On the occasion of the earthquake Enzo Bianchi dusts off a note heresy



An earthquake can be considered a punishment from God? Certainly not as a punishment for the sins committed by the victims, but as a consequence of original sin, as is the suffering; and these consequences no one escapes : even Christ and the Madonna, indeed, although exempt from original sin and its consequences, They were subjected to suffering.



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Dio castiga e usa misericordia [Tb 23,2]


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Enzo Bianchi and Nunzio Galantino
Enzo Bianchi holds a conference in the presence of the Secretary General of the CEI, S. AND. Mons. Nunzio Galantine

In Future of 27 last August [see WHO] Enzo Bianchi has published some of his reflections on the recent earthquake, and thinking to comfort the afflicted and to give an illuminating answer to why God allowed such a calamity, dusts off the well-known heresy, according to which "God does not punish", falsehood contrary to sound reason, the Holy Scriptures, the Magisterium of the Church and the teachings of all the Saints; but, According to him, God is always and only "compassion" with all and takes all, believers and non-believers, in heaven. Such an assertion sweetish, grave on the lips of those who should be a man of God, removes the unfortunate that 'unparalleled comfort that comes from our faith, He adds bitterness to bitterness, leaving them in anguish, and he pushes to blaspheme a God who would be "good" in sending earthquakes.


Enzo Bianchi and Paul Romeo
Enzo Bianchi sent to hold a Lectio in the cathedral of Palermo, by the then Archbishop, Cardinal Paolo Romeo

We try to remedy the "bad cut drug" [1] peddled by Bianchi proposing the true Gospel teaching, and assuming the reader's willingness to listen to the Word of God. The Christian mystery does not rule out the reason, and it is better a bitter medicine that a sweet drink but poisoned. We say first that Bianchi forget that mercy It raises from suffering or prevents ; it also forgets that, in principle, suffering is the penalty of sin. And then the Suffering does not depend on the mercy, but by justice. So, call "compassion" one who mistreats me, It is a joke. Therefore, When God allows disasters, He not immediately demonstrates his mercy, but his justice. It is absurd and derisive groped to explain the suffering with the sole mercy neglecting justice. This is not to say that when I happen a disgrace, This is always the divine punishment for a sin I have committed. This may be in certain cases; but it is not necessarily always the case. Indeed, Actually, in this life it happens that there are professional criminals who get away without guilt and innocent who are affected by disasters.


Enzo Bianchi with Palermo Archbishop
One of the first call by a newly elected Archbishop of Palermo, S. AND. Mons. Corrado Lorefice: Enzo Bianchi invited to give a Lectio in the cathedral church

As it is clear from the Christian revelation, all the pains of this life, indeed, whether they strike the right, either they hit sinners, They are all in their distant origin protologica, judgment, consequences of original sin and in that sense just penalties, although in fact there are those who are affected little, and some are very impressed. But this disorder is a consequence of original sin. Apart from the suffering caused by the sins or negligence or ignorance of men. The rest, you have to be careful what you mean the Holy Scriptures, when he speaks of "God's punishment". It uses a language metaphoric, as indeed is the case of the word "wrath", taken from human relationships, but which it should best be adapted in the case of God, not to make it repugnant the idea of ​​a "divine punishment".


The expression “divine retribution”, indeed, materially socket, He suggests the act of a judge imposing a sentence conventional a wrongdoer. Instead, the penalty of sin is not an evil caused by God in the sinner. God does not hurt anyone. The penalty of sin is nothing more than harm or damage that the sinner himself, with his sin, pulling him. It would be like saying that those who drink too much wine is "punished" with liver cirrhosis.


enzo white cathedral of Padova
Enzo Bianchi has a Lectio ambo of the cathedral of Padua Church

God "sends" no hell as would a judge who sends the offender in prison, but hell, there are only those fools, whose pride is such that prefer to suffer away from God to be blessed with Him in paradise. If our good is to be united to God, it is logical that our evil is the refusal to join the Well. However, Faith teaches us to see the work of God's mercy even in times of suffering, because for us Christians now calls us the punishment of original sin, and perhaps even the penalty for our sins. But the Christian does not stop there. Serenely accept what happens to him, because you know to take advantage of this suffering to join with love, trust and hope in Christ crucified, who atones for us, It gets us the mercy and forgiveness of the Father for our sins, whereby, by an act of great generosity, but also in its interest, It can come to atone for Christ for the sins of others.


God's goodness is not only manifested in the consolations, but also with the correction. This too is mercy. And if we suffer from innocent, non turbiamoci, we think of Christ, that, innocent, He suffered and atoned for our salvation and unite our suffering to his to do our part to save the world. Christ with his blood has paid for us the debt of sin - satisfaction for us, says the Council of Trent - , but this does not prevent us to make our contribution. Therefore, in this light of faith, what is the experience of divine punishment he is transformed in the experience of his mercy. For it is by mercy that the Father has given us Jesus, in Whom and through Whom we can atone for our sins. And not only can we be saved from sin (healing grace), but also become "children of God" [The Gv 3,1, grace waved], participate in the life of the Son of the Son.


However it must be remembered that, though Christ gives everyone the possibility of salvation through the cross, not all de facto accept this offer, whereby not everyone is saved. Which means that God offers to all his saving mercy, only if, repented of their sins, they make penance. Whereby, as noted by the Letter to the Hebrews [EB 10, 26-31], if it already deserves punishment disobedience to Natural Law, here it's called "the Law of Moses", much more serious punishment deserve the rejection of God's mercy because of the rebellion against the law of Christ. Christ is clear teaching us that some will welcome this mercy and be saved, While other, for their disobedience, the refuse and danneranno[2].


Enzo Bianchi in arezzo cathedral
Enzo Bianchi has a Lectio in the cathedral of Arezzo

The Pope should remember these things, otherwise his preaching of mercy is likely to be misunderstood and that take advantage mess, that the good guys are baffled, that the judicial system is paralyzed, and that is not done justice to the oppressed, while they are hindered the reform and improvement of customs and are favored moral laxity and corruption. In addition to, given that the terrorists ISIS, according to the vision Rahner, They are "anonymous Christians", object of divine mercy, we can accept their proposal to replace the Koran to the Gospel, the more so, according to the theology of Rahner, Gospel and the Koran are placed on the floor "categorical", where a concept or the other, while all possess the '' transcendental experience of God ", that is the thing that counts and that guarantees to all the salvation.


Enzo White preaches priests sienna
Enzo Bianchi has a Lectio at the Archdiocesan Seminary of Siena, one of the first open after the Council of Trent and after five centuries of training activity closed for lack of seminarians …

Remain deaf to the warnings of the Lord for a false idea of ​​mercy, remove from the Bible verses that speak of doom, as unfortunately many do, with the belief that everyone is saved, them under the illusion of being able to regulate his conduct at will, to dissolve all moral restraints and to sin freely, with impunity conviction and that in any case there is no one in Hell. But as these ideas ignore the warning of the Lord, this their vain confidence, as already he warned the Council of Trent for Lutherans, It is useless, whereby, if they do not repent in time, actually end up in hell. The love of virtue is not enough to make virtuous, if you do not think about the consequences of the practice of vice.


The moment of misfortune reminds Christians the consequences of original sin and the possibility of redemption that is given by Christ, whereby, if he had any fault to be served, It can take the opportunity to settle accounts with the Lord. And if he was innocent he can take the occasion to offer his cross for the salvation of sinners.


Enzo Bianchi in the company of another speaker of ambiguous thoughts (see the Island of Patmos archives), Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini

We must certainly do good for the love of the good and to the heavenly reward which is the beatific vision of God. The exercise of virtue is certainly already in itself a source of joy; but virtue is not, as they believed the Stoics and Kant, order or its own reward; the exercise of virtue is not the content of happiness, but only the half of achieving, who is in achieving the ultimate goal and highest good, which consists in union with God.


The happiness of man is not immanent to man, ie does not consist in an act of man, however sublime and perfect, but in the fact that man, by choice, It joins forever and intimately to an external asset, staff, transcendent and infinite, who is God. But precisely this act will be perfect as it is the act by which man connects fully and eternally with God in charity.


Enzo white with Francis
Enzo Bianchi, remember that he never received holy orders, he never professed religious vows, It has never been either a cleric or a religious, which it is subject only to the obedience of himself, if you have “masked” abbot by the Supreme Pontiff, no one in the hall told him: "Where you intend to go, dress like that?»

The act for fear of punishment it is wise and logically connected to acting disinterested, pure love of perfection and of God. In fact you can not separate the love for the sake of fleeing or hatred of evil. The thought that if I do such a thing, God is punishing me, or I'll damage, She pushes me to do good.


Trust in God and in his mercy It gives impetus to our action, It makes us "innocent as doves", burning with charity, tenacious in convictions, brave in business, while thinking that some are damned and that I could damn myself, present in all the Saints, It is a salutary thought, pushing us to the good, It makes us "wise as serpents" [cf. Mt 16,18], modest in opinions, conscious of our weakness, acting brigade, cautious and circumspect in danger, warned of the pitfalls, lowly, ready to correct us, penitents, strong in temptations and trials, circumspect and wary in the treacherous situations, making us avoid precipitation, the ingenuity, the dabbenaggine, the excessive optimism, the presumption, too much security, boasting and arrogance.


However, the love of the good that is to hate evil. For this, the good action main reason is the love of God and not the fear of punishment. But then, It must also avoid the false security that everyone is saved. Fear is only a subsidiary reason, and yet necessary, precisely to avoid the false security. Fear that is not afraid, but love and respect.

An earthquake can be considered a punishment from God? Certainly not as a punishment for the sins committed by the victims, but as a consequence of original sin, as is the suffering; and these consequences no one escapes: even Christ and the Madonna, indeed, although exempt from original sin and its consequences , They were subjected to suffering.

But we have biblical examples of castigate city for the sins of their inhabitants. But here we are dealing with primitive conceptions of punishment, for which good and evil were involved in one disaster. It specifies the Scripture at one point that everyone is punished for his sins [Gives 31, 29ss] and not to those of other.


earthquake 2
one of the little innocent victims rescued after the seismic shock

Such a serious event such as an earthquake, when he puts to the test our solidarity and compassion for the needy and stimulates the search for remedies or defenses from many misfortunes, It can and should be considered as a cross which God sends us for our purification and for the conversion of sinners. You can therefore see in it a sign of his mercy, as we take occasion from it to unite us to Jesus crucified for the salvation of the world.

Many phenomena of a perfect nature created by God but imperfect man-made and therefore stepmother, bring us misfortunes, who are among the painful consequences of original sin, though the Creator wanted to put in them the rules and laws, to which they obey unerringly. But we will enjoy in the future resurrection of a mother nature, which he will have rediscovered harmony with man and the original meaning,ordained by God, of its existence.

Varazze, 29 August 2016




[1] In the context, the word "drug" is used as a synonym for heresy, just as drug dealing understood as "peddling heresies"

[2] CF my book Hell esiste. The truth denied, Editions Faith&Culture, Verona 2010.







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  1. And you see that we beat well the appointment as Cardinal of the Holy Roman Church?
    Maybe it already is “in pectore”…

  2. From the agenda of the Prior, among so many pearls three commitments of September:
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    the presence of Cardinal Beniamino Stella

  3. Dear P. John Cavalcoli.

    I'm done now to read the comments of fellow priests who totally agree. But I must say that struck me the most was that of the former seminarian which assure you of my sincere prayers … but not for him, but by the bishop of that diocese !!
    My question to Father Cavalcoli, if you think you can answer, is the following: how is it that this Bianchi is given similar visibility, similar access to the official organs of the Catholic Church Print ..? How can, This non-theologian, non-pastoralista, non-priest, non-religious, climb into the chair in the bishops' churches full of people after the bishops have imposed priests to publicize the event in all parishes? A bishop may propose that P. Ariel has called repeatedly on this Island (a sacrosanct doctrinal reason!) “bad master” and “false prophet”? Who is driving it, those who protect, those behind this dark character so powerful?
    Here, These are the questions that I am addressing for many years, about the “Bianchi phenomenon”, endorsed (unfortunately!) by Italian bishops, because if he is allowed to write in Avvenire, this means that the bishops approve it. Is not Avvenire (I do not buy and do not read more), the official organ of the Italian Bishops' Conference?

    1. Yes, note… because now, over the king, the bishop has no clothes, let's say it loud and clear, in the spirit of fraternal correction, and it stays on record… if the department has gone bad, not only for Bianchi, but for much more:




      the blame is the publisher of the magazine:


      that, warned of this, stubbornly persists in error, so assuming full responsibility. On the other hand, choices are. Each in the day of judgment, I will answer.

  4. Father John.
    May the Virgin Mary of the Rosary which so devout is Your Family Dominican intercede for You, and also for p. Ariel, of course.
    Indeed, Oh, I took the heavy burden of doing “the dirty work” (figuratively), which may involve “to pay” in first person for all “voiceless”, including priests.
    I do not want to embitter You and p. Ariel, but I think it's fair, Actually, to understand what levels we are …
    In our diocese are different, the priests who will follow, and happen, often, to exchange opinions among us, on your writings.
    In September 2015 We made this proposal … why not invite the distinguished Dominican theologian Giovanni Cavalcoli, to preach the spiritual exercises to the clergy, and below, the equally gifted and profound theologian Levi Ariel Gualdo, to give a lecture for the refresher course for the clergy?
    Proposal immediately rejected, definitely, immediately.
    Do not tell you who, for the one and the other occasion, They were invited, because infliggerei an unnecessary humiliation to you, and “istigherei” contempt readers towards certain things.

    I imagine you will be to both current, after Avvenire, even the Osservatore Romano, He has revived the White pearls …
    Lord have mercy!

    1. Application / proposal for you Don: but because instead of aiming so high (that is, to preach to Father Don Ariel Cavalcoli or the meeting that perhaps more interested in Bishop), Do not point EVEN MORE’ UP and you put yourself in agreement between you Parishes and do make a small tour of the two preachers few days, housing them with you, but ATTENTION NOT ONLY CONFERENCE, but JUST TO MAKE DON! And then not only conference, but dry sermon in the pulpit! Not only conference, but the afternoon to confess with Don Ariel available. Not only conference, but a nice teaching catechism to the boys made an exceptional OP!
      One day a priest short lived with a priest more. It must be a pretty even charge for you, No? Imagine for your faithful!
      Eccheccaspita! And think if it becomes a regular event! Boh, I launch… then of course I do not know if such a thing should have the ok flushed high court. This would not help…

  5. Father John dear, dottissimo e … courageous.

    From his 70 to his 70 (I though I 77, you are younger, 75!), thank you for what you wrote, Thanks!
    My bishop invited 2 years ago Mr.. White to give a lecture to the clergy for the opening of the pastoral. I and others 4 My brothers did not go there. These were the results in the year that followed:

    1. He sent us all 5 a letter of reprimand accusing us of denying “Communion” with the Bishop and the particular Church.
    2. It was not in our parishes on the occasion of the feast of the patron saint of the parish church.
    3. He was not for confirmations and sent in his place the general vicar / Episcopal Vicar.

    All in all it went well, She could be worse, because, as we all know, you can challenge the teaching authority of the church, but you can not miss the conference of a layman called by a bishop to speak to the priests, and, moreover, the occasion of the opening of the pastoral year.
    Between 5 Brothers, I was the most determined, because of my age (I said that I 77, Bishop has 58, and bishop 3), and bluntly I said so in the epistle Episcopal: “after 52 years of faithful priestly service, I do not mean take pastoral lessons, beginning of the pastoral, by a lay person invited by the bishop to catechize the priests. If the bishop had invited an experienced preacher or an elderly wise bishop with many years of pastoral experience on the shoulders, I'd been there”.
    It has passed, since, 2 year old, it's still, Bishop, You must always speak to me …
    By acting in that way, protessi 4 priests just 40s, taking me I blame, and making believe that I was the, to influence others.

    Thanks, Holiness! Thanks, for the bishops that there is donating, continuing in this way … Thanks!

    1. The stories of genuine suffering or daily humiliation that you read here made by bishops to their, no excuse, OUR priests are outrageous.
      Hopefully in a tamtam continuously leading to this site a real river of people from which he can drink from a rich and fresh source. Who can supplant the power of digital numbers, the numbers of the conference Mr.. Bianchi, still too many.
      Dates then look at how to move these cunning. Cercatevi what are the circles of the RE-resistance, how to spin a verb is a past tense deceased compared to the near future which is the Word of God performatrice! Probably this year I will be part, tangenzialmente, of one of these circles. I'm almost curious to see what will come out…
      Meanwhile a prayer to you Don and Fathers you write and read this magazine it will not border the lever none!

    2. thrashing, Don Elio, saint !! Not for nothing, in the article by P. John Cavalcoli, s'accompagnan various photos of “Sor Bianchi” that “preach” in the Italian cathedrals. There is also a picture where the “Patriarch bosiano” He preaches in our former seminary room, after that our archbishop had given in person, his own hand, priest to priest, the invitation card, over lunch before the Chrism Mass (2014).
      And therefore I know how true I made that photo caption … “Enzo Bianchi holds a lecture at the Archdiocesan Seminary of Siena, one of the first open after the Council of Trent and after five centuries of training activity closed for lack of seminarians”.
      I am a former seminarian of that seminar, from which I came out after realizing that “before saving the vocation, to be saved faith”. And here the phrase in quotes, I told the father Ariel, and never I repented of having followed his advice and left that seminar, now closed, and the few seminarians, sent to that of Florence.

      A former seminarian of the Seminary of Siena

    3. Circles of R-existence, sorry. In the short edition 2016 It provides for a small charge with whom you form a circle to which anyone can join. The contribution is used to buy a book from which then the club will begin a reflection of a few meetings (one a month usually for 4/5 meetings). At the end of reflection all are coming en masse in a theater to listen and applaud the author of this book.
      Book proposed this year: Gift of Mr. and Forgiveness. Bianchi.
      I see black.
      But beyond this: understand mess? They charge you to buy a book that not only must read, but also pretend to deepen. In the end they give you a sop to kiss from afar the hand that penned such grace in a meeting with the author jam-packed with people who had your same mistake.
      I will ask: and you share a route with this in mind? Oh well, I never thought to overcome the prejudices that I have on a possible educational experience than the experience itself. It is perhaps this situation the tombstone of my personal principle?
      I will tell…

  6. Rev.mo and Dearest Father, After many words expressed inappropriately, also from certain of our (as would p. Ariel) “vescovoni”, we have the authentic grace to read, about the tragedy of the earthquake, something Catholic island of Patmos, that, not by chance, is … John's the site of the last revelation.
    much gratitude!

  7. Only a consideration of the position of Kant and the Stoics on the virtues. We must take into account that Kant comes after seventeen centuries of Christianity; its position can not be innocent; he knows that his concept of virtue is anti-Christian. la Stoa, instead, it was substantially, a philosophy pre-Christian. Since its inception had roughly two souls, una directed toward pantheism, another tending to a personal God, as in the case of Seneca, eg, philosopher to whom I am very fond (in his “Providence”, The Other Brother, we find some reflections on the value of suffering as a sign of God's solicitude towards the "good" that are dear to him and that he intends to correct). There is also to say that the exercise of virtue in fact causes a sense of satisfaction, a form of "soul tranquility", to quote the Stoic, or "peace" in the words with the Christian, which is nothing but an imperfect participation in the "rest" otherworldly in God of biblical or Pauline memory. Only that in pre-Christian philosopher this concept could only be overshadowed - almost prudish hope – in the absence of "definitive answer” of Revelation…

  8. To p. Cavalcoli is a real “Lectio” ! Unfortunately Mr.. Enzo Bianchi has increasingly following among prelates and cardinals and has friends in high places and influential. May the Lord protect us and free of false prophets!

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