John Cavalcoli
Truth will set you free you

"How do you receive Christ, if there is no soul the love of wisdom, since Christ is the Eternal Wisdom of the Father?». It is a question asked in an unpublished homily 5 January 1986 the Servant of God Father TomasTyn [1950-1990]. This book aims to be an easy and clear guide for those who question the meaning of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for man, for the faith that can not exist without reason and for the reason that necessity of faith, for nature, for the world and the cosmos. It was written for those who already believe in the Word of God made man and are seeking the best and most elevataper meet, for those affected by human wisdom of Christ and wish to deepen, for lovers of contemplation that "God alone suffices", in the words of St. Teresa of Avila. It was written for those who believe that Christ is the beginning, the Centre and the ultimate goal of our entire humanism.

John Cavalcoli (Ravenna 13.08.1942) priest of the Order of Preachers, philosopher and theologian, ordinary member of the Pontifical Academy of Theology. He was professor of metaphysics at the theological study of Bologna and theologian consultant for eight years at the Secretary of State SS. John Paul II. He devoted many years to the activity journalism and author of numerous publications and scientific articles.

Leonardo Grazzi


An ancient heresy and today very present

The edition 2013 - II edition in print in August / September 2019

The basic argument and the same matter of theological inquiry is the Incarnate Word and His Church. So this survey, to be taken for what it really is, It requires faith in divine revelation, that allows us to know the supernatural mysteries, starting with the mystery par excellence, which is precisely the Incarnate Word.

Since the presentation of Antonio Livi

Arianism is like a virus that changes through time, adapting to different bodies and different climatic conditions. On the problem of the Arian heresy the author offers a response already in the title of the book, which he indicates Arianism 'then and now' as an 'old temptation and present ».

With a wealth historical and smooth narrative these pages we drive within the vicissitudes of history and theological struggles of the great Father of the Church Bishop Athanasius of Alexandria, who throughout his life he opposed to the Arian heresy professing and spreading the creed of the Council of Nicaea, where the Fathers gave the first great definition to a mystery that holds the faith of the whole being and existence Christian: the divinity of Jesus, true God and true Man.

Through the figure of Sant'Atanasio, the events of her life of struggle, misunderstandings and slender repeated from her beloved Alexandria, it is clear to the reader what extent Arianism has never ceased to live in certain fringes of the Church, regenerating itself from century to century, perhaps even stronger and more insidious than before.

Leonardo Grazzi (Florence 1981, naturalized in Poggibonsi) he obtained a license in Siena theology at the Higher Institute of Religious Sciences "Santa Caterina Doctor of the Church" by submitting a thesis and then sull'arianesimo specialist license in Rome at the Pontifical Athenaeum queen of Apostles. Fond of History of Ancient Church, He is a lecturer for the teaching of Catholic religion at a high school.

Marcello Stanzione


Towards the path of an angelic theology

The edition 2013 - II edition in print in July / August 2019

Because the angels? Angels as heavenly messengers, guide, custodians and comforters men. The Angels, relegated until recently keeping in fairy tales for children, return to being figures protagonists of the mystery of creation, the incarnation of Christ, God starts with a poignant dialogue between the Archangel Gabriel and the Virgin Mary: "Hail full of grace, the Lord is with you ". And the angel, messenger of the Lord and devoted guardian of freedom that emanates from the Creator, anxiously waited for the answer. Confident, He waited for the free "yes" of Mary to bring before the Eternal Throne.

Now more than ever, the Church as the sacrament of salvation, It seems to have a particular need for a profound angelic theology, for the mystery of grace that embodies and its Christological mission among men.

Marcello Stanzione (20.03.1963) is priest of the Archdiocese of Salerno place from where 1990 the priestly ministry. It is recognized among the top Italian experts in angels. He is the author of 40 publications produced by 1993 to the 2010 from various publishing houses, including Libreria Editrice Vaticana and Rizzoli Group. Some of his books have been translated abroad. It holds frequent conferences and over the years has been invited as an expert on angelology in various programs of television networks Rai and Mediaset.

Ariel S. Levi Gualdo
Sect Neocatechumenal

Heresy became Kiko and dwelt among us
The September edition 2019

There are two main heresies of the Neocatechumenal Way: a Calvinist Eucharist perception and confusion between the common priesthood, with the participation of all the baptized, and the ministerial priesthood of Christ, which involves only Ministers in sacris.

Hitting the priesthood and the Eucharist, closely related to one another, It hits the Church to the heart through some of the oldest heresies return.

De facto, i Neocatecumenali, constitute a sect of Jewish-Protestant matrix, that Catholic has just emptied inside the outer casing of the fundamental elements of Catholicism.

The official recognition granted to them by the Pontifical Council for the Laity, does not force all bishops, Catholic priests and faithful adherence to a faith in respect of the Neocatechumenal Way, which it is certainly not a dogma, but a tumor with metastases, spread within the Church partly because of the weakness shown by recent Popes.

Ariel Stefano Levi of Gualdo (19.08.63), presbítero and theologian. He directs the 2014 the Church's theological journal The island of Patmos, which created the namesake editions. He is the author of hundreds of articles theological history and socio-ecclesial. His books:Herbs Amare (2006) Let nothing disturb you (2009), And Satan came triune (2011) Priest unemployed (2012), How much care in cordibus nostris (2013).

Ariel S. Levi Gualdo
Relativism disubbidienza individualism
Analysis on the Third Millennium Church
The edition 2011 - II Edition: May June 2019

When the smoke in Satanto penetrate inside the Church should not be feared the unpleasant truth, but the pleasant lie, aware that we will be held accountable to God not only of thoughts, word and deed, but most of omissions.
Fallen like rain five decades of doctrinal and liturgical extravagance oddities, the results were finally disclosed: the Catholic clergy is overwhelmed by serious moral scandals, while the Church is conditioned by a powerful own rules lobby gay which determines appointments, careers and reforms.
That the Church today is a crisis caused by a deep doctrinal decline which has created a serious moral crisis, the basis of one and the other is the destruction of the principle of authority, from which came to life the coup of the worst dictators of the stack: heretics in power.

Ariel Stefano Levi of Gualdo (19.08.63), presbítero and theologian. He directs the 2014 the Church's theological journal The island of Patmos, which created the namesake editions. He is the author of hundreds of articles theological history and socio-ecclesial. His books: Let nothing disturb you (2009), And Satan came triune (2011) Priest unemployed (2012), How much care in cordibus nostris (2013).

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