That disaster of “Basic income” seen and experienced by us priests in daily contact with the world of reality


It is conceivable and sustainable that a productive part of the country maintains a clearly parasitic part with its own contributions and tax revenues which, faced with forms of exaggerated welfare for the pure purpose of electoral reservoir, he doesn't even say thank you, because he acts and reacts as if it were his due, except complain that everything is never enough?

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It comes from Salerno Today the 15 October 2018 [see WHO]

Italy it is populated by a large number of cowards ready to applaud the powerful at the pinnacle of power, then to attack his corpse. And the Italian psychology of Piazzale LoretO, corner of Milan where the crowd attacked the body of Benito Mussolini, Clara Petacci, Nicola Bombacci, Alexander Pavolini. In front of that mess Sandro Pertini, socialist partisan and future President of the Republic declared: «With that gesture the insurrection dishonored itself» [cf.. WHO].

I fly over Carl Gustav Jung which defined the structure of the collective unconscious, because the discussion would be complex and I will limit myself to mentioning the obvious: each population is conditioned and animated by its own peculiar social psychology which derives from its history and experience. It is in this sense that we can speak of "social character" or "collective socio-psychology".

The Italian character has been depicted in a plastic and realistic way in the world of journalism and in that of cinematography by two great figures of the Italian twentieth century: the journalist Indro Montanelli and the actor Alberto Sordi that the vices of Italian translated them into cinematography. Among his works remains memorable Stardust, with the extraordinary Monica Vitti.

While everything was silent and no one dared to sigh before the powerful majority in power, for my part I did not hesitate to affirm, In the 2019 It is in the 2020, that the basic income was the most scandalous vote-buying ever in the history of the Italian Republic [see my article WHO]. It is a historical fact: all the old parties of the so-called first Republic took illicit loans from industries for years and years, companies and large enterprises. The old Italian Communist Party took even worse illicit loans, because the money came to him from the Soviet Union, which was an enemy country of the Atlantic Pact. No Party was immune from this funding. Yet none of them ever dreamed of buying their votes using public taxpayers' money, as did instead that movement of great moralizers known as the Five Stars, who immediately never spoke to the intelligence of the Italians, or what little is left of it, but to their emotionality and their belly. Votes clearly acquired with the citizen's income, as evidenced by the electoral preferences that have touched authentic Bulgarian majorities in those electoral districts of Southern Italy where the most numerous subsidies have been disbursed. Only two regions, Campania and Sicily, hold the 48% of citizenship incomes among those disbursed throughout Italy. The consequence was that in some constituencies the Five Star Movement exceeded the 70% of electoral preferences. They are not inferences, but statistical data that say so, although it is true that elections are won with majority numbers, or not? And the numbers speak.

I wrote all this years ago, in full power cinquestellino, unlike many, indeed of the too many who saw this reality only when the great moralizers of the country fell into a farcical re-edition of Animal Farm George Orwell. And this after having given us everything and more: from the scooters from which today we risk being overwhelmed on the sidewalks, to follow with wheelchairs that only a scientist of Lucia Azzolina's caliber could invent. On Luigi Di Maio, Minister for Foreign Affairs, let us instead directly spread a pitiful veil.

Let's clarify right away for the avoidance of any doubt: a country that is truly civil has a political duty, social and moral to support all those citizens who are unable to work or who cannot find work. As always, we try to clarify everything with some concrete examples: a worker who has carried out a strenuous job for twenty or thirty years, for example a bricklayer or a labourer, if at the age of fifty he finds himself out of work and moreover with some health problems, where does he find another job? If a worker of a similar age, but also a forty-year-old who was a truck driver for almost twenty years, can no longer sit for ten hours a day driving a truck due to physical problems that prevent him from doing so, but which at the same time cannot be considered invalid, because it isn't, another job where he finds it? For one and for the other, as for many others, finding a new job may also be possible, but it is certainly not easy and least of all they will be able to find it on the spot. It is obvious that supporting these people is a duty of civility. But the basic income, we are sure that it went to this kind of people and to all those who find themselves out of work for reasons completely beyond their control?

Given that we are talking about the Italians, not of the Germans or the French who, like it or not, they are peoples with a deep sense of nationhood and national identity, the citizen's income marked first of all, in the nefarious Italian psychology, an immediate rush to defraud the State and the entire national community of public taxpayers. Only dreamlike politicians like the Cinquestelle could cross the mind, in a country like ours, to disburse this subsidy basing everything on the truthfulness and good faith of the self-certification, without any kind of strict control, avoiding that everything ended up for the benefit of those smart ones of which Italy is the mother in constant labor. And the crafty crooks, according to the investigations that were made with enormous delay by the administrative and judicial bodies in charge, it wasn't "a few cases" at all, but tens and tens of thousands, many of which are truly sensational. Because as soon as they started doing the checks, they quickly discovered the incredible and the improbable. Unfortunately, the controls, they were triggered only when the government changed and after the previous government had been able to gain votes on income both in the general elections and in the administrative elections.

I talked for a long time and with numerous recipients of this devastating income, which is certainly not such as such but for the way in which it was designed. From their mouths I could only hear the word «I have the right to… I have the right to… I have the right to…». Faced with the question of whether they ever asked themselves the problem that receiving a subsidy implies that on the other side there are public taxpayers who pay them, the answer given ― and not once, but almost standard practice - it was nothing short of bleak: "Ah, but it is the state that pays for it...". Further clarification to follow: «…because the State must…». Every comment, faced with such beliefs, it would be superfluous to say the least.

An entrepreneur friend some time ago he told me that he had paid to the state, in his personal contributions to INPS, beyond 400.000 euro in 40 years of work, getting in return, once you reach retirement, a pension of 650 € monthly. Having said this, he declared himself scandalized - and I would like to see how to blame him - at the idea that twenty year olds physically able to work did not even bother to look for work and that they collected 780 monthly euros of basic income. While others collected income on the one hand and worked illegally on the other, putting in your pocket 1.500 / 1.600 € per month. Because these are the people who pay income to an army of do-nothings who would have no right to it and who, I repeat, they are by no means sporadic and isolated cases, always according to what emerged from the checks carried out after the stables had been opened and the oxen escaped into the wild.

The famous Italian journalist Bruno Vespa recently gave this testimony to a Mediaset television programme:

«I have a farm in Puglia. I found a girl who worked illegally in a club. Brava, motivated, he wanted to grow up: I offered her 1.300 euros to be a waitress. The young woman accepted but then returned home and her partner told her: "you're crazy, by adding undeclared work to your income, you are much freer and do what you want”. There is an infinite number of these situations in Italy» [cf.. WHO].

Soon said: we are faced with a large and disturbing number of ignorant selfish people who do not even have the faintest idea of ​​what a state is. But it gets worse: in a more or less plaintive or arrogant way, they always and only prefix the word "I have the right to ... I have the right to ... I have the right to ...", without ever being even remotely touched that the rights due or acquired are necessarily based on duties. Like this, every time I have reminded these subjects - many of whom unfortunately are socially unrecoverable in their way of thinking - that a State is based on the relationship between citizens' duties and rights and that the State benefits to the extent that the State is given, in response I heard: "Ah, but the salary of politicians …». And this is the other devastating element of Italian psychology: "the other is worse and does much worse than me". Or: "… Yes, I evade taxes and I do well to evade it because the director of the Bank of Italy takes 40.000 euros per month salary. Only the worst of the worst can arise from reasoning of this kind. Also in this case let's say it with examples: here then is the Neapolitan mother who in front of her son caught in the act while he was robbing a tobacconist, he takes it out on the judge who condemns him by stating: «There are politicians and industrialists who steal but do nothing to them». To follow with the mother of the two criminals that the 6 September 2020 they brutally killed the young man in Colleferro Willy Monteiro Duarte, Incidentally, they are also recipients of citizenship income granted upon self-certification, who reacted by mocking the poor young man killed and affirming: «They put it on the front page not even if the queen had died» [cf.. WHO].

The sad truth is that in Italy we have raised and raised generations of lazy spineless people over the last half century, for the most part spoiled only children of mum and dad, truly convinced that everything is due to them and that the word "right" is completely devoid of the suffix "duty". And then let's overlook the psychology that marks the even worst generation of only children born to mothers over forty, because there we are truly in tragedy …

For the kind of ministry I carry out I have daily contacts with confreres who live scattered throughout the dioceses of all of Italy, in contact day after day with human material. In particular those who live in Campania, Calabria and Sicily have told me episodes and situations of scams and robberies done brazenly in the public light of day. Several Neapolitan presbyters told me that they did not know a single recipient of basic income who did not work illegally. Some Sicilian presbyters told me that it was the employees of the various public administration offices themselves who suggested how to change residence or create fictitious residences in order to receive more citizenship income within the same family, after that, a few days after, Advertisements for Five Star candidates in that constituency reached them on WhatsApp.

More pastors of these regions I have been told of cases in which young people have gone to ask if they could get married in church without however having the documents sent to the Municipality because in this case they would have formed a family nucleus and lost their two respective citizenship incomes which would have been reduced to a single income per household. As they were individual income earners, they intended to continue to receive each his own income and to work quietly in the open in the dark. To my question addressed to these confreres: «They are sporadic cases?». I was answered both from Campania and from Sicily: “Sporadic? It is the widespread practice, but it gets worse: everything takes place in the light of the sun and under the eyes of the same administrators who not only avoid vigilance, but who favor precisely this system for their electoral interests. Everyone sees and knows, but for the political elections first and the administrative ones afterwards, no one would have thought of going against this appetizing electoral pool of income earners, behind which there are not only individual recipients, because behind it is the "due gratitude" of entire families and numerous friends».

But there is even worse: confreres who live in daily contact with social unease have repeatedly complained to me that they touch the reality of income distributed in rain to an army of clever people who had no right to it every day, while several really needy people had failed to get this subsidy. They told me, but I myself saw craftsmen with my own eyes, plumbers, electricians, aerialist, bricklayers who cash in on average 3.000/4.000 euros per month in total black money to which they added the perception of the citizen's income without any modesty or shame. And these are not sporadic isolated cases, because in certain areas of our country they appear to be the practice instead. The whole, I repeat, in public sunlight.

It is thinkable and sustainable that a productive part of the country maintains with its contribution and its own tax revenue a clearly parasitic part which, in the face of exaggerated forms of welfare for the pure purpose of electoral reservoir, he doesn't even say thank you, because he acts and reacts as if it were his due, except complain that everything is never enough? You can think, especially in the current geopolitical and economic situation, to be able to continue to keep this large portfolio of votes good and dear at the expense of the working country, produces and pays taxes? It is absolutely not true that certain things happen throughout Italy, fake! In various areas of Southern Italy I have seen people working illegally in bars and restaurants, where even the police forces go for coffee or dinner, the soldiers of the Guardia di Finanza, labor inspectors. And when I pointed out to the latter that in no other part of Italy is it possible to see an average of eight out of ten people working illegally in certain places, in response they gave a melancholy half smile and said to me: "Better undeclared work than unemployment". To those who are not clear, I repeat: response given by inspectors of the Labor Office, I don't know if you know what I mean.

To some Palermo recipients of income, jobs were offered in other areas of the country, where there are labor shortages in many sectors. The best justifications given to the various talk show television did not wait: "I can't leave the family ... with the salary they would give me, half would go to pay the rent ...". Finally the most splendid pearl of the receiver that for more evenings, give one talk show television to the other he said: «Because entrepreneurs from the North don't come here to Palermo to create jobs?». And of talk show in talk show everyone was silent. Too bad among the guests in those parterre I wasn't there too, because I would instantly remind him that in the past, complete with incentives from the state and the European Union, more companies tried it and how, to go and create jobs. The problem was that as soon as they tried to establish companies, they ended up with three different realities: with appalling bureaucracy, with corrupt administrators who, if they didn't demand bribes in cash, demanded the hiring of their protégés, lastly and not least with the mafiosi who demanded protection money. Why in cities like Palermo and Catania, the lace, even those who sell panelle and bruscolini at the market pay it. But maybe, to this earner invited to talk nonsense by a talk show television to another, the possibility was given to present the complex and delicate reality of Palermo ― without any penalty of ridicule ― as if the capital of Sicily were a canton of the Swiss Confederation, inhabited, as is well known, by zealous and precise subjects like the Swiss. Or ignore maybe, this subject and especially those who invited him to pontificate, that when in Agrigento they finally decided to demolish some illegal villas built inside the Valley of the Temples for demonstration purposes, the demolitions were carried out by companies in the Triveneto controlled and escorted by the State Police, Army and Carabinieri? Who knows why none of the local companies showed up at the auctions that went deserted several times ... but who knows why?

The statistics confirm than with the citizen's income, unemployment, from the 2019 at the end of 2022 has increased and companies and small businesses, especially those operating in the Italian tourism sector, they had enormous difficulty finding staff. Friends who run hotels, restaurants and bathing establishments have reported to me and shown that in full season they have paid between 1.800 until 2.200 euros per month for Bangladeshi and Sri Lankan workers because they couldn't find any crying unemployed Italian willing to do the dishwasher. Especially from young people, the aspiration of many of which ranges between the desire to become influence full of followers to that of being able to enter a reality show. Why these, it's the generations of misfits we've created, granting them also the basic income, it was the icing put on the cream on top of the cake.

Then we want to talk about mothers, species of the hypertrophic-protective southern ones, that they really don't want, that their children do certain jobs, even if some of them would be willing to do them? I heard them say with my own ears: «… my son a dishwasher … my son a tomato picker …? No, my son doesn't have to!».

When I was ten years old ― so we're talking about five decades ago now ― I saw young twenty-year-olds work, mostly university students, in the tourist facilities of my maternal family members. In the following decades they became freelancers, senior officials in the state administration, specialist doctors, some became entrepreneurs themselves after learning the art of entrepreneurship from my uncles. One of these, later became a specialist doctor, he was particularly close to my father during his illness which led to his death at the age of just one 56 year old. During the course of his university studies in medicine, d’estate, throughout the season, he worked as a waiter to pay for his studies, because his family could not afford to support him much in studying away from home.

My friend Paolo Del Debbio, al talk show conducted by him he cut off a Tizio saying: "Look ..., that you are talking to a former waiter. Because when I was studying I supported myself by being a waiter». But if we give our young people a sofa, a playstation and a basic income, if anything, also making him believe that it can last for a lifetime and that the unspecified abstract entity called the State pays for it, we won't be able to get a specialist doctor or Paolo Del Debbio out of it, nor a good and ordinary citizen of the Italian Republic. All this while reaffirming that a truly democratic country, liberal and civil, it has the duty to help and support all the people who have no job or who have lost their job. But not those who don't want to find work or who work illegally to get a double salary, while those who have worked for a lifetime and contributed their income to our welfare state, today takes 680 euros per month of pension e, in addition to mockery, he must also hear quite a few people, that they have no desire to work and even less to find work, to click: «… I have the right to… I have the right to… I have the right to…».

From the island of Patmos, 18 December 2022











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