The disturbing phenomenon of Medjugorje and the director of Radio Maria Father Livio Fanzaga: a gosparo fanatizzante he thinks of converting with fears that are the very negation of the Holy Gospel

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Tell us, father Livio, enlighten us and make it clear to all of us: but what makes cash speak with the "Madonna postman" of Medjugorje? Never in fact I would have imagined to find myself a front sorrowful day Mater Dei turned into a cross between a profitable company and a successful multinational company. I believe that a priest should not give credit to the pseudo prophets who on the venerable name of the Blessed Virgin have built their wealth, living lives of luxury and expenditure dell'ostentato. And for this you will have to give an account to God, every last dime, He asks you to giustificargli even the few Euros that the good old lady has stolen every month to his small pension to send to Radio Maria, while the pseudo seers through which your company lives and works, They bivouacked in villas, swimming pool, sale fitness luxury cars and fruitful hotel properties, except talk every day at 18 with the Blessed Virgin Mary.


Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo



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one of the four corners of the villa of the pseudo visionary Ivan Dragicevic, with park, pool and lounge fitness. These and other images should be shown to the grannies every month fleeing from his meager pension a bit’ the euro to be sent to Radio Maria that spreads daily data messages from Our Lady of Medjugorje seers to pseudo.

Sand doctrine, the magisterium and Mariology, were those common to Radio Maria Father Livio Fanzaga, I would have left the priesthood idiot for giving me the error. Then I would go in the pleasant city of San Salvador de Bahia, where young girls would have made me recall the time lived in chastity through the free choice of priestly celibacy, the result of a mistake made in good faith Total. This would have done, If the Church's magisterium, his doctrine and his Mariology were those published by this medjugoriana radio. Paradoxes aside, because what they teach the magisterium, doctrine and Mariology know, I shall never cease to be in love faithful and chaste spouse of the Holy Church of Christ until the last breath of life, then remained priest, indelibly, for eternity.


So it is not a light heart It accuses the brother Livio Fanzaga not to be a proclaimer of faith, but a diffuser that fideism that proceeds through forms of disturbing Mariolatry-medjugoriana. Forms and expressions that have nothing to do with the veneration of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of the Word of God incarnate, that in the mystery of revelation and in the economy of salvation has its own specific role. Tear the Blessed Virgin to the role assigned to it, means to turn it into an idol.


There are thousands of hours of radio recordings where Father Livio attributed to the Blessed Virgin salvation, stating ambiguously that Madonna saves and that we must ask you to save us. We clarify certain ambiguities: though in some cases it can be recognized to simple ignorance beneficial move to the root of good faith, similar to the priests the benefit can not be recognized, because in this second case one must speak of deviations from straight doctrine and adulteration of the mystery of salvation, mostly supported by continuous obsessive references to daily data from posts Madam the self-styled seers of Medjugorje. The Virgin Mary can participate in valuable way, determinant, also wanting entirely unique to our salvation, but attention: interceding for us with her Divine Son. The Virgin Mary can intercede - and intercedes - for our sins, but she can not forgive our sins, this is quite clear, because this is the Catholic faith. So that, when they throw ambiguous phrases referring to the fact that the Virgin Mary saved, or it is very clear the doctrinal and catechetical, or better to remain silent and avoid confusing the people of God.


Father Livio went so far as to state that "his" Madonna has opposed necessary Ecclesiastical Authority, substituting to it and carrying out motu proprio functions performed by the Church, that the mandate to teach, sanctifying and governing the People of God has received him - it should be remembered - by Christ, God himself. The Father Livio blunders came at times to grotesque levels, for example, when ignoring that it is the Church to proceed with the canonization of Saints, upon recognition of their heroic virtues, He said that a monk had been canonized by the Lady herself, stating among other things: «[…] watch, is the Madonna says no, there is no bishop who takes, there is no pope who takes […]». Just listen to a video a few years ago to see what levels is able to reach Father Livio [see WHO], grossly ignorant than ever, the Mater Dei, It would replace the Authority of the Church, She is herself the first to revere, if necessary even to obey the Church of Christ, thereby giving example to the whole People of God, not least because she, of always, It is also a great educator.


To obey the Church it means to obey Christ's God who has also set up as a visible hierarchical structure based on the primacy of Peter and the apostolic authority given to him at [cf.. Mt 16, 18]. Christ, God has not built the Church on Madonna, even though the Church is a mother. The chief prosecutor of the keys, together with the power to bind and loose, He has granted to Peter and to his successors [cf.. Mt 16, 19]. And that although Peter was born not only with the stain of original sin - as opposed to the Immaculate Conception preserved from all stain of sin -, but although he denied Christ lying, imprecations [cf.. Mt 26, 74] giving himself and then fled the scene. O to be clear to the bottom: Holy Church of God in Christ-is totally pure essence of his absoluteness, It is not madonnocentrica. When at the Last Supper Christ God he instituted the ministerial priesthood and the Eucharist, the Virgin Mary was not present with the Apostles in the Upper Room [cf.. Mt 26, 26-28; MC 14, 22-24; LC 22, 19-20; 1Color 11, 23-25]. Present with them it was at Pentecost, When the Apostles already priests, ministry, custodians and stewards of the Holy Eucharist and the sacraments of grace was sent down the Holy Spirit [At 2, 1-41].


Salvation, in all its uniqueness and absoluteness, resides in the mystery of God's Word made flesh in the womb of a virgin, died for our redemption, resurrected and ascended to heaven, where today sits at the right hand of God the Father [cf.. Declaration Lord Jesus, 2000]. The being and existence of eternal Mater Dei It is contained in the mystery of Christ God, as we learn from the Holy Doctor of the Church Bernard of Clairvaux, that sums up this mystery with a few short words: "Virgin Mother daughter of thy Son […]"Continuing a little further"[…] thou 'one who such nobility To human nature, ensure that 'its Creator Did not disdain to your invoice ". In these few words it is contained the essence of Mariology: the Immaculate Conception exists and lives according to the Divine Son. No one gave change ambiguously God in Christ "accessory" of the Blessed Virgin, from which it was given to the world the generated Divine Son not made of the same substance of God the Father.


Although to date I subtracted from expressing any opinion on the phenomenon of Medjugorje, today I feel in good conscience say that I never believed in these data messages in a continuous stream, but above all I consider alas, the self-styled seers, charlatans in the etymological sense of the term, not according to the derogatory meaning of spoken vocabulary.


To clarify the concept of redemption, especially to clarify who is the source of salvation, enough that the devotees of the Blessed Virgin Mary thought the history and significance of the litany Lauretane, instead recite a nursery rhyme as more or less not including. These litanies born around the twelfth century, but are rooted in very old traditions, they have all the trappings of the highest official, was in fact the Holy Pontiff Pius V in the sixteenth century, after the victory of the Army Santa Muslim League at the Battle of Lepanto, He added them at the end of the recitation of the Holy Rosary, inserting in the sequence of the litany of the invocation help Christians. A few years later, In the 1587, the Pope Sisto V the he approved with the bubble reddituri.


I fear that many naive believers, so in good faith how little prepared the catechetical plan, while also acting as rosaries a day, are unfortunately not able to understand the theological structure of this litany that begins with a trinitarian invocation through which God Father, the begotten Son not made of the same substance as the Father and the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son, we turn concluding each prayer with the invocation: «Have mercy on us» [have mercy on us]. After this supplication, begin intercessory prayers to the Blessed Virgin, ending each with the invocation "Pray for us» [pray for us]. This is the role of the Blessed Virgin in the economy of salvation: pray and intercede for us. It is not by chance, in praise Hi Regina, invoking her intercession we ask her how 'Advocate». It is therefore with his prayers and his precious intercession, that the Blessed Virgin work for our salvation. Here then is another hymn of praise in which we invoke her protection:


«Fly to your patronage, holy Mother of God; despise not our prayers in our necessities, But from ever deliver us, O glorious and blessed».

[Under your protection we seek refuge, Holy Mother of God: despise not our petitions of us who are in trial, and deliver us from all danger, O glorious and blessed Virgin].


Someone wondered because we ask God to deliver us from evil, and in prayer Our father It is synonymous with sin and thus purification from sin, while we ask the Blessed Virgin to assist in testing and free us from the danger that can lead us to a logical consequence of sin? Simple answer: it is God who forgives our sins, not the Madonna. According to at least sacramental absolution formula in which sins are forgiven in the name of the Father, of the Son and the Holy Spirit. Or perhaps it is that the Holy Trinity is also added the name of the Blessed Virgin Mary?


Question asked not so much to Father Livio, but to ginners rosaries medjugoriani, since many of them fear that they may not know what to pray and how to pray. This is the question: because the triune God is begging mercy and forgiveness, while the Blessed Virgin asks to pray and intercede for us, for the remission of our sins and our salvation? Simply because it is not the Madonna that purifies souls from sin, She intercedes with great effectiveness for the forgiveness and salvation of souls. And among all the Angels and Saints, certainly it is the creature who can intercede for us as effectively as, being the one who was born without any stain of original sin gave birth in this world the Word of God incarnate, becoming privileged abode and only the Holy Spirit in the history of humanity. But, as you should understand, saved by the remission of sins and interceding for the forgiveness of sins are two different things, but not in pure form, but precisely in the deepest substance. To this was added that God loves, while the Blessed Virgin is venerated. And the difference that runs between worship and veneration, It is no small thing, least of all it is a "small" semantic nuance.


Terminate the litany in which every call or title invokes the Blessed Virgin with the phrase "pray for us», this prayer ends with the invocation to 'Lamb of God, addressed to Christ Redeemer God becoming man who has turned into a lamb without blemish who with his sacrifice he washed the sin of the world [cf.. GV 1, 29]. At that point no longer responds: «Pray for us», but back to beseech Christ invoking God: "Forgive us Lord ... Hear ... Lord have mercy on us". Why we are addressed not to the begging Madonna to forgive us and have mercy on us, where the litany these invocations are all related to the forgiveness of sins addressed to the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world?


Because these basic elements of faith They are not explained by the good people of devotees on Radio Maria? Simple and sad the answer: for the Father Livio and his member gOSPAR they do not want a devout people, but a people devotional, fed through the emotional element of the worst Mariolatry medjugoriana. Needless to say: the whole thing has gone on for years and years under the eyes powerless Ecclesiastical Authority and under the deaf ears of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, that if it could be sponsored as a department, it would not exist for better advertising than that of Amplifon, agency leader in the production and sale of equipment for people with serious hearing problems.


To lock people fideist it is necessary to resort to sensationalism and especially the fear. Educating people to the true faith is complex and difficult, because despite the best will and the most strenuous effort by the evangelizer, the results are more than ever uncertain. A certain combinations fideistic the ignorant are always comfortable, since the days of the legendary Friar Cipolla narrated by Giovanni Boccaccio in his memorable novel. Without the ignorant fideists certain people could not survive, nor could their existence. For this we avoid explaining to enchanted by Friar Cipolla and its relics, so amazing and improbable, that true faith is that illustrated by the Author of Hebrews: "Faith is the foundation of the things that are hoped for and the proof of those that are not seen" [EB 11, 1]. Affirmation this not exactly easy and smooth to explain, why say that to understand what it takes a long journey and an authentic evangelization, It could almost sound like a euphemism. Also because most people, if you put before really difficult paths, They turn their backs and run away even before you try to move a single step. It is written:


"Enter through the narrow gate, for wide is the gate and broad the way that leads to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat. Because strait is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life! And few there be that find!» [Mt 7, 13-14].


Which path offers the director of Radio Maria? The easiest one: emotional fideism played on the hidden and intimate contempt of reason, indicated by doctors Saints of Anselm and Thomas Aquinas Church as an element necessary to bring the faith. Indeed, without reason, which then it is synonymous with the exercise of more mature and wise freedom, you can not arrive at the true experience of faith, only the worst of its surrogates: fideism built on irrational emotionality. And to stand, fideism, over emotionalism illogical and irrational high true, It needs another indispensable element: fear. Here is a picture of a Madonna that more or less openly, speaking from the mouth of the pseudo-visionaries of Medjugorje, It contains in its messages of non-explicit content, but that its interpreters change in announcements of catastrophic events, the cry of "the time is at hand", "The end is coming" … Then there is the magic of secrets, because the hidden secret, psychologically feeds the army of fideists, that is stimulated by fear change themselves in fanatizzanti fanatics who sow fear. By implementing these mechanisms as banal as evident, forget the poor, pace of the river data messages from Madam of Medjugorje, that the Holy Gospel it is written:


"In love there is no fear, but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves punishment, and he who fears is not made perfect in love " [The Gv 4, 18].


What theological significance, mystagogical and eschatological have, for the Director of Radio Maria, these words? Or are they words that invite somehow stimulate fear among the faithful, because "the time is near" and why incumbent upon humanity the elusive "secret data from nine Lady" to the pseudo-seers?


In the radio transmission 26 February Father Livio said various things on the Coronavirus, first bringing what for him, probably, It is a kind of irrefutable evidence: The message that would be given by the Blessed Virgin in one of the pseudo seers of Medjugorje, in this case Ivan:


"Nature is now hostile to us and with this coronavirus have opened the eyes, because it came at a propitious moment, just listen to the message of the Madonna of Medjugorje given to Ivan the 17 September, which states that it is implementing the period of Satan ".


If Father Livio knew the content of the revelation foundations in the Scriptures, It should know that nature has become hostile to man not by God but by the will of free choice made by our first parents, Adam and Eve, They are rebelling against his Creator altered the perfection of the original nature of man and the universe created, so by sending a corrupt nature by original sin [cf.. GN 3, 1-24].


Of the Book of Genesis, allegorical is only the structure of the narrative style, not the fact represented with this allegory, similar in style to the pedagogical parables used by Christ the Lord in his preaching. Original sin is therefore a fact, not an allegory, or clarify: depicted is a real fact and narrated through an allegory. In this allegorical literary language also includes expressions such as 'cursed', "condemned", "Punished", "You will suffer ' … In truth, to curse, punish and condemn himself was the man who is excluded by choice free from the state of holiness and perfect communion of grace with God. Hence the same hostility of nature created is a logical consequence that is born of a vindictive God's punishment, but from a free choice. And every free choice always has consequences, positive o negative.


As for the realization of the 'period of Satan " which alludes Father Livio referring to the "sacred word" the talkative Ivan, It remembers that the evil is present in human experience ever since man rebelled against God. Or maybe forget, the valiant director of Radio Maria that Satan, in its total arrogance and conceit, dared even groped the Word of God made man? And to tempt he started the speech and repeated several times defiantly: "If you are the Son of God ..." [Mt 4, 3-6].


To assert, imply or terrorize with the announcement of imminent divine punishment and trembling secrets, means groped desperately to sow the fear from which he can never rise to the true faith, but, as we said before, fideism. Faith, as we learn from the aforementioned Blessed Apostle John, It is in fact the negation of fear:


"In love there is no fear, but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves punishment, and he who fears is not made perfect in love " [The Gv 4, 18].


By identifying faith with love, these words are equivalent to saying that those who are motivated by fear and who have "faith" because they fear punishment, faith does not have one at all, nor can they have it, because the assumption of the faith is the absence of fear. Other than to terrorize the people and children-fideist with veiled threat of trembling nine secrets jealously kept by the pseudo-visionaries who soon will be realized, and which will shake the whole of humanity, in virtue of the fact that their logorroica Madonna said that ...


Among the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit is that of awe of God. As we shall soon see, know the true meaning of the words is essential. Therefore fear, which is part of these precious gifts, it has nothing to do with fear, indeed is its total negation. Lest it means deep filial devotion to the mystery of God. The fear is based on love and steady throughout the son who worships his father, not on fear or terror.


The people in general, but to them our faithful, that because of us priests today I am suffering from abnormal ignorance on the fundamentals of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, it is our duty to explain first what the words mean, indicating what they really mean in the biblical vocabulary, evangelical and theological. With the passage of time and changes etymological, In fact, certain terms have been cleaved from their original root and today are used with entirely different connotations, one of these is the word punishment. This consequence: if any person in the street express the concept of "punishment" or "punish", she deemed something punitive and severe, if anything, by connecting it to a punitive-vindictive action, other word that has also lost, as we shall soon see, its true meaning.


In the Christian lexicon, the word "punishment" It is another matter. The term comes from the Latin pure act and does not mean severely punish, quite the opposite: literally it means to purify, make me clean, restore a state of lost purity. So if we do not start first by explaining the meaning of words, the other party, including the educated and cultured, deemed quite another, with the consequent and inevitable burst of unpleasant controversies that come to life because of who uses words from the Catholic side that you do not know the meaning, the other secularists who take up certain words according to what they mean in today's spoken vocabulary. In this regard, I suggest reading the article my wise brother, our author cappuccino Ivano Liguori, published on these our columns and in which he explains how, in human history, after great and tragic events, as the great bubonic plague of 1347 that he killed more than half of the European population, shortly after there was a great revival of the old European continent, because the fruit of that event terrible and catastrophic, a few decades later it was the Renaissance [see WHO].


Many other examples would, think of revenge, from Latin revenge, derived from the term avenge, whose real meaning would: free an innocent unjustly suffered an injustice. From this correct etymological meaning comes the expression linked to the concept of "God's vengeance" or "holy vengeance of God". Example: in the texts of the Church's social doctrine inaugurated in the late nineteenth century by Pope Leo XIII [cf.. Of the new things, 1891] not paying a fair wage to the worker is referred to as a "sin that cries out to God for justice". Today though, though without explaining the etymology of certain words or expressions Biblical, We were to say that in front of a grave injustice is a Christian moral duty to invoke the vengeance of God, It will definitely happen that most of the people, if not all of those who have heard - including among them bishops and priests -, They remain so much scandalized by the judge advocate as a violent forcaiolo. Little would be worth groped to defend against such accusations, saying that, if they no longer know the meaning of words, the problem is all theirs. Unfortunately not, because if people no longer knows the meaning of certain words or expressions Biblical, giving them different meanings from their original etymology and literary significance, those who use them for what they really mean is in danger of falling into the lack of communication, if it does not explain precisely what they mean certain words and literary expressions.


The so-called medjugoriani, Father Livio Fanzaga head, event to support the authenticity of Medjugorje in its entirety, then the reported messages from these self-styled seers who would daily apparitions of the Blessed Virgin, immediately put forward the many conversions that took place at this location. Similar evidence from them reputed irrefutable, in truth it is not a test, if anything, it is proof that the phenomenon in question is mostly holds on irrational emotionalism and an immature faith, not to mention the enormous damage caused often by various translated or assumed, behind the fiercest of which are hidden and dangerous self-taught authentic faith do it yourself. So let us explain to medjugoriano-type boasting amazing conversions presented as irrefutable evidence magical, the essence of the mystery of grace. In the Saints Church history and experience life themselves, conversions have also occurred in situations and really most unimaginable places. There are stories of people who have converted after taking part in a satanic ritual, or coming out of a brothel where they had had a sexual relationship with a younger underage prostitute their daughter, or while waiting on the street corner with a charged shot in the barrel to cool the victim with a gun. No one, however, has never told or taught that to really convert you must participate in satanic rituals, attend underage prostitutes in brothels, or kill people on commission as killer professionals. Now, If in extreme situations of this kind they took place the great conversions, how could they not be conversions in a place like Medjugorje, where people pray, they confess, receive the Sacred Body of Christ and express their sincere devotion to Mater Dei?


Of course, if at Medjugorie occurred conversions, sincere and authentic, but these conversions are not proof of the authenticity of the event and above all of the messages in daily continuous stream of pseudo-clairvoyants who say they see everyday Madam. And in this committee it was clear, denying the authenticity of these daily messages. Like it or not to gentlemen and Father Livio who spreads them by Radio Maria, these messages, the Committee called them "not authentic" and in a very good-natured also "repetitive" and "trivial". Therefore, that many people are going to be converted in Medjugorje, or listening to daily posts "repetitive" and "trivial" data from self-styled seers who claim to speak every day with the Blessed Virgin, He is not evidence in itself and of itself nothing, including fruits presented as irrefutable evidence, because these are not. That said overflight then on the damage caused by Medjugorianism of entire groups of laity, of new priestly fraternity and new experiences of religious life recognized by several diocesan bishops unwise, from which they were born problematic priests often results in later clinical psychiatric cases even serious. In this story you can not open a theme into the theme, therefore supersedes. But, of all this, they know something the ministry of the Holy See in charge of institutes of consecrated life, if we consider that many of these new realities medjugoriana impression with medjugoriane vocations and priests and religious, born from the so-called "charism of Medjugorje", over and over again they have to suppress due to serious doctrinal problems, balance sheet and, sometimes, even for unpleasant questions of moral character. And these are facts and acts, no assumptions driven by malice.


In conclusion I want to explain why I used the term "pseudo-seers of Medjugorje", clarifying that the commission, albeit with languages ​​and very sweetened ways, He has judged the first seven apparitions as credible in that town in the early eighties. Anyone who today cries approval, We have to remember and explain that at the time the Church has not given any official recognition to the phenomenon. Not only, He has not acknowledged the veracity Day messages, because so cleverly caustic reigning Pope even made explicit allusion to "Madonna postman", [See. see WHO]. Even more so I am free to say that the director of Radio Maria sells fake widespread Marian messages from as many false seers, all in serious damage of the Catholic faithful, in particular of the simplest and psychologically vulnerable.


Then pay attention: as he says in an ambiguous way the Director of Radio Maria, The study of Medjugorje commission established by Pope Benedict XVI in 2010 and he completed in 2014 their work, He does not have any attested authenticity, it is limited only to express an opinion as a result of investigations and studies carried out. The reigning Pope, responding in May 2017 reporters, He explained that the Commission has studied the phenomenon of dividing it into two parts: The first concerns the seven initial appearances, that seemed credible. The other one, that of appearances that still seguiterebbero, Instead he left very puzzled the Commission. A work of the commission concluded, every decision now falls to the Supreme Pontiff, that for now he has not failed to prove all his skepticism alluding to this "Madonna chief telegraph office" that sends messages continuously, who talks too much and that would appear at scheduled times. This is the truth, namely a somewhat bitter pill that the Director of Radio Maria, between ambiguity and smoky and unclear expressions, trying in every way to sweeten sugar sprinkling. Simple reason: Radio Maria is a company on the pseudo messages of Medjugorje seers live there over the past three decades, with all the consequential implications for economic and financial.


To make these self-styled seers unreliable, I think it's their way of life marked by the luxury and the accumulation of material goods. The same committee that for years has studied this phenomenon, could not omit, with all the embarrassment of the case, to say that the relationship with them money and material goods arouses considerable misgivings. It is known that it ranges from villas with pool at hotel properties to luxury cars donated to his daughter for twenty years and so to follow.


The Director of Radio Maria He never clarified whether Ivan, Madonna, He appears and speaks to the pool in the garden of his mega-villa while he sips a drink, or while he is in his private gym, time is devoted to the painstaking care of their bodies and of their physical appearance, not to mention the refinement of his clothing, to the point of being dubbed by different organs of the international press as "the seer playboy». It would do well to clarify these things, the good Father Livio. It should clarify, these things, especially to the poor grandmother who with simple generosity and faith subtracts each month tens of euro from his meager pension to send them to grande gOSPAR Business Radio Maria. Company to which the devout Catholics should not send instead a penny.


Given the complexity of the long speech, I prefer to stop here and remind Father Livio, diffuser made of the new religion medjugoriana, that the mother of the most tender Maria Goretti, He died following an attempted rape in 1902, saying in his last breath before dying words of forgiveness for his murderess - then he converted and later present in 1950 the canonization of the Blessed Maria Goretti nell'arcibasilica St. Peter - when he died in old age, his burial and his grave provident Holy Church. Indeed, mom Goretti, He was poor and died poor peasant of the Pontine Marshes. Different story, than that of the rich pseudo seers of Medjugorje that, between Pharaonic villas, the edges of the pool, la sala fitness private, luxury cars and hotel properties, every day at 18 speak with Madonna.


Tell us, father Livio, enlighten us and make it clear to all of us: but what makes cash speak with the "Madonna postman" of Medjugorje? Never in fact I would have imagined to find myself a front sorrowful day Mater Dei turned into a cross between a profitable company and a successful multinational company. I believe that a priest should not give credit to the pseudo prophets who on the venerable name of the Blessed Virgin have built their wealth, living lives of luxury and expenditure dell'ostentato. And for this you will have to give an account to God, every last dime, He asks you to giustificargli even the few Euros that the good old lady has stolen every month to his small pension to send to Radio Maria, while the pseudo seers through which your company lives and works, They bivouacked in villas, swimming pool, sale fitness luxury cars and fruitful hotel properties, except talk every day at 18 with the Blessed Virgin Mary.


father Livio, if you do not have anyone told, In this case, I tell you: hai 79 year old, you're always on time, take a step back, withdrawn from profitable azienda gentleman, shut yourself in a monastery and try to save your soul, because they are thirty years that poison the true devotion to the Blessed Virgin on which they have written memorable pages Sant'Agostino, Sant'Anselmo d'Aosta, St. Bernard of Clairvaux, San Tommaso Aquino, St. Bonaventure of Bagnoregio, Blessed Duns Scotus, Sant'Alfonso Maria de 'Liguori, St. Louis Marie de Montfort ... saved the soul! And you, faithful worshipers, do your part and your duty: do not send longer even a penny bid to Radio Maria. What Father Livio and his clan, the money to prop up this azienda gentleman, if they do not give them to those of pseudo prophets who got rich with Madonna ...


I conclude by clarifying that if tomorrow, the Roman Pontiff, close to ongoing discussions acknowledging with all the trappings of officialdom the first seven appearances deemed "credible" by the commission he appointed to study the phenomenon, or even if it decides to recognize authentic all data messages daily in a continuous stream to the current pseudo seers, per me, from that moment to follow, the Medjugorje phenomenon will be authentic without any penalty can thread. For me it is indeed true that what is said by the Holy Church and the Successor of the Blessed Apostle Peter, the mandate of which comes to it by Christ, God himself. So does anyone serving the Church with faith and reason, unlike those who use the Church to give vent to their emotional and irrational dimensions.


the Island of Patmos, 5 March 2020




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    Gianna says:

    I have not finished the sentence:

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    Anthony Boniface says:

    On the fact a progressive priest Paolo Farinella thunders with this title and these words
    I received a Whatsapp sound that invites us to pray against the 'divine punishment'. well, a God so I will leave it!

    “…Then they followed the hundreds of epidemics of various kinds brought by invaders in "New Mando". In modern times, cholera, Ebola, SARS and other good things - all free gifts - so spasimavamo, up to the coronavirus (Covid-19) icing of a god invented to make mass terrorism. A worst god of the others because today does not die people milionate, but it is content to let her suffer, torture, remove the breath with built Goduria, because his sadistic nature is not satisfied unless the suffering of his followers, disinclined to prostrations and penances. A God so, by catholic and apostolic priest, Gift sees, I'll leave you and I will not have you nothing to do”.
    We can afford to be a little lost and bewildered the contradictory behavior of ministers and historians of the Church in these circumstances.

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      She is a dietician or nutritionist?
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    Anthony Boniface says:

    Let me Father to say that she really overly angry. From the way he expresses it seems that the Roman-Amazonian riguadino facts just do Minutella and the Vatican and not others. You very well know Professor de Mattei Lepanto Foundation that looks like historian of Christianity and theologian of history. He had words of total condemnation of the known facts trasteverini culminated in more or less sensational demonstrations
    Besides that there is a fierce contrapposiziobe in Catholicism it also reveal the extreme positions on the nature of the epidemic in progress
    De Mattei has even compared the behavior of the Almighty that of Tamerlane and invites you to discover the root causes (spiritual ) behind the physical facts and the messages they hide for our correction and redemption
    Tamerlane is coming?

  4. Anita
    Anita says:

    Ps : not to be misunderstood : My opinion expressed in the previous post has nothing to do with an acrobat from the falsetto voice of Padre Pio and Our Lady over the water "ferrarelle" miraculous ( although not drinking-;) called Minutella. Another Harlequin.

  5. Anita
    Anita says:


    I do not give importance to private revelations including those approved by the Church even less so in Medjugorje ( what good? The sacred scriptures than enough to live the faith).

    I fully agree instead on obrobrio indecent and diabolical Pachamamma and L essersici prostrate in the holy seat of Peter and even taking her in procession with Bergoglio and retinue of the cardinal blessing . I read that Bergoglio in these days of "his" newspaper (The Republic) sanctified still alive Fabio Fazio ( the list is long : Pannella, Bonino,Napolitano….).
    You have a doubt that it is an imposter . I have the certainty that is still The only Pope Benedict XVI still white robe , ring ,Papal coat of arms and "munus" Petrine in isolation "induced".

    And the other ? well… a Merry Pachamammo vicar of His Eminence Eugenio Scalfari .

    There is no end to the worst…..the Church has never known a situation like the current L …we lacked even His Holiness Pachamammo of Pampa.

    Much more worrying of Medjugorje and various appearances , true and false , more false than true ,that now teem like mushrooms all over the world.

  6. Sergio Gilardi
    Sergio Gilardi says:

    “As regards the present case , here is what I say :Not from these men and let them go. If in fact this theory or this activity is of human origin, It will be destroyed; but if it comes from God , not be able to defeat them; you may even find yourselves fighting against God! ” (Acts 5 , 38-39)

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      very true!
      Do not ever "against God", in particular today, whereas Santa Carmen Hernandez Doctor of the Church co-initiator of the Neocatechumenal Way, He is working at full capacity in Paradise as first counselor in the utmost confidence of the Almighty.
      And when Christ will return in glory to judge the living and the dead, to his right and to his left, Kiko and Carmen and we will show him the good and the bad.

  7. Alberto Cadili
    Alberto Cadili says:

    Unfortunately, the matter is a bad catch that can only be understood by studying the history of Bosnia and the substitute role of the Franciscans, in the absence of secular clergy under the Turks, who crossed each new age in years 70. I do not know if the papal commissions have attacked these studies. more genertale also Eastern Europe and the Balkans, always balanced or subdued by the Turks, It was a hotbed of prophets, not only Catholics, but Orthodox, Jews, Muslims, that moved huge crowds.
    the results of tests. just see who they were and what they became the first brothers who have 'seen’ the seers – their first runs the church takes to good ... -. Perhaps the lady never even appeared in Caravaggio and many smaller places in past centuries, but the sanctuary has made her well to many simple needy. the difference, objective, It is that the visionaries of the past were not firing gioachimite forecasts new age sauce, otherwise they would be tried and silenced.
    it is not clear from the beginning of the visions medjiugorie, but studying facts and previous biographies, including monks.

    • Iacopo
      Iacopo says:

      Alberto, He knows some reference text from which to explore the question? It seems a particularly interesting topic but do not even know what to start looking to document.

  8. Anthony Boniface
    Anthony Boniface says:

    And 'thanks to diligent uncles Mr. Salvatore that happens as described by Hertha von Dechen in this passage of his essay "The concept of Symmetry in archaic cultures";
    "In Polynesia, where thanks to our noble missionaries and indigenous administrators have forgotten almost everything, we have no information on the 'measures of the sky " ; It is only during the most serious crisis , for example, when 'the heavens are confused', we hear talk about Tane (Saturn is still) that falls from his tenth sky with the 'extent of the sky "to restore order”.
    Ca va sans dire that the Polynesians, as many archaic peoples, more or less survived the 'rectification' Western secular and religious admirably joint, They were intact depositories of a grand cosmological apparatus of which only a few years ago we see the wise complexity
    Of course I find it blasphemous exposure of “idols” the holy places of Catholicism, even if such “idols” simply they were returned to their rightful holders
    A. B.

    • Iginio
      Iginio says:

      A little’ as Ptolemy. He was a wise depository of complexity. Instead, today's astronomers are ignorant. Come no.

      • Anthony Boniface
        Anthony Boniface says:

        Igino you see that you've never read studied and understood (I I include myself among the last) the writings of de Santillana and Von Dechen. It is not a fault. Not Mandatory, But do not shoot inadequate judgments on their work. Ptolemy was well older than him came from the past and therefore it matters little. I pemetto to offer her a passage “Sirius” which it suggests that astronomy served to other things to wat you need now and, as the geometry that was not born to measure the area of ​​the henhouse or the multiplication table multiplications, astronomy led to the understanding of the cosmos. “The rectangular Earth, geometrically incommensurable, It can become commensurable if it is properly inserted in the time frame; only time “the moving image of eternity”, that moves according to the number realizes the enterprise to make our miserable ecumenne rectangular commensurable with the sphere of the Identical- at least at rhythmic intervals”
        Then 'someone’ He has seen fit to even scartigliare the memory of this wonderful mechanism from the minds of men.
        And polinesia, no compass and no sextant. were i…

  9. Salvatore
    Salvatore says:

    The statue of Mejugorie not only comes from Medjiugorie but "represents" the Madonna of Medjugorje . That statue with outstretched hand , It is depicted that way only in Medjugorie .
    It is not a particularly indifferent.

    However there remains doubt in the certainty of Pachamamma with attached recognized Priapus , respected ( or worshiped?) prostati to the ground by way of Muslims and with their blessing of our Pope in the sacred seat of Christianity : the Vatican . From now on should be legitimate , indeed "good thing" among the saints and madonnas various well put the various Pachamamma , as in Santeria practiced in Central and South America ( but also in certain parts of North America Miami and New York) . Poor the deceased uncle of my missionary Salesian priest 40 years in South America that has always fought that stuff .It must be turning in his grave . Sometimes I wonder if this Dad is a sham … doubt that systematically reject (obviously)

    Happy : Medjugorje appears the Virgin Mary.

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Thank you dear Savior because of his admirable conclusion:

      "Happy: Medjugorje appears the Virgin Mary ".

      In practice she wrote: “since I think … I feel … since according to me …” therefore, the authenticity judgment on the phenomenon of the Church, however, not given – and I repeat not given – I do not I could care an emeritus …
      She confirmed the central point of my article: fanatics fanatizzanti, of which she is the paradigm.

      Thank you!

    • Davide
      Davide says:

      I thought it was common knowledge that the nine secrets of Medjugorje were ten, but perhaps it is as well as I feel …

      • Mauro
        Mauro says:

        What worries me is that “Happy, Our Lady appears in Medjugorje!”, come dirs: the commission Ruini and Pope Francis, they did not understand anything. Only we understood everything we medugoriani… Bah, It will be a new religion!

  10. Iginio
    Iginio says:

    there Maria “save” in the sense p. is. of Maria “Salvation of the Roman People” (for induced: salus = salvation in Latin). He has always said. It saves us interceding for us before God.

  11. hector
    hector says:

    Just today, 25 Years ago – 15 March 1995 – the statue of the Queen of Peace in Medjugorje wept tears of blood – They are begun on 2 February – for the fourteenth and last time just in the hands of the Bishop Monsignor Girolamo Grillo.
    Let us turn to our Heavenly Mother a plea to help us and protect all of us in this hour of tribulation.

  12. nicolò helium cocuzza
    nicolò helium cocuzza says:

    Dear p.Ariel'm not sure that you have got my message,They are not practical of these means and this fact is riprovo.Il:the statue of Civitavecchia comes from Medjugorje is a parish priest of the church of S gift,Agostino Don Pablo Martin Gregori.Non the family will make nod and so I think this ignoravi TV plug,what do you think,I'd like to know what you think,with esteem thanks Elio Nicolò had already sent…but I would like you to answer me,thank you

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      It's not me that I have to answer to her, but she has to answer to me and to those who read: for her, what is a “he tries”?

  13. nicolò helium cocuzza
    nicolò helium cocuzza says:

    expensive p. Ariel,You do not mention the fact that the statue of the Madonna of Civitavecchia comes from Medjugorje ,gift of Don Pablo Martin Gregori.Non the family makes you think that there is a connection between the two phenomena? I would love to hear your thoughts to estimate riguardo.con,Thank you, Elio.

  14. Alexander
    Alexander says:

    And now? Even the Pope associate the word “salvation” to the Madonna (“…sign of salvation;…salvation of the Roman people”). We must think of evil? (Prayer for Coronavirus yesterday, 11.3.2020) . Father Livio uses the term in the same way, scusi…and at least he does not say anywhere else that the Madonna is only “donna”, solo “discepola” contradicting itself, indeed very pasticciandone Figure (“Our Lady miscegenation God” the meaning of which no one understood him, much less the prepared theologians (Pope Francis homily at Our Lady of Guadalupe on 12 December 2019). Also on my pope, however, God forbid, but not always necessarily to follow when speaking in a haphazard manner,. Or I hurt to remember this confusion ?

  15. Luigi Carraro
    Luigi Carraro says:

    Rev. Father Ariel, I am sorry but the expression :” Daughter of Your Son… ” and the poet Dante Alighieri poem Paradise XXXIII.
    Kind regards.
    Luigi Carraro

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      I thought it was universally known, Dante opens with Canto XXXIII of Paradise “Prayer to the Virgin of San Bernardo”, ie with a mass prayer by Dante in the mouth of St. Bernard of Clairvaux. Prayer that, if it was written by St. Bernard in the twelfth century, first of all, it would not have been written in the vernacular but in Latin Cicero.

  16. Ambrogio St. Peter
    Ambrogio St. Peter says:

    Reverend Father Ariel,
    Do you think that even the “Madonna of Civitavecchia” is a deception?
    I would like to hear his opinion about it-
    Thanks so much-
    Ambrogio St. Peter

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dear Ambrose,

      I state that the judgment belongs to the Church and that none of us priests, personal or individual level, can in any way replace or anticipate this judgment declaring an authentic phenomenon.
      But I can tell you that it is an entirely different, even because, The main and fundamental witness is the Bishop Girolamo Grillo, I met and mouth which, together with other priests, heard the story.

      The bishop was quite skeptical and called for granted that it was a hoax, then he alerted the judicial authorities advancing the hypothesis of abuse of popular credulity.
      At that point the judge ruled the seizure of the statuette, which it was placed in storage in a closet of the Bishop with the seals placed by the judicial police.
      After the survey was placed on dissequesto. A quel point, the judicial police took off the seals and opened the closet, Bishop pulled from inside the statue be returned to owners. When the statue was in the hands of the bishop, She began to weep blood, all in the presence of nine persons.
      Bishop Girolamo Grillo threatened heart attack, He was attacked by strong tachycardia and it was necessary to run the cardiologist immediately.

      this synthesis in the testimony given by the bishop and the same repeated at several interlocutors.
      As you can understand it is a very different phenomenon, on which in each case, the church, in twenty-five years, It has not yet expressed.

      • Lauro
        Lauro says:

        On Civitavecchia there is a study very well done by Marco Corvaglia. Perhaps it is good to read.

        • father ariel
          Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

          In the case of Civitavecchia, There is first of all a bishop started with a cautious skepticism position and then become a witness lacrimation, because it is a fact that the statue in question the Lacrimo in his hands.
          Unlike the case of Medjugorje, where for three decades, the bishops of the local Episcopal Conference and Bosnian bishops who have succeeded in the Diocese of Mostar in whose canonical jurisdiction over Medjugorje, deny the supernatural nature of the event since its first event.
          The family protagonist of Civitavecchia, It is immediately subject to the authority of the local bishop, living a decent life and retreat, remaining as it was; pseudo seers of Medjugorje are stars International and the phenomenon grew rich, They are no longer the same as before but lead creasing lives on welfare and on luxury, What it also accepted by the study commission, who could not omit to state “their relationship with money, one in particular”.
          These facts.
          I believe that Medjugorje and Civitavecchia are two very different situations.

          • Ambrogio St. Peter
            Ambrogio St. Peter says:

            Dearest Father Ariel,
            Thanks for pointing out the facts that they saw featuring the Bishop Grillo in Civitavecchia –
            (I went there on a private pilgrimage 15 august of 2006: I found myself alone, in a hot noon, between the cicadas and a group of devoted gypsy; since, every time I am going to think or say anything about gypsies, I stop, I think also to the colored group, and I bite my tongue).
            I must confess that they are debated on Medjugorje; But when my balance is going to hang for no, I think back now to Civitavecchia and reasonable credibility of the testimony of the Bishop, and then I wonder: BVM may have actually manifested through a statuette from Medjugorje, and Medjugorje engraved with the inscription at its base, if Medjugorje was a hoax?
            If it was not a disrespectful thought, It would seem a mockery!
            I can not capacitarmene…

      • The word he fears
        The word he fears says:

        Father Flavio Ubodi cappuccino, Official consultant of Civitavecchia diocese regarding the events of the Madonnina, states that the Church in the person of diocesan bishops which shall have the jurisdiction over, It has repeatedly and unequivocally in favor.

  17. Manuela
    Manuela says:

    And the story of the Madonna of Civitavecchia? When he began to weep in the hands of the incredulous Bishop Grillo had such an illness…But is not the experience of the words recorded in Isaiah?:
    For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
    your ways are not my ways – oracle of the Lord.
    For as the heavens are above the earth,
    so are my ways higher than your ways,
    and my thoughts than your thoughts. ”
    A Jewish girl chanced amazing things , conception without knowing man and childbirth for example virginal…., and we are surprised that your son let us know, to be convicted, teach us, like a mother?And all this through the visionaries who are instruments, simple tools and not for this spontaneously Saints.
    No father Ariel, this time I'm sure you're wrong, and God will judge these people and of their possible misuse of the enormous effluvium thanks.

    ROBERTO says:

    Dearest Father Ariel, I have been to Medjugorje and listening (less and less to be honest because of a growing unease) Radio Maria. I acknowledge , in my ignorance immeasurable, I learned a lot from RM and have seen at first hand an atmosphere of serenity and faith in Medjugorje but also many doubts I have arisen. As you can defend these seers it is undeniable that the social life around them represent a unique case in the history of the Church. No other seer or witness of supernatural events has never had an easy life (if anything has had a life marked by deep suffering and difficulties, just compare the experiences of Lourdes or Fatima ) and you never had this type of access and attendance with the Divine. Neither I can not conceive how it is possible for human beings to have authentic contact with the Madonna (and receive 7) then, practically, inventing or simulating 30 years of false appearances. Similarly Father Livio (which is capable person, intentioned and deeply loves the Church)It appears increasingly intransigent, almost obsessive,, often, politically deployed.

  19. Mario
    Mario says:

    During the Last Supper Jesus said,:
    "I give you a new commandment: that you love one another; as I have loved you, you also must love one another.
    By this all will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another. " (GV 13, 34-35).
    I am sorry, but after reading her article, I do find it hard to recognize it as a disciple of Jesus Christ.
    Even his words convinced me more and more that we live in a time when anyone dares to even use the word of God to plant or food hatred and division within the Church, with the presumption for more to be better than others.
    I do not think that you have more gifts of wisdom and discernment of St. John Paul II, who believed in the apparitions of Medjugorje (started a little over a month after his assassination) and about them he said to the other (to reliable witnesses):
    “If you were not Pope, I would have gone to Medjugorje.”
    “Medjugorje is a world center of spirituality.”
    “These messages are the key to understanding what is happening and what will happen in the world.”
    “Medjugorje is the continuation of the message of Fatima.”
    “Protect Medjugorje. And the…

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      … and why, the Supreme Pontiff John Paul II, in 26 long years of pontificate, He has never recognized the apparitions and the messages?
      Someone might put a gun to his temple and threatened prevented him?
      It alone is liable, saw that under his pontificate were repeatedly prohibited official pilgrimages to the Holy See gave reason to the local bishops, much attacked and insulted by medjugoriani, guilty because it had never recognized the authenticity of the phenomenon.
      Please answer, before pulling dancing inappropriately San Giovanni Paolo II.

      • father ariel
        Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:


        They have been published all the messages sent to the office, except for those containing florilegia of gratuitous insults addressed to me.
        Reading these posts is evidence and proof of what I wrote in my article: the subjective emotional element is for many people the meter and measure to guarantee the authenticity of a phenomenon that at the time, I like chiunqe, we have the legitimate freedom does not perceive the supernatural, until the Church has not given a definitive answer that until now has not given.

        To prove the authenticity of this phenomenon, many people who have written prepend these reasons, as it were irrefutable:

        1. I have heard …
        2. I was converted …
        3. I have seen and I think, in my opinion …
        4. etc …

        In short: the phenomenon is genuine because “I have heard” and why “in my opinion”.

        Medjugorje is one of the greatest phenomena of emotional fideism that causes many people to transcend the fanaticism and in a form of real new religion: the religion medjugoriana.
        If tomorrow, the church, He was to declare the real phenomenon, at that point for me it will be no genuine worth discussion. But none of this happened today is still.

        • Cristiano
          Cristiano says:

          Dear father Ariel, I congratulate you for the courage to publicly correct an “bastion” / “ironclad” as RM and more’ namely its Director.
          I state that I am grateful to RM of countless hours of very valid transmissions, unique in the Italian. I remember with particular affection the moments of prayer.
          Regarding Medjugorie believe pero’ that its correction Father Livio is perfectly centered and necessary.
          I also saw his speech to D&R and its very clear explanations were also manipulated by Amicone. The parallel drawn by Odifreddi (Odifreddi!) and Paul VI,’ It was a masterful jab to explain to grand the obvious.
          Knowing your past, I imagine the pain and suffering that you should try when apostrophe by a layman esagitato (that ultimatums to Madonna) to take a trip to Medjugorje. Please, He offers His personal suffering and humiliation which receives for the good of the Church and of our beautiful Italy. God reward!

          To his readers that understand English this brief catechesis Card. Arinze says * all *:

      • Alexander
        Alexander says:

        father ariel, because the phenomenon was not, it is done yet. He can not do even the current Pope (or am I wrong?). But what I've read and heard, privately he had no problems. For Civitavecchia, his veneration was only done in private. However I do not go to the Vatican circles as you. Inform yourself and tell us, as it did and wrote for other cases. The ability and word fluency is not the shortage of. I will hear.
        (Here we also vorrebe a Vittorio Messori to answer us)

      • orenzo
        orenzo says:

        How could St. John Paul II issued the judgment “consisted of supernatural” for still taking the course?

        • father ariel
          Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

          The Church has no obligation to wait for the end of a phenomenon to issue an opinion.
          The Church has repeatedly recognized as inauthentic phenomena which were in full swing.
          Who says that the Church did not rule because the phenomenon has been going on for over three decades, considering at the same time authentic, It acts dishonestly.
          Just like those who pretend to approve sending in Medjugorje as apostolic delegate Archbishop Emeritus of Warsaw.
          That bishop was sent to check what is happening and to try to manage a phenomenon out of control.
          The proof of this?
          Shortly after his arrival forbade categorically that during the celebrations and the preaching was in fact any kind of reference to the appearances and the daily messages of self-styled seers. To priests who had disregarded these provisions, It would be immediately revoked the faculty to celebrate the Holy Mass, preach and administer confessions in Medjugorje.
          This is so.
          Millions of people who believe in Medjugorje are a proof of authenticity “Voice of the people, voice of God“.
          Absolutely not.
          The fact that millions of people have believed in Soviet communism, to Nazism, the cultural revolution of Mao, and so on, he never made these saints and authentic phenomena because it followed by millions and millions of people.

          • orenzo
            orenzo says:

            E’ is true that the Church “He has repeatedly recognized as inauthentic phenomena which were in full swing”, But I am not that I have ever recognized as authentic phenomena still in their place.
            As far as I know, on the first seven appearances after the judgment it has been “there is no evidence of the supernatural”, that is a “ni”.

          • father ariel
            Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

            Dear Orenzo,

            unfortunately there is a great misunderstanding in progress.
            The Church has nothing recognized, for now. There was a committee that has done and delivered a study, so the Pope can be helped to decide what he deems appropriate to decide.
            Those who want to force an implicit recognition never happened, They attach themselves to say … “At that time, authorized pilgrimages?”, “allow so many people to go?”, “allow the celebrations?”.
            They are in fact forcing.
            Only in Italy we have dozens of places where it is said to have occurred manifestations of the supernatural, that the Church has never recognized, however, he did not prevent people to go to those places to pray, or it prohibited in some cases the construction of places of worship.
            The problem is when this one tries to pass it off as forcibly approval.
            Even in Civitavecchia, the Church allows people going to pray, to participate in the Holy Mass and to confession in the place where an event took place that the Church has never recognized, until now.
            In short: until the Supreme Pontiff will be pronounced, Medjugorje is just a place where it is allowed to go to pray, confess and participate in the sacred celebrations, everything else is just forcing.
            For the rest it's true, Unfortunately: the style of these times, They have not said yes and did not say no, but as she says they told “ni”, while many expect a clear answer, also to respond to the people, unlike some priests who take no small responsibility, before the Church did not rule, to consider authentic this phenomenon and guarantee it as such to the faithful, What this really very serious.

          • Lauro
            Lauro says:

            The church (meaning that as the local Bishop, as well as Roma), It recognized, more than once, appearances before they would end. Farm Bethany (Venezuela), eg.

    • Robert Benson
      Robert Benson says:

      Most of the statements that are attributed S. John Paul II, especially "If I were not Pope, I would have gone to Medjugorje. " are totally invented. Word of the card. Ratzinger. Open your eyes and is not gospista.

  20. Frilù
    Frilù says:

    Praised be Jesus Christ, dear father Ariel. totally agree with his thesis on the phenomenon of Medjugorje, and even more the hassle for fans and propagator of heresies father Livio. It looks like a priest who pursues said “go where it takes you the money “. In fact it is not his only crush. Father Livio is also a great friend and supporter of the Neocatechumenal Way. We know that in the movement circulate much money and so many heresies.
    Just in February on the site “Observatory on the Neocatechumenal Way ” We have addressed the problem by transcribing a letter of Father Zoffoli to Father Livio Radio Maria. Here are some links, are all over 7:

    Thanks again for the work he does for us faithful in search of Truth.

  21. Donato
    Donato says:

    The hypothesis of pseudoveggenti and no credibility to all appearances does not seem plausible by the fact that just to see Medjgorie, from about 40 year old, many people praying, to confess, receive the Holy Eucharist and to express their sincere devotion to Mater Dei, What you can not see anywhere else!

  22. Anghel
    Anghel says:

    Many of the supporters of the cause of Medjugorje often use repeating the Gospel teaching ”from the fruits ye shall know them” explaining that very few places Marian, today, They can boast an endless series of conversions or re-conversions to the Catholic Faith. Good, I long ago I wonder, if it was to return to Christ it is for these people that go to Medjugorje and not of conversion to a pseudo faith christianist, What would happen if tomorrow the famous secrets were not revealed and were bequeathed to the children or relatives of the visionaries?
    Since this does not generate then a disastrous fall of shattered hopes of millions of poor ”faithful” who rightly feel cheated?
    And tempers so emotional and superficial, how they would react in a similar trauma?
    Maybe that does not ripudierebbero (at this point rightly) the gospa medjugoriana and the little that there was still a Catholic in their lives?
    In this possible future demystification of Medjugorje could have devastating consequences for the Roman Catholic Christianity.

    • Maria
      Maria says:

      The devastating consequences for the Roman Catholic Christianity, certainly when it comes to light the deception of Medjougorie and millions of faithful will be prey to disappointment and despair to have believed six liars, seem the result of a diabolical plan to scuttle the Church of Christ.
      Who knows when we will understand don Fanzaga. May God enlighten.

  23. Alexander
    Alexander says:

    Dear Father Ariel, I respect her and follow her but today I have a little’ distance myself from his thoughts. First, because, as you yourself have told us very clearly of his life, law is “the newest” and as such should at least have a little’ more prudence and respect Father Livio, certain man as everyone, can he’ sometimes it is bitten by the argument that he cares (however, with peaks much less over the top of you), .
    Second, as a regular listener of Radio Maria, I can reassure you that I never had any doubts about what you say and also that Father Livio knows and repeats: salvation comes only from Jesus that is God. If Father Livio often uses the phrase “Maria saves us”, I always understood in’ sense of “protects”, “it helps”, “intercede” and so Father Livio if I may speak for him as it is by now a familiar figure in my life.
    She can’ well express his opinion on Medjugorje which is valid. I've got another. So even priests, bishops and popes have done, and they do so on a daily basis the opposite. As you also know, and teaches, what he thinks and expresses “arm” not even a Pope “does the church” until the…

    • Paul from Genoa
      Paul from Genoa says:

      Themselves. Alexander,
      Fully agree with her, but I also understand the father Ariel. For me Father Livio is the greatest living Italian, I would at the same time Pope and President of the Republic, but in fact from a strictly orthodox view as true and proven that the apparitions of Medjugorje established and approved by the Church are not (although they probably are true, given the evangelical criteria of good fruit products from almost 40 year old). From Father Livio appreciate, among the many things, his great ability to tell the whole truth, without offending, without dividing, tackling even the most difficult subjects with wisdom mixed with irony, and in a manner understandable to all. The truth of Medjugorje Father Livio has bet his life, all Radio Maria is based on this bet, and it does not seem possible to me that Heaven has allowed all this on the basis of false appearances.

  24. Zamax
    Zamax says:

    The question I always think roughly the same things. I say “more or less” not because of certain aspects of it has some valuation differences, but because I never much depth, also a kind of instinctive discomfort.

  25. Attilio
    Attilio says:

    Reverend Father Ariel,

    The cheering from the curve that shines through Catholic laymen in the studio is about as far from healthy balance. His jabs to the uproar from the stadium are like pure water.

  26. light
    light says:

    Luckily someone sings p. Livio taking care of her soul!
    By now the Medjugorje phenomenon of the grotesque.
    But what hurts is the ambiguous position of the church and the conclusions of the commission Ruini…
    So the Holy Virgin appears seven times in the boys…. and these pass the next 40 years to make fun of the people of God! Beautiful fruit really beautiful fruits!
    They should immediately listen to the bishop of Mostar and stop this farce before the gosparo p . Livio has done much to publicize.

  27. Andrea
    Andrea says:

    father ariel, She has made this clear when a worried and widespread phenomenon: the reduction of faith to emotionality, as such in need of charismatic leaders, events and thrills. I wonder whether this is not a consequence (involuntary) of certain choices, certainly made with all the good intentions of the case, that they have characterized the S pontificate. John Paul II, with GMG, rallies, goodwill towards certain movements and so on. As for the undoubted benefits that occur in Mediugorie, net of justifiably serious reservations raised by you, could be yet another case of a God who “also he writes straight on crooked lines”.

  28. Liliana
    Liliana says:

    Has there ever been in the church a time of such great confusion? Who says A , Some say B , who says A but also . And we mere sheep who thinks. I'd like a word of TRUTH! Am I asking too much?

  29. Nicolini Romano
    Nicolini Romano says:

    Dear Don Ariel, I agree with you on many things , for instance, the richness of the visionaries. But the Church also has many riches and these do not affect the validity of his words.
    To me it is dear that the messages contain wise and constructive words. The Vienna cardinal said : ” I confessed more people to Mediugorie in three days in Vienna in a year. If indeed there are confessions, a me – frankly- It is not interested in whether or not the Madonna. Today Confession is truly the ” litmus test” of the Catholic faith.- Don Romano Nicolini – Rimini

  30. LAURO
    LAURO says:

    Dear don Ariel, I am not your own appraiser, but after watching last night the 'Straight bet and reverse', I think I will be. You said it , the Medjugorje phenomenon, things that for years I'm thinking! What leaves me perplexed is strongly and negatively fail to understand the Commission Ruini., which, instead support the bishops of Mostar, It seems to get across and, indirectly, I understand that you blame them for failing to address these pseudo-seers. and the masses that they had called in that place. How many scholars of this phenomenon will have it figured out?

  31. Robert of France
    Robert of France says:

    Father Ariel Estimated,

    I am the son of one of the first pilgrims, that you went to Medjugorje’ In the 1982, tornandone enthusiastic and saying he had witnessed the miracle of “sun dance”. My mother is not un'allucinata and I have no reason to doubt his good faith, nor of his mental health. I then grew up in the belief that the phenomenon was genuine, but recently this belief has been shaken, on one side, by objective scandal of behavior “fortune tellers”, and on the other by the content often heretical certain statements attributed to the Blessed Virgin (I think the conference Dr. D'Amico on the subject available on YouTube).

    I ask her: how can I reconcile my doubts, now strong, on authenticity, with the phenomenon when my mother would attend? E’ can image that it was a preternatural phenomenon, that evil? E’ can image that God allows evil to deceive to the point masses of faithful to the point of performing miracles reminiscent, in all and for all, those recognized in Fatima?

    because as of now

    • Francesco
      Francesco says:

      Dear Don advise prior to discredit Medjugorje to go there. Then you can have two views. As for me if it were not for that place, I would be far from God. So many people have returned to God, because of Medjugorje. The greeting

  32. francesca
    francesca says:

    For me, reading is always a charm. Thanks to you I learn a lot about the Church's teaching. Years ago I had enrolled in Religious Studies but then God has chosen one for me.
    Tonight I will begin to read Anselm, I hope you enlighten me in this dark and painful road. A prayer for all those who are sick, sprawled on a hospital bed, counting the endless minutes that separate them from healing, by a run in the fields, the sun shines on the skin and makes them rejoice in just for the fact of being new in the world.

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