Regarding the prohibition of contraception: it really opens the question on Humanae Vitae of Blessed Pope Paul VI ?



The prohibition of contraceptives can admit exceptions? There may be cases in which it is permissible to use them? From the way he expresses the Blessed Pope Paul VI would seem that such exceptions or cases can not be allowed: "It is absolutely excluded as lawful way for birth control the direct interruption of the generative process'. And yet, Today we talk of reopening the question ...



John Cavalcoli, o.p.



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The Human life of Blessed Pope Paul VI, 1968. To open the text of the encyclical click WHO

... if what I tried to explain very clearly in my article, regarding the prohibition of contraception established by Human life of Blessed Pope Paul VI - not excluding the due analysis of particularly serious circumstances within the practice almost always in very exceptional cases -, He was to end aside to make room for other kinds of reasons based on relativism, mutability and therefore the rejection of the absoluteness and immutability of the moral law, before long we run the serious risk that some "theologians" open discussions on how the lawful abortion in some particular concrete cases, invoking the "reinterpretation" of categorical and absolute ban could have an abortion. They will do so by not explaining that certain so-called "concrete cases" submitted by them, They are always of the very few edge cases, if not unique. But above all, avoiding to explain that not even a borderline case, if not unique, those that border on the unbelievable at times, It can allow and justify in any way the suppression of an innocent human life. Because life is good not available, that it will always remain so immutable and absolute, although today, to certain "theologians" and "doctors of moral", the words unchangeable and absolute cause states of true allergy. If this problem is linked to the theological world is to a certain pastoral bad did not subsist, it would never happen that in the year 2000, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith headed by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, by the will and with the full support of St. Giovanni Paolo II, he was forced to remember and complain about what some "theologians" are annoyed by words such as "unique" and "absoluteness" of faith [following article …]


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4 thoughts on "Regarding the prohibition of contraception: it really opens the question on Humanae Vitae of Blessed Pope Paul VI ?

  1. Given not only “which is absolutely excluded, as a legitimate way for birth control,”
    but that “Similarly excluded is any action which, or in anticipation of the conjugal act, or in its accomplishment, or in the development of its natural consequences, If you propose, as an end or as a means, to render procreation”,
    while pointing out that “Is it lawful, sometimes, to tolerate a lesser moral evil in order to avoid a greater evil or to promote a greater good, It is not lawful, even for the gravest reasons, do wrong, so that good may come, ie be the subject of a positive act of the will something which is intrinsically disorder, and hence unworthy of the human person, even though the intention is to safeguard or promote individual, family or social”,
    however I think, in addition to the circumstances outlined by Pius XII, the use of contraception is not harmful to avoid sins against the covenant unitive love, augmentative and fruitful, hired by the couple before God.

  2. Father John dear and precious master,

    It is with true priestly reverence that I thank you for this article which is not an article but a keynote.

    I meditated together with the one dedicated by Father Ariel Cardinal. Caffara venerable memory ( ).

    They are two different texts, in which one perceives, but, that … everything has already been written.
    If you have, sometimes, the impression of living in a Church that increasingly resembles the old contests than once, those in which we already knew who were the winners that they won their seats. But it, competition, it was necessary to give a semblance of regularity, of legality, also with respect of the forms.

    And this is the result of years of incubation, I try to say for an example …
    Between 1975 and 1977, during my last two years of seminary (I was ordained in 1978, shortly before the death of Paul VI), I commuted a large binder drawing from priests landfills. Raccattavo books and books, that priests threw away, and then I took them to the old country house of my parents. In two years I filled an entire attic, mainly books and vestments thrown away, among them several planets beautifully crafted, piviali, The parents omeral, for body bags, veils for cup, etc. …

    The priests, sometimes with contempt, in ostentatious way, almost always shouting “renovation” and “updating”, They are first freed of S books. Tommaso, the texts of the school masters, also of the same patristic.

    In seminar, time, at least in my, there was talk of psychology, sociology, to reinvent the Church.
    After my ordination, I spent years, to read most of those books thrown, I often say even ostentatious way, none of which he spoke in the seminar, Prince where the author was, needless to say, the supreme Karl Rahner.

    In 26 years became a priest, to 32/34 years learning, alone, self-taught, all of which I had been deprived, from S. Tommaso, which for forty years it was my compass orientation.

    They were patient, Modernist, rahneriani, internal anti-Catholic, Masons etc. … They have been waiting for many years, and today, “Finally”, they put the icing on the cake.

    They won the competition in respect of apparent forms and legality, although it had long been established who the winners. And in the end they had the chairs … is that unfortunately, the chairs, are not those of high schools and universities, but the episcopal chairs, and not only, episcopal, perhaps they have bought up well the Chair of Chairs …

    My priesthood and my priestly life, It was saved from the books thrown by other priests in the trash.
    Even in landfills, sometimes, can be the salvation.

    When Bishop (I then 34 year old), told me that I had betrayed the formation of the seminar and that if he had known that I collected “the anticaglie” He would not have become a priest, I had the audacity to answer: “Should not Your Excellency regret having made those my fellow priests that two or three years after they have left the priesthood?”. He went on to other 9 years to be bishop of the diocese, He never did not receive, and he never spoke to me, to the S Mass. Confirmation avoided ml.
    Come to think of it, all, It was an anticipation of the next great era of mercy: smiles at Bonino and to Scalfari, beatings to children.

    Thank you, Father John, Ariel thanks to the Father for your apostolic work, and a prayer for you to Mary Help of Christians.

    don Marcello from Piedmont

  3. Exceptional nature of the case of religious vulnerable to rapes and the corresponding permit the taking of birth control would have to give my explanation, so that no part by the exceptional circumstances as the exact identification of the nature of the act, almost a reversal of perspective to arrive at the same conclusions, although I have no illusions sure to say new things (right or wrong). The act of taking birth in itself does not constitute a violation of the prohibition of taking birth control, since it seems clear that even the most intrinsically evil acts has a purpose, albeit messy: theoretically, and absurdly, a woman could do it on a whim, not with a consenting sexual relations; would remain a thing reprehensible, as well as absurd, but not in reality constitutes a violation of the abovementioned prohibition: you take the pill because you intend to have sex.

    But in the case of nuns it takes precisely the opposite reason: It is a form of self-defense. So the legality of such a measure is not recognized as an exceptional case of "exemption" from the law, how could it falsely appear to the public, but rather its non rientrarne part. It is understood, of course, that in the case of a conception not want, nothing could justify an abortion: also the son of a rape in the eyes of God remains a child of God, intact in its dignity and in his innocence, although with the mark of original sin like everyone else.

  4. It could, however, in such a glimpse lawful precautionary form a certain lack of confidence in divine providence, and in the case that rape did not take place, whether on the contrary come true and bring to conception. But do not make it to the heroism not it is still a shame, I believe.

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