The Superior General of the Society of Jesus, perhaps using “goods” badly cut? The grave lies the Jesuit Arturo Sosa

defend the Pope from false friends



Smell, in Via dei Penitentiaries, the corner of the General Curia of the Jesuits is a beautiful historic café, with a large collection of wines and liqueurs. "I do not think this Venezuelan" - ranted Ariel S. Levi Gualdo after having read the interview with the Superior General of the Society of Jesus - "has opened a branch of his office at this fine wine shop ! ».



Poison of asps under the lips

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john ariel - isola

Giovanni Cavalcoli, ON Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo



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  1. Luiz Roberto Turatti
    Luiz Roberto Turatti says:

    Congratulations, Father Arturo Sosa Abascal! Keep revolutionizing, ALWAYS, with this same courage, at the height of his knowledge and his authority as Superior General of the Society of Jesus, annihilating this “personification of evil” - by “demons”, "Exus", "Undines", "Salamanders", “Astral larvae”, “ETs”, “Spirits of the dead” - ridiculous beliefs and superstitions! Let's go ahead with our beloved revolutionary Pope Francis, Jesuit, the teachings very well in depth, over more than half a century, of our already missed, also Jesuit revolutionary, Father Oscar González-Quevedo (1930-2019), always highly respected within the Church for his expert studies, especially in the field of Parapsychology! Let's refine our faith! God is MUCH more!

  2. hector says:

    About the provost interview, others plead on some outlandish statements :
    “Last week Mr Ariba sent Francis and Cardinal Gerhard L. Müller, prefect of the congregation for the doctrine of the faith, a “Reminders” six pages very critical of the arguments set out in a recent interview by the new general of the Society of Jesus, the Venezuelan Arturo Sosa Abascal, very close to the Pope”
    Here the in-depth topics:

    • Counselor Alex Joseph
      Counselor Alex Joseph says:

      I would like you to send me the contact of the Reverend Father Superior Fr. Arturo Sosa Abascal SJ.
      I would like to present my request to him.

  3. with no fear of the word says:

    Still crying about that almost Jesuits 60 years ago gave me indirectly and then directly to some what Christian education is not heretical, I will not add anything to Codest dude, except that, He has so much care to be registered by rossoporpora he never seems to have heard of the extraordinary mnemonics that over the millennia and centuries passed intact and unalterable guarded the treasures of the spirit of humanity donated.

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Very expensive,

      spend, like myself, He was a student of the old school Jesuits, those trained and become priests in the early fifties of the twentieth century, He has particularly suffered, for the words of this poor person.

  4. Alessandro B says:

    I am amazed that anyone be surprised if Father Ariel says what he has to say even if it is to say to the leader of the Jesuits. But it is precisely because those words were spoken not any one that can not be silenced! It seems to me that Father Ariel was again friendly in front of the seriousness of the crime. The coloring style does nothing but wrap lightness Christian charity that you feel you.
    Regarding the lady theologian, instead you feel the pride and sense of worth are certainly not present in the Holy Bernardette Soubirous of which I have just read some passages about his life. Just to mention a woman and a Santa. Time ago, I briefly corresponded with a German Catholic theologian who in a Swiss Protestant church television program said quietly that the devil does not exist. Today (ie we men of modern civilization) we understand that it is a symbolic representation of psychological problems that modern psychiatry can’ cure, and so on…

    Remaining silent would be a sin of omission.

  5. Anna says:

    I would like to respond to the “theologian” Martina Franci on the issue of women deacons.

    The Vergine Maria was never allowed to take the place of His Son.

    She who is Immaculate, Queen of Heaven and Earth has become docile, obedient and humble, then we women not having the grace that God has given to Mary, the more reason we have to do the Father's Will, serving the brothers in imitation of Vergine Maria: in the silence, in charity, in obscurity, in prayer and humility SANTA '!

    Remember that St. Giovanni Paolo II called in Priestly ordination that women can not receive the sacrament of Holy Orders.

    Like a good “theologian” should know that when a Pope to pronounce from the throne on a matter of faith or morals, the definite truth is no longer refutable. Now I do not know what it means for her the word dogma, But I fear that having studied at the Gregorian think that the principles of the Faith to mutate changing times denying the transcendence of God.

    The best thing would be for the good of the Church that each one occupies the place that God has assigned him without questioning what He has established.


  6. Eagle says:

    the Rev. Padri,

    your analysis, Your rebuttals are outstanding, They can not be faulted and extremely glossy.
    Coma in other articles will always stopped one step from the resolution of the enigma. I think all the clues, symptomatology, It leads to a problem, I do not understand why. The logical foundations (identity, non-contradiction, excluded middle) They seem to crumble miserably.

    The problem that you do not want to see is the current Pontiff.
    The Chamberlains court constitutes an effect, not the cause of the problem.
    Red Riding Hood is eaten by the wolf and Little Red Riding Hood was not devouring the wolf.

    I'm sorry that your praiseworthy qualities that so qualified, They do not want to or can not go into the matter, They would be a great help to the current good of the Church Militant.
    What a pity !!!

    Papa Clemente XIV was supposed to suppress the Jesuits with a solemn act of teaching so as to close them permanently.

    good job.

  7. father ariel
    ma.fra2008 says:

    Within this sitarello in a while to have a laugh with the anachronisms of the two fundamentalists who write to us.
    Sono theologians, I studied at the Gregorian, and I know how serious, how serious are the Jesuits, the difference between us and you women priests (with all respect) lost in chatter, is that if we women were priests, We will spend most of our time, but it is said that one day, the impetus generated by the great Pope Francis …
    meanwhile, I am working on the Committee on the study of women deacons …

    Martin Franci

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dear Mrs.

      The devil laughs just like her the truth, because its purpose is to overthrow the eternal absolute foundation and elevate to the supreme truth of the unreal world. For this he mimics God: to reverse good and evil and create another reality.

      But she studied at the Gregoriana, so it was presumably formed in accordance with the sacred truths rahneriane, based on which, the Devil, It is presented as "a mythical and symbolic translation of man's ancestral fears".

      A theologian who talks about women deacons and women priests, He can have only studied at the Gregorian, if there had told her, we would have deduced us.

      What the Jesuits are serious, He has demonstrated their superior general who represents them and who guides them, indeed, when answering interviews clearly falling into historicism, relativism and heresy Lutheran, making extensive use between the lines of the concepts of de-mythologizing Rudolph Bultmann, in fact it is very serious, as are all those practices that enunciate heresies, because in doing so they always take very seriously, why we should respond by taking them around. This is the reason why the Fathers de The Island of Patmos, to the Superior General of the Society of Jesus he recalled that he does not know the Catechism of the Catholic Church; and that's a fact, not an opinion. Similar way He does not know the social doctrine of the Church, enough to draw on the best of the worst of those post-conciliar abuses - that have nothing in common with the Second Vatican Council - and thanks to the Jesuits and their alleged interpretation of the "true spirit of the Council", They have created commingling with Marxism through the Trojan horse of liberation theology, creating huge disasters across the Latin American continent, where escape of the faithful from our churches has come in some countries to touch even the 50%, while the sects of the Protestant heretics filled the “churches” own.

      Maybe she does not agree at all that the Protestants are heretics, and that the Pentecostals blaspheme the Holy Spirit every day with their pernicious and heretical Pneumatology, but for us they are those.

      I do not doubt that "you women", Fost is threatened, would you use most of your time, for example, going to the hairdresser for styling before the Chrism Mass in the cathedral church. What self-respecting lady would rise fact disheveled on a stage, well it was a comedy play called: The rescue of women deacons, production Carlo Maria Martini, regia Walter Kasper, screenplay Luis Francisco Ladaria Ferrer ?

      On DIACONATE FEMALE I refer you to this study: see WHO

    • father ariel
      Eagle says:

      An excellent teólogos,

      the theological framework of his and his Jesuit friends is totally erroneous because it is based on philosophical basis of antichrist (pantheism, skepticism). The human ego coincides with the divine Self. This theology is in reality a mere philosophy of religion.

      Dear lady, as you should know the theology helps the magisterium, not demolishing and replacing it. You can not go on with this idealistic folly in the Church.

      Necessarily it will lead to the final battle, put off for decades. This time we live seems to be the right time for a final denouement. There is no possibility of reconciliation between Christ and Satan, but she can not understand this because his mental categories are based on the principle of contradiction.

      Your teacher, first idealist, is the snake that has contributed to our original catastrophe. May the Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on his soul.

    • donnaisabella says:

      Dear Mrs. Franci,
      I never speak, These Nesun Sitarello, but now I am forced to defend two realities: This is a sitarello, that reminds me of the true origins of Christianity, when a group of boys and men, made only of males, few and far between theologians, He was called by a Head, which is in the King Eternal, the other is the REST of the female populace is good, wise, intelligent and also nice (physically).
      No theologian , nor academic philosopher by grace, although when I was between twenty and thirty three offers I received to that effect (l’ last was that of a priest who loved to flirt with the Masons.. I had already prepared everything even the title of the course that I should also keep in people older than me). I gave up and in one case I was “spitting” off as junk, because my conscience when it is at odds with the truth always lose. And then there quell'insopprimibile NEED OF FREEDOM. And then Pinocchio is read to the end. Even the puppet became a man, but it is due to start from a hovel donatagli from Grillo importuno. Freemasons apart, I am mindful that vainglory is always blind me. God does not want it to end theologian!

  8. father ariel
    Don Santo (CA) says:

    … mAh, caro don Ciro (cute as ever!), perhaps we shall turn to you in Naples, because in the summer, when they are in our country (Sardinia) always continue to celebrate Mass on the beach in shorts with a t-shirt with short sleeves and a colorful scarf hanging from the neck.
    They make me even tenderness, the bottom should not be afraid of tenderness, remembered as someone who, tenderly, from time to time we seize more and more merciful beatings, if we dare to be Catholic priests …

    Don Santo

  9. father ariel
    Don Ciro says:

    … excuse me, but the Jesuits, are always those who years ago, here in Naples, They were the meetings with those of “We are Church”, and who taught that the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist was a belief founded in the twelfth / thirteenth century ?
    Maybe that's why I do not kneel in the canon of the Mass, Mica you can kneel in front of a metaphor unleavened bread and wine ?
    But I'm talking about several years ago, it may be that in while you are converted …

  10. father ariel
    Don Francesco Messina says:

    Dear dear Brothers Fathers,
    I do not want to invite you to be cautious because you are the cautious, ma all’ … Attention … all’ Attention … you have touched on subjects whose touchiness proceeds in tandem with their arrogance and their vindictiveness, I tell you because I've experienced.
    wonderful article, truly.

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dear Brother,

      You're totally right, but however you must know I am dying of fear, rather!
      I also believe that in several, We experienced what you have experienced.
      Anyhow, just only measure the “enemy”.
      In conclusion, we are talking about people who presented themselves to the imperial courts in the back curve as the servants, certain to get something, that in the end was just something, an alms …

      With the weak, instead, They have always been strong; and God only knows, sometimes, also as rigid, especially from a moral point of view.

      Then there is the speech of ductile consciousness, the consciousness intermittently, the conscience seconded the case , for instance: If the kings of the great European courts had lovers scattered everywhere and jumped the horse overnight, in this case they did not see, because there was half the reason of state and various other reasons, if anything, including subsidies for the construction of pharaonic Jesuit colleges, with related churches – still visible – they had to flaunt, both in architectural grandeur both in honor, greater size and wealth of the local cathedral.

      Someone wants to deny the existence of these architectural monuments, some of which are built – for case? – in the immediate vicinity of the cathedrals ?

      However, if a farmer winked a cheerful peasant girl, in that case it was not the conscience ductile and not working intermittence, neither assist in the case, but quickly snapped the flames of Hell.

      Want to neutralize them, indeed if anything even ship them friends ?
      So always shown strong, because only then we escape to those who are historically strong with the weak and weak with the strong; and when protect the weak – see the history of Latin America over the last sixty years – do not do it for them, but for completely different purposes and objectives.

      If the Jesuits had existed under Pope Alexander VI, and if Alexander VI had them favorites in various ways, included in the balance sheet, then, before anyone had dared to sigh over private conduct but notes the Supreme Pontiff, the Jesuits would have supported with logical arguments decided that Donna Marozia, for quality, Virtue and customs of life, It was second only to the Blessed Vergine Maria.

      And who has historical arguments to disprove, that belies what I said.

  11. Cyrano says:


    Congratulations: insults, defamations, give the doped, alcoholic and minus habens a brother in the priesthood is truly a demonstration not only of crystalline class, but heroic witness of each Christian and human virtues.

    I am pleased, are the priests and theologians like you who can give the Church the right image, evangelical and human that is so we need.


    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Defamation is an offense and pursued by. 595 of the Criminal Code.
      In our article is no indication of the circumstances of this crime, therefore she uses inappropriate words and applies to crime figures where it does not exist.

      Said this: what do you think she was abusive and vulgar language in our Lord Jesus Christ when the highest dignitaries of the time and to the same belonging to the caste of priests, He addressed by calling them "serpents", "breed of vipers", "Whited sepulchres full of filth inside ', "Sons of the murderers of the prophets", guilty of "intemperance" and "robbery" … and the latter is, an accusation that is linked to a precise figure of offense: the robbery [cf. Mt 23, 1-37].

      And what little it was merciful, Our Lord Jesus Christ, when in a violent and aggressive, between screams and beatings, physically assaulted the poor merchants in the courtyard of the temple in Jerusalem [cf. Ma 11,15-19; Mt 21,12-17; LC 19, 45-48].

      After all, those poor merchants and money changers, if we think about were just good people who made their living, of family men who had wives and children to feed to maintain, as opposed to Jesus Christ, who she was born instead into a wealthy family and was supported for all expenses required for its public life from rich families and very wealthy widows. Suffice it to say that even agreed to be anointed with a precious nard oil by Maria; an oil that cost more than gold. So much so that that person practical and realistic Judas Iscariot calculated that jar of oil to the value of 300 money, which they amounted to nearly a year's pay of a Roman soldier [cf. MC 14,3-9; GV 12,1-8].

      In any case, we note that she is more gentle and merciful of God's Word, but above all we take note of its excellent pedagogy: before the "false prophets" [cf. Mt 7, 15-20] and before devastating the work of "blind guides" [cf. Mt, 23] that lead the People of God in grave mistake, must testify – as she teaches us – "Christian virtues", perhaps doing in the best of hypotheses pretend nothing ?

      And tell us: to give the Church "the right image, evangelical and human which is so much we need ", must accidentally sweep the dirt under the rug error ?

      My joke "remove the hand fiasco at that Jesuit!"It's all proportioned to what the Jesuit serious that he set out in blatant disregard to Catholic doctrine and the Magisterium of the Church, proving in fact did not know the Catechism that she too, caro Cyrano, shows not to know with his comments.

    • thief-taker says:

      In response to Cyrano

      Since it is the first time I write here I state that I have no authority to enter into the discussion of complex theological or canonical details that I find in the arguments of the authors and commentators on this site useful.

      I am a baptized any, from a couple of years led by the extraordinary events of the Church's contingency to spend some 'time to inform and better understand what is happening: if soon I will go to Hell I would at least that to happen to my horrible and conscious choice and not by leaving caress my bad conscience by some ministers of the Most poor people in robes but in fact agents of the Enemy.

      Coming to You, from the point of view of the brief description of the objective results of Authors and Subject's article above, But I find your comment so succeeded in appreciation of the facts that in my turn, believing in this adequate my preparation, I wish to express my heartfelt congratulations for it.

      It does not have missed the sarcasm intended shape of your comments, I suppose you wanted to nip with hard wit Authors.

      I would point out that doing so in my view you made a mistake because you got the opposite result: in the sense that you have effectively and truthfully described the good deeds of the Authors.

      In small you inadvertently announced the Truth as big Caiaphas prophesied the divinity of Jesus Christ.

      With regard to what the new Jesuit General, the ironic tone of epithets peppered with references alcohol is among the best a fervently Catholic Christian author can choose to make judgment on the facts seeks to reconcile the Christian obligation of mercy and truth.
      Outside irony, the assessment of the immutable dogmas of the Catholic Jesuit General rant would lead to a much less merciful correction (that in other times, certainly not from me regrets, he also led the repressive intervention of the secular arm).

      With regards to the abundant use of epithets hard, the two authors, by diligent priests of the Catholic Church, They have been shown to follow a pressing example of the last four years of their supreme superior on Earth.

      Indeed it seems to me that the use of this lexicon have passed on skills (as it regards the appropriateness of the epithets attributes) the ordinary teaching of said upper, which is reminiscent [to es. cf.. ] numerous cases of abuse attributed without irony, and possible extenuating to recipients that many observers seemed not so guilty as meritarseli.

  12. tomorrow says:

    In short, It is relativized considering the dogma one of many possible interpretations and absolutizes one of the many theories that exist in the so-called historical-critical exegesis. It would be interesting to understand why this happens also in the highest hierarchy of the Church. The first thing that comes to mind is the study of Garrigou-Lagrange on the assumptions of dogmatic formulas: once you put aside the rational premises thanks to which it is conceived and accepted dogma (even here we must reiterate that this is not a dirty word, but a term that comes from the greek and means "decision is based on a fair trial", and thus "teaching", "rule", or even "teaching that has normative value") falls also the dogma and anything that relies on it. The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, In the 1973, in order to warn the Catholic world by misleading interpretations, It intervened with the Declaration Mysterium Ecclesiae, especially defending the Catholic dogma of interpretations that belittled the value (see chap. 5). So, as it is needed, if this is no longer in circulation, you reprint!

  13. father ariel
    dongipa says:

    … I see that Don Gianni said with an essential and incisive epigraph what I told myself, so I will simply say that I agree in everything.
    My add that years ago my bishop sent me to the specialist at the Gregorian, already a priest for 4 year old.
    During a lecture I got up and went away saying to semi aloud … “we can not stay here to hear certain heresies”.
    I informed the bishop that I did not stay one more day at the Gregorian, and I must say that if you took it with me.
    After two weeks he came to the bishop an information who wanted to have the flavor of psychological mixed with pastoral and social, in which it informed the diocesan ordinary that his priest (the undersigned) He had relationship problems, of relationship, of pastoral …
    These are the Jesuits!
    Enunciate heresies from professorships?
    And not one can say that a heresy is a heresy, eh what the heck!
    If you do that you have relationship problems, of relationship, of pastoral …
    my bishop there fell not he just tell me “evidently they have become worse than they already were in 1972 when I was studying, at the time they were limited to deny the existence of purgatory !”
    The bishop also told me another thing that made me think, this: “if you like a letter to a her priest she had come from Rome, the great Gregorian, a bishop of some remote missionary diocese of the world that, if anything, still has not made his first visit to Rome at the threshold of the apostles, As if have bad views, the poor priest ?”.
    Is this, I repeat, I did much, much reflect …

    Don Giovanni Paolo

    • father ariel
      Indigon.11 says:

      Peace and grace from God to all of you dear confreres who have already commented.
      There speaks a priest Vecchiarello on the way to eighty, Perhaps you are all younger …
      My bishop then (holy God rest his soul!), He did get very ill at the time, when in 1976 I asked him if he could send me to do a specialization in dogmatic theology at the Gregorian.
      I remember him always … remained at least two minutes in silence, with his head on the desk, then with a dry frown he told me “no”, and agiunse well “May!”.
      I said nothing. You know, Mica wondered at the time many explanations to the bishops, and no one would come out with a … “I am not in agreement”.
      His, perhaps, he was afraid to be too hard, and he smiled at me like a real father, then he told me … “as you know, I was at the Council, what you know from the newspapers, by talk, by so many legends. During those meetings I have heard everything, and this all I will bring it to the grave. You see … the worst and the most dangerous subjects theologians, those to whom I would never allow the rivolger word to one of my seminarians, Today teach everyone there, and … all there, the Gregorian”.
      Then he said … “I understand that you have just now got my license. Bravo, you did well. tell me, where did you get driving lessons?”.
      I explained that I had been the driving school, I'd had a good instructor …
      And the bishop said to me, … “Bravo, you did well!” Then he almost laughed and said,: “Now, in your opinion, I should send my good priest to take driving lessons from a dangerous pirate of the road? That's right my dear: going to be dogmatic to the Gregorian, today, It is how to take driving lessons from a dangerous pirate of the road”.
      After him, He was quite another bishop pasta, and the day after they are ordered … All in Rome at the Gregorian!
      … and I do not say that priests, then, we found ourselves in after the diocese!
      Just I wanted to tell you this: walking towards the eightieth, always bless this holy man of God of my old bishop.
      A guaranteed my prayer for fathers island of Patmos.

      Don Igino

      • father ariel
        luk23 says:

        Caro Father (always call “dad” and more “don” seniors)
        God keeps alive long you and the priests like you, because the day that we lost those like you, we will be in utter desolation, every time our elders fail, I realize more and more … species with the times that run.
        Continuing the theme, In the 2009, my bishop after ordination had sent me at the Gregorian for specialized license, I said: “at that university, the Catholic faith has been long committed suicide”. It was inclusive, the following year he sent me to the Holy Cross, and I must say (given that I have no bond of affiliation with Opus Dei), which it was a positive experience and … Cattolica.

        Greetings from Friuli by don Luca

        • father ariel
          don Emanuele M. says:

          Dear don Luca, all reverse experience, my.
          The bishop asked him if he saw fit me to a specialist, and he was happy with my request (let's talk 2010). When asked where you want to go, I replied that I would go willingly to S. Croce. He replied that the University of Opus Dei would have never sent his priests, so I said that I could do very well without the specialist.
          In 2012 She came his successor, who sent me to the S. Croce, where I finished the sweat of 2015.

          Years ago, as a seminarian, I followed the P metaphysical lessons. Prof. Giovanni Cavalcoli in the Dominican Study Bologna.
          wonderful and unforgettable experience, thanks again for everything and everything, Father John Carlson !!

  14. father ariel
    don Gianni - Arezzo says:

    Dear Brothers of Patmos Island,

    I implore every day God merciful for you to want to bestow a great favor to his Holy Church: suppression – this time final – from the (ex) Society of Jesus.

    • father ariel
      Don Stefano Bellobuono says:

      Dear Don Gianni,
      I endorse everything.
      Do not let live a completely rotted tree now, since piously it deluded that it can also give good results.
      We know that a rotten tree can never bear fruit. And if it survived two or three healthy apples on a branch, at that point you have to save two or three healthy apples detaching them from the branch and then burn all the diseased tree, otherwise also the two or three healthy apples, survived by a miracle, will rot, together with the whole tree.

    • father ariel
      Don Gaetano of Genoa says:

      Dear Don Gianni,

      here in Genoa we have the headquarters of the Jesuit novitiate, I got to spend twice years ago for the celebrations, and I do not put it back foot.
      Let it pass !
      determined, once, to make the spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius. Arriving at the house of spiritual exercises, first of all, I gave him a prayer book and a book of meditations Bianchi Enzo alias prior of Bose. I lay in bed at night, addussi the morning as an excuse (I admit!) a lie holy … I was treated by the dentist and I was again exploded a strong toothache.
      And I'm andai, because as far as I know, the Ignatian exercises do not provide the texts of prayers and meditations of Bianchi Enzo alias prior of Bose.
      in this second chance, closed every kind of relationship, that, After what has been said, I doubt to reopen in the future.

      • father ariel
        Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

        Dear Brother Genovese,

        same story same script !

        Several years ago, the beginning of my training for the priesthood, I had your same unfortunate idea. And I tell you where I went well: in the retreat house of Altavilla Milicia, near Palermo.

        Same books of the same prayers Bianchi Bose.

        I was badly looked, consequently misjudged, because during the Mass I refused to self-communicate, In fact, I had to take the SS. Eucharist with my hands from the ciborium, dip it into the chalice of the Precious Blood of Christ, and then self-communicate.

        In short, a pious Jesuit retreat house in which, liturgically, it required the guests a use that is definitely strictly prohibited from Sacramentum.

        Same script, or as they said once in the rides of amusement park: "Another round another race!».

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