It is very dangerous to state: "I am what I feel I am", because it means imposing the world of the unreal, often even violently


After half a century of feminist struggles, finally a boy wins first prize in a beauty contest for women. An extraordinary success for us men!

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There are unbearable blacks, some even dangerous criminals belonging to notoriously very violent ethnic groups? Yup, but pace of Latin semantics black people should not be referred to as "niggers", but as “men of color”. The word "nigger" is a racist expression.

“transsexual, Transylvanian” – The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Jim Sharman (1975)

I think a legitimate question: how come when they point to the White people (white men), they call us “whites” rather than “men of no color”? These niggas called "colored men", they are perhaps racist? How come it is racist to say niger (negro) but it is not to say bleach (bianco)? If in any European country, during an argument, one said to a black "dirty nigger", first it would end up in the media pillory, then before our courts on charges of racism, something on which one can also agree, given that there should not exist a contempt liable to the accusation of racism and a similar contempt considered instead only a heated expression coming out of the mouth during an argument, with the substantial and formal judgment which varies according to the color of the skin indicated. Or does anyone know maybe a case of some nigger shamed all over the press politically correct and then hauled off to a court on racism charges for telling someone “dirty white”?

Wanting to be fair, perhaps it would be appropriate to drag to the bar of the court even the African who addresses a European indicating him as white, or worse using the racist expression of “dirty white”. If in fact blacks are not blacks or negroes but "men of color", in turn we whites are not whites but "men without color", or if we prefer “men of non-dark coloring” or “men with bleached colors”. Then choose the most politically correct definition among these three, for so we should be called, in the same way that an African is not called a "negro" or "black" but a "colored man".

As for the various black populations of the African continent, it should be clarified that they are often very different from each other, roughly as a European from Norway may be from an Italian European native of the Calabria region. In this regard, the dictionary provides this indication:

«negroide, masculine and feminine adjective and noun [composed of negro and oide]. In physical anthropology, black bouquet, one of the two branches of the primary equatorial forms, including strains of steatopygids, of Pygmy and Negrids. In a generic sense (and often noun), of an individual who exhibits the characteristics of a Negro (very dark skin, camerrinia, prognathism, frizzy hair, dolicocefalia)» [cf.. Treccani Encyclopaedia].

But if we go to read the most unreliable encyclopedia of the entire globe, i.e. Wikipedia, where political correctness is often pushed to paroxysm and to the very denial of the foundations of the various sciences, including anthropological and biological ones, we can read:

“The term negroid or negride, sometimes congoid, indicates a now obsolete anthropological classification of’A wise man, definable starting from the shape of the skull and other craniometric and anthropometric characteristics: this term identifies the autochthonous human beings of sub-Saharan Africa» [cf.. WHO].

Come May quietly and silently certain American universities give black students of African-American descent easier entrance tests than those given to white students of European-American descent? It may be that this is in the same way that any white of European-American descent would have serious difficulty competing in certain sports competitions with African-Americans.? Worse than ever with pure Africans from certain particular populations of the Black Continent, notoriously favored in various sports by their happy physical conformation that we "men without color" do not have, due to our different genetics, because in many things we are inferior to them, endowed with abilities and physical resources that we do not have, including that vocal range that makes certain voices unique in singing, so much so that they are defined as black or negro voices precisely because of their particularity. Then, if some think it is possible and feasible to have Japanese compete against Cameroonians in a speed race with show jumping, let them do as well, but I fear that the results would be somewhat obvious, beyond ridiculous. In any case, the problem would not arise because the Japanese, mindful of their sizes but at the same time also of what could be certain of their physical limits in the face of other competitors, with the atavistic sense of honor they have they would never expose themselves to public ridicule. We Europeans, on the other hand, do, because we have long since lost the sense of human modesty, but even more that of shame.

Everyone is free to say that the greatest masters of philosophical thought and those of the main exact sciences were all born in the Congo, in Cameroon, in Togo, in Ghana, in Liberia and Burkina Faso, where archaeologists have discovered ancient sites that by engineering, architecture and artistic value far exceed those of ancient Egypt and the civilizations of the Incas and Aztecs, of the Etruscans, the Greeks and Romans. The undoubtedly tragic thing is that if someone said things like this before an audience of expert scholars and specialists, all will be silent and none of them will sigh. We ask: Why?

The most degenerate political correctness it even pushes us to believe in the existence of peoples and populations that no longer exist, for example the Egyptians and the Greeks. I understand both, considered the heritage linked to their lands, can boast certain ancient origins, however, the fact remains that the Egyptian civilization - and with it the Egyptians -, it has been extinct for centuries. Those who claim to be the current Egyptians are an Arab population; they have been since the "people of the sands", also known as Mohammedans, they invaded that region in the seventh century by making a clean sweep of what remained of that culture which for some centuries had already started a slow decline. The ancient Egyptian-Mohammedans were also lovers of big bonfires, because it was them, led by Caliph Omar, to set the final fire that destroyed the ancient library of Alexandria in 640. How centuries and centuries later it was Muslim jihadists who destroyed in August of 2015 the ancient archaeological site of Palmyra. It is true that those responsible for the destruction were Islamist fundamentalists, as Western masters of political correctness were quick to point out, but it is also true that these fundamentalists were Muslims anyway, as degenerate and unworthy as we like, but still Muslims. And at the completion of each of their criminal actions, including the filmed slaughtering of many Christian victims, they proclaimed themselves true followers of the Koran. All contrary to the much reviled Christians who never destroyed the ancient Roman and Greek pagan temples, they saved them by turning them into churches, bringing them to the present day.

Were true the black legend that the cruel conquerors Spanish, with just as many cruel Dominicans and Franciscans in tow, they destroyed the temples of those ancient civilizations, however, it remains to be understood why, in Mexico and Peru the archaeological sites are still intact and visible today. Why make up black legends and blame others, while not saying that many destructions were made by the local populations during the various civil wars that followed one another starting from the beginning of the 20th century, after the Spanish ceased to dominate those territories as their protectorates or colonies? With the Napoleonic invasion in 1808 the disintegration of the Spanish empire in South America began through the Spanish American wars of independence, the last of which in 1898, also known as the "great disaster". Not being able or wanting to say that the conquistadors, arrived in the Americas in the sixteenth century, found the Aztec civilization in an advanced state of decay and first of all prevented the continuation of the practice of human sacrifices, we prefer to continue spreading black legends about the Spaniards who arrived with Dominicans and Franciscans in tow who forced baptism on entire populations. The historical truth is quite different: to convert the indigenous populations of present-day Mexico in the 16th century, followed by those of Latin America, fu la Morenita Virgin, known as Our Lady of Guadalupe, which was not brought by the Spaniards, appeared to the young Aztec Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoatzin. The same name "Guadalupe" is a term of Aztec origin that derives from Coatlaxopeuh and means "she who crushes the serpent". Also in this event the Spaniards, together with the trembling Dominicans and Franciscans they have nothing to do with it. Note also that in the Aztec culture the Quetzalcoatl it was the divine serpent that symbolized knowledge and warfare. So, she who crushes the serpent, in that ancient culture it symbolizes the defeat of war and the beginning of a new knowledge. That's who converted those ancient people, the Vergine Maria, not forced baptisms, always condemned and punished, moreover, by ecclesiastical law.

The present Egyptians they speak Arabic and write using the characters of the Arabic alphabet because in truth this was the original language they spoke in the 13th century. a.C. the Pharaoh Ramses II known as the Great, further proof of this are the internal inscriptions of the pyramids which abound in Arabic alphabetic characters, said not by chance: “cuneiform Arabic language”. Then, to the uninformed, it is enough to remember that Mohammed was inspired by the astral Egyptian hieroglyphics to understand exactly where to build Mecca.

The current Greeks they are more proud than ever of their history, feeling deeply and intimately so, pity they are not. If in fact by Greeks we mean the inhabitants of that geographical region, nothing to say, but taking into account that they are only geographically. The current inhabitants of that region are in fact Greeks in the same way that the inhabitants of that territory called Egypt are Egyptians. Therefore, the inhabitants of that region are heirs and descendants of the ancient Greeks in the same way that the Swedes are heirs and descendants of the inhabitants of Madgascar. In that geographical region called Greece the Turks dominated for four long centuries, from the 1453 al 1821. The ancient Greeks have left us a great heritage of art which bears witness to what was the morphology and physical conformation completely typical and characteristic of the men and women of that ancient people. The current Athenians boasting their ancient Greek far and wide, they should come to terms with a fact as simple as it is evident: whether he likes it or not, morphologically they are Turkish. Someone wants proof? It is enough to go for a walk through the streets of Istanbul and those of Athens to ascertain that there is no difference between the inhabitants of one city and the other, because the inhabitants of Istanbul are men of Turkish stock, just as the inhabitants of Athens are Turkish in their physical conformation, who after four centuries of domination claim to pass themselves off as descendants of the ancient Greeks, as if today they had the conformation and features of the sculptures of Skopas, Praxiteles and Lysippos. Free the Greek-Turks to feel exactly like the Riace bronzes, free at the same time any connoisseur of history, of anthropology and the art of laughing in his face at such claims.

We Italians don't have these problems, being one of the most bastard peoples in the world. Here is a comprehensive example: on one of our major islands, Sardinia, it is possible to see male figures of medium-short stature, stocky and heavy boned, dark haired and olive skinned, reminiscent of certain Muslims of the Kasbah of Algiers. At the same time it is possible to see blond men, tall in stature and with ice-blue eyes reminiscent of the Vikings of present-day Scandinavia. How is it possible, a naive Milanese on vacation asked an anthropologist from Cagliari, which with a great sense of humor he replied:

«Our grandmothers were very welcoming and hospitable women with all the foreigners who have visited our land over the centuries».

The late Indro Montanelli, when I was just 25 year old, with his sweet poison Florentine wit he told me:

«Italy has the geographical shape of a boot, but in actual fact it is comparable to a whore's bed, on which everyone lay down, making us the most bastard people in the world. This also has very positive implications, because, as is known, bastards - take dogs as an example - are more intelligent and also live longer than those of pure breed".

Smart and creative, I add, for better or for worse, but again with a difference: if we say that certain Neapolitans have carried out thefts and scams to deserve admiration, certainly not for the crime, of course, but for the ingenious ingenuity, this can be said, because it is allowed. If, on the other hand, it is stated that most of the gypsies - not some, but a large part of the so-called Roma ― live on theft and illicit trafficking, in this case one is accused of racism, all regardless of the sentences of the courts and the continuous recovery of stolen goods in the Roma camps. If in fact the Neapolitan carries out thefts and scams with rare ingenuity, he is a delinquent, but if a gypsy steals, in that case all the blame is involved, even the most unlikely ones, of society, according to the theses of that unfortunate ruiner of European legal thought Jean Jacques Rousseau, who gave birth in the eighteenth century to the theory of the so-called "noble savage". According to Roussean thinking, man was originally a “animated” good and peaceful and only later, corrupted by society and progress, both guilty, it has become evil. A very dangerous thought that is all the rage today and which often leads to the affirmation that those who commit crimes do not do it because they have chosen to pursue the path of crime, but because the fault lies with others, or worse than the whole society.

Soon said: the violent Negroes who, moved by tribal impulses, hack even women and children to pieces with machetes, they do not act out of criminal instincts moved by inhumanity, because their actions would be the cause of the colonial imperialism that has enraged them. Because, as known and known, before the arrival of the bad colonizers in the African Continent, they didn't butcher each other at all, but they lived peacefully as in an idyllic Paradise of Eden. And the colonizers were so ruthless and bad as to prohibit and prevent the practice of cannibalism widespread in many tribes together with human sacrifices. Among the many recent cases that deny those who identify the black man with the good, the victim and the exploited by the ruthlessness of the West, I mention the genocide in Rwanda which in the early 1990s produced around one million deaths in the tribal fights between the Hutu and the Tutsi. most of them women and children.

Data provided later by the National Bank of Rwanda, documented through thousands of international commercial transactions that approximately one million machetes used in the massacres had been imported through various channels and that the majority were Chinese-made. Bank transactions showed that they were purchased and paid for with funds allocated by various Western donor countries to support Rwanda's economic and social development. The allocation of funds stipulated that the money could never be used for weapons or other military materials. The agreement with the World Bank was even more restrictive and stipulated that the funds could not be used to import even civilian products, whether these were intended for military or paramilitary use. After careful investigations, the World Bank ascertained that the government of the dictator Juvénal Habyarimana (1973-1994) made use of World Bank funds to finance the importation of machetes from China, classifying it as an import of "civilian products" for non-military and non-para-military use. Anyhow, the bad, the "white man" remains in practice, while “the black man” is good, then, if it gets bad, the fault lies entirely with the West, certainly not of the impulses deriving from its never dormant tribal culture, that only another kind of culture has managed to put to sleep and in some cases even to defeat: Christianity.

The Arab-Egyptians they are free to feel like descendants of the ancient pharaohs just as the Turkish-Greeks can declare themselves descendants of the ancient Hellenic civilization. We can drag those who dare to say “nigger” instead of “black man” to the bars of the courts, obviously passing over the Negroes who call us “whites” with all the sunny obviousness of the case, because such we are: bianchi. We can continue to poison the thought of the decadent West with Roussean theories and believe that man is fundamentally good and that if he becomes evil, or delinquency, the fault is not his but the liberal-capitalist society.

In the same way, a man is free to feel like a woman, like the transsexual who won the Miss Universe prize in Holland a few days ago. Prize in front of which I admit that I too indulged myself on social media writing:

«After half a century of feminist struggles, finally a boy wins first prize in a beauty contest for women. An extraordinary success for us men!».

Faced with certain stubborn refusals of reality, often exercised even violently, sometimes even with coups of laws or with recourse to laws on unspecified "discrimination", anyone who reasons and intends to continue to do so, at first it can make her laugh, but after a reactive laugh he will immediately understand that in truth there would be crying.

I think it's legitimate and not at all racist and discriminating ask yourself a question: if a man decides to feel like a woman and to present himself in a beauty contest for women, as far as I'm concerned it's free to do so, as well as those responsible for admissions to the competition suffering from obvious idiocy, followed by a jury made up of obvious imbeciles, they are free both to admit a transsexual and to reward her as the most beautiful woman. But, in the same way, it should be just as legitimate, for example from me, ask a very ironic question, but truly innocent and above all realistic: if the newly elected Miss Universe dutch shemale was diagnosed with varicocele in her right testicle and needed surgery, of those to which even children are sometimes subjected, where we put it: in the gynecology department, in that she feels like a woman although biologically a man, or in the urology department, as in fact, although she feels like a woman, it's a man, enough to require a minor surgery on a testicle?

Any reasoning mind he understands well how insidious it is on a social level, political and juridical endorse the thesis that a person is not what he is in his physical and biological reality, but what he feels he is or believes or wants to be.

The words of Gilbert Keith Chesterton they ring prophetic more than ever, when in his work Heretics he wrote in the distant 1905:

"The great march of intellectual destruction continue. Everything will be denied. Everything will become a creed. It is a reasonable position to deny the stones of the street; will become a religious dogma to reaffirm. It is a rational argument that it takes all immersed in a dream; will be a sensible form of mysticism say that we are all awake. Fires will be stoked to witness that two plus two equals four. Swords will be drawn to show that the leaves are green in summer. We will find ourselves defending not only the incredible virtues and the incredible sense of human life, but something even more incredible, this immense, impossible universe staring at us in the face. We will fight for visible wonders as if they were invisible. We will look at the grass and the skies impossible with a strange courage. We will be among those who have seen and yet have believed ".

And so, in case of necessity, we will admit Miss Universe in the gynecology ward and not in the urology ward, even if she has to be operated on for a varicocele in the right testicle, because what matters is not the objective and biological fact that she has testicles; what matters is that this trans feels like a woman and claims the right to be one.

We are falling into the world of the unreal, but no one wants to notice, who then realizes it is silent out of fear or for a quiet life, thus avoiding being accused of homotransphobia. Because what is true is not true, but it is true what the subject wants, what he feels and what he likes.

the Island of Patmos, 16 July 2023



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2 replies
  1. Native
    Native says:

    You Father Ariel, on topics such as the enslavement of Africa and the Americas he has it easy, a little too easy, of a carelessness that borders on impudence and that arouses indignation, Why, crudely said, here we are talking about millions and deaths and small and large companies uprooted and destroyed in their social and ethnic foundations and for this the extreme modesty in the treatment is necessary, rather indispensable.

    It seems that his fans (and I partly am) almost expect the words you have to say about certain thorny topics and so on, turning off their brains they drink Lethe of certain pre-packaged solutions (black legends) and they sleep peacefully.

    Instead, as the Orphics teach us, it is in Mnemosyne that one must quench his thirst to have wisdom and so it is the case of “remember” some of the structurally infamous stuff (extremely infamous) that have been accomplished that I throw so haphazardly because it would take at least a ten-page article to highlight them clearly enough.

    The Millions of Dead Amerindians, as Focus also reminds us, they were also the fruit of a deliberate plan and not just the unexpected effect of the action of unknown viruses

    The plague took a huge amount of victims in Europe but then the demographic index started to rise again, Why, while the European institutional framework nonetheless guaranteed strong social cohesion, the one imposed in the new world was marked by the total fragmentation of every indigenous ornamentation, for this reason the natives never recovered from the demographic winter e, In many cases, they became extinct (I am clumsily citing an expert on such problems, Prof M Livi Bacci).

    In any case the “structure” of infamy rests on two fundamental pillars. For the Americas the bubble Inter Caetera (which has no legal basis as the philosopher of law Luca Baccelli argued well in the book: Bartolome de Las Casas. The baseless conquest) which followed up on the slavish regulatory provisions: the requirement, the Repartimiento and the Encomienda. (who knows how many “boys” they died of fatigue or at least remained deformed in the work in the mines for “beautify” the Catholic churches, but this human material does not report).

    It goes without saying that, failing the principle, all the consequences associated with it fall away.

    As far as Africa is concerned, we recall the Romanus Pontifex bull which sanctioned the freedom to enslave Africans as per the extract below .5. We, thinking with due meditation of all and of the individual things premised, with our other letters, we have already conceded, among other things, full and complete power to the aforementioned King Alfonso to invade, conquer, conquer, defeat and subjugate all Saracens and pagans and other enemies of Christ wherever they live and their kingdoms, ducats, principalities, lordships, possessions and all movable and immovable property held or possessed by them and their persons to reduce to perpetual slavery and to occupy, appropriate and convert these kingdoms to his own use and profit and that of his successors, ducats, counties, principalities, lordships, possessions and goods. da Catopedia)

    I ask: his forgiving theses, if you are as expert as you want to show yourself to be, why not submit them to some congress of Africanists and perhaps native Americanists, we'll see what they have to answer.

    It doesn't look good to me.

    In Bonifacio


    I am perfectly aware of the “misdeeds” of the native peoples but these can be traced back to a local organic thought system, there is cultural anthropology on purpose. For what concern “respect” of the temples “pagani” it makes me smile. A temple lives in function of a cult and the cult presupposes a presence therein theurgically summoned. Once exhausted it is an empty carcass, without meaning. Also the persistence of Christians towards the vestiges “PAGAN” it is well documented by that self-described branch of archaeology “archeology of hate” which studies precisely the mutilations of statues and Templars practiced in the transition from paganism (gentilism) and Christianity.

    Finally, I would like to remind you that Egypt is part of Africa and many of its pharaohs seem to have been “Negri” (very correct adjective because this is how the pan-Africanists define themselves: “Negri”)

    Current Pan-Africanist movements (like Frobenius after all), they look to Egypt and its religion as a unifying element of the entire African civilization

    African art (like all native art) it must be observed under the symbolic aspect that it underlies certainly not for the aesthetics with which it is proposed

    In summary: to understand you have to decolonize the mind, a hard task for the man of faith!

    • father ariel
      father ariel says:

      Very kind,

      take as a reliable historical source Focus it's like taking an article of a historical nature on for granted Friend O Novella2000.

      Focus has periodically affirmed and spread the worst and most false anti-historical atrocities about the Catholic Church and always with an ill-concealed anti-Catholic slant, it is a fact. One example among many: Focus presented the "infamous" inquisition as a kind of Nazism before letter failing to say and explain that the world of law should still be deeply grateful to the inquisitorial process, because it was with it and only through it that the juridical principle of the protection of the accused was sanctioned as an indispensable and inalienable right.

      Apart from this.

      You quote a totally de-contextualized document, which I sincerely regret because, against the other, this is serious, especially if we want to make an objective reasoning. I am referring to the recriminated bubble Roman Pontiff of 8 January 1454 used by her to support the completely false thesis that Pope Nicholas V would have blessed and encouraged slavery.

      Let's contextualize: the authorization given by the Supreme Pontiff to the Portuguese sovereign to be able to reduce the pagan and Saracen populations into "perpetual slavery" against which the Portuguese were fighting in Africa must be placed historically with what was the great and violent Islamic expansion that followed the fall of Constantinople in 1453 and which on several occasions risked bringing the Muslims as far as Rome, if they had not been defeated at Lepanto in 1571. The violence that Muslims used towards both Christians and Jews was terrible: from the kidnapping of children and adolescents who were then enslaved to adults who were forced to choose between forced conversion to Islam and a painful death. That bubble is placed in this objective historical context, but she decided to ignore it, or maybe more simply just ignores it.

      You quote partially and therefore completely incorrectly, consequently false, The opera and the chronicle of Bartolomé de Las Casas (1484-1566), who was first a Dominican missionary and then Bishop of Chiapas (1543-1550). Later he himself refuted and corrected his first chronicle written by her cited, making public admission of having exaggerated because he was gripped by an emotional spirit which prevented him at the time from being able to make lucid and objective analyzes. But hers don't talk about this “incontrovertible sources” which I fear range from Focus at the “encyclopedia” most unreliable and ideological in the world: Wikipedia.

      The Supreme Pontiffs irritated the European sovereigns several times by severely condemning slavery with numerous pontifical documents, not hesitating to threaten excommunication, I mention only a few:

      Bubble of the ineffable and supreme Father of the Supreme Pontiff Alexander VI (1497) which condemns the reduction into "perpetual slavery" of indigenous peoples, only submission is granted, but only if local people choose to accept it.

      Bubble Pastoral Office of the Supreme Pontiff Paul III (1537) condemning the enslavement of the Amerindians by the Spaniards, under penalty of immediate excommunication.

      Bubble Most High God (O Truth Itself) of the Supreme Pontiff Paul III (1537) in which the excommunication of slave traders is reaffirmed as in the previous bubble of a few months before, both Christians and non-Christians.

      Bubble It's okay for everyone of the Supreme Pontiff Pius V (1570) which requires Venetian merchants to free slaves subject to immediate excommunication.

      Bubble With Sicuti, with which the Supreme Pontiff Gregory XIV (1591) under threat of excommunication, he imposed on the King of Spain the release of the native Filipinos forced into slavery.

      Bubble Committed to us of the Supreme Pontiff Urban VIII (1639) which forbids the Spaniards, excommunication penalty, the enslavement of Indians in the New Americas.

      Instruction 230 given by the Holy Office under the pontificate of Innocent XIII (1686) which required that slaves be freed from their masters and compensated for the damages suffered through enslavement.

      Bubble Immense Shepherd Prince of the Supreme Pontiff Benedict XIV (1741) who, referring to the previous magisterium, threatens the Portuguese with excommunication for the enslavement of the natives of Brazil and the slave trade.

      Bubble In the Supreme Apostolate of Pope Gregory XVI (1839) which reiterates the previous magisterium and severely condemns all Christians involved in the enslavement of indigenous peoples and the slave trade.

      In recent times the severe condemnations of the Supreme Pontiffs Pius IX have followed (1866), Leone XIII (1888) Pio X (1912).

      Finally, I remind you that while in the wonderful United States of America the strictest was in force apartheid between whites and blacks, in Africa they had already existed for several centuries (for example in the Congo) native African bishops and in the 1960 the Metropolitan Archbishop of Dar-es-Salaam (Tanzania) Laurean Rugambwa, he was created a cardinal and in the Vatican he received the bent-kneed kiss of the hand from the very white members of the very black papal nobility while in the United States blacks could not even get on buses with whites.

      I've been studying for a lifetime and I intend to continue to do so, therefore I would be grateful, for the future, if he avoided giving me further “lessons” citing as a source the black legends spread by Focus and other related, a magazine founded in Berlin by the worst of German liberal Protestantism, to follow with other unreliable sources based on ill-concealed disregard for the history of the Catholic Church and the Papacy, which is quite another thing, at least to the historical evidence of the facts.

      You said unfair and inaccurate things, I don't say it, history proves it, take note of it.

      But if its source is Focus and surroundings, however, he can continue to affirm this and other things to follow that are inaccurate and ungenerous towards the Catholic Church and the Papacy.

      The story, however, is something else.


      From the beginning of the seventeenth century the most unscrupulous slave traders were Protestants and the most inhuman still the Calvinists. It was also Protestants and Anglicans who created the apartheid in Sud Africa, certainly not the Catholics, who condemned him in every way. But this the Berliner Helmut Markworth founder in 1993 of the magazine Focus oddly ignores it, also because the Calvinists have always held the strings of the financial purses in the U.S.A, ever since they founded Wall Street and even before …

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