Those failed priests of a Church in disarray that some people like so much “Catholic scum” which we would gladly do without


I am happy to have given the shame of a priest to a brother who manifested himself as such, beyond all his social and charitable activities, it might help him to reflect on the fact that publicans and pagans carry out good works and social works even greater than his. With all due respect to his family fans, turned out to be mostly violent and insulting "Catholic rabble" in the comments, who would like to transform the Church of Christ into an equestrian circus, as if it wasn't bad enough already.

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I bless God for sixty years that I accomplished 19 August and I tell you one of the most recurring jokes addressed to my octogenarian brothers during spiritual direction conversations:

«If I could exchange it, I would give you my years and I would take your years as you are approaching the end of your life. Because I don't even dare think what I will have to see and suffer as a priest living with others 25 O 30 years in this situation of now irreversible ecclesiastical and ecclesiastical decadence, to carefully consider that we have long since passed the threshold of no return".

That the Church will survive it is a divine promise of Jesus Christ, which however warns us:

"But the Son of Man, when will, find faith on earth?» (LC 18,8).

The Church will find it, but the question is rigor: which Church? I am now 15 years that in my books and articles I have put forward a hypothesis that is not based on the "enlightened mystic" that I am not, but on the sacred scriptures: and if upon his return he found a worldly Church completely emptied of the essence of Christ and filled with something else? The Catechism of the Catholic Church - this great unknown to "Catholics" from social following some pretini trendy - with unequivocal clarity he teaches:

"Before the coming of Christ, the Church must pass through a final trial that will shake the faith of many believers (See. LC 18,1-8; Mt 24,12). The persecution that accompanies her pilgrimage on earth (See. LC 21,12; GV 15,19-20) He will unveil the "mystery of iniquity" in the form of a religious deception offering men an apparent solution to their problems, the price of apostasy from the truth. The greatest religious imposture is that of the Anti-Christ, that is, of a pseudo-messianism in which man glorifies himself in the place of God and his Messiah who came in the flesh" (See. see WHO).

During one of our last interviews Cardinal Carlo Caffarra of blessed memory told me:

«None of us knows the day and the hour (N.d.A. Mt 24,36), therefore we cannot make even vague hypotheses. But one thing is certain: reading the Holy Scriptures it would seem that today almost all of the elements recur" (N.d.A. Ii Ts 2, 3-12).

To deal with this very delicate topic I take the antics of a brother as an example, one among many devoid of any malice, indeed convinced in good faith that they are doing good, unaware that before God we priests of Christ are not justified by a certain good faith, which, like good intentions, can even lead to Hell in the most serious cases, because neither the benefit of ignorance nor that of inevitable or invincible ignorance will be recognized to us. It is written:

"To whom much is given, much will be asked for; to whom men have committed much, It will ask the more " (LC 12,48).

Nothing personal towards this Genoese presbyter promptly defended himself social media by an army of fans who have inundated me with insulting messages and comments. I intend to use it only as a paradigm to depict the decadence and sloppiness of our poor clergy.

Here is the documented fact: this priest tiktoker he has long been accustomed to networking gag convinced in this way to attract the there are children. In one of these public videos he exceeded all the limits of priestly and theological decency, so that, being a somewhat well-known so-called public figure myself, I reacted equally publicly, without failing to comply with the evangelical criteria of fraternal correction (cf.. Mt 18, 15-18), because if in fact you decide to publicly make a fool of yourself by staging one sketch on the mystery of the incarnation of the Word of God, I have a duty to tell you publicly that you are an idiot, to be good. By acting like this you dishonor our priestly dignity, which is not yours and you cannot dispose of it as you wish, because it is ours, given to us on loan for use and for which we should seriously and gravely answer to God.

The images and sentences speak for themselves, because the idiot finds nothing better to do than insert this caption in his video:

«Saint Joseph when the Angel Gabriel announces to him that his wife Mary is pregnant by the power of the Holy Spirit».

Under this caption, covered in sacred liturgical vestments and with the tabernacle containing the Blessed Sacrament behind him, the priest tiktoker the comic actor Carlo Verdone begins to mime to represent the Blessed Patriarch Joseph who first thoughtfully scratches his head and then says «In what sense?» (Song movie A lot nice, see WHO).

On my page social I contested this attitude which undermines priestly dignity and the blasphemous way in which this idiot represented the key mystery of salvation: the incarnation of the Word of God made man. Of course: if I have already used the term "idiot" several times it is to criticize this improvident priest tiktoker all the most charitable mitigating factors, because all of us will be ready to justify and then forgive the stupidities of the village idiot, precisely because I'm stupid. So, call him an idiot in this precise context, it is an act of authentic charity and mercy.

These are the results: called together their own fans the priest tiktoker he instigated them with his post to deny and then reply. What in language social is called Shit storm, shit storm literally. And so, i fans of the priest tiktoker they have inundated me with messages accusing me of being - in the best and most delicate hypothesis - a disgraceful priest, an inhuman, a rigid one, an envious one. An army of people wrote that this priest attracts many there are children, because i there are children with him they don't get bored but have fun. Others have written that rigid people like me have empty churches, others questioned whether I was even a priest. The army of inevitable women could also be missing passion, always the most violent of all, only to then cry and shout “chauvinist!” if someone talks back to them? En masse they addressed me in tones with which it would not be legitimate to address even a multiple-homicidal life prisoner., magnifying the extraordinary social and welfare works of their favorite in favor of the children suffering from cancer at the Gaslini hospital in Genoa.

I couldn't respond to hundreds of comments mostly insulting, I only responded to a few, aware that the plethora of non-Catholics following this priest manifested, from comment to comment, feelings and styles that are the antithesis of what Catholic sentiment is. It would really have been a waste of time to explain to them that doing good does not mean being either good priests or good Catholics:

«Even publicans don't do the same? And if you only say hello to your brothers, what are you doing that's extraordinary? Even pagans don't do the same? You therefore be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect" (Mt 5, 46-48).

What does this phrase mean? Something as solemn as it is terrible: good, Christianly understood, it cannot be separated from faith, by hope and charity (The Cor 13, 1-13). And faith and charity are not born from the joy and enjoyment granted to there are children by certain priests inside churches reduced to circuses, they arise from the mystery of the cross of Christ which defeats death and which makes us all participants in his resurrection. This is the heart of our Christian joy: and rose again on the third day, and ascended into heaven.

Some time ago I refused to say hello to an abortionist gynecologist - but as is well known, I am rigid without charity and mercy -, refusing to sit at the table with him at a dinner hosted by various clinical friends to whom I told: «I don't sit at the table with Herod who carries out the massacre of innocents every day». I said goodbye and left. Attitudes, these of mine, certainly the result of rigidity and lack of mercy towards a man considered extraordinary by all. In fact, you should know that this new Herod volunteered for abused women and during the year went to serve in poor African countries, even leaving you his personal donations. In short, a man of charity, a man of God according to certain "Catholic scum" incapable of understanding what he means: «The publicans and the pagans do not do the same?».

As is well known, I am a spiritual director or confessor of many priests. Over the last year I have painfully and lovingly accompanied two out of the priesthood, inviting them to ask for dispensation from the sacred ministry and the obligations of celibacy. Reason? Both had completely lost their faith. A quel point, in science and conscience I told them: «Remaining in the priesthood would be the wrong way to try to somehow recover a glimmer of faith». I was wrong, I was perhaps rigid? How long to stop at, because just over a year later, the departments of the Holy See responsible for dealing with certain problems recognized the nullity of the priestly ordination of one of the two, effectively admitting that he really shouldn't be ordained a priest.

You know, or emotional-internet “Catholic” lay people, from what I have often recognized the terrible training for the priesthood of certain priests, their serious lack of faith or their serious spiritual crises? From their hyper-activism in the social sector, from their being all projected towards the there are children and towards social and charitable works, just to give meaning to their lack of faith or to avoid and not face their serious spiritual crises generated upstream by a bad or even disastrous formation for the priesthood. And sometimes, with subjects of this kind, I had to work for years, not always with good results, because if the priest doesn't train him first, forming it afterwards is almost impossible.

I started this article by saying my age, I did it for a specific reason which I will explain to you now: reading the rigorously insulting comments of certain people fans of the priest tiktoker, I fell back to my adolescence, acknowledging with sadness and regret that certain "Catholic scum" have not yet emerged from the unfortunate and disastrous seventies of the twentieth century. In those years I was a teenager but perhaps already inclined - who knows! - to be rigid. Therefore I remember certain things well there are children who talked about Che Guevara and Jesus Christ, confusing one with the other, who played guitar and sang at the Holy Masses God is dead Francesco Guccini, praising Friedrich Nietzsche, while the poor faithful lined up to receive the Body of Christ. Then in the evening they went to meetings at the Lotta Continua or Proletarian Democracy headquarters, occasionally throwing a few rocks at the State Police during demonstrations. And when they returned to the parish oratory they talked about revolution and said that the Church needed to be revolutionized, inside which - listen, hear! - you had to be cheerful, because Christianity is joy and love. In those years, similar stupid priests, they were trying to attract there are children saying that Christ was a great revolutionary and that the Church had to put him at the center there are children. The exact same speeches of most of the fans of the priest tiktoker that attracts i c’iovani and who does a lot of social apostolate, even with children suffering from cancer, in short, a holy model of priestly virtues compared to which Saint John Mary Vianney is very little! How sad, forty years have passed in vain without some people understanding anything, stubborn, even violently if necessary, in not wanting to understand that the Church of Christ is something else and that ai c’iovani you have to present a project that is far from easy to implement in life:

"Enter through the narrow gate, for wide is the gate and broad the way that leads to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat:; how narrow is the door and how narrow is the way that leads to life, and few there be that find!» (Mt 7, 13-14).

Between one of his precious social-charitable activities and another, including children suffering from cancer in the oncology department of the Gaslini in Genoa, the priest who does the sketch he should remember that when the bishop consecrated him as a priest, his, like all of us, he said:

"Understand what you do, imitate what you celebrate, conform your life to the mystery of the cross of Christ the Lord " (See. Rite of the Sacred Ordination of Priests).

All this the stupid priest tiktoker he understood it so well to the point of being ironic about the incarnation of the Word of God before the tabernacle. Just to reiterate that calling him an idiot in the face of all this is a true act of charity and mercy. Or by chance some bishop told him to conform to Carlo Verdone to attract the there are children? The replica is ready fans: «He fills the churches!». Yup, but what does it fill them with?? Maybe of there are children who see the nice priest instead of seeing the mystery of Christ God? Who fills them with, perhaps with ex-68ers who still think they can rewrite the faith and the Church to their liking, happy beyond measure if they find a priest of great charity and great apostolate who de-sacralizes the mysteries of faith?

I am happy to have called you ashamed of a priest to a brother who manifested himself as such, beyond all his social and charitable activities, this could help him reflect on the fact that publicans and pagans carry out good works and social works even greater than his. With all due respect to his family fans turned out to be mostly violent and insulting "Catholic rabble" who would like to transform the Church of Christ into an equestrian circus, as if it wasn't bad enough already.

Our mission as priests it is not to please the world but to fight it and say no to its anti-Christian perversions. I know very well that it would be much more comfortable to say: "Yup, it is true, they are two men, but what does it mean, as long as they love each other, because God is love and mercy, not prohibition, not judgement, least of all punishment. God does not punish anyone, This is what the rigid believe and say. God is love, love and forgive everyone". Some even add: «Certain couples of “married men” are very sensitive and if we even give them a child for adoption they are better and more tender than many heterosexual couples». And so on, whoever wants to understand should understand, because this is the reality of nice priest: just say bad is good and good is bad and the world will love you and put you on a pedestal. Or someone thinks that at the tender age of sixty and with years of priesthood behind him, didn't understand what the world wants to hear, to like a priest and turn him into your idol?

Our mission is not to do i jocks watch there are children, but to tell them the things they don't want to hear, with tact and delicacy, aware of facing total rejection from the majority of them and the most ferocious criticisms and attacks from those around them. Starting from their disastrous parents, ready to stamp their feet and pretend to be right if they say that it is good and right that their twenty-year-old daughter has gone to live with her boyfriend, «because today it's not like it used to be, things have changed and we need to be flexible and understanding", then adding that disguised threat that the true pastor in care of souls should not care at all: "Otherwise, with your way of thinking, move away there are children from the Church!».

To those who say they are Catholic it is necessary to clearly say what is good and what is bad, for their lives and the health of their souls, in this society of ours to disaster, especially among young people. Our mission is to prevent that in the name of an unspecified “love” let the worst perversions in the world be introduced like a Trojan horse into the House of God by social-idiotic priests, to the point of making fools in front of the tabernacle of the Blessed Sacrament with the vestments on, ironically about the mystery of the Incarnation of the Word of God, while the ex-sixty-eight grandmothers - those who when young ran en masse to vote for the referendum in favor of abortion and then go on to sign in favor of euthanasia at Marco Cappato's banquets - between a bout of rheumatoid arthritis and a prolapsed uterus they are pleased with the there are children who have fun in church with cool priest, because with him everything is joy, other than that strange idea of “love” that justifies everything, starting from the worst sins, including those who cry to heaven.

Of course, joy and happiness. It's proof of it, emblematic in its own way, the Blessed Virgin Mary, that under the cross there was a blaze of joy, while the Blessed Apostle John, to cheer her up even more while Christ was dying, he recited to her the verses of the Roman satyrs ancestors of Carlo Verdone. Then there are the rigid ones who instead sing «Mother stood beside the cross weeping, While her Son», unable to understand how important it is to sing: "Unleash the joy, Today the feast is, dai, sing with us, the party here we are ", because «Christianity is the religion of joy, of love and life". Yup, but there is only one “piccolo” that for which: joy is reached through the passion of love of the cross and life, that of eternal bliss - which is a reward and not a due right - is achieved through death, often preceded by illness and suffering. It is written:

«Then Jesus said to his disciples: “If anyone wants to come after me, let him deny himself, take up his cross and follow me. Because who will want to save their life, will lose it; but whoever loses his life for my sake, You shall find”» (Mt 16.24-25).

Far from unleashing joy, we are the party. “Catholic scum” … «Via, away from me, cursed, the eternal fire, prepared for the devil and his angels " (Mt 25,41).


From the island of Patmos, 13 September 2023



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