The Archbishop of Palermo persecuted by hyenas? He wanted the bike, now he has to ride

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[…] But I felt a certain sadness in seeing the movie the Archbishop of Palermo run away several times running, because in that moment I was reminded of several holy bishops, some of them martyrs of the faith, which with admirable dignity, They are made to find them sitting on the episcopal throne, right on which they were slaughtered by Muslims


Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo



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S. AND. Mons. Corrado Lorefice, Metropolitan Archbishop of Palermo, chased by hyenas television networks Mediaset [click on image to open the video]

Reservoir Dogs eponymous TV show they must always be taken with pliers. Therefore, the story about the alleged ill-treatment of employees of a foundation of the Archdiocese of Palermo, We can not comment on that belong to the judiciary, specifically the labor courts. Se the Hyenas raise a case, this does not entitle anyone to will issue judgments ruling. We know that certain issues are increasingly complex practices.



Corrado Lorefice, work dedicated to the figures of Giuseppe Dossetti and Giacomo Lercaro: The poor Church and the poor from the perspective of Vatican II

It may however be that S.It is. Mons. Corrado Lorefice, Primate Archbishop of Palermo and Sicily, We are preparing to take a healthy life lesson that will make it definitely a shepherd in the care of souls much better, coming perhaps to his old age as a truly holy bishop. And the lesson is this: to the bishop in 2018 it is very difficult. Speaking the same age then as Archbishop panormitano, from which they differ as little as ten months of age, I can say that if me, priest without any previous experience of episcopal ministry, at fifty-two he had proposed his appointment as Archbishop of Palermo, I would have categorically refused to accept, first of all because I know my limits and why you do not need special knowledge to understand that we are talking about one of the largest and most especially difficult episcopal sees in Italy; and Palermo, a so-called hard seat, it is historically, of always. In recent times it should be all too emblematic of the history of Cardinal Francesco Carpino [Palazzolo Acreide 1905 – Rome 1993], elected to the archbishop's chair of Palermo in 1967 and which he made an act of surrender three years later in 1970, giving as an official statement that the Archdiocese had very difficult pastoral problems for which we needed a younger archbishop who could sketch out long-term programs …


… in rejecting the appointment to that office, I'd even bothered to Ecclesiastical Authority to give an unsolicited advice: Palermo send a bishop who had already gained and gained some experience in the holy episcopal ministry, giving good account of himself in the pastoral governance. But, as I repeat, I have a sense of my limitations and above all a sense of proportion.


the 29 April 2016 panormitana was celebrated in the Cathedral of the Jubilee Sports, at which it was donated to the Archbishop Metropolitan a flask and a bicycle with which he walked around the presbytery

Those who had accepted without making similar assessments, today should apply the wise proverb: "You wanted the bike? Now ride!». Or make it clear that the appointment to the complex and delicate archbishopric of Palermo he was not offered, but imposed by obedience. What more impossible that rare, For if a man says he does not feel or that it is not considered up to the demanding task, no ecclesiastical authority never impose obedience.


S. AND. Mons. Corrado Lorefice He is the author of several books which speak of the poor, and yearns for a poor Church for the poor. What this leads me to a great confidence in him and especially to stimulate workers who appear to have opened a dispute with the diocese, to have deep confidence in their Archbishop, for sensitivity and training it is very sensitive to the poor and poverty, as shown by his books; and this deep sensitivity surely prevent the, in pastoral conscience, to let it end up in a state of distress and poverty of workers and their respective families.


one of the texts devoted to poverty and poor Church for the poor S.It is. Mons. Corrado Lorefice

I repeat: no one can enter into the an issue that must be evaluated and judged in the appropriate fora, certainly not from Hyenas, who first missed badly of respect and education are going to try the Archbishop in his cathedral church during a public meeting, or worse disturbandolo during a religious procession. What I can say is just to have felt a certain sadness in seeing the movie the Archbishop of Palermo run away several times running, because in that moment I was reminded of several holy bishops, some of them martyrs of the faith, which with admirable dignity they are made in sitting on their episcopal chair, right on which they were slaughtered by those Muslims belonging to the religion of peace and love that recently narrated the Supreme Pontiff, albeit gently, and promptly denied dall'islamologo Jesuit Samir Khalil Samir [cf. WHO]. Among the many martyrs bishops remember the beautiful figure of Archbishop Otranto, martyred by Muslims in 1480 [cf. WHO], which tells the Chronicle:


the face of a poor Church

"Archbishop Stefano, after all the previous day had heartened the people with the sacrament of the Eucharist, He went up from the crypt of the cathedral in the choir and there, martyr of the faith in Christ and honored by the priestly vestments, He was slain on his episcopal throne by the Turks, when they raided " [cf. Antonio Ferrari, in De website Japigiae].


This is equivalent to saying: once you had the bicycle, they pedaled to Paradiso much better than two professional cyclists like Gino Bartali and Fausto Coppi would have done. But as we know, were other times. At the time,, on the bike, They only professional athletes were put, while today, a bicycle, it's a clerical courtesy which is not denied to anyone …


"Man, my heart is not proud
and with pride my gaze does not rise;
I do not go looking for big things,
beyond my strength ' [Salmo 131].


the Island of Patmos, 20 October 2018




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12 replies
  1. rosario says:

    The Diocese of Palermo animated by his zealous priests is the quintessential hypocrisy inherent in the Church.
    At the first change of wind will return in clerical, not like now that just become Deacons close in the bathroom of the Cathedral to take it off immediately. Cathedral, say bazaar since it's become a market.
    I notice that occasionally release a dog to bark, these dogs would bark in the rubble of the Seminary of Palermo.
    Hornbeam? Those were certainly not theological heights as some bishops who until yesterday in Santa Maria delle Grazie in Palermo, ate bread soaked with neocatumenali.

  2. father ariel
    Alberto says:

    Dear father Ariel,

    if it really is sick, unfortunately I can not pray for you, because I have not the Christian faith, but I wish you all good; I have great respect for you and do not lose your written a.

    As for the bicycle Bishop. Lorefice, Mica could reject as if he had a pope from any: donors Alberto Melloni and especially Enzo Bianchi (on the advice of Don Giuseppe Ruggeri, that among all these demi-gods they believe to stand between God and the pope. E’ said Communist, but a good man who has not cultivated money, power and ambition).

    In short, the Bose shop with branches in Bologna who now works well in tandem with the Sant'Egidio workshop (As Melloni envy the ministry not to remember what had to be Riccardi!).

    A Sicilian-Bolognese in Sicily and a Roman-egidiano in Bologna: nice exchange. So far other authority than the Pope, which, moreover, is intended (will know?) to be degraded by two western patriarch to achieve visible union with the Orthodox!

    A greeting

  3. father ariel
    cargen@ says:

    Dearest Father Ariel,

    if some of our priests Palermo, instead smile at the front and then bishop in scaricargli poison behind closed sacristy, they used the clarity and genuine affection that emerges from these new lines, we will not have the big problems we have and already half a century ago, you quote the card. Hornbeam, He had already identified well enough to stand back before a totally unmanageable situation.
    Fraternal greetings from Palermo, Your Don Carmelo

    • rosario says:

      To those who have tried the letter was immediately delivered by the Archbishop to return order, see Arcipreture provincial, needless to say who they are.

  4. father ariel
    sal.mic11 says:

    I know what's eating you just as much as your own age of just “ten months of age difference” both Archbishop, next Cardinal and esteemed by Pope Francis, while you're still attached to the pole to make jerk on this small island of Patmos …

    Salvo from Palermo

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dear Salvo from Palermo,

      I confess that I rode so much, which they are now unfortunately in the terminal phase. Indeed, a month after the election of your Archbishop at home to Palermo Subway, I was diagnosed with liver cancer. And metastases that ate into me were so strong, that chemotherapy made me the healing effect that can make a rinse with off pink a poor ill with AIDS.

      I was given just three months to live, before you detach from the "pole" which are "always stuck ', to finish so relentlessly Hell in the envious round.

      I do not know what are the popular sayings in ancient and noble Palermo, But I can tell you that in Rome, the saying goes: "Better to be attached to a pole that end up with a stake in …».

      The Lord filled with every grace and blessing.

      • orenzo
        orenzo says:

        Be “in the terminal phase” like when you were appointed Archbishop of Naples or medical diagnosis?

    • with no fear of the word says:

      But look what Don Ariel, if you would, the recipe to be highly esteemed by Pope Francis knows well.

      • father ariel
        Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

        … ah, I know her so well, recipe, that if I cooked today I would definitely member of the College of Cardinals.
        The “issue” It is that I cherish always great devotion to the Tuscan-Roman of San Filippo Blacks, that when Pope Clement VIII [Fano 1536 -Rome 1605] She offered him the cardinal's hat, as the chronicles replied … "No, holy Father, I prefer paradise!».

        That said it is worth remembering that the Father Filippo Blacks, cardinal's hat, was offered because yesterday and today, for men in authority of Holy Mother Church, costs less grant the dignity of Cardinal and wash with it the consciousness, instead of saying, as in the case of this saint: “We admit a mistake towards you”.

        And what they were wrong!

        At Father Filippo Blacks, the then Cardinal Vecario From Rome, even off the power to administer confessions and celebrate Mass in public, and so on and so on

        Of course, if they were wrong!

        But, as I repeat, It costs less to a cardinal's hat admit mistakes, place that forgiveness, men in authority of the Holy Church, I have asked only to Jews, Muslims, Indians of the Americas, natives and so on.
        May, as I understand it, They apologized to his faithful and obedient servants treated for life in merciful beating.

        I know the recipe so good to say … "I prefer paradise!».

        • Iginio says:

          Do you think in the Biographical Dictionary of Italians wrote modestly that Cardinal Virgilio Rosaries “even he is challenging the practices of the Oratory of Philip Blacks”, without explaining the severe prohibitions to which subjected the future saint. Ignorance or unwillingness? It is true that St. Philip Blacks assume no smuovesse heaven and earth to rebel against injustice, But Christian could bear the sorrow. Perhaps also because the Cardinal Vicar was so overly strict, but at least it was for a priestly zeal misunderstanding, not for show “friend of the world”.

  5. Iginio says:

    Dear don Ariel,
    You should know that the latest version of regime historians is that the martyrs of Otranto does not really were martyred for religious reasons, because the Turks in the places they conquered allowed “quietly” the existence of other religions… Too bad that things were not exactly. Martyrs Poor Otrantini, now also they have to suffer the indignity of posthumous politically correct scribblers. Incidentally: when two years ago it was the sixth centenary of the birth of St. Francis of Paola – that heralded the massacre of Otranto and urged the crusade against the Turks – Vatican was told Minimi friars that was not the case to solemnize the event because it was a figure too hostile to Islam. So goes the world…

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      … no, things were not quite so.

      When the Islamists from the Mediterranean landed in Sicily in the year 827 near Mazara del Vallo, the chronicles tell who made the useless slaughter on the populations of those areas that were formed by civilians and devoid of defenses.

      In the year 878 finally they succeeded in conquering Syracuse, who had the defenses that made it very difficult to conquer, many of them designed by the great Archimedes. Just broke into the ancient capital of Magna Grecia, They translated the soldiers in the ancient Temple of Apollo and space emasculated them all, while the young men and women were captured and sold into slavery, seniors, the elderly and the sick brutally killed.

      This was the beginning of Islamic domination of the territories and these were the conquest mode.

      However it may be that the reporters and to witnesses lied and that for centuries there has been submitted to the lies, while in truth, the Muslims, They brought only art, culture and many new and interesting recipes.

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