Who is Marco Felipe Perfetti referring to when he states from the Silere Non Possum website «here in the Vatican … us in the Vatican", if he can't even set foot in the Vatican?


Why bother with this person who does not arouse any charm and interest in us, but only Christian and priestly compassion? Because it has happened very frequently that multiple people from Italy and abroad have asked us for information on this "great connoisseur" and "frequenter" of the Holy See and the Vatican.

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The Fathers of the Island of Patmos they have many interesting topics to deal with in the context of the doctrine of faith and talking about certain characters is not within their aspirations. However, we have duties that we cannot avoid. The site manager I Can't Be Silent continues to present himself as an excellent expert on the Roman Curia, of the Holy See and the Vatican City State. And this actually creates several problems.

Recently, when he attempted to beatify the unfortunate Archabbot of Montecassino who died a few weeks ago, alluding in his various posts that the Church should apologize to this "innocent" (!?), completely overlooking the fact that his deeds were and remain unspeakable, by these columns he was sensationally denied through gods dubia to which he obviously never responded (see article WHO).

He always fired in bursts on people and institutions of the Holy See, going against everyone's grain, from the Supreme Pontiff to the soldiers of the Vatican Gendarmerie. For months he has been relentlessly mocking and insulting Paolo Ruffini, Prefect of the Dicastery for Communications of the Holy See, and Andrea Tornielli, Director of Media of the Holy See, indicating them as «incapable, incompetent, ignorant…», to the point of accusing them of being "illiterate". Whether Andrea Tornielli ― like it or not ― is an internationally renowned professional in the field of journalism and after over thirty years of profession one of the best-known Vatican experts in the world, It's not something that seems to interest Mr. Marco Felipe Perfetti, to whom it would be useless to remind that the director of the Vatican Media, repeatedly accused of "illiteracy", he certainly didn't self-publish, like he did, a booklet at your own expense, because he is the author of dozens of books translated into multiple languages, including substantial biographies on the Supreme Pontiffs of the twentieth century which at a documentary level remain works of high historical interest.

However, if calm "dubia" are addressed to him who insolent and mocks everything and everyone, by the Supreme Pontiff to follow (see video collection WHO), in this case he wouldn't hesitate to send some cheerful priest to complain to the Bishop of one of us. Already, because for some time Mr. Perfetti has wanted to clear the gay Trojan horse into the Church, stating in his writings and videos that clerics dedicated to the practice of homosexuality are only people who have the right to live their sexuality as they see fit in their private lives. In this way, however, he shows that he is unaware - despite presenting himself as an expert in Canon Law - that for a priest the concept of "private life" is very different from how he understands it., both on the level of Catholic morality and on that of law. The exercise of unnatural sexuality - because homosexuality remains such according to Catholic doctrine - if practiced by a cleric falls in fact and in law into the very serious crime of carnal sacrilege, certainly not in the exercise of freedoms linked to the private life of clerics.

Why bother with this person which does not arouse any fascination or interest in us, but only Christian and priestly compassion? Because it happened very frequently that more people, from Italy and abroad, they asked us for information on this "great connoisseur" and "frequenter" of the Holy See and the Vatican.

As already said and explained previously (see article WHO), This character cannot set foot in the Vatican, both for what he writes and for the bursts of insolence he utters. And if he were to get close to one of the access gates to the territory of this state, they wouldn't even allow him to enter.

When he uses expressions like this in his videos «here in the Vatican… we in the Vatican…», he boasts of knowledge and connections that he absolutely does not have. The only people he knows are some anonymous low-level minutants who have remained tied to the stake and who vent their frustrations deriving from their failed ecclesiastical career through him., providing him with doses of poison to spread through the social media. If not, to the many naive people who follow his site and take what he says and writes as true, he should prove his connections by shooting one of his videos from inside the Vatican City State. If he can't do it from the San Damaso Courtyard, or while walking under the frescoes of the Third Loggia of the Secretariat of State, could shoot one from the Vatican Gardens, or at the corner of the Governorate Palace under the statue of San Michele Arcangelo, or in front of the beautiful Fontana del Veliero. Instead he continues to present himself as a great connoisseur of Vatican matters while continuing to shoot and distribute videos while he is near Via della Conciliazione, or outside Bernini's Colonnade, or mainly from other external or internal places, all rigorously located within the territory of the Italian Republic, except to say "here in the Vatican... we in the Vatican...".

If growing up involves effort that some can't stand this is their problem, as long as they don't make people believe they are what they are not, or to enter where he is not allowed to set foot at all, forcing others to respond that this great frequenter and connoisseur of the Holy See who begins by saying "here in the Vatican... we in the Vatican...", to the point of dating their videos with the words "Vatican City", he is simply someone who cannot even get close to the gates of access to the Vatican City State. And if the person concerned could demonstrate the opposite, that proves it, rigorously replying to the merits of what was contested against him in light of the truth of the facts.

the Island of Patmos, 8 December 2023





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