To seal threads on the essay dedicated to offer a Neocatechumenal “expertise” illuminating a luminary of psychiatry, which it was read at the time by John Paul II in St. 1998

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"Formulated on Messrs Argüello and Carmen Hernández a diagnosis in which I focused in both the presence of a narcissistic disorder of severe type personality and particularly acute in Mr.. Arguello, while Mrs. Hernández he was suffering as a consequence for submission to dell'Argüello personality. That relationship was read and appreciated in person 1998 by St. John Paul II "


Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo



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After publication on the columns of our magazine of the essay on the Neocatechumenal Way [cf. text WHO] I had a long talk with a psychiatrist friend of renown. At the end of the interview I asked him if he could write a report that I published assumendomene me all personal responsibility. We could not have done differently, it is a scholar recognized by the international scientific community and especially considering the possible risk - not to mention the guaranteed risk - that instead of focusing on content, many people would end with polemics on his person and on psychiatry in general with laughable arguments, just as happened to my essay, and as anyone can see by scrolling to the end of that my text joints comments from several members of the Neocatechumenal Way, who intervene by denying the facts and trying to manipulate reality in a way that is sometimes irritating [cf. see WHO].

It follows below the text of the illustrious psychiatrist …


the Island of Patmos, 10 April 2019


∗ ∗ ∗




I never intervene on forum, of any kind are, But I do except for Friendship estimate that binds me to Father Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo, whose association I and other psychiatrists we have often made use, for example, when some Catholic lay groups or even some uneducated priests and not authorized by the bishops, They have ventured into exorcisms, causing the deterioration of physical and mental state of people suffering from mental disorders, and at the same time confirming the family, unable to accept the reality of mental illness of their joint, that it was the fault of the Devil.


In several of these cases, He has often been of great help to me and several of my colleagues. Indeed, where there is a disturbance or mental illness, one of the worst things to do is to transfer elsewhere the causes, in order not to accept the mental illness itself, thus legitimizing the patient and his family in the rejection of psychiatric disorder. Like this, father ariel, which at the time had a well formation as an exorcist and considers that certain exceptionally rare cases, indeed very rare, several times he helped various psychiatrists by severely recalling both lay Catholic groups who staged liberating prayers, and some priests esorcista-do-it-yourself, or so-called freelance, but also it has repeatedly requested the intervention of the bishops, before the damage caused by such persons to persons with psychopathology sometimes even severe type, and not a few of my colleagues him for this still very grateful for the invaluable assistance.


Father Ariel, priest and scholar of recognized reliability, It is the guarantor of my "real life", since for professional and institutional reasons I am obliged to choose the formula of Letter Signed. It goes without saying, however, that, father ariel, has my autograph letter registered together with a copy of the report I delivered to the Holy See in 1998 and on which below will detail.


They are specialist in psychiatry, specialist in neurology, director of clinical research on mental disorders and ordinary emeritus; for my skills I had and I have collaborated with various governmental and non-governmental institutions: with the National Research Council, with several North American associations for the recovery of psychologically damaged by the so-called psycho-seven people, with various international psychiatric clinical institutes that have sent me to hold several masters also to illustrate the dynamics and recovery techniques of this type of patient to colleagues and trainees.


A Father Ariel I performed a document at the time protocollato to the Holy See, and along with it a private letter reached me months later and dated 12 January 1999, sent to me by a prelate of the Curia is now a senior cardinal, who informed me of his own free initiative that my relationship had been "personally read and appreciated by the Supreme Pontiff to which I myself handed holding me with His Holiness for a private interview 25 minutes ».




  1. after my meeting took place in 1998 with Mr.. Kiko Argüello and Carmen Hernández the defunct, favored by some prelates who introduced me not as a friend but as a psychiatrist and "modern philosophy scholar" and that entertained me to dinner with the two and the rest of the evening for a total of 6 hours;
  1. after consideration of numerous video-documents that were recorded public speeches of these two founders of this Catholic lay association;
  1. after consideration of several written testimonies from people living in different parts of the world, out of this aggregation and sent by them to the Holy See and to me it provided by the prelates who had contacted me to ask expert opinion;


formulai sui Sig.ri Kiko Arguello and Carmen Hernandez one diagnosi where I focused in both the narcissistic disorder of the existence of the serious type personality and particularly exacerbated nell'Argüello, Hernandez while he was suffering as a consequence for submission to the dominant personality dell'Argüello.


To the layman precise in the short and said disorder is characterized by grandiose ideas (the so-called megalomania), with all the consequences and variables, hypomania included, nell'Argüello present in severe and characterized by high peaks of inflated self-esteem and manic verbal. In these types of narcissism personality generates sense of superiority sometimes immoderate, with the further peculiarity arrogance and disregard, the propensity to lie and especially to alter and to induce others to the alteration of reality.


If these types of clinical subjects choose it as a ground for their manifestation and realization the religious sphere can generate serious damage, exercising an authority on the subject that transcends the human being as deriving from their divine. People with these psychopathological disorders end up in fact to legitimize itself before others by putting: "I do not want me, He wants and God commands him ", thus producing even incalculable harmful effects on the fragile psychologies, on psychos, about suffering from various depressive syndromes, but also on other patients like them as narcissistic personality disorder.


By divine investiture of self-attribution the pathological narcissist justify before his followers the subversion of reality and any kind of practical real data through denial of strong emotional charges broadcasts bring, the effect in the subject, the year inhibition of critical sense also most elementary. It follows the danger produced by the so-called "plagiarism" effect and its manipulation of weak personality, or encumbered in turn mild or severe disorders who end up finding, in these leaders and combinations they create, self-legitimation and safety. If you detached from these associations and their subjection to the personality of leader, these people lose self-legitimation and all kinds of security and, assuming the "best", fall into depressive syndrome endoreattiva, which it is typical of loss produced by mourning, but also from other situations of loss experienced by the subject so traumatic as bereavement.


In my report Seven or are drawn up at the express request of some prelates of the Holy See, I dettagliai that in these lines I have just summarized very quickly for explanatory discursive level.


I believe that the injured persons, including more families, are a widely documentable reality, no false rumors spread by those "inevitable enemy" figures that constitute them always necessary; of the "enemies" whose imaginary actions of hostility need certain types of leaders and certain structures to be able to declare "victims of persecution", imputing to them persecutory actions against them, all in a closed environment and characterized by the irrational collective. Not a few are my colleagues who participated in caring for each other psychotherapies so-called "leaked", or entire families treated with group psychotherapy for the whole family.


The ecclesiastical authorities have been informed several times over the years, but it seems to have chosen not to listen, despite having agreed with me and my other colleagues. In fact, I understand that also asked the opinion of other specialist, including an experienced Spanish psychiatrist, Member of 'The Work of God, with whom I had a long private talk in 1999 and following various exchanges.


In that year 1998 I also gave reason, when I illustrated the kind of alterations and fractures that may of arising when these aggregations, which they tend to branch through employment forms involving the exclusion of non-aligned, taking hold in the various ecclesiastical structures that vary by individual parishes to the diocesan curia until the offices of the Holy See, to follow orders and religious congregations, male and female within which, on the lessons from documentation provided to me, They tend to put their young followers, purpose of which is growing in numbers to approve of her entire religious communities or transforming them from snaturandole. Among the documents provided by the Vatican prelates I quote only one dating back to 1992: the General Council of a congregation, This perceived risk, He imposed religious to choose between the charism of their founder and belonging to this lay association that was taking place inside of of their communities. I entered the religious congregation of pulse or indication of the founders of this lay aggregation, as soon as he was made to understand that never it would be allowed to alter and transform the internal structure, enabled to choose between this and lay religious congregation aggregation, They chose the first, and did not hesitate to leave the religious congregation.


I am pleased to have been persuaded to provide these explanations, because then it was given opportunity to put this politely hope: I hope no clergyman, the violet and purple, try tomorrow to claim that the Holy See had not been advised well and on time by the most competent specialists in various fields of scientific knowledge. Also for this, considering my age, I left all the documentation in the original copy to my good friend Father Ariel, and together with my that of other specialists, like me who they were interviewed at the time by some prelates who required our advice informing us that they were acting in the name and on behalf of St. John Paul II.


Lugano, 5 April 2019





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95 replies
  1. Paul
    Paul says:

    If I were you I would not use the word essay after considering the many contradictions in its full text of ignorance

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      … but she took me for who? Perhaps the false prophet Kiko tells you a magic word in greek (kerygma) and it makes you sing the mega catechists verges on illiteracy a refrain with one word in Hebrew (daienu / daienu), without even knowing the greek alphabet, let alone the Jewish?
      Come on, try to acquire at least the common sense of the ridiculous, please …
      As for her, I would submit, before an audience of listeners, a text “kerygmatic” the Gospels in greek and the full text of praise in Hebrew Daienu, so that you can first read us everything and then let us text analysis.
      Then let the public judge, who is ignorant.

    • Roberta
      Roberta says:

      I were you I would not use the right word, because you say things without foundation.
      Of these alleged “many contradictions” you are able to enunciate and explain in an understandable way at least one?

      I assume no, because there are no. On the contrary, the wise father Ariel contradictions of the CN all the highlights and analyzes them one by one in an understandable way for those attacked or just 1 person of good will who want to understand, because cherishes the faith and would like to see it free from pollution such as wanted and operated by CN.

      An example of contradiction:

      How come the CN claims to safeguard the family “christian” and life and then teaches married couples to be considered “croce” for one another, to consider the children thereby also, not to follow the methods of positive parenting suggested by the Church?
      A delegate baby-sitter child care by placing second in the role of parents and the first to go to “preach” where Kiko wants, Kiko what he wants ?
      Why teaches husbands to control the wives?
      Of abandon his wife if it is contrary to the Way?
      To break with the parents if they are contrary to the CN ?

  2. Attilio Sacco
    Attilio Sacco says:

    The laborers kikiana reacted.
    The idea of ​​confronting the objective reality has destabilized your insecurities, and brought you to react in the most elegant way that your background will allow you: the maldicenza. It is no longer relevant that be more popish than kikiani ergo more kikiani that Christians, but we must take note of the fact that this troop kikiana, specially selected from buy gold and betting centers, the Church lives as a mafia clan lives now.

    Well protected by anonymity that fortifies, from falsehood erected a model of life, your inner poverty takes you to the following heights of elegance “poor Ariel is not a pedophile, But he was kicked out from the elementary schools because ciucciava er fucking all'altri Regazzini ...” hoping to scratch, with painful results, the author's morality.

    The kikianismo is just nothing but smoke radioactive smoke.

  3. Always a free mind
    Always a free mind says:

    These masked light demons manage to turn their eyes to the sky in prayer conformity with the teaching kikiano only when himself, understood well why children of the same father. Who has another father eventually returned to the Mother Church.
    The true face comes when they are dealing with the outside, with the Mother Church, with the apostles of Christ. So here you start a natural exorcism, to contact with the sacred, and their mouths out the worst evils and the worst blasphemies, uncontrolled and destructive anger.
    Father I thank Ariel for his courage and strength that transfers to us exiles, often disoriented and injured. It works, not wanting, therapist from the Spirit, comforting us that we are not at all destined to certain death, as prophesy Neocatechumenals against those who leave the Way. Instead, we have found the path of truth, after we lost.
    The Lord heals our wounds and our spirit and gives us dignity as children of God.
    Thank you

  4. Always a free mind
    Always a free mind says:

    Already I feel outraged by the comments posted, so imagine what it will be written in those censored.
    The scandal is not so much the words used, as in being addressed to a priest.
    I unfortunately have been 35 years in the Way, and I have done for decades catechist before the Lord opened my eyes, for his grace and mercy.
    I confirm the aversion to the sacred that winds in the Way, in all forms, especially towards the ordained ministers.
    I've seen kids openly offending the pastor with the blessing of parents, to limit myself to this simple example. There is more, but silent.
    The aversion to the sacred, with consequent displacement towards the “completely secular”, It is not a good sign, especially when it occurs in a way so pronounced as in some who write here.
    I do not know who the father Ariel intentions, but she was in his place rilegherei a nice booklet and have subjected him to the attention of the proper authorities.
    If one day the Pope expressed some’ more clearly his dissent, You think that would not be treated so he, too?

  5. SS
    SS says:

    Dear Idiot,
    stop around with her skirt please PRIEST!!!!

    No coincidence that Madonna chose Kiko and you do…IDIOT IDIOT IDIOT

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:


      Dear Readers,

      i kikos They have made and are continuing to post comments many of which are unprintable for the extreme severity of the abuse and for highly scurrilous terms used to me, that they are required to protect not so much my human dignity – that must be protected – but above all my priestly dignity.
      Those who can read, are the most punished comments, suffice to say that there have been passionate Neocatechumenal who sent messages in which he accuses me of being a … “notorious pedophile” (!?).

      Everyone will make their own idea of ​​the venom of many among affiliates this sect that move in total disrespect for the ministerial priesthood.

      May God have mercy on those who, naivete or lack of proper assessment, It allowed this cancer to settle in the Church until entrust this heretical sect of Jewish-Lutheran matrix formation of future priests in their seminaries chain.

    • Rebel
      Rebel says:

      The love of neighbor of these Neocatechumenal is indicative of their faith to Christianity of which, they say, join. It is however clear that they worship only Kiko and no other and manifest by their heresies.

      • Fabrizio Giudici
        Fabrizio Giudici says:

        From the fruit can be seen the shaft. However, Don Ariel, there's a pretty clear samples. Those who think the idea if it is made. Estimate at this point if it is not appropriate to close the comments on this article so that you should not lose more time…

        • Roberta
          Roberta says:

          I would hope no,
          it is true that Don Ariel commitment is vast and requires time and energy on several fronts, but even if you meet these individuals may not serve the same, may continue to be 1 help those who have suffered or are suffering because of the CN .. 1 help not to feel abandoned by the Church and not to yield to the temptation of leaving the Church.
          Anyway thank you again to the work done and for what it is.

          • father ariel
            Antonio Ferretti says:

            Sincerely, I trust that, as soon as possible, Father Ariel gives the press a book that serves not so much to complaint, but "manual legitimate defense" to the cult Neocatechumenal; an explanatory book that can be given to our family and friends, our children, to all those who through weakness and moved by good faith I have fallen into this trap.

            I do not say that the Church has abandoned us, Certain, Perhaps John Paul II and Benedict XVI could be more strict with these people who recognize the rank of dogma tied to divine revelation to a letter of questionable written approval by the Pontifical Council for the Laity, because we know well, as blaterino, than ever the Congregation for Divine Worship and the doctrine of the faith they have recognized the liturgical abominations and follies catechetical that these carry on undeterred, shouting "we are approved, we approved!».

            Certainly the reader is right that you sign Always a free mind, when it said first: "If one day the pope expressed a bit 'more clearly his dissent' towards the Neocatechumenal, "You think that would not be treated so he, too?».

            well, I know how these exalted without measure and without brakes, I think I can answer that should be whistled, that's for sure: fischierebbero him and accuse of being closed to the Holy Spirit actions.

          • Rebel
            Rebel says:

            I agree. We need the help of many men of the Church can. Some time ago, in speaking with a priest and confessing that because of the Neocatechumenal Way attended by my wife, the family is destroyed I felt answer: “But something good they do”.
            They need more priests like Father Ariel, preparations, competent and speak knowledgeably in the Church to defeat this evil. It serves that mature within the Church for good awareness of what is really the Neocatechumenal Way.

    • father ariel
      days days days says:

      … it's wrong, poor Ariel is not a pedophile, But he was kicked out from the elementary schools because ciucciava er fucking all'altri Regazzini …

    • bruno rezzano
      bruno rezzano says:

      If the Blessed Virgin chose Kiko, probably this was because on that occasion the miserable Spaniard had been drinking heavily and the story that did could only suffer. On that occasion, as, in truth, on many other occasions.
      Look SS, You'll have to take care because you have very serious psychiatric disorders. Father Ariel S.. Levi Gualdo certainly can not criticize, but not in so vulgar and silly and inconsistent reasons you exposed.

      • Always a free mind
        Always a free mind says:

        how about SS (This reminds me of something nick), maybe he really believes that Kiko is Our Lady appeared.
        In reality it is only a story of Kiko, of that there is NO CERTAINTY, rather.
        No investigation of the Church, No priest of the time that has ruled, not a shred of written papers, NO PROOF.

        Mr. Arguello, direct evidence of the roommate at university, with whom he lived well 3 years has been described as a young man with the anxiety of seeing a false mysticism and recognized that “He was in bad shape with religion”. In short, a warm living that has always been in Catholic schools, it also wanted to distinguish then for something that he and he alone defined “mysticism”.

        He understands well, Mr. Gestapo in these religious delirium conditions speak of apparitions is a bit’ risky, especially if none exists TESTS.

        He knows that I tell? Even the devil can appear as an angel of light…
        And if that “appearance” Another was not well defined?
        lawful doubt, there are no pronouncements of the Church. Maybe he seemed delirious Madonna…

        • Always a free mind
          Always a free mind says:

          As for the suggestion to make communities like the Holy Family of Nazareth knows, They may well result from short experience made with the Little Brothers of Foucald, which says he was impressed hearing them he speaks of Jesus' life before the public and, try saying? Proper of the Holy Family of Nazareth.

          You see, Gestapo, the autobiography of Kiko is just only AUTO, No one has ever confirmed, even Morcillo, which also it was with Lefebvre from conservatives during Vatican II.

          Whereby, free to believe, but also free not to believe. the, for instance, I do not believe it, but for nothing.
          I deepened dell'Arguello life before Italy and believe me, says it all for itself, no one ever talks about him, even of '”appearance” of the Madonna.

          Produce some shred of evidence or testimony and maybe you can talk…
          Otherwise I also, or you yourself, we can go to a bar to tell invented visions or due to insanity, delirious.
          If someone believes…

        • bruno rezzano
          bruno rezzano says:

          I do not understand the meaning of the comment or the response so who wrote it seems to address comments very different from what I wrote. Yet sarcasm that there is content should be able to easily grasp!

          • Always a free mind
            Always a free mind says:

            Mr. Bruno Rezzano, in fact I did not answer to her but to such an SS with the above nick, just click “Answers” the last comment goes down, or it's me I'm wrong clicking on a “Answers” different. Honestly I do not know.
            However, my comment was meant as a reinforcement to his, in which she has her same mentioned that SS.
            E’ he who believes in the apparitions to Kiko Arguello and to which she responded.
            Gestapo is a synonym or a combination of SS in recent history.
            I do not have her, rather, I completely agree.

          • francis luciani
            francis luciani says:

            there, I thank you for clarification. I could not match his response to my comment because my mail is not the Site screen appears only, precisely, a response that at least in this case threw me. on, Also the advanced age contributes … Anyway thanks, bruno

          • bruno rezzano
            bruno rezzano says:

            Naturally, It is having been a professor of history, I knew and I know, Unfortunately, What was the Nazi Gestapo.

  6. wise
    wise says:

    WISE: today is a beautiful day.

    PS…for donations am sending you a link…..

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      She scandalized by the voluntary donations that are made to us by those who want, if he wants and when he wants, in support of our apostolic work?
      You who through authentic, tested and documented evidence, impose to the followers of your sect compulsory payment of the tithe?
      Hypocritical, hypocritical, hypocritical !!!


      And it is clear: I do not trip, if necessary, with private planes and helicopters, as it has repeatedly tried so, documented and demonstrated Kiko Arguello at the expense of your tithes paid.
      Not to mention the travel in business class good Kiko, that only tickets cost you a fortune.
      finally, I repeat: hypocritical, hypocritical, hypocritical !!!

  7. Peter Bassani
    Peter Bassani says:

    1-make a blog
    2-self-appointed director
    3-erected in “wise” a post

    result: here is the self-celebration of a failed priest who loves to have his picture taken with her skirt fluttering and loves to correct the Holy Father as (eh writes essays>>……) it is believed better than him….


    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      1. The Island of Patmos It is not a blog but a regular magazine recognized and recorded as such in accordance with law, if she had read the “Legal notes” reported on the site that hosts this magazine, He would have understood;
      2. I'm not self-appointed anything, the qualification of “Site Manager” It was recognized by the Association of Journalists of Lazio after due registration to magazines, because according to the Law, a magazine, newspaper or periodical that is, He must have a responsible director;
      3. with wild idiocy circulating these days, if they are not an essay, at least I am a person who tries to be.

      Feeling finally give her quack, It is equivalent in all respects to a pious nun who is accused of practicing prostitution by the madam of a brothel.


      Better flowing robe of your priests mother of The Redeemer who feel obliged even to take the same cut beard of the false prophet and the bad teacher Kiko Arguello. The Code of Canon Law, for us oblige the cassock, no obligation of the beard Arguello.

      • father ariel
        Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

        “the idiot” He was ordained a priest by a bishop in full and perfect communion with the Bishop of Rome and has never been subject to recalls, sanctions and canonical penalties.

        The bad teacher and false prophet Kiko Arguello, by whom it was consecrated and which office and recognized sacramental role plays, inside the church?

        For years and years, i neocatecumenali, They deserved to be declared “not Catholic movement” just simply for the way they treat as always ministers of the sacred and the blatantly heretical perception that the ministerial priesthood, in a dreadful mess that remains always on the common priesthood of the baptized and the ministerial priesthood.

        Apart from the many worthy people in good faith, I claim the right not to recognize Catholic, This Movement, in his teachings, in its doctrines and its sacrilegious liturgical abuses, the basic trappings of Catholicism.

        Instead of giving me an idiot, those directly responsible, as I stated, I denounce the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

        Then we will see the results …

      • Simone
        Simone says:

        Giving idiot at a anointed proves all the brotherly love that teaches you good Kiko!

        Well done!

        • father ariel
          days days days says:

          … But this is precisely the point: is not a consecrated person is just a poor asshole !!!

  8. antonio
    antonio says:

    Dear Father Ariel, a cone n and I am grateful to the Lord that through this tool I met Christ, and above all I did experience the infinite love that the Father has for me and for all. I read with pleasure all of his speeches and in this case, today, I read that of’ eminent psychiatrist. I do not put, least, questioned the diagnosis proffered by the professional, what I find it hard to understand and’ That I, in thirty years of honorable presence in cn, knowing many exiles, I never heard of anyone being treated by a psychologist or psychiatrist. I repeat, e’ Confined to a town of 150.000 residents with a good presence of walkers. Antonio

  9. Rebel
    Rebel says:

    So am I, like her father, Ariel, I take any kind of responsibility for what I express, unthinkable, however, considering that the path opposes or reports that expose or other feature undoubted honesty, since the Neocatechumenal Way are at fault.

    The disorder found in Kiko personality is more than evident, especially in the eyes of those who lived forcibly by his side and I, unfortunately, I had to do with this mentally disadvantaged.

    I found that not infrequently adopted Kiko haughty attitudes, arrogant, contempt towards others considering, paradoxically, the solution and also the cause of his problems. He lived in cycles, alternating between calm and serenity in anger. Kiko, and also Carmen, They have always devalued the qualities, the merits and abilities of others, envying and annihilating their subjects underwent, causing them to humble themselves and to think of themselves as poor people without portfolio or; everything to deprive them of God's gifts and be able to more effectively manage. This newly exposed has become standard practice that katechisti operate in communities.

    They always lack of empathy, tending to talk…

    • Rebel
      Rebel says:

      Think of me, It has been a great effort to maintain a Catholic act by the directives of the Neocatechumenal Way as a reference for the actions practices of faith: heartbreaking Mass neocatechumenal, pilgrimages devoid of spirituality (Never invite you to recite the Rosary during the journey or the route on foot or stops), cohabitation senseless; a deleterious aversion to the Crown of the Virgin Mary was the worst obstacle to face.

      The Supreme Pontiff John Paul II, I had the pleasure to know and appreciate, I'm sure it gave weight to the words you expressed in the letter that formulated with professionalism, in fact between prompt requests documentation all'Argüello, pull d 'energetic ears and attention towards the way (the same way as an agent that infiltrates into the lair of pushers gypsy to observe closely, waiting for the appropriate time to expose them and throw them into the cell. The fact that the Polish Holy Father actually taken time, not allowing ever full approval to the journey, It is confirmation of what I say, that, Furthermore, It is evident from ...

      They always lack of empathy, straining to speak uninterruptedly of his life as if it were the greatest degree of practical and spiritual teaching of faith – the gospel propagated by Kiko is a complex of situations and opinions concerning its history and his ideas – divulgandola with details inappropriate and wordy.

      In the unreasonable expectation of Argüello to be treated in a special way and with great respect he often tended to support to have the right to get privileges, favorite, advantages and particular prerogatives by anybody. Such irrational sense of entitlement has always caused him to take advantage of and demand fulfillment by the idolaters of which was surrounded narcissistically.

      Kiko praises priests and personalities who can do him a benefit until they meet his requirements, then became a belittling and demolitive when the other does not prove more compliant.

      The supreme imbecile Kiko goes beyond the limits of authority, taking with saccenza, arrogance and conceit decisions that did not compete, climbing over the top of the moment, including the Pope! Manipulate and troublesome (and, harassing and defends…

      • father ariel
        Editor of The Island of Patmos says:

        Editor's note

        Dear Reader,

        his comment came trunk into two parts, evidently lack the closing words.
        We published as it has come, if you want to add the missing text you send it well.

  10. Marcus Aurelius
    Marcus Aurelius says:

    Dear Father Ariel,
    in thank her for what she wrote, and I fully endorse, being on the way from over 20 year old , trying to denounce with my limited means all doctrinal distortions, without being in the least heard, but mocked and insulted at every ballot, I am asking the following question:
    The diocese of Rome has issued a document which refers to the parish units for the Easter Triduum, in effect prohibiting celebrations outside of the parish and institutional.
    I have personally shot the document to my catechist who said that he would talk with the pastor of my parish. Outcome? The neocat vigil will be out of the parish, and even outside the district.
    What do we want to do in front of these abuses? Because the Bishop does not convene all parish priests asking why they disobeyed the line dictated by the diocese?
    Is it possible that the Church emanates a document and does nothing to verify that you do not ignores?
    Thanks for what you're doing for us!!

    Sorry for anonymity, but I do to protect my family..

    Marcus Aurelius

  11. ornella
    ornella says:

    @Daphne. I am also convinced that it is more productive to follow the example of our old, that maybe they had a few ideas, but clear. And let us entrust ourselves to the Lord.

  12. Dafne
    Dafne says:

    They are appalled: at this point in me it reinforces the belief that to find the Salvation prefer to do as my dear departed grandmother with her devotions, that led to mass her children winter at six in the morning to make the first Fridays, He is communicated and confessed really trying to act in a Christian, He prayed in the morning and at sunset. Or I prefer to do as little old ladies out of tune in my parish who leave home in the morning for Mass, despite all their ailments, so much so that every time you should call an ambulance. I prefer this, although it seems dull and superficial appearance, any news “spiritual, deep”, dictated by “spirit”, followed by jubilant crowds, glittering and attractive, but I seriously endangers my soul.

  13. Dafne
    Dafne says:

    Dear Father Ariel,
    in my simple experience “Catholic parishioner” I have often touched upon various movements but keeping me away, mainly because of experiences heard or owned by the statements that left me confused and upset and did not seem to me at all Orthodox. Reading his writings I can only thank you for having explained with competence and knowledge of the facts, about the Neocatechumenal, what I can only guess. Currently several acquaintances, always in vain, I invite you to approach this or that movement, I absolutely refuse to put all these experiences on the same plane (charismatics, renovation, focolarini …), I did not intend it, but I am convinced from experience, that some situations represent a serious danger for the soul of us faithful. E’ possible to obtain light of these movements? Where can you find balanced information to avoid falling into dangerous pitfalls, in a period of serious confusion like this, where the thirst for salvation and ignorance lead us to get close to the flames as moths?
    Thank you in advance for your attention and for his work.

  14. Roberta
    Roberta says:

    You are the weeds, as they try to sow confusion, accusing wrong who does the good work of telling the Truth (as they did with Jesus ” I have shown you many good works from my Father, for which it want to kill me?”) GOOD and EVIL calls that the path does with its rules, practices and content non-Christians and non-human.

    It would agree to ask yourself the spiritual recommendations that keeps doing Don Ariel, because the greatest responsibility of a priest or another, not lighten a TUE gram of responsibility.


    the “dispute” sometimes they can be unnecessary and stupid because only one of “contenders”, to be precise about what the two do not listen, unresponsive to sign, He pulls out things that have nothing to do, replies to the facts with opinions (I miss his personal but a “other”), accusing the other party of behaviors that are his own, UNABLE to take some responsibility because it is NOT at all interested in finding out the TRUTH, but only to be right (so to speak) at any cost.

    I imagine that all this, in psychiatry, has a specific name.

  15. Roberta
    Roberta says:

    But then I think I know:
    The new Order was enacted because 'take the place ANCIENT
    You want to find enough precedents to justify the destructive work of Kiko .. If Paul VI changed PioV .. Then Kiko-only modify the current Church according to his doctrine (in his dreams!).
    While not intendendomi theology, I understood from’ teaching of the priests that every “change” it is not 1 breakage or replacement of the ancient, ma 1 its integration, 1 incorporation (as Jesus says “I have come not to abolish but to fulfill”), provided it does so, however, the Church, not the “first passing” Kiko and Carmen eats.

    So I think, in your example., that the one who is wrong is you feel (Your giving to others) to be able to sow discord with little effort. But know that when most people thirsting for justice and truth are, as we are finding in the words of Don Ariel, That truth becomes concrete that does not leave space to the intrusion of any malapianta.

  16. Roberta
    Roberta says:

    Initially I wondered: qsto speech that got to do a thousand miles away by the argument? Only to mislead? I also asked: that matter to CN of the Missal (reformed or not) since their priests do not respect him and do not teach to respect, except in small part, and certainly the most important part NO, Heart of the Mass, Communion, when these are not invited to kneel at the consecration and the priest NOT communicating before distributing the Body of Christ (how could it be Christ Himself in the person of the priest, though he has not yet announced?) and when the faithful not concluded his PERSONAL Communion with Christ taking His Body immediately but the extension in distinguishing ARBITRARILY 3 SET OFF (take Him into the hands – wait for – assume Him) ?
    There is so written in the “new” Missal?

  17. Blessed are the poor in spirit
    Blessed are the poor in spirit says:

    Caro Father,

    the self-styled John is such that we know well, of Neapolitan land, who wanders in the internet for ten years with the sacred mission (He assigned by itself to itself) to defend the way by “haters”, ie all those who do not praise the tripod-Kiko Camen-Way night and day.

    His comments are recognized by the absence of spaces after punctuation marks, a sort of dyslexic syndrome can not be assessed.

    Ours is believed to have the ability to debating Thomist, doctrine, sacramental, liturgy, as a famed theologian, despite being a simple painter. He had the courage to say that Benedict XVI, in his opinion, is not a good liturgist and that the motu proprio the old Mass was “an error”.

    Understood? The self-styled judges Giovanni the Pope and his actions. These are the fruits of the way, fanaticism, arrogance and ability to lie.

  18. Isabella
    Isabella says:

    I do not know whether it is publishable!

    But feeling a po'razza of VIPERE: in normal times Kiko and his followers would have been stopped in its tracks to the sound of bludgeoned down my spine, brought before a good and holy Inquisition, judged, released and sent home some’ Pest, but healed and, especially rendered incapable of doing harm to anyone.
    SILENCE, come on! Because what comes out of your mouth stinks and pollutes the air! It offends my intelligence and that of others as well as polluting the heart.

    I have known directly without ever entry, on the contrary, I immediately clashed with you…by the grace of God.

  19. Giovanni
    Giovanni says:

    About the fact that many believe Summorum Pontificum an error,I reprint an excerpt of St Paul VI's speech to the Consistory 24 May 1976: “The adoption of the new "Ordo Mass" is not left to the arbitrary course of priests or faithful: and Education of 14 June 1971 It provided for the celebration of Mass in the ancient form, with the authorization of the Ordinary, only for elderly or sick priests, that offer the Divine Sacrifice sine populo. The new Ordo was promulgated WHY’ It takes the place ANCIENT, after mature deliberation, in response to instances of Vatican II. Not unlike our holy predecessor Pius V had made obligatory the Missal reformed under his authority, after the Council of Trent ...”.As you can be read according to St. Paul VI ,the new Missal was to replace that of Pius V,not coexist,I ask:Summorum Pontificum and then abuse that has betrayed the intentions of Paul VI?Why there are two forms of the same rite if after Vatican II ,it was decided to reform the Missal of Pius V?If it is reformed because it was not believed more idoneo.Quale Pope was wrong?

    Everyone is responsible for their mistakes,but he who sows weeds,certainly it will be judged by Ariel Dio.Don,with what he writes,It does not favor the communion between people,But sowing a lot zizzania.Non I am sure defense attorney Kiko or some catechist,eventually, wrong,I only say that a priest,You should be more careful about what scrive.Gli others you listed are secular,the responsibility of a priest is increasing,if it fulfills male.A who more has more will be asked,it seems to me that the Gospel says that,the first concern of a consecrated should be the good of souls,not win unnecessary and stupid dispute.Buona evening.

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      I do not understand this whole dissertation on The old rite of the Mass, then my name to this mixed his umpteenth, useless, confusing and misleading dissertation.

      Aware that the sacraments do not even belong to the Church, which of them is bestower and administrator and not mistress, always I celebrate Holy Mass in the way, in the forms, with words and gestures that I indicated and controlled by the Church.

      Why do I obey the Church, of always.

      I repeat, therefore, that I do not take lessons from her that belongs to a cheerful congregation who for four decades ago Eucharist what he wants and how he wants, as if it were a “good available” in the hands of your guru.

      Therefore, all this his dissertation, It has its reason for being and existence, especially to a priest who would add or take away never even half a word from the Roman Missal, and that no one would dare even open your arms or your hands if in written in red on the Missal itself is not indicated “open arms”, “place your hands” e …. genuflect! And I repeat: genuflect! Because maybe she does not know, but it is written right on the Missal: genuflect!

      And with that I conclude: but she, really he wants to teach me to maintain communion and unity of the Church, I who in order not to fail in this union and communion, I do not even a sigh, unless the Church commands me?

      and as far as my duty to "be serious when I write ', The recall ever, in my writings, It has been identified as a heresy or doctrinal error, as opposed to those of your founders, where heresies abound like wildflowers after the rain.

    • Alessandra
      Alessandra says:

      “Those who sow discord will be judged by God”
      Good, then Kiko Arguello and all his acolytes would do well to prepare for time.
      In all this I am glad that she, Brother Apuron, not even have the courage to say: “Yes, Kiko was wrong to defend him” Or perhaps you do not think so?
      John Force, the dumb devil has taken possession of her?

      P.S. Stop it with his dissertations on the Vetus Ordo.
      Kiko Arguello has invented a ritual of its own that does not even have to do with the Novus Ordo.
      Let's face, CVII of you have not read one line. And you claim to be the result…

    • Thomist ex NC
      Thomist ex NC says:

      You would need a Pope who will humble every day publicly.
      You should be forced to celebrate the Tridentine Mass repair 50 years of insults and sacrilege against the Blessed Sacrament of the Body of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
      To say that the Roman Church has celebrated for 1900 years with a heretic and pagan ritual, as you do, and liturgists to Andrea Grillo, in addition to being crazy is the most blasphemous can be said about the Church indefectibility.
      The Mass is the Holy Sacrifice of Calvary, incruentemente offered on the Altar, Eucharistic sacrifice, latreutico, propitiatory and expiatory.
      Go for the Lutherans outside the Church, once and for all!
      Heretics and schismatics, this you. And Kiko first, heretic and schismatic!

      P.S: but the historical Professor Angela Pellicciari, so an expert on Freemasonry, Gnosis and Modernism, He still expects to abandon your Judeo-Calvinist sect?

  20. Fabrizio Giudici
    Fabrizio Giudici says:


    I follow this thread in several days (also considered the previous) and I see that she is still in use and abuse phrases taken here and there, without concluding anything. As regards the “small talk”, I can only repeat what has already been said by others, that for decades the question has been taken as an excuse for the worst silence (I am not referring now to the Way, but in general) and caused disasters that require who knows how long to be healed. Chatting is still saying things without taking concrete topics, and these days this attitude I've only seen on your part.

    See, therefore, to provide concrete answers to concrete questions, which are not limited to “we have the Holy Spirit, you no”, because it is obvious that there could be answered in the same way.

    In these discussions, those who are not versed in the problem, like me, He is finally convinced by the lack of reasoned answers.

    • alessandra
      alessandra says:

      After discussions with many members of the journey I arrived at this conclusion: to them what they think the so-called “Sunday Christians” You can not care less.
      For those in the path we are useful if we do our own business and maybe make it do what they want. Otherwise we are scum, we are worse than the heathen.
      So the fact that you can be convinced by the lack of little coves him topics.
      They have nothing to explain. If you want to understand…do the initial catecheses and enters the cammino.Stop.

      • Fabrizio Giudici
        Fabrizio Giudici says:

        “After discussions with many members of the journey I arrived at this conclusion: to them what they think the so-called "Sunday Christians" can not care less.”

        From outside observer, I came to the same conclusion.

  21. father ariel
    Michael La Porta says:

    Apart from the fact that I see that the well-known technique of self-publish insults has also reached this site ...
    About don ariel: I still find ridiculous priests ………. [TEXT CENSORED BY EDITORIAL]

    • father ariel
      Editor of The Island of Patmos says:

      Dear Reader,

      how the magazine The Island of Patmos It has entered the network 20 October 2014, it only happened very few times that the comments were censored.

      This His comment was censored for the following reasons:

      1. she turns serious insult to a priest that would not be acceptable even if addressed to an excommunicated priest and dismissed from the clerical state ;

      2. do you mind, imputing to the priest in question things he never said and never wrote, What this very serious ;

      3. she downloads on a minister in sacred a destructive hatred that has truly itself of the satanic.

      Therefore, although Father Ariel never censor offensive comments towards him, we did it as Editorial, because there are limits that can not and should never be crossed.

      And she would be a … Spirit-filled? But what Spirit? Because there are many spirits, species of infernal spirits.

      • Paul
        Paul says:

        It certainly has the spirit of a DISOBEDIENT THE POPE WHO TAKES THE TIME AROUND. SHOULD YOU BE THE excommunicated. Admit that you are OUT OF THE CHURCH JERK…And Obey POPE!

        • father ariel
          Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

          God bless and filled with grace, mercy and forgiveness, something that certainly will:

          1. many of the numerous women who have had abortions because they truly believed they carried just a clump of cells in the belly;
          2. those who believe that euthanasia is an act of human mercy to a sufferer in a state of terminal illness;
          3. those using all existing methods of birth control;
          4. young people who have quietly sex after two or three days they met;
          5. teenagers who have calluses on your hands because you masturbate ten times a day;
          6. the old-guard communists;
          8. the atheists;
          9. anticlericals;
          11.scientists who regard Christianity as a "phenomenon introduced and preached by ignorant and believed by scholars";
          12.all those in the church they never leave it even for Easter and Christmas ;
          etc. etc …

          And I repeat: God bless them - and certainly bless them - because all these, with whom I have always often deal, in their secular unbelief and in their spirit of total detachment from all that it is Catholic, against me they have always shown a kind of real sacred than, recognizing in me a religious figure, the essence of which they do not believe, But however deeply respect.

          E, contrary to law, compassionate and dingy sectarian belonging to heretical Kikochiesa, none of them has ever attacked so hateful giving me the idiot I, rather: if the fool of me felt the rimprovererebbero and would require to take due respect.

          And God - I repeat - bless them, how blessed prostitutes and tax collectors, but will not bless you. And prostitutes and tax collectors [cf. Mt 21, 28-32] together with abortisti, euthanasia, gay fuckers, segaioli, atheists, anticlerical, etc ... etc ... will precede the kingdom of heaven, States certi. He said Christ, unless Kiko, even in this, I do not have the correct.


        • Alessandra
          Alessandra says:

          And when you obey the Pope?
          Because you have not obeyed Never Papi. MAY!
          you have not obeyed John Paul II who had asked catechists TO STUDY something they were not the mamotreti and that he had asked the priests to be such and not the minions of Kiko.
          you have not obeyed Benedict XVI when asked to follow the Roman Missal, when he said to come back in the parish, when you told to publish mamotreti CORRECTED.
          you have not obeyed Pope Francis when he said he respected those out of the way, to cure the unity of believers, RESPECT the culture of those who had faced.

          You have never obeyed. You only put a mask when instead they continued to make putting your head in the mouth of popes things that have NEVER said
          At most obey catechists who are directly enactment of Kiko Arguello.

          Well said Father Ariel of you.
          YOU ARE THE Hypocrites.

  22. Giovanni
    Giovanni says:

    The Gospel says:”"When the unclean spirit goes out, It is haunting desert places seeking rest and, finding none, dice: "I will return into my house, from which they came ". Came, he findeth it swept and garnished. Then go, It takes seven other spirits worse than himself, they enter and dwell there. And the last state of that man becomes worse than the first ".here the condition of many who leave Cammino.Vanno on blogs and become grumblers, slanderers, liars, They are full of envy,bursting with hatred, rancor , cattiveria.Qualcuno even hopes the death of Kiko.Questa is the work of the devil,that echoes the domain carrying seven demons peggiori.Un “theologian”,He should know the Vangelo.Papa Francis has very rightly said in his address before the Angelus, 17 February 2014″As we chat in the Church! As we chat we Christians!.. The chatter is sweet at first and then you ruin the soul! Gossip is destructive in the Church… And a little’ the spirit of Cain: killed his brother with his tongue”.Think dear Don Arias on the evil it does to the souls,with his talk,It will realize justice divina.Buona…

    • alessandra
      alessandra says:

      Oh John,

      Tell us about Brother Apuron, courage! Tell us about the fruits of the way to Guam![Ed WHO].

      You have a face of incredible bronze!
      I know a father who has left the path. One of the 5 children (now I'm 6) got sick of leukemia. Well , his catechists have had the courage to say that this was “a shake of the Lord” to change his mind. INFAMOUS!

      Just to know: he remained of his decision and the child is healed.
      God is merciful … the neocatechumens obviously no.

      Fatevele two questions every now and then.

    • Roberta
      Roberta says:


      you want to explain the Gospel to the theologians and judge “harm done to the souls” e “small talk” telling the TRUTH – that however evil it does fell down -.

      What you describe, misquote the Gospel, perhaps is the condition of those who remain in the path despite having seen the hypocrisy and injustice that characterize.

      No need to be a theologian to understand what is OK and what is WRONG, what is OK and what is GOOD.

      But there is need to CHOOSE, to listen to the voice of conscience and maybe for you too NC “convinced” there was a time when it has spoken to you and you have made your choice for Kiko, WITH AGAINST Kiko and the Truth.

      well said: ” The chatter is sweet at first and then you ruin the soul! Gossip is destructive in the Church ...”

      That's exactly what Kiko and the NC leaders are the 50 year old .. empty TALK .. and maybe they were just empty.

      With your tricky tongue you destroyed my marriage and my life.

      Since you are so concerned with others' Eternal Salvation, is your catechists should remember that they too will have to give account to God.

    • Thomist ex NC
      Thomist ex NC says:

      But she reflects on the harm he has done to the souls Mr.. Kiko Arguello for 50 year old: Families destroyed, divided parishes, heresies spread, liturgical abuses, sacriligious, Abuse of Power, failed marriages, Mass invalid, lies, priests humiliated, continued disobedience, stripped consciences, suicides and depressions.

      On the contrary, pray for the soul of Kiko, so repent before death and publicly ask for forgiveness for attempting to destroy the Catholic Church. Thank God there is a Purgatory.

      Kiko has never converted to Christianity, on the contrary, He has always tried to adapt Religion (and the Sacred Liturgy) his ideas, his art, even to his (horrible) musica.

      The look closely while preaching, behind a lectern cover designed by him, while holding a processional cross of its production, the background playing a his fresco; watch while preparing to sing only what he “composed”.

      He knows because he has always despised the Mass and complained about not understanding it? Because it's always been a selfish arrogant. If you then converted studied, read more, meditates…
      … but not him, He had to convert to Christ himself.

    • Luca
      Luca says:

      Dear John.

      You who are full of holy spirit and that you are an adult in faith, you know the difference between the talk and the truth?

      These people who came out of the path is trying to tell the truth; truth that has tried the hard way, objective truth that has been trying for years to bring to light.

      Think about what you say and tried to seek the truth.

      I know you're not used to doing something alone without being guided by your catechists, give it a go, It will open up a world.

    • free
      free says:

      @ Giovanni,
      The I point out that many, once you left the path, they return to the mother church which, unless you do not want to declare as useless or ineffective, certainly fight against these demons, to follow in his reasoning.
      But personally I do not think that the way to have a “special power” higher than that of the mother church to hunt these demons indeed, I have to say, which in my opinion does not have nobody, given that it is the demons that when they are driven out and inveigh offend the priests and ordained ministers, representing a sacrament of the Church. Sacramento that Kiko does not.
      Unfortunately these comments there is none trace remains safe, black on white, and it is evident that the profanity and insults come only from the path interlocutors. Very unique.
      Regarding the number of lawsuits against the escapees, I have to tell her, unfortunately for her, that they themselves can testify that this is the case regularly in the journey, where killing has become an art with the language.
      The truth is not a “chat”, but sometimes it hurts, I see.

    • Blessed are the poor in spirit
      Blessed are the poor in spirit says:

      Sure Pasquale that if you're still at this level are put really bad! I am sorry for you, more than pray I do not know what might give you relief and out of those seven demons you, hater by definition, Attribute to us.
      I'm really sorry for your miserable condition.

  23. Isabella
    Isabella says:

    Dear Father Robert Bellarmine,

    I added the surname so the farce becomes more truthful(Encyclopaedia Treccani online: to hoax…often set to music, He began to have the specific task, maintained for 3 centuries, to cheer up the spirit of the spectators after the tragedies or later deemed too serious comedies).

    Unfortunately, his response to the dear Father Ariel is really a tragic sense! We just have to cry and to devote a decade of the Rosary daily to you, and I invite all readers who still they did, to pray intensely for all the people that were accalappiate by sectarian Neocatechumenal and their leaders, hoping that, this last, They are suffering from severe ignorance and total blindness to the seriousness of their crimes.

    I conclude with a smile: my real name is Isabella; on the basis of the reasoning “Don Roberto”, from now on whenever I find written the word “bella” it means that God is speaking to me, also from the cover of Playboy, and I stress from the cover (She knows more than me that there are sins of thought, words….). And on my last overflight! I, too, I wish you a happy day.

    Thank you

  24. Flaviano
    Flaviano says:

    good evening. Only a contribution. In the ancient Church catechumenate lasted three years, then he was placed in the Christian community. Word to the wise few words.

  25. Francesca D.
    Francesca D. says:

    Caro father,

    I have very recently discovered your site and the only thing I can say about it is: thanks for existing.
    I am a girl in discerning a religious institute and I manage on Instagram a profile that talks about the various orders and congregations, with the simple aim of making known the various charisms through info and tips.

    After she came across a video on Youtube with one of “vocational raised” (ie dramatized) organized by Kiko, I felt compelled to highlight the errors in those spectacularization. He contacted me a neocat that, sword defending them is, It revealed that catechists take from them the names of “by vocation”, They do make them an ad hoc way and then make a draw (“the Holy Spirit”) and send them in seminaries (of the Way) and monasteries (affiliated with the Way). Besides, even the nuns escape at that stage of the Way which provides evangelism door to door. And it was perfectly normal.

    P.S. Keep an eye on the Institute of the Incarnate Word and their founder, father Buela. I assure you it has nothing to…

  26. Paola
    Paola says:

    I also wanted to thank you, Don Ariel. Thanks to Blessed Pauperes Spiritu which aims to make available the texts collected in the so-called directory, pre and post approval. E’ important that everything comes to light, for too long they have kept hidden texts and rites with the excuse that they were “arcana”. Instead they were only heretics, expression of heretical and evil personality. Thanks again so much for his time and for his law. God will reward.

  27. Rebel
    Rebel says:

    Dear Father Ariel,

    I'm sorry to redo the same question, You do not need to answer me. Take it more as an outlet to appease my malaise:
    But in the face of this evidence of abuses documented by both experts that victims, in the face of all these witnesses over the years we have been collected, in the face of all the complaints arrive in parish, bishops, Ecclesiastical Authority all until the Holy See because it does nothing to close this sect once and for all and bring back the lost sheep to the fold (namely the parish and the parish priest)? Serving a socket Elevated firm stance once and for all. Why pastors often are not able to do so, unfortunately I've often unprepared to encounter and “weak”, unable to read between the folds of the corruption of this pseudo movement and to fully assess the danger. How many times I heard responding “taken with the tongs something good has it” without realizing that in the meantime before their eyes create an alternative structure to the parish and the Church itself ruining, and I repeat ruining, so many lives.

  28. Roberto
    Roberto says:

    Good morning Father Ariel

    I am happy that there are still holy priests who so earnestly treat the Lord's vineyard. I have been in the Neocatechumenal Way for approx 7 years later thank the Holy Spirit opened my eyes and came out. Although it's been around 15 years I still feel an inner pain that does not make me release from this sad experience.

    I find sorrow in thinking that the church still allow the Lord's flock is attacked by wolves. I am grateful to God for giving us priests like you who comfort people like me not to be a fool or a heretic when I say that the Neocatechumenal Way is the church cancer. I went out on the second pass with a priest that I apostrophe’ like Satan because I asserted that in the Way there is no God, Jesus never would have allowed his children to be tortured like that in the so-called transition, that not even the Holy Inquisition. All without love without mercy. God is love and in there there was not even a shred. I came back to the parish and now I'm happy because I see and feel the Lord's love and this love I try to bring it to those He puts me…

    I wanted to tell my namesake spew insults on Father Ariel only confirms what he says. By their fruits you will recognize the plant. Dear Father Ariel I would love to witness one of his Mass, I am Roman believes it is possible? I assure my prayers she do the same with me. Good day.

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dear Roberto,

      You may interest you tomorrow morning at 11 I go for the celebration of Palm Sunday at the church of the Dominican convent of Santa Maria sopra Minerva, where one of our Fathers of The Island of Patmos, the young Father Gabriele.

  29. l'apostata
    l naughty says:

    The catechists Neocatechumenal, in small, reproduce the figure of their master. Arrogant and overbearing because they are believed enlightened by the Spirit and then with discernment on the lives of others. Whether inspired and discerning the guarantees Kiko, so as not to believe! Hence enormous damage. I have seen many people crying in the ruthless ballots. Catechists without the slightest qualms about calling the shots on vine, affections, money, work, children, sexuality. Not a doubt of the consequences. I've seen pushes couples to marry and then failed or forcibly separated because one of them did not want to do the Way. Whatever problems come out in the polls, they always had the magic solution inspired by the moment. Only to discover that inspired solutions are always just those four or five memorized on Mamotreti, regardless of people and situations. Catechists ruthless that at some point will demand absolute obedience, textually! And after all, the obsessive instill guilt if we dare to fail occasionally also to the many obligations imposed on followers.

    Thank you, father ariel, Former us really appreciate his commitment!

  30. Blessed are the poor in spirit
    Blessed are the poor in spirit says:

    Dear father Ariel,

    if you want to delve into the personality of Kiko and Carmen, and get an idea of ​​the level of their heresies I can send the Sacred Texts, the heretical directory on which to base their preaching, both in the original version with which they polluted the Catholic world 40 year old, either version “correct” by the CDF.

    They might be of interest to the passages in which Kiko does Jesus say that His Blessed Mother is a “neurotic who can not stand the suffering”, either blasphemy that Jesus gives the “cretin” the father of the epileptic.

  31. Blessed are the poor in spirit
    Blessed are the poor in spirit says:

    The Neocatechumenal are suffering from two mental disorders:

    1. when they read the critics on the way comments are attracted like bees with pollen (or maybe like flies, but I do not say…) and must spend all their energies to repeat grapeshot “Not-is-true-we-we approved“, until the call, which often has a life and little time to spare, are fed up.

    2. When they read an article, appointing just one of the terms that their guru has robbed the Catholic lexicon, They are prey to a kind of Pavlovian reflex, so they start to drool shouting “the-church-approve-the-Way-I-primicristiani!!”.
    It's stronger than them.

  32. Riccardo
    Riccardo says:

    Unfortunately many are ignorant neocatecumenisti.
    I had such a deacon in the parish.
    Luckily they escaped

  33. free
    free says:

    Anyone who is out of the manipulative context of the Neocatechumenal Way can only agree with the analysis contained in this article, also because we lived on our skin and the brain has begun to slowly work only after being turned away from that experience.

    I am rereading the mamotreti that unfortunately I for too long I preached when I was a catechist and, with surprise and regret, I am now a jumble infinity of errors and stupid things that shocked me greatly, but which at the time I did not realize any regard. I wonder how I could be so blind, so confident in the preaching that today it seems too bad, as well as uneven and arbitrary.

    I found the statement by Kiko college roommate: Kiko ate the need and vanity of being recognized a mystical, leader, hero and victim. He said strange things, as that entering the chapel “He felt the taste of blood of Christ”. It was never an atheist, but it was ignorant on religious themes, as for religion “He was white”, it was a “indifferent”.
    This testimony “way before” I believe a confirmation of what was said…

  34. Paola
    Paola says:

    Thanks again father Ariel, and thanks to the psychiatrist who wanted to share with readers this enlightening information and health considerations related to the diagnosis he made of the founders of the Neocatechumenal way self-appointed. She gave voice to the scientific insights and impressions that different walkers and former walkers had made about the founding and thus distorted the Christian teaching setting that is the basis of this journey. Thanks for letting us know that John Paul II had been informed in turn. The Catholic Church, Also at its highest levels, therefore the. E, Alas, is silent.

  35. Lucio
    Lucio says:

    It will be a ridiculous argument but Professor Don Ariel. Gandolfini renowned psychiatrist he too evidently thinks otherwise, as well as the president of Catholic psychologists, he teacher. Chant me. Two subjugated to “narciso” according to his valiant friend. Relax and pray Don Ariel, we are dominica palmis.

    P.s. Always tell your friend prof, G.P.II which evidently did not give him weight, since the late Carmen medium dined once a week with the Holy (only person allowed to smoke in his presence). Good day Lucio.

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      … and these his Metropolitan legends, by any chance also ascribed to the Acts of the Holy See?
      Dove? In the pages and during what years?

      She is an outstanding comedian, although it does not realize of it.
      But I say: She is a master of burlesque most hilarious and grotesque. Indeed, to dismantle the synthesis of a complex analysis psychiatry, She alleges that motivation, I quote his exact precise words:

      "John Paul II took no [Ed to this psychiatrist], since the late Carmen medium dined once a week with the Holy (only person allowed to smoke in his presence)».

      But she realizes that what he says and especially the reasons leading?

      But your “people”, lives and really builds “faith” of these mythical lies?

      • Thomist ex NC
        Thomist ex NC says:

        If this is why I have personally seen several pictures of St. John Paul II wearing a sombrero, clear endorsement of its liturgical use during the papal Masses.

        I've also seen movies of St. John Paul II with President Sandro Pertini, a blatant canonization of the Resistance and implied excommunication for those who do not regularly listed ANPI.

        And what of the public gesture of approval that St. John Paul II in the presence of Cardinal Giacomo Biffi manifested the Eucharistic Congress in Bologna in September 1997 during the singing performance by Adriano Celentano?

        It is nothing short of shameful that there are self-proclaimed Catholics, that in defiance of the Pontifical Magisterium stubbornly refuse to listen “Pricecolinensinainciusol“, or at least look at Easter “you timing” or at least to meditate on monologues “125 million caz..te“.

        I always thought, I repeat and write without fear of expressing an opinion foolhardy: behind the rejection of “Bingo Bongo” It hides the crypto-lefebvrismo and aversion to Vatican II.

  36. Roberto
    Roberto says:

    Ariel Caro,
    autonominare essay a rant like yours seems slightly excessive given that fact now everyone is free to write what he wants on the internet but no one has the right to raise something to essay (which already has the content just as certainly valid enriching Latin quotations and copy / paste); nobody believes in short…thank God.

    But the thing that I wish to communicate, is the fact that just a nice article came out today (what is that you can call Article) Corriere concerning a “wise” Ratzinger.
    I urge you to read it carefully…..He speaks of the Neocatechumenal Way…just what she and other bigots can not stand.

    I am convinced that you will never publish my post (called post…not wise) because obviously the statements of our Emeritus Pope asfalterebbero at once his theories preconciliar.
    Have a wonderful day…

    Roberto (priest of the Holy Roman Church)

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dear Roberto,

      I am willing to believe that she is "a priest of the Roman Catholic Church" in the same way that I can believe that Ms. Ilona Staller is a chaste virgin.

      The Venerable Benedict XVI, predecessor of the reigning Pope, He writes and says textually:

      "In the early Church, compared to a culture increasingly depraved, It was established the catechumenate as a life space where what was specific and new way of Christian living was taught and even guarded than the way of life common. I think that today it is necessary something like catechumenal community to the Christian life can assert itself in its peculiarity '.

      Is this, in your opinion, It is a reference to the Neocatechumenal?
      Explain to me, the phrase "In the early Church […] was established catechumenate ", she reads as if Augustus Benedict XVI had said that … in the early Church Kiko Arguello and Carmen Hernandez established the catechumenate?

      Lord have mercy!

      What does the word in the Italian language “wise” intended to literary level, see below from the Dictionary of Treccani:

      • Thomas Cecchini
        Thomas Cecchini says:

        It would be interesting, regardless of the rant Roberto, understand what were “catechumenal communities” and what characteristics they had in relation to the time in which began and developed.

        Many “movements” or assumed in fact have developed their “catechumenal communities” (I am reminded of the “Fraternity” Communion and Liberation that I know well for having spent so many years) but I get the feeling that none of this really has gone to the point both in the initial and in the concrete developments.

        If we are to resurrect “catechumenal communities” we must first know what it is…

      • Blessed are the poor in spirit
        Blessed are the poor in spirit says:

        Dearest Father. our dear friend Lino List, recently passed to the House of the Father, the esteemed very much and would be greatly appreciated his essay that this entry. His comments remind me our friend, both the pungent style, both the precision and care that takes in saying what he says.
        You could strike up wonderful discussions on many theological arguments, doctrine, Symbolism and Writing.

      • Tooth
        Tooth says:

        I see the name of the pornstar you know by heart…..ha ha haaaa
        A cazzaro oooo
        PS…. in Vatican they speak well of you….especially of your ass…
        HA HA HAAAA

        • father ariel
          Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

          Dear Gigi,

          Jesus Christ be praised!

          Although she is part of the chosen category of people who do not have to learn anything from anyone, I might make a suggestion, although it presumably will fall into the void: When you decide to attack a person, It must always be credible, then do it with credible arguments.

          I am about to perform 56 years and was ordained a priest in 45, After a previous life lived in all senses, unless in ways she indicated amenamente.

          Now, though she claimed that I keep in the house a Puerto Rican girl of nineteen and twenty-one of a Ukrainian and I try to make everyone believe that these beautiful girls – because of bad I never would keep! – They are respectively a my home, the other is my personal secretary, she could raise significant doubts and be believed even by ecclesiastical authority, which occur immediately if this is true and if by chance have again fallen in libertines and sinful lifestyles that characterized my previous existence before receiving the call to the priesthood of Christ, God and certainly not by Kiko Arguello.

          With arguments like his, she can just blow off steam with an insulting attempt, but without producing anything, Why, as he says the popular proverb wise "who was born round, can not become square ', add: suddenly species 56 year old.

          But I find it funny that he said, at the largest Gay village of the world, ie the Vatican, instead of praying, ask forgiveness of sins and making internal cleaning, they even have time to talk of my ass, inside which, the only one to be joined with a probe has been the specialist in internal medicine through the colonoscopy I make once a year, as my grandfather and my father died of colon cancer.

          But she tries to pay attention to the often incurable cancers that attack the soul.

          The Lord bless her, his holy walk and his catechists inspired by the Holy Spirit.


          If by chance he sees or hears, I sincerely neocatecumenalissimo the Archbishop of Guam, convicted in the first and in the second degree for pedophilia and removed from this diocese totally neocatecumenalizzata, while the false prophet Kiko Arguello screaming “to persecution!”. Me the greetings and especially tell him that I pray for him.

        • Alessandra
          Alessandra says:

          But I see that Kiko Arguello speaks constantly of sex and masturbation. CONTINUALLY. At this point I would ask why…
          P.S. Also I would mention his brother Apuron. Brother because it was part of a community neocatcumenale, his lawyer was his responsibility.
          Because it forced everyone who wanted to become priests to get in the way. (or nothing).
          Why did the war to all the priests who were not enthusiastic of the way, accusing them of the worst atrocities.

          You want to see the results of the journey? Ask the Catholics of Guam. There the road for decades he did what he wanted.

          And yet you're here to talk? Go and HIDE! Oh no, excuse me. What have you do. When you celebrate in lounges
          When you do the initial catecheses, or write clearly “Neocatechumenal way”
          When pastors and priests ask the mamotreti and you will not hand them dates.

          SHAME ON YOU.

      • Thomist ex NC
        Thomist ex NC says:

        But as a father Ariel!

        I marvel at her and her theological and liturgical incompetence. He does not know that the Holy Church each year, on the occasion of the liturgical action in Passione Domini, during the solemn Universal Prayer has reserved a prayer for the members of the Neocatechumenal Way?

        Do you think the Church has used even before the approval of the Statute and Mamotreti, sign that he recognized the charisma of Kiko well before Kiko.

        If you do not believe here it:

        Pray also for (ours), that our God may open the ears of their hearts Mercy, ut, by the washing of regeneration the remission of all sins, And be found in Christ Jesus our Lord.

        Almighty God forever, to build your new progeny, increase the faith and understanding of (ours), ut, Renata Fonte baptísmatis, Your adopted children.
        Through Christ our Lord.
        R. Amen.

        P.S: We could ricliclare the old “betrayed” abolished by S.S. John XXIII in 1959 and refers to the Jewish people, but apply it to another category. It may be a particularly appropriate liturgical license.


        [*] Ed

        Since the Universal Prayer

        IV. For catechumens

        Let us pray [our] catechumens:
        the Lord our God
        enlighten their hearts
        and their open the door of his mercy,
        because through the water of baptism
        They receive forgiveness of all sins
        and they are incorporated into Christ Jesus,
        our Lord.

        Almighty and eternal God,
        Always make your Church fruitful with new children,
        increases in [our] catechumens
        the understanding of faith,
        Why, born to a new life in the baptismal font,
        are welcomed among your children for adoption.
        For Christ our Lord.

        • father ariel
          Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

          Dear Tomista,

          you are absolutely right: I'm an ignorant, But I do respect to cure myself from this very serious disease, this is ignorance.
          Indeed, all the times I celebrated the Easter Triduum, I've always thought – wrong, precisely because of ignorance – that the Universal Prayer, dedicated to the catechumens, namely the IV oration, it was for those who were making the journey towards the Sacrament of Baptism.

          And also I admit to being a total schiappa as dogmatic theologian, because I have unfortunately ignored the words of Christ the Lord: "In truth, truly I tell you: before Abraham was, I am" [GV 8,58], He was actually referring to Kiko Arguello, because he quellI am, namely quell’I am.

          But, When you become aware of their limits, you can overcome.

    • Alessandra
      Alessandra says:

      I certainly hope that is lying (It would not be the first time a neocatechumenal, following the example of his lord and master Kiko Arguello, MIND pretending to be what it is not)..because otherwise we should say that we are dealing with a functional illiterate priest.

      dear Roberto, “catechumenal” it does not mean “neocatecumenale”.

      Just read well to understand that Benedict XVI never could relate to the journey as, precisely, It refers to the ancient church. So except Kiko Arguello is not immortal and has more than 2000 year old…

      Having said that it takes courage to sue , inappropriately course, Benedict XVI, behind which you have schemed to make you approve the Liturgy, that you said: "It is a great theologian, but the Liturgy do not understand anything ", of which you have taken the (the famous letter Arinze) and you have used as a towel to the table because there're screwed highly.
      Do you really have a poker face.

      And anyway I do not understand what there is to do rimostrazioni. What Kiko is a megalomaniac would understand a child, just listen to any of his “ads” incenters to see how everything on himself

    • Ornella Antoniutti
      Ornella Antoniutti says:

      Our beloved Pope Benedict XVI , document cited requires a walk Catechumenal.. that is, I think the Catechism of the Catholic Church taught and learned as befits. That's much different. We learn to read…

  37. LUCA
    LUCA says:

    Good morning Father Ariel.
    It was missing just the icing, on the cake called Neocatechumenal Way .
    Now we do not miss anything, only the word END.
    Thanks for all the good you are doing for us former , for Christians, for the Church and also for the Neocatechumenal in good faith.

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