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The case of the Bishop of Albenga, cause to reason “traditionalist aesthetic”?



[…] under his government have been welcomed in the Diocese - or he himself ordered - even priests defectors from various dioceses that define problematic is an understatement; and that's a fact, not a guess. Fell, the poor donkey, because the faithful and several priests of that particular church were sent to the Holy See is not mere documentation of the protests but terrifying, alleging among other problems also that no small concern that the presence of many priests with homosexual tendencies manifest …

Author Father Ariel

Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo

I wanted to take care of things a lot more interesting e, why not: rewarding. In short: make my "job" pastoral-theological. I work in a number of articles for our Theologica and many are the writings that I have sketched out some of the Fathers of the Church by offering them a present reading, because today more than ever, are of great current figures of men as St. Maximus the Confessor, or Saint Anselm of Aosta, Having said that the most shocking news reaches us daily by the Gospel: many are in fact the pages that seem to be written today for men and for modern society. This is a characteristic that only the Word of God is able to have, as proof of what it is divine, therefore permanently alive and able to communicate beyond the times.

New priests pose for a picture under a s

Young priests of the seminary of Ecône of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Pius X

Neither I nor my brothers with whom we have created this online magazine we want to continue battles against anyone: we are not members of a political party or are on the payroll of some demanding boss, as such engaged in battle and to take away the credibility of a party opponent. We are simply and only priests and Catholic theologians and the only battles that we intend to lead are those for diffusion and for the protection of the truths of faith. And the Church is not our party, is our mother, our wedding. Nothing so staff, less than ever livoroso to the world of so-called traditional wire-Lefebvrian. And in addition to not being livorosi, We are aware of a fact for years: induce the reason some people, especially in the face of evidence of the facts, would be a difficult task even to the Holy Spirit, then imagine us poor mortals.

donkey falls 1

donkey fell into a well

The world of the so-called tradition is full of contradictions and inconsistencies the greater the more bitter is the conviction of belonging to this world to be the only and only holders of the purity of the Catholic. And when the ass falls - the famous proverb: "It is here that falls on the ass!"- That's the good traditionalist pro-Lefebvrians and their various fan club not only do not see the fall, but behave as if the donkey did not exist. Instead there is the donkey, fell, and in this particular case it is a favorite, a landmark in the world of traditional: the Bishop of Albenga Mario Oliveri, no doubt a worthy pastor and a man of sound doctrine, which in recent days has been at the center of several controversies. We do not know if the Bishop will be deprived of the government of his small diocese, nor do we know whether to do so, the Holy See will appoint an auxiliary bishop, thereby avoiding the bishop Ligurian humiliation of dismissal from the chair close to the age of 75 years of age. All of these, for now, are only hypotheses and conjectures about journalism that you do not even have to enter.

Mario Oliveri

The Bishop Mario Oliveri with a high jeweled miter, more or less 80 inches

More on the other hand, where it is almost a duty to enter: the donkey fell because under his rule were met in that Diocese - or ordained by himself - also some priests who have fled from various dioceses that to define problematic is an euphemism; and that's a fact, not a guess. Fell, the poor donkey, because the faithful and several priests of that particular church were sent to the Holy See is not mere documentation of the protests but terrifying, alleging among other problems also that no small concern that the presence of many priests with homosexual tendencies manifest; and the most striking in this respect were found to be the ones with the beautiful of the Latins always on the mouth and with handpieces, Episcopal gloves and hoods mag have the same artistic and professional relationship that the legendary Wanda Osiris had with roses throwing viewers, while the Afghan greyhound on a leash down the staircase illuminated, escorted by his boys and singing the famous song: «Sentimental, this withered rose " …

Some sites and blogs ultra conservative at first tried to scream to "purge franceschista", in conclusion: the “yet another persecution”. Then maybe they knew and kept quiet. And still today they continue to remain silent in a hypocritical and malicious silence, having decided that the donkey can not fall simply because the donkey does not exist, because in the world of so-called tradition is all pure, beautiful and spiritual; everything is sacred and inspired by the sacredness, but that "obscene Mass of Paul VI established Protestantism as a result of large aberration of the apostate Sacrosanctum Concilium», as we read for years around their sites and blogs where the contempt of the Magisterium of the Church seems to be the most popular sport, and all in the name of an unspecified “purity Catholic”.

Who took care to read my book, And Satan came Trino, in which I devote the entire second chapter to the problem of "omosessualizzazione of the Church", then the problem of dramatic and dangerous gay lobby within us; or who has had the opportunity to read my interview with Roberto Marchesini for The New Compass Daily [see who], not so much what I think will be perceived, but in what way and how seriously I faced the problem. And when addressing and analyzing a problem, you can not use two weights and two measures, seconded that the issue touches "our" or "their".

donkey falls 2

perhaps, with the opening of the grace of God and acceptance of His mercy, even the donkeys braying, can go to Heaven …

What reproach in this world of so-called tradition is the hypocrisy of the Pharisees and the extreme malleability of morality, about which tend to be very rigid when regards the other, on which they are ready to lay on the shoulders weights that they would not move them with their finger [LC 11,46-48.52], as he warned the Holy Father himself in his final keynote address at the Synod of Bishops, for which I refer to the two comments of Father John Cavalcoli published in this online magazine.

As far as the rest instead, or better with regard to "their", in that case, rather than being lenient, just do not see, precisely because the donkey does not exist. Here then is the pontifical dances, in which shine dalmatics, copes and chasubles, where the incense envelops perfect movements, theatrical, Studia al Millesimo, in fact involved mostly hordes of horsemen real or imagined, noble, more or less fallen, of would-be aristocrats who have their quarterings, who at best have a couple of divorces behind and at the time living with a girl who could be their daughter. But whether beninteso: live with each other as brother and sister. What to say: lucky them! I'd look good I dto take home with me a statuesque perpetual 25 years with measures 90-60-90. This is not because the canon law does not allow me and the Ecclesiastical Authority nor, but whyssuno would be willing to believe that we live as brother and sister, perhaps the first to believe it would not really me. And as, although not a “Christian adult” of pure school Dossettian, I think, however, to have grown up enough as a man and as a priest, I think I have learned that to escape situations of sin, the first step is to escape conservatively that create favorable opportunities to sin all prerequisites.

Pope child

greeting of a little girl to the Holy Father

The signed esiste and cade, sometimes grotesquely. It is in these circumstances, through the charioteer virtue of prudence is necessary, through the Christian charity built on truth and justice, exert the most profound mercy on donkeys in free fall; the true mercy which, most likely, the Holy Father speaks behind his lines in the final inaugural address made at the Synod of Bishops on the Family.

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    • father ariel
      father ariel says:

      Very expensive,

      public its report because we do not censor any, This they did with us “boys” Island of Patmos ideologues of the so-called political traditionalism, of lay lords who often know little and not too much of theology and play instead of political ideology, to the point of censoring priests and theologians in matters closely related to the teaching and the exercise of the sacred priesthood, as will explained in my article:

      I hope this article shocked much of the incorrect description of mitres that some bishops are put on the head …

  1. DFR says:

    Forget the Lefebvrians and not confuse the waters. The first instance that would require it to properly expose things is not the Ecclesiastical Authority, but his conscience enlightened by truth. The alleged scandals of the diocese of Albenga are not attributable to the priests who celebrate the traditional liturgy, then the equivalence is immoral traditional =, in this case, is false.
    The bias of its exposure also emerges from the little things; eg, He was a partner in “eighty centimeters” she mocks the caption belonged to Leo XIII and was worn on many occasions by Benedict XVI; perhaps they too were traditionalists aestheticism? Check for yourself:

    • father ariel
      father ariel says:

      The Vatican museums and the diocesan Italians are rich in works of art, including vestments, often belonged and also worn by saints. Yet they are in a museum, because they have had their day; because everything has its time.
      However, what remains unchanged, beyond the time, are the bread and wine become the Body and Blood of Christ and who are the center of the life of the Church, memorial of his death and resurrection until he comes.
      So you think this “presence” always “here I'm” which is called “unchanging substance” that supports the Church. All the other rest are “damn it” and as such are mutable and changeable, sometimes worthy of ending up in a museum as evidence of the indelible historical memory of our past, that for some must not pass, but turn into a perpetual stagnation.
      Leo XIII was not a “aestheticism”, proof of this is the fact that, well most of the miter belonged to him, left us an extraordinary legacy the social doctrine of the Church. She knows her, I guess? Or is too busy to show to those who, how and why certain mitres belonged, so who wore them, When, as in that occasion, and so on?
      Because with a Church that is experiencing an unprecedented crisis and internal divisions dramatic, waste time to prove conclusively who it belonged to that date miter, is like that that while the house burned, watered daisies giardiano because appassissero with the heat of the fire.

  2. DFR says:


    I am really convinced that you have first of all and above all to do the priest – like me, the rest – but it is better not to trigger grenades if not then you have the time to follow the trajectory. Said this, his answer does not enter into the merits of my rebuttal. She says that the diocese is a den of “traditionalist aesthetic” addicted to vice; I repeat that no priest to celebrate the Tridentine Mass has never been involved in a scandal, and therefore I have no issue of declaring the central thesis of his article without foundation, asking it to change the tones.
    Has for some the assurance of my prayers.
    Don Francesco Ramella.

    • father ariel
      father ariel says:

      Dear Brother.
      I Understand, So on the one hand there is good (the world of so-called tradition that never fails) the other evil (the world of so-called progressives who are ruining the Church).
      She believes that if the Holy Spirit would dare express some reservations about Lefebvrians, could be properly denied and disputed?
      My answer is clear: “The Holy See has come for years have evidence many over in their reality the same human imagination”.
      These are the facts and I adhere to them, without the need for further dirtying the face of the Holy Church enumerate publicly in my writings, seen that this would not serve in any way to solve the problem.
      If to affirm this chin and say false, I is imposed by the Ecclesiastical Authority – to which I obey, it is not just a Lefebvrian – to deny myself and publicly apologize, and I will do it immediately.

    • father ariel
      father ariel says:

      Very expensive.

      My / our collaborator went a couple of weeks traveling in Latin America, I have been very busy over the last two days with the ministry of confessions. As soon as I could I proceeded to read and publish anything you sent me, because first of all, and forward to all I have to do the priest, I am sure that in this and that's why I understand and say a prayer for me as well.

  3. DFR says:

    and totally without foundation; it casts a serious shadow of suspicion over the priests and faithful of the diocese close to tradition. The invitation, second duty of justice, to retract this rash judgment. The idea that the priests of the diocese would tie up heavy burdens on the shoulders of others regardless of their condition is simply infamous.
    In the end, the vulgate whereby Mons. Oliveri is a “pious man” but unfit for government constitutes a serious offense against a man serving faithfully for over forty years, the Church of Christ first as a diplomat, then as Bishop. Bad taste the application of that “here falls ass” that seems just reported to the Bishop: I hope that this does not correspond to the intentions of the author.
    I know you, Rev., is outspoken man; therefore will understand my sincerity.
    In Christ Jesus,
    Don Francesco Ramella.

  4. DFR says:

    Reverend Lord,
    is with deep regret and profound indignation that I turn to her and the entire editorial staff of the site to deplore the views she expressed in her article about the diocese of Albenga-Imperia. As priest of this diocese and son of Bishop Oliveri I can not in any way silenced my disappointment. The picture she presented not in any way correspond to reality, and this for various reasons.
    In the first place, the alleged scandals propalati are artificially inflated by the secular press and cleverly linked in such a way to paint a sort of Sodom and Gomorrah. If you wanted to render a service to the truth should shed light on individual cases reported; you would find a very different situation effortlessly.
    Anyway scandals pretext bandied do not in any way priests so to speak “attached to Tradition”; then his accusation to alleged “traditionalist aesthetic” is unfair, inconsistent, free

  5. paolof says:

    corrects errata, I can not change your comments:
    …their proximity to suggest a “various problems” …
    thank you

  6. paolof says:

    “the Bishop of Albenga Mario Oliveri, no doubt a worthy pastor and a man of sound doctrine, …” is guilty of being wrong, but it's really the only? Or is the only one to be publicly resumed?
    Having read all of his previous posts I would have expected a more careful examination and more, allow me the term, “merciful”.

    I note also that has nothing to do with the content of the post the image of the seminarians of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Pius X, juxtaposition that a hasty reader might suggest their own with the “various problems” exposed eyelet.
    I think that it was a fortuitous choice, and I suggest you change image.

    Best regards and good work, Paul

  7. father ariel
    father ariel says:

    I received several private messages and different post all published below, in several of which I was criticized for having given the donkey to a bishop. First of all, a premise: Bishops donkeys I've known throughout my life, but never allowed myself to give their asses in public or in private, and never, above all, of questioning that their legitimate authority as they have received directly from Christ to God for the grace of the sacrament through which were marked with the indelible character of the fullness of the apostolic priesthood. Moreover, in this article, define s. and. Mons. Mario Oliveri these words: "A definite worthy pastor and a man of sound doctrine". You could also add: sensible, charitable, caring for the needy, Enjoy beautiful elegance, etc ... But when a pastor in the care of souls is defined as "a definite worthy shepherd" with the additional clarification "of sound doctrine", there is very little to add. But we must take into account that the worthy pastors with solid doctrine, does not exempt any of us from error, bishops included.

    The image of the donkey - used in a completely impersonal and purely paradigmatic - was taken from a well-known proverb by which I aimed to imply: "... It is here that falls on the ass of lefebfriani». I thought the implication was clear and obvious, but if it was not for my lack of clarity, So I point it now.

    What in the diocese have been created alarming situations is a fact. If what I stated was false instead, In this case deserve reprimands and even sanctions by the Ecclesiastical Authority, hardly recalls and punishes those who have just mentioned, and so also quite calm and vague, to acts which in themselves and by themselves are much more severe, since some of them exceed the imagination of the human imagination. Is this, Authority Ecclesiastica, knows, Having examined over and over facts and evidence in this regard; and certainly not all in the last few weeks, but during the last years.

    In conclusion: in which Walter Kasper, Gianfranco Ravasi, Bruno Forte, etc … from the world of so-called traditionalism were attacked even through processes to their potential intentions, or extrapolation of half-sentences taken from their speeches very complex and articulated. When it ends in the eye of the viewfinder was a bishop of the Diocese beloved by members of the world of so-called traditional, here is that the same, their magazines, sites and blogs, also reduced the total and absolute silence. In my vocabulary, this, is called intellectual dishonesty and bad faith. Everything said by an anti-modernist in the round in which more and more public occasion he addressed compliments to theologians and prelates, although riddled with blatant heresies modernist, not infrequently also express concepts relevant, interesting, doctrinally and pastorally right, deserving for this my public approval.

    This quest for honesty I particularly developed through contact with Antonio Livi and his philosophy of common sense, and through the clarity with which John Cavalcoli - anti-rahneriano par excellence - has studied for years and years, the writings and the figure of the theologian Karl Rahner trying to identify first and foremost its many positives. I am certainly not a theologian of the level of these two masters, but at least, having good older brother and good teachers, I try to learn something from them and act accordingly, even with all my human limitatezze.

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