammed as a heretic has its own profound …fund of truth: he used – crudely from the theoretical point of view but with a lot of flexibility from the practical point of view – biblical materials to adapt them to an earthly design: and an earthly design necessarily has a deadline. The only way to "modernize" Islam is to commit suicide and resolve into Christianity. And that (at least in part) it will inevitably happen in the future.
      The second, and it will be just one of a long series of deadlines, it is that of the pseudo-religion of human rights born from the French Revolution, a kind of anthropocentric Christianity that has put God and all Truth in the attic (and that it is basically the "religion" of the Antichrist: on the other hand, Christian civilization also reveals itself in its anti-Christian manifestations). In the long run, only a Christian civilization can be truly free. Which is why it is destined to triumph. But it will always oscillate between rebellion and repentance until the second coming of Christ, as was the Israel of the Old Testament until the first coming of Christ. And yet Christians will always pay the price for rebellions. Hence an apparent paradox: the world will be - in a broad sense, anthropological and cultural, not in the manifest signs of faith - more and more Christian, but Christians will always be persecuted.

  2. piertoussaint says:

    Thanks to Father Giovanni for this precious insight into the perverse nature of liberalism… the suo time, albeit very modestly, I too had created a little thing on the subject:

    The thing is very current, why now, among us Catholics, those who are not catholic democrats are catholic liberals… both double agent positions. E’ this also, in close synergy with the crisis of faith, that has brought us to shambles. No one who has collected the Sturzian legacy of the authentic social doctrine. E, least of all, the legacy of Pier Luigi Zampetti:

    As for calling evil and good by their name, Pag. 5, I believe that we have a problem with the Holy Father Francis:

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