The defense of the family's social, Giuseppe Brienza



In this month of October 2014 is released and can be purchased in bookstores or by requesting it directly to the editor:

a historical-critical essay of great interest to orientate in this moment of ecclesial life.



The defense of the family's socialThe defense of the family's social, a book written by Giuseppe Brienza (in the photo on the left) with a foreword Giuseppe BrienzaArchbishop of Ferrara, Mons. Luigi Negri (in the lower right) and afterword by Mons. Antonio Love, that once again the attention of all the pastoral workers in Italy the example of the battle led by the Bishop of Prato, Mons. Peter Fiordelli, to emphasize the human and religious values ​​of the family, against the civil legislation that gradually - first with divorce, then with abortion, then with the homosexual marriage and euthanasia — go deleting from the common principles of consciousness natural moral law, that the gospel nLuigi Negrion repealing but strengthens and elevates the supernatural order.

I'm, these, topics of perennial relevance but now need to be dealt with theological seriousness and sense of pastoral responsibility, taking into account the public discussions that preceded, accompanied and followed the work of the Extraordinary Synod on the Family, and that will intensify even more in view than the ordinary next year.

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Giuseppe Brienza – Social defense of the family