Marcello Stanzione, priest of the Angels, Wednesday, 8 March in Florence in the company of Santa Ildegarda di Bingen


Anything can happen in Florence, including that our esteemed confrere Marcello Stanzione, expert angelologist of European renown, come to us together with St. Hildegard of Bingen.

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Simone Pifizzi


Expect everything from the Florentines and in every sense, this is proved by the fact that every native in the capital of Tuscany receives Holy Baptism three times, because as you know we were born with three original sins. This is the reason why a completely specific and particular sacramental theology is applied with respect to that in use in the entire universal Church. So anything can happen in Florence, including that our esteemed brother Marcello Stanzione, expert angelologist of European renown, come to us together with St. Hildegard of Bingen.



That of Saint Hildegard she is an extraordinary female figure, multifaceted personality endowed with multiple qualities, from thaumaturgical skills to the discovery of medical and pharmacological techniques, from mysticism to the gift of prophecy. Famous for his prophecies, which is much debated today, unfortunately not infrequently also inappropriately, this is the reason why our scholar will be able to clarify certain aspects.

They turned to her for advice the most diverse personalities, from Frederick Barbarossa to Philip of Alsace, from the Supreme Pontiff Eugene III to San Bernardo di Chiaravalle. She was canonized by the Supreme Pontiff Benedict XVI in 2012 and by the same proclaimed a little later Doctor of the Church.

We invite our Readers who are in and around Florence to participate in the Parish of the Sacred Heart in via Capo di Mondo 60 at 19.00 on March 8. We will also be present with our Dominican editor Gabriele Giordano M. Scardocci to do the honors for Father Marcello Stanzione and the participants.

Florence, 5 March 2023







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