The Editions The Patmos Island have seven necklaces:

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Never forget who you are

Anthropology necklace, history and law

Wisdom, High, out of the mouth

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literary fiction series


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There are two principles that animate our work: "You will know the truth and the truth will make you free" [GV 8, 32] e «your talk is yes, Yes; No, No; the most It comes from evil " [Mt 5, 37].




To propose your work you need to take into account the issues of our necklaces. You can send an email to Editions The island of Patmos illustrating the kind of work that you want to publish. If the proposed theme will be of interest to us, we will require the manuscript. Please do not send us manuscripts without first having sent a proposal to the illustration of the book. We should then realize that we do not publish a small cut booklets or less in length books to 150 pages.




Before publication will be an agreement between the Editions and the Author. The Author undertakes to transfer the publishing rights and sales for a number of years to establish and which can range from two to ten. The Institute is committed to print, to distribute, promote the work and weld the author the percentage of royalty established in the agreement.




The publications have no cost to the Author, that it should not pay anything for any reason, It should not contribute to the production of the book and is not required to purchase one stock of copies.

The Editors and Publishers that print books in the author's expense or asking to press contributions, denote severe lack of seriousness and professionalism.

Producing a book is very challenging, while high-quality books can take years of work; not to mention those texts come to the press after twenty or thirty years of study and research. Therefore, that the author should even pay to see their work published, is a contradiction in terms, a form of self-humiliation to avoid, most would rather not publish a work.

Another common problem in small and medium publishing is insolvent: there are too many authors who complain that it never received the rights owed to them and not to have never even received the reports on the number of copies sold. When this occurs the author accepts the loss and just, because nobody would start, for a pure matter of principle, legal action to receive recognition after years of civil suit and heavy spending a small sum of money. It is, however, problems that can be avoided: inquire in advance is not hard, because who erected the non-payment to the authors at their own costumes, It is known and known in the publishing field.




In a world in which the literary and scientific level is up to a minimum, the good book, the book high quality, or the book was born after in-depth studies for several decades, He will never compensate the author for his work.

This reality of the publishing market: the big publishing companies have shrunk to publish so-called junk-books. The literary quality, scientific and non-fiction is so relegated to a small niche audience. The author, among the thousands of small publishers and editors that swarm on the market, He will have to choose a publisher or editor that is truly niche and not being able to compensate with adequate sums of money that his work deserves, can at least compensate for fabricating his work in product-book in the best way, appreciating his work and his work, basing a relationship based on honesty, transparency and promoting the book to the best of his ability. Then, when the publisher or editor will tell the author that his book has sold 250 copy, when he hands over the extract of the distributor's sales and when finally it will pay 500 the 600 EUR due to him in royalty for the number of copies sold, It will be at least satisfied with the treatment reserved for him. A quel point, the small sum of money received, constitute in any case a personal moral satisfaction.




No book passes from the draft sent to the press. Why a book comes in print it is first requested a technical layout work. There are books that can be processed in an easy way, others that require a lot of work. Our every single book takes the work and the work of five people: the reader must examine in depth the work and give an opinion on it, pager that will be required to typeset the book, the auditor of the draft print, the print draft corrector completed, the cover graphic. A book that does not require special processes and revisions engage more people for ten days; a book technically complex, with several notes at the page bottom, quotations in foreign languages ​​or ancient languages, use of italics, parts cited in reduced characters with respect to the character of the narrative part, etc ... it can take three or four weeks of work, because while in other texts must be processed.

Apart from a few employees who volunteer their valuable work because they believe in the validity of our work is not driven by profit and intend to support it voluntarily and free of charge, the services of other employees are remunerated. So no author remains bad, if we were to say that we are not able to publish a book because we believe it would not have sales feedback. For us pack a book has always costs that need to be anticipated and which then can only be recovered through sales, for what we can not afford to enter the market of products intended to remain unsold.




Our books can be purchased equivalent cover price in Germany, Spain, France and England, United States of America and Japan, but only in the Italian version.

The translation of a book 200 in English and Spanish pages, that does not require a translator at a particularly difficult job, an oscillating would cost between 5.000 and the 6.000 Euro; in German and French among 7.000 he 8.000 € and so to climb with less widely used languages. This translation of our book we could only supply if a publisher or a foreign publisher You ask the publishing rights in his country with a faithful translation of the text prepared by us together with the translator and author.



To say that the author printing a book is very expensive, is pure falsehood: the living cost of a book has very reasonable prices. The printing of books at a cost commensurate with the number of pages, to the quality of paper and the type of cover.

After setting the draft will be established the cover price inclusive of VAT rate. The remuneration of the author shall be calculated by taking the de-cover price the real cost of printing and the fixed share of 40% for the Distribution Company. On the remaining profit will be recognized in royalty author an oscillating share between 30 and 50%.

We provide in this regard a concrete example of the calculation carried out always on a sample book of 200 pages for a cover charge of € 19 Euro:


19,00 Euro, less 4% Iva rate, total euro 18,24;

18,24 Euro, less printing cost of 0,012 to page + 0,60, total euro 3,00;

15,24 Euro, less 40% a fixed rate of distribution Company, total euro 9,14;

Net income: Euro 9,14.

Calculation royalty Net profit of EUR 9,14:

the recognized portion of the Author 30% Euro 2,74 ;

the recognized portion of the Author 50% Euro 4,57.




Every six months it will be sent to the author of the extract provided copies sold by the company Editrice distribution with its calculation of profits paid to them by and in conjunction with the Editions The island of Patmos will provide the author to liquidate the amount due by bank transfer.

Some authors friends, to present their works were done that not intend to obtain any useful but wish to pay the proceeds of the sale in favor of the apostolic Editions The island of Patmos. In these cases, author, for accounting will be recognized in each case the proportion of Royalty, whose corresponding amount will then be recorded on the register of donations as a personal gift.




The author is not required to buy even a single copy of his book. It can take on their own free initiative to our publishing a number of copies needed for his personal gifts or to better promote the book itself, buying them to live printing price plus shipping costs. The number of copies that can be ordered to this end is equal to a maximum of 100. The cost of a single copy, always taking the book as a model sample 200 pages with a cover price of € 19 Euro, will have a real cost of printing 3,00 Euro. If then the author will want to buy for their own use promotional maximum 100 copy, the cost of the same will be equal to 300 Euro, plus shipping charges.

And this was also explained: editors or publishers that instead of favoring the author who may need copies to promote their work in various ways, They offer these same copies with the 20% or the 30% discount on the cover price, trade and profit from the Author earning the "discounted" copies it sold more than they can earn the same books distributed. Indeed, selling author a book priced cover 19 euro with discount 20% corresponding to 15 Euro, or discount 30% corresponding to 13 Euro, the editor or publisher sells him a product whose cost is alive 3,00 Euro, thus realizing a net gain equal to 12 the 10 EUR on each copy "obvious" sold the Author.




The author may require the availability or one Editions stock of copies to sell for presentations, literary events and a variety of cultural events. In that case, the cost of books devoted to these other forms of sale, It is agreed taking into account the work of the author is the Edizioni work.


Editions The island of Patmos ®

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Ariel S. Levi Gualdo

President and CEO

Jorge Facio Lince

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