We dropped into the home an enemy that we hang you with ropes that the Church and the European states have provided: a historical reflection, social and theological on the Islamic faith




Unfortunately,, it pains us to admit it, with some very imprudent gesture, the Holy Father delivered, the new invaders of Europe now in an irreversible phase of de-Christianization, house keys. While, to us, in this situation irreversible and without human possibility of return, we just have to wait for the opening of the Seventh Seal according to the account contained in the Apocalypse of Blessed Apostolo Giovanni.



John Cavalcoli, o.p. – Ariel S. Levi Gualdo



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Our God and your God are but one: we submit to Him!

Koran, Sura 29,46.



Mass of the Lord's Supper year 2016, celebrated by the Pope in the center of Castelnuovo reception, where at the beginning of the Easter Triduum she washed and kissed the feet of a representative of “Twelve new apostles”, men and women, including three Muslims. The images have been around, as in previous years, for days, of all Arab television of the Islamic Countries.

To correct and contextualize some texts of the Koran tied to particular circumstances or to false pagan beliefs, is a problem compounded by the fact that Muhammad was convinced that every word of the text had been dictated by God and was able to make it believe over the centuries to billions of men. And here we must just say that the devil is clever in deceiving humans. Now, as the Word of God is absolute truth and unchanging, from here you understand the refusal of Muslims to correct and contextualize anything, it was also false or contrary to reason. And from this complex issue here come the well-known and dangerous Islamist fundamentalism, which do not represent a minority of "isolated hotheads", or so-called "lone wolves" unable to understand that Islam is truly a religion of peace and love, but they are the product of an accurate reading of the Koran, which as we have explained in this short essay - it goes without saying, with scientific rigor not easily subject to denial -, It is ambiguous and contradictory in many of its most fundamental pages; and when the fundamental it is not clear, Firm and accurate, the least that can happen is the birth of a phenomenon by no means a minority, called precisely fundamentalism, It aims and purpose of which is the total oppression of Christianity and culture of the dying western Europe [following text …]



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13 thoughts on "We dropped into the home an enemy that we hang you with ropes that the Church and the European states have provided: a historical reflection, social and theological on the Islamic faith

  1. What do you think of Islam, the Holy Father? His Vatican Insider, including several advances of the next book in which we will be delighted – the one where he revealed that he took care of a psychologist not Catholic – Francesco, as well as claim the Christian roots of Europe, It invents pure Islamic ones, and claims:

    But what is the European culture? How to define European culture today? Yes, It has important Christian roots, it is true. But it is not enough to define it. There are all our abilities. This ability to integrate, to receive other. There is also the language in culture. In our Spanish language, the 40% word is Arabic. Why Is That? Why they were there for seven centuries. And they have left their mark… I believe that Europe has Christian roots, but they are not the only. There are others that can not be denied.

    PS Could someone tell me if that “40%” it's correct?

    1. I dare to say that the percentage of 40% It is not in heaven or on earth. Anyhow, as many, Spanish words of Arabic origin did not affect the structure or, or grammar, neither the fundamental lexicon of Castilian, which have remained neolatino mold. These linguistic grafts are somewhat’ as debris that secular Arab storm has left on the Iberian Peninsula after the undertow. A similar phenomenon – I think on a smaller scale – It filed at the roots of Turkish words in the Balkans at the time of the Ottoman domination.

      1. Thanks Don Ariel and Zamax for answers, confirming what I assumed. Pointing out that this detail of 40% is a drop in the ocean of nonsense that will come out in this new book – at least to take account of advances – however I think it is nevertheless important to note that “They shoot themselves grosse”, nonchalantly. I found a documented reference: the correct figure is 8%.


  2. Dear Fabrizio,

    I know and speak the Spanish language, but to have further confirmation and do not give wrong answers, I asked my student and collaborator, who is a native Spanish speaker.

    Words of Arabic origin are over, for instance, in many dialects of our Southern Italy, after being “dialettizzate“; and also in our region Sardinia, words of Arab origin are over in dialects, although the Sardinian, rather than as a dialect, It is recognized as a language, but as a dialect in which words are present “dialettizzate” French and Spanish origin.

    One thing is certain: if 40% the Spanish entries were derived from Arabic, in that case, the Spanish language, It should be expressly indicated as Arab language.

    In many Italian dialects, including its Genovese, There are words of French and Spanish strain, but I am not aware that this Ligurian dialect has never been defined as a dialect of French or Spanish origin.

  3. Very succinctly my opinion is this: Muhammad was basically a “revolutionary who made the schools in the West” before letter. That: a merchant who lived in contact with Jewish communities or tribes of the Arabian Peninsula and was able, thanks to his craft, to learn with more ease the Judeo-Christian religious world, whose cultural legacy, long-term, politically-socially, is the universalism of the rights that naturally arises from the belief in one God.

    Islam is a post-Christian phenomenon which is why leading, in his own way, traces of those totalitarian regimes which are pervasive anti-Christian political ideologies that arise as Christianity monkeys in culturally Christian context. It is no coincidence that in the Middle Ages Mohammed was instinctively felt as a heretic. Mohammed saw with political perspicacity especially this universalism in biblical wisdom and used it to gather around them a unit “phalanx of disgruntled” that he had won in a deeply tribal world so deeply divided.

    The very rapid triumph of Islam already shaping the smashing success of Communism out of the native European fence of a thousand-odd years after: in countries, i.e., also colossal, but no antibodies.

    The universalist monotheism was the ladder that led Mohammed to power. That botched arrangement of biblical materials, plumped by pagan elements and animistici, who goes by the name of Quran, He went hand in hand with the consolidation of the power of Islam. The "lights" of the Koran are nothing more than accidental reflection of those materials, contradictions the sign that they are borrowed and bent for the purpose of drawing a plot that has the narcotic charm of that completeness that every totalitarian ideology promises to the nations. Up, is intende, to the inevitable collapse that I just today - a "today" in the epochal sense - Islam is experiencing, despite appearances: it is exchanged for events of force primitive ones that are the manifest life-threatening convulsions from which Islam is gripped in every corner of the earth where it is present.

  4. Dear Fathers Island,

    there will never be grateful enough to be precise and the decision with which you have highlighted a problem, while “gooders dreamers”, before the serious phenomenon of you painting, They are bringing to the collective suicide.

    No matter which city we live, mind the fact only, who is this: We are two teachers, husband and wife (Today it is not obvious that a couple is composed of husband and wife man woman, better to specify it!), two daughters Parents 15 and 17 year old.

    In a stable, practically in front of our house, who it was at the time an institution for abandoned children, They have created a center for … “refugees”. These “refugees” match “big boys” you described, All young people under the 30 year old, all in excellent physical health, all majority Muslim … just as described by you date.

    Until the day that three minors 18 years have heavily molested two girls in a nearby park, and it could have been worse, if they had not called with their screams the regulars that lead in that area their dogs for a walk.

    The first to defend the three, calling “disadvantaged”, He was the pastor of the local parish, stating bluntly … “if three of our would have been worse had been”.

    The market price of the houses in this area fell in free fall. We we moved in our country cottage and work and school days, ie working our school and our daughters, let's make 36 km leg and 36 km return, for a road is not exactly easy, especially in winter, starting homes every day at 6.45 in the morning to be in place before the opening of the schools to 8.30, and at 14/14.30 about return home.

    We have had to give up different things and habits, and our daughters too, from the gym to the school dance. The only thing to which we did not mind giving up (and this does not want the good Fathers Island), Sunday Mass is celebrated by the parish priest who lives according to the “refugees” and what he considers to be their holy reasons, because they are the reason, we wrong, their victims (not know what), We executioners since the heirs and descendants of the crusaders of Europe, colonizers and exploiters. You got it right, its says so and says Reverend Mr. Parish Priest in his Sunday sermons, in which only speaks of the poor, refugees and epochal revolution of Pope Francis.

    In a corner of countryside it is fine, while they, the “refugees” disadvantaged, occupy our cities, Also hoping not arrive in time by return campaigns.

    1. Dear Professors,

      I thought it appropriate to meet in private to your two comments: the public, here it was reported, joined the private addressed only to me.

      I have responded in great detail in private because I did not mean “to load” further that Father Giovanni Cavalcoli and I wrote, if necessary, using also the necessary severity.

      It would be advisable that you, and that area of ​​faithful, He asked an audience with Bishop. Send a message, In fact it would not help anything, you have to talk to him in person.

      Introduce yourself to him in the delegation and remind him that the parish in question, after the war, with attached Kindergarten, cinema, football field and oratory, It was entirely built with the offerings of the faithful, who they paid brick by brick the whole work, including above all the faithful have-nots, who generously offered what they could, if anything, in memory of their deceased family members or children of their fallen or missing in the war.

      That said, remember the Bishop if he just believes that the faithful of this parish, formed in part by the elderly benefactors postwar, or their children and grandchildren, today deserve to be treated like “capitalist exploiters”, or indicated variously as “Crusader heirs” or “colonizers”, from one of the many ideological shames the priesthood should not be to do damage in the presbyteries of the dioceses, but should instead be part of the ideological staff, and then self-destructive lesionistico of Mrs. Laura Boldrini, one who in the mosque of Rome and showed all covered with headscarf, by Pope Francis showed up instead at the hearing in pants and flip-flops flip-flops.

      Follow my advice, Then let me know how the bishop responded to it, if you respond, because if there is not responding, or if it responds poorly, then, the shame of priests of the parish priest in question, unfortunately it will also add the Episcopal ashamed of the diocesan bishop.

  5. distinguished Fathers,

    They are originating in Morocco, son of Moroccan parents, I have 44 year old, I arrived in Italy I had 3 year old, and I am grown Italian.
    I am an Italian citizen.
    I am a civil engineer and the professional army.
    They've been married 12 years with an Italian and I have two children, both baptized, my will.
    I was raised by my parents secularly, that they have never talked about Islam, They not even taught me the Arabic language.
    When I grow up I wanted to convert me to Christianity, But the priests of the Curia thought that I wanted to become a Christian only for wedding purpose, to make glad my wife and her family, and they dissuaded me, although it was not so.
    After the baptism of my first child, First fascinated by the great Giovanni Paolo II and then by the great Benedict XVI, I asked if I could be baptized me.
    I was made to understand that to go to heaven, you need not be Christians, because they all go to heaven.

    Jesus Venero, and I believe God and Son of God, but with Pope Francis, I realized that maybe, to be baptized (if you will allow me one day!), it is better to wait … better to wait …

    Thanks dear Fathers.


  6. dear Jamal,

    if you want to, the problem is solved.

    First I have to meet you in person, and then, I offer myself to administer the Sacrament of Baptism.

    Without this, if the bishop of his diocese were to raise any kind of question “canonica”, in which case I will lift an unprecedented public issue, addressing at the same time the Congregation for Bishops and the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments.

    after that, If necessary, I will defend myself canonically, supported by a team of first-rate canonists friends, at the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura.

    They are therefore at its disposal.

    1. Dearest Father Ariel,

      since you're not pastor, if you want to avoid “canonical issues” (I doubt you would), also invites Dr.. Jamal in my parish for baptism, which you provvederesti you happy with my presence and that of the curate that is … “of our”.
      And let's see if someone tells us something, in a church where a large number of priests, since many years, commit the worst abuses on the Sacraments, nothing but administer baptism to an adult who requires it! Because before canonically they should punish priests who make the masses with ecumenical Protestants which then give communion, etc. …
      Just let me know, I am at your disposal.

      don Claudio (Milan)

  7. "Since Vatican II, the Church has decided to begin a path of dialogue with Islam. What are the results of this half-century of dialogue? Those countries that were once strongholds of Christianity are full of mosques, while the Muslim world does not know anything but discrimination, threats and persecution against Christians. killed, hunted! What a beautiful dialogue! There are plenty of texts, conferences, conferences, The coffee together, the joint statements with Muslims. We have seen the Pope recently in Cairo. And then? concrete results? Absolute zero".

  8. Thank you for your clear explanations, precise descriptions of the situation and the excellent and clear theological arguments. In my little, while reading, I came to my mind the four theological virtues and ie prudence, Justice, temperance, the fortress that well summarize (over the three theological virtues, faith, hope, charity) the necessary paraphernalia of Christian activity. How can we not recall the speech of Papa Benedetto XVI in Regensburg all centered on human reason in faith, that precisely missing in Islam…

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