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Nunzio Galantino is a paradigm of the episcopate on the deck of the Titanic hit the iceberg



Bringing characters such as Nunzio Galantino to the episcopate, entrust their particular churches and then name them in such delicate roles at the top of the Italian Episcopal Conference, is equivalent to continuing undeterred to dance to the notes of the orchestra in the party room of the Titanic which is sinking after hitting theiceberg.



Author Father Ariel

Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo


nuncio Galantino 1

S. AND. Mons. Nunzio Galantino Secretary-General of the Italian Episcopal Conference

The lack of prudence manifested several times by the Secretary General of the Italian Episcopal Conference H.E. Mons. Nunzio Galantino leads to that lack of touch typical of persons instead of practicing the roads of the social doctrine of the Church — that part in 1891 from the magisterium of the Supreme Pontiff Leo XIII through the Encyclical Of the new things [cf. WHO] and culminates in 1991 with the Centennial year [cf. WHO] of the Holy Pontiff John Paul II - can lead on the way of those theologians from which it finally sinks into the smoke of the political sociologisms, stimmatizzati repeatedly with theological rigor among the columns of our Telematics Journal.

An erroneous theological thought that of Bishop G, in which Christ – in fact – is not start, the Center and the top end of our entire eschatological humanism [cf. Lord Jesus, WHO], but an accessory; of undoubted importance, of fundamental importance, but some accessory. And on the latter's theme Christ accessory will publish soon a special and specific theological analysis.

Nell’Patmos Island you do theology and at the right time is our imperative of conscience say objectively what is Orthodox and what is objectively unorthodox in the light of revealed truth of the Incarnate Word and the Church's Magisterium. Even before the most stubborn error we ever hit people who should always be our respect, starting first Ecclesistiche authorities. Hit though misconceptions, and in particular those carried out so very dangerous by certain Church authorities, It is a duty to which we cannot and must not shirk, why defend truth from error is the Foundation of Christian charity, based on truth, not on doing good aerostato. Our pastoral and theological task is then explain and disseminate the revealed truth of the Incarnate Word and the Magisterium of the Church. For the rest there is a wide range of Catholic journals who rejoice in shooting the ladle in the cauldron of politics; which is, however, completely legitimate, because Catholics are an integral and living part of the life of this country, as well as its citizens with the right to vote, as I recently pointed out by analyzing the inappropriate television appearances of s. and. Mons. Domenico Sigalini Bishop of the Suburbicarian Diocese of Palestrina [cf. WHO].

Galantino ciotti 2

“The winning of the contemporary church coupled” – To the left and. Mons. Nunzio Galantine, to his right the “priest for case” Luigi Ciotti whose announcement “evangelical” are civil rights and idolatrous worship of a misconstrued “legality”

No "Galantino" of the modern episcopate ― or rather wire-modernist "grew up in the 1970s to the cry of" more collegiality, more dialogue, more democracy in the Church ", can therefore inhibit priests and theologians in the exercise of the freedom of God's children and the subsequent exercise of critical sense in the context of theological speculation. Exactly what the Code of Canon Law has always allowed ministers of the sacred and to the living members of the People of God. The canon 212 he asks in fact, one part, the obedience of the faithful to the Pastors, on the other, recognizes their right to express reservations on what concerns the good of the Church ". Based in monte on a fact documented: in Antioch the Apostle Paul makes severe criticisms of the Apostle Peter on issues of a pastoral nature [Gal 2,11]. Today, unfortunately,, in the modern Antakya, Peter errors could be even more serious as proportionate to very sad times and a Western society to complete collapse, but unfortunately it seems that there is not even a shadow of a Paul in whole Apostolic College.

Ignore these assumptions may result in the fall in two different errors: idolatry revolt with pandering to powerful spirit supine on the crest of a wave; the rebellion against the authority of the Church of Christ on the other hand. In both cases, at the base of it all is the immaturity of the faith, but above all trying to remove speculative minds the freedom of God's children, in the name of the post-council spot: «More collegiality, more dialogue, more democracy in the Church ", which ended up bringing to power the worst dictators, exactly who in the late 1960s and 1970s the concept of the authority have destroyed. As always though dictators known do not admit never sane discussions, Why don't you compare and do not accept the public debate, they are self-referential and destructive to any opinion other than their own; and from the ashes of the authorities themselves had destroyed their own authoritarianism based on their wild and Moody will.

illegal immigrants

One of many “carts of the sea” carrying a continuous stream of immigrants in Italy, problem become hotly exchanges between the Secretary General of the CEI and various representatives of the Italian politician

The criticism, with the most devout grace of chance it can also be lawfully addressed to the Roman Pontiff, When he does not express itself in matters of doctrine as one who, «again», is called to the divine mandate to "strengthen his brethren in faith» [cf. LC 22, 31-34]. Imagine for this if it is not legitimate to criticize the nebulae political sociologisms theological and pastoral pseudo pseudo Bishop Nunzio Galantino.

If for some, to Galantino it is a political problem, for us it is therefore a theological problem connected to a drama that is reviling the Church: the wrong people put to do damage in the most delicate places. We are undoubtedly the first to recognize that never before have relations between the Government of the Italian Republic and the Holy See been so tense as today, with notable peaks of embarrassment on both sides, just for the shoot of the Bishop improvvide verbal Nunzio Galantino [cf. WHO]. Indeed, us cattolici italiani, we owe undoubted gratitude to all successive governments since the war, including socialist governments and later governments formed by members of the post-communist liberal left; because everyone has always had a great eye for the Italian Catholic Church, This thing that should not be forgotten and if necessary also explained to the Secretary General of the CEI. Unless he wants to spit on the plate where the Italian episcopate “it eats” roughly over 1.5 billion euros per year from the revenue of the Eight per thousand. And with this money is kept too many useless parasites with salaries from civil servants in the central offices of the CEI, most of which have the sole merit of being relatives, grandchildren or friends of friends of some monsignorotto, among other things, not always heterosexual, given the widespread homosexualism that sometimes seems to reign in Church, with all the well-known and obvious consequences. This is to say that before you point the finger on’adolescent acne politicians should think about ours ancient crusts from lepers, in this species the liturgical year in which, during the sacred liturgy, you are reading the Gospel of Matthew where Jesus thunders fiery words against the hypocrites [cf. Mt 6,1-6.16-18; Mt 7,1-28]. Now, the BAM is verbal Galantino misplaced, It is common ground, but I repeat: the problem for us is not political but theological, upstream of a wrong and demagogic-populist pastoral care. And again, that the issue is theological because from pseudo-Galantino theology understand all his improvvidi political attacks masquerading behind pastoral pretexts do not stand and that they are not standing, except in the light of the recklessness and in some respects even the subtle lack of true Christian charity, which first of all requires wisdom.

Nunzio Galantino 3

S. AND. Mons. Nunzio Galantino Secretary-General of the CEI

To understand where the proceeds speak nebulous Galantino you have to go to the roots of his philosophical and theological formation, first place – despite the "sacred titles ”Achieved - philosophically speaking it is almost non-existent. The second is confusing, as we will explain in detail in brief. If there were sufficient titles in perfect rule issued by ecclesiastical or civil institutions to be authentic speculative minds, of philosophers or theologians, or the natural candidates for the episcopate, in this case, the world would be so much full of doctors of the Church would have serious difficulties in placing them somehow in life and then below the roll of dead Saints.

If G is philosopher before a metaphysical philosopher, would not know even where to start the talk and perhaps seek to escape the pens touring words on ... dialectical synthesis of ideological alternation according to the paradigm of thinking platform thought so unthinkable within a nucleus para-logical and rational fiction but partly objective according to the parameters of socio-political contexts of Dietrich Bonhöffer ... because this is in fact the post sixtyeight Galantino, a sort of socio-political scientist who in the 1970s he graduated in philosophy at the University of Bari civil with a thesis on Bonhöffer anthropology as a premise to its political commitment.

Nunzio Galantino 4

S. AND. Mons. Nunzio Galantino Secretary-General of the CEI

From bad to worse his theological studies, through which he received all those "Most Holy cards"under which too many think that this is enough to be dogmatic theologians outside of any possible discussion. Galantino in fact obtained a specialist license in dogmatic theology at one of the various disastrous theological studies of the post-'68, that of Southern Italy, known as one of the worst in our country, Since it was sent to teach at the level of the Jesuits who were embarrassing even theological the Pontifical Gregorian University in the 1970s, which is all to say. If in fact in Rome, for the presence of the Apostolic See, at the time there was at least a weak attempt to control the pontifical universities and professorships, peripheral theological studies, starting from Naples, they were instead forge and uncontrolled spread of the worst polo heretical thoughts. A bit like the Camorra, which plays and exercises its shady dealings in areas of the province of Caserta and surroundings, avoid giving too much in the eye in the central areas of Naples on which law enforcement agencies seek to exercise any control.

Bonhoeffer 1

iconographic image of Dietrich Bohnöffer

As thesis studio Galantino presents a perfect duplicate of his philosophical thesis: Bonhöffer between theology and political commitment. And here it would be interesting to subject Galantino to a debate with real dogmatic theologians to ascertain what it is, but above all how deep is his knowledge of the complex and intricate history of dogma, starting from the early councils of the Church, but above all when his knowledge of those Doctors of the Church is profound thanks to whom today we can speak of dogmatic theology: Sant'Anselmo d'Aosta, San Tommaso Aquino, Saint Bonaventure of Bagnoregio.

… Unless the Prelate does not intend to, as another of the intellectual Magna Greece, he Prof. Don Giuseppe Ruggieri, claiming that "St. Thomas Aquinas is passed», and once established this “cultured” foolishness began the cycle of lessons at the Studio Teologico San Paolo in Catania basing its "theology" on Hegelian parameters, in the silence of the bishops Sicilians who left him for three decades to poison their brains future priests, with all visible and undeniable disastrous consequences of this, starting from the latest distressing Episcopal levers, with the exception of the current Bishop of Trapani s. and. Mons. Pietro Maria Femi, that despite having inherited a very difficult situation see determined grace and wisdom of good Shepherd.

In the end, the philosopher and theologian Nunzio Galantino, the inevitable result is that in Naples, where he received — as indeed in Rome where the doctorates are pulled behind like confetti at a Carnival, including to subjects with serious gaps not on theology but on the Catechism of the Catholic Church - it is a courtesy that, like a coffee, is not denied to anyone for a good clerical heart. Obvious and granted the title of the thesis: The historicity as fidelity to land in Bonhöffer.


the work of John Carlson on Karl Rahner

To dispel any potential misunderstanding It is not only the right thing but even necessary and valuable that theologians make studies of authors filled of the worst heresies, but in order to refute their errors. Suffice it to say my brother priest and teacher, the Dominican John Carlson, with which we send out the pastoral and theological experience of this magazine. The famous papal theologian has spent three decades of his life to the study of complex and articulated theologians at Karl Rahner, indicating the poisonousness of their plant and explaining and demonstrating how and why this famous German theologian is an authentic factory of heresies. Entirely different speculative speech Galantino, who has not rebutted the doctrinal errors and heresies of Bohnöffer, but he joyfully married and spread them, and today we find ourselves as number two in charge at the Italian Bishops ' Conference.

holy Office

the great Palace of the former Holy Office, now the Congregation for the doctrine of the faith, that could be converted into a hostel for poor in occasion of the Jubilee of mercy or mutated into refugee Muslim Congregation

His current view “uselessness” perhaps the building of the former Holy Office could be changed, today Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, in a hostel to house the poor who will soon flock to Rome for the Jubilee of Mercy, Since the poor are the "true faith”, are the "flesh of Christ"before which"kneel adoring”, not kneel before the Most Holy Eucharist, do not mention it! Everything else is so unnecessary surplus, indeed it is just a reminiscence of the curial Rome of the past, that instead of worrying about sell showers for the homeless under Bernini's Colonnade, drew at that dicastery various theologians who were leaving for the tangent spreading non-Catholic doctrines within the Catholic Church. Therefore, Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller now Prefect of the Congregation, he could become the new Prefect of the Congregation for Muslim Refugees, always assuming that it is not supplanted by the Archbishop of Agrigento Francesco Montenegro, Cardinal of the title of San Prophet Muhammad in Lampedusa at the gates of Europe Bashed.

At this point I will just summarize only some of the various heresies which structure of the heretic Lutheran thought Dietrich Bonhöffer, indicated as such and never refuted by G in any publication and publish Conference:


1. Bonhöffer denied the divine inspiration of the Old Testament books, judging their testimonies that become the word of God at the time that she speaks to an individual; otherwise it is only the word of man [1].

2. Bonhöffer Denied the biblical God because according to him the concept of God as Supreme Being, in absolute power and goodness, is a false conception of transcendence and the idea of God as a working hypothesis in the moral, politics and science should be abandoned, or, as far as possible, eliminated [2].

3. Bonhöffer questioned the virginal birth of Christ [3].

4. Bonhöffer supports that "Jesus Christ today is not a real person or a real being, but a corporate presence», therefore he effectively denied the divinity of the Incarnate Word [4].

5. Bonhöffer says that the resurrection of Christ must be read in the context of "mythological aspects», with clear reference to the heresies of Rudolf Bultmann, then that Christianity "is to be interpreted so as not to make religion a pre-condition of faith», then he denied the physical resurrection of Christ. And always influence on Bultmann says that miracles and ascension of Christ were "mythological conceptions" [5].

6. Bonhöffer believes that Christ is not the only way to God, thus opening the doors to relativism and syncretism and thereby nullifying the entire mystery of Revelation [6].

7. Bonhöffer was an evolutionist [7] and believed that the book of Genesis is a childish and as such full of myths [8] that need to be properly de-mythologized.

8. Bonhöffer joined to neo-Orthodox theology concerning salvation [9], It was a sacramentalista [10], believed that infant baptism regenerated [11], like that of adults [12], equiparò membership in the Church for salvation [13] and he decisively denied the idea of ​​personal / individual salvation [14].


Walter Kasper and Karl Lehmann

The Cardinals Walter Kasper and Karl Lehmann, two of the faithful disciples who have dragged into the Church the Trojan horse by Karl Rahner and inevitably ended up covered in Fuchsia

Today we have bishops and Cardinals formed with poisonous ideas of Rahner, Schillebeeckx's, Teilhard de Chardin, by Cox, by Heidegger, of Schleiermacher, of Kierkegaard, by Barth, by Bonhöffer, to Bultmann, Moltmann's, of Cullmann, of Luther, by Loisy, of Descartes, Kant's, of Hegel, Freud's, Nice …

Our bishops are charged the shortsighted lethargy of the previous generation of their confreres formed in the immediate post-council period. And all of them Bishop Nunzio Galantino is paradigm and as such was made Secretary-General of the Italian Bishops.

Not subject to denial is that Bishop Nunzio Galantino, which oozes more modernism that smiles, He trained and has developed his own "philosophical" and "theological" thinking on theses and theories of non-Catholic authors full of the worst heresies; and these authors are still its structural points of reference today, Bonhöffer in head. From this follows a truly dramatic problem for a Bishop placed in such a delicate role, that of not serving and not spreading the authentic Revealed Truth of the Incarnate Word but of serving and spreading the probable, namely those Fables of the Holy Apostle Paul: «The day will come, indeed, when they will not endure sound doctrine;, ma, having itching ears they, will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own likings, refusing to listen to the truth to turn to fairy tales " [II Tm 4, 3-4].

titanic sinking

the sinking of the Titanic took place the night of 14 April 1912

Bring characters like G to the episcopate, entrust their particular churches and then name them in such delicate roles at the top of the Italian Episcopal Conference, is equivalent in all respects to continuing undeterred to dance to the notes of the orchestra in the party room of the Titanic which is sinking after hitting theiceberg. Let me be clear: No one puts in question the authority of the Bishop Galantino Nuncio that he comes to the sacrament of grace from the fullness of the priesthood. I'd be the first to give devoted and filial obedience if disgrace was the canonical Bishop having jurisdiction over me. The problem, in my humble opinion but firm, is that as individuals should not be made Galantino bishops; but once they have become, their apostolic authority is beyond question, While their authority or their lack of human authority, philosophical, on the other hand, theological and pastoral can be subject to many discussions, without taking anything away from what is due to them in respect and obedience on the part of priests and of the subjects of their particular churches. Or to put it in other words: «Obey You "— I would say to my Bishop G —" why obedience is due you and why I solemnly promise. Know, however, that does not respect you, Why won't my estimate is instead due, why I solemnly promise, why the Church has asked me and any priest of’Orbe catholica to promise solemnly bishops estimate. And I, in the exercise of the freedom of God's children, I don't consider you worthy of my esteem at all ".

orchestra of the titanic

The orchestra on the deck of the Titanic that is drowning [ see the video at the bottom of the article]

The father John Carr and I are not even got off the Titanic, for the simple fact that there have never risen above. When the port of Liverpool heard how the man defied the creator stating "this ship is unsinkable because even God's wrath would never hit it!», we started screaming: "Do not climb above the ship, because pride leads to the inevitable ruin!». did what, we have turned away before being able to run as rescuers of victims who survived the great shipwreck that tomorrow will be allocated to the various Galantino, and all the little cicisbei in career chasing their little place in the Sun today that invite him to cut the tapes to various events around Italy, in the illusory certainty of having chosen the winning horse. And while in truth they flicker on a rickety tuk tuk pulled from a Pony, kidnapped by the interests of their living only the immediate that derives from not having understood what the Incarnation of the Word of God really means, therefore what the Church of Christ really is in an eschatological perspective, I even convinced to triumph over the King's carriage pulled by twelve Arab stallions, ox people knelt in the street unable to shout that the Emperor is naked, because this is politically incorrect; and such political incorrectness would never be allowed by the new atheistic ecclesiologists of everyday life The Republic and by the masons to enjoy themselves more than ever to the sheepfold of God in ruins at the hands of his own Pastors who accepted the wolves among the sheep. But sooner or later a little boy will scream the evident nakedness of the king and the will of God will thus be fulfilled, who has "scattered the proud in the thoughts of their hearts and exalted the humble", While the heel of the Blessed Virgin Mary will crush the head of the ancient snake, and even in the whole of his brood ruffian viperelle …





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22 replies
  1. Orion says:

    the doctorate is a courtesy that as a coffee is not denied to anyone for good clerical heart“.
    It hurts to read these things. Yet a time Catholic schools and universities were renowned worldwide for the quality and rigour of training provided.
    This is not a step forward, but a resounding step back. Ignorance of the post-Conciliar clergy now recalls the ignorance of the clergy pre-Conciliar, of course, of the pre Council of Trent!

  2. It is necessary to sail says:

    I see that my previous comment is in moderation. Maybe because I am referring to Kant, Hegel and gracious as thinkers that are worth studying in direct form (reading that is the key lyrics), on which it is worthwhile to reflect on and from which you can take out some theoretical indication and/or methodology of considerable thickness (not for a priest, and tanmeno for a Bishop, I agree). If it is so, I understand your caution, and I invite you to definitely trashing that comment, together with the present.

    I would suggest instead of returning to the correction of the Bonhöffer surname (better yet: Bonhoeffer, as in curious card ' reproduced above), Since the article has been cited repeatedly. Are oversights that can happen, but once detected, It is worthwhile to remedy.

    With sympathy and esteem

    P. S. Don Ariel, time ago gleaning traditionalist Catholic blogs I had the opportunity to witness a violent reaction against her, caused by a brief reflection on the SSPX. Tone and content of that reaction seemed to me unjust, If not unworthy. Then I was given the opportunity to write it. I'm doing, for what it's worth, Now…

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dear reader.

      Certainly worth reading these authors and shall study them thoroughly, too.
      For instance, I studied in great depth, in the past, the thought of Nietzsche, where there are critical points to consider and also different “strokes of genius”, beyond what can be its certainly not in harmony with the essence of Christian thought.
      The problem is more, for example when you take a Hegel, or various other similar authors, using them – or worse just imponendoli – as tools “unique” to make “vera” theology.

      Regarding lefebriani, I'm publishing a minute an article back on topic …

  3. It is necessary to sail says:

    The spelling of Bonhöffer is incorrect (the correct one is with “h” before the “ö”). Aside from this and the list of poisoned thinkers, from which I would eliminate two or three names, that I would include in the list of thinkers benefits (are towards the end of the list and do not include psychoanalysts), I find his excellent contribution. And the island of Patmos and inspiring intelligent operation.

    • Redazione dell'Isola di Patmos
      Drafting of the Island of Patmos says:

      Dear reader.

      Are the jokes “automatic spell checker” that can sometimes alter the words. Usually we check carefully those Latina, that the spelling tends to alter, but we had not paid attention to the alteration of a German name.
      We fixed it and we're very thankful.

  4. hector says:

    Rev Father,
    Saint John Paul II wrote apostolic exhortation PASTORES DABO VOBIS
    with regard to the formation of priests in the current circumstances ( 25 March 1992)
    "I will give you shepherds according to my heart" Ger 3,15
    A prophetic text, reading today. Melius quam praevenire cure.
    Why the Church has forgotten?
    There were even then all signs of danger, but now we are in the midst of chaos…
    Perhaps it is that our faith is low and our weak prayers …

  5. Valentina says:

    Already, the "naked King" ... Ancient fable or harsh reality?
    No, no. No "re", No "snake" behind or in front of the everlasting Galantini: never let you maximize the Supreme poet in the bowels of hell discovers the stifling fossa dei papi.

  6. father ariel
    Don Andrea says:

    Reverend and esteemed confrere, you write: “Cardinal Bagnasco points out, first of all, the sober and solemn figure of a Bishop; remember how a Bishop should be, How should introduce themselves and speak publicly, How should celebrate the sacred liturgies. But most of all, he card. Bagnasco, He is a man of great Church education, impeccable ecclesiastical class, of sound and solid doctrine“.
    You just hit the target, because this really is our Archbishop, but no newspaper has ever written secularist, and unfortunately, I'm afraid that I won't ever write, why some don't like the truth, Indeed really bad …
    Best wishes to the island of Patmos.
    Don Andrea (Genoa)

    P.S. I learned that the great father Carr is here on Liguria by us, good to know. The visit as soon as possible.

  7. Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
    Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

    Dear David.

    First of all, can lower even the figure, because I would be very pleased to answer even for just 10.000 Euro, Since the island of Patmos has a penny in crate, Unfortunately!

    I don't know the Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, I caught him only once in passing several years ago at a religious Institute in Rome, He turned a greeting and I kissed her hand and just; I've never had any conversation with him.

    What I can say is that in this climate of sloppiness degenerative Episcopal, in which the bishops seem at times to race – at least outwardly – with the bums, Cardinal Bagnasco points out, first of all, the sober and solemn figure of a Bishop; remember how a Bishop should be, How should introduce themselves and speak publicly, How should celebrate the sacred liturgies. But most of all, he card. Bagnasco, He is a man of great Church education, impeccable ecclesiastical class, of sound and solid doctrine.

    Definitely, of the Card. B Bishop Galantino is the antithesis, in all directions; and perhaps because this was put in the role that is currently, to give a further humiliation to the Italian church.

    I fear that men like the Card. Bagnasco tend to dig in – and pure opinion my assumption – behind principles of unity, therefore do not show internal friction …
    What wrong for me, because sometimes, the unit, It preserves right through decided divisions, He says the Lord himself: «Do not think that I have come to bring peace on earth; have not come to bring peace, but a sword. I came to separate» [Mt 10, 34-25].

    I think with one mind Church and not with a clerical mind, I have very clear from the fact that in order to maintain true unity is necessary to separate truth from error and falsehood, the virtue of Vice, heterodoxy from orthodoxy …
    The clerical, instead, think in different way, and to do this they hide behind the finger of an unidentified “Unit” that does not float but in any corner of the Gospels, Why be "perfect in unity» [GV 17,23] It means to be in the truth and not lie.

    If you think about it, the answer to your question I gave in my article where I wrote:

    « … in Antioch the Apostle Paul makes severe criticisms of the Apostle Peter on issues of a pastoral nature [Gal 2,11]. Today, unfortunately,, in the modern Antakya, Peter errors could be even more serious as proportionate to very sad times and a Western society to complete collapse, but unfortunately it seems that there is not even a shadow of a Paul in whole Apostolic College».

    The problem is that St. Paul was not a clerical, that's all.
    The clerics have always higher reasons … over the same Gospel.

    All persons in authority within the Church that today are silent for fear, for interest, for fear of crackdown “sacrosanct” career aspirations, tomorrow are likely to be really thrown into the fire of Gehenna, «where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth».

    This is my Ecclesiology, structured on rejecting any total “clerical political reason”.

  8. father ariel
    David Farmer says:

    Question from 100.000 Euro … and B? What is your position … which its discomforts, If what I imagine is uncomfortable?
    I would like to have your opinion.

  9. father ariel
    Don Angelo Rossit says:

    If what you write, and especially as we write, not until now did not even a sigh, then that means they don't know how to respond to the truth.
    Thanks again for this new article, God wanted to read who should read it …

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dear Brother.

      Know … know how to respond to the truth!
      Killing the prophets, one behind the other and finally, When the master of the field sent directly to his only son and heir, they have found something better to do than attack the word of God made man with four nails to a cross pole.
      Since then it has been 2000 year old, but they were surely the same, such and such.

  10. father ariel
    Marisa Tarantino says:

    As the theologian say with a brief inscription that she is simply not worthy of being a priest.


    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      ... and as a priest I inform, a distinguished theologian, you are absolutely right and that what I say is true.

      Light said that the first to not be worthy to mystery of grace to the ministerial priesthood of Christ is the Holy Father Francis, and with him all of us. For a very simple, theologically speaking always, is intende: the priesthood is a mystery of grace that no one of us is worthy, for this the vocation remains largely a mystery.

      Example: If talking to the priest of Ars John Mary Vianney, Today the patron saint of priests, or St. Pio of Pietrelcina, particularly invoked by confessors, priests and penitents confessions before difficult, She claimed to feel it worthy to participate in the ministerial priesthood of Christ, What do you think they would respond?

      there, St. John Mary Vianney, I do not know, but by Saint Pius of Pietrelcina would run the risk of taking a slap or best guess two profanities in tight dialect.

      I'm not a Saint, I don't nor a slap or say bad words, Although the one and the other are deserve for his part.

      All the best for its high theological speculations, which I hope are focusing on "God" and not on the thought of his "I" humoral.

  11. father ariel
    Letter signed says:

    When in December 2013 the Pope wrote to the faithful of the diocese (Cassano Allo Jonio) begging forgiveness for having removed our Bishop (Don Nunzio Galantino, so he wanted to be called), We priests perdonammo him for, with all my heart, and we were happy more than ever (we priests, and with us several lay people) to give our Bishop.
    Many were tempted to tell him … please, not only should take, But if you keep!

  12. father ariel
    Don Francesco Messina says:

    Severe, right, but above all, truly merciful, because the mercy in which there is no salvation rests on truth, and salvation that we really care about, is the salvation of the Church which saves us.
    Well done.

    • father ariel
      Letter signed says:

      I don't think going off topic with this example …
      The fact: along with two priests neighbors wanted to invite p. Ariel for a live Conference mainly to age 20/25 years and up, in our Diocese … [DELETED].
      Bishop said there was no problem, and remarked: “This priest is very cultured … to, certainly, his stuff, However shoot too high …”.
      In the past, our bishop, He allowed some of our confreres in their parishes invite:

      1. Don Andrea Gallo
      2. Vito Mancuso
      3. Enzo Bianchi
      4. Don Luigi Ciotti
      5. the Waldensian Pastor Rich
      6. a “Pastora” Evangelica

      and the Shepherd and the “Pastora” they talked in church, by Ambo.
      To say that our Bishop dance on the Titanic.

      • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
        Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

        Dear Brother.

        Forgive me if I replaced on my own your name with the words “letter signed” and if I removed your name from the text of the diocese.
        I don't want to, indeed, that a young priest thirties weather for things “recently” ; why we must expose ourselves, and how! Burn us if the so-called pens, but for much more serious things.

        On your list you missed out one thing I would like to remind you: the vice-Rector of the seminary which led to his seminarians weekly meeting with the Group of Catholic homosexuals, of which was “spiritual Assistant”. And during these meetings were explained the reasons why they were not at fault that they had the ' sacred right to love», was in the "moral" of the medieval Church (!?).

        For this your Bishop I liked as a lecturer in your Diocese, because this made him aware of all the Roman ecclesiastical authorities, complaining that you don't let a priest like to train our future priests.

        And you remember what was the result: by Vice-Chancellor appointed him Bishop shortly thereafter Rector; and when you asked me a lecture, the Bishop chose to speak by the Ambos of its churches a heretic and a Pentecostal heretical Waldensian.


      • It is necessary to sail says:

        About churches and Ambos: It is not anomalous that sacred space a place of worship to be used as multifunctional Conference Centre, secular music(Trice), sociopolitical arguments, book presentations, etc.?

  13. father ariel
    Alberto Molina says:

    Dad, I'm not a writer and I hope to not be monotonous to rewrite the substance of what I just wrote in the commentary article by Fr. John Carlson.
    Read it all in one breath on his article and his father Carr, God vi … strabenedica!!
    Welcome back to your and (if you allow) also on our island where we do breathe air cattolica, mangled as we poor faithful from the homilies “Bouquets” and to “Cesar”, by masses celebrated even in shorts … That's right! In early August in a church of Salento a priest got a rainbow stoles on the knee breeches and short-sleeved shirt, and me and my wife scandalized replied that in making just the substance, and the substance was a preaching where Christ appointed for 30 minutes Tonino Bello.
    And then some as the Confessor, When it happens to say that she missed Sunday mass because there was a Catholic Church with a Catholic priest to go.
    In particular strikes me something, She is also very strict with the powerful (clearly there has liver!) but he is always respectful and never questioned their authority. MICA that makes them angrier still?
    Thank you very much.

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      dear albert,

      I too have suffered the heat in July and August in the region of South-eastern Sicily where I was, but two years ago, my mother, instead of giving 1.000 euro to some of those many false poor that would be for a course at giocarseli Super enalotto, then the priest carrying the electricity bill payable after having squandered their unemployment benefit in scratch cards&Vinci, as a birthday present I made a white lightweight linen cassock, those allowed in warm places where you cannot bring black, thing for a priest I consider more dignified of shorts.

      Moreover, my mother, with this and many other gifts has really given to a poor person in accordance with current pastoral Church trends, namely his son priest who should remain with 780 Euro salary per month; and indeed, without the generous assistance of my family, I would live in misery and seriously in real poverty.

      The problem is that priests with shorts laugh to the few who still seek to give the exterior decoration to the priesthood, Besides the fact that the priest should always be recognizable and decent.

      The subjects you mentioned: Bouquets, Cesar e affini, are authentic shames of priesthood and if it still existed, the Congregation for the doctrine of the faith, taking their written texts, their lectures and sermons recorded, There would be plenty for the most severe and recalls, in case of failure to correct, You should proceed with the canonical penalties applicable. Are tired of having to waste valuable time to respond – something I do gladly pastorally – to the questions put by many faithful on the shoot of tv crazy Antonio Mazzi, not to mention the’ “heroic” priest “anti-mafia” Luigi Ciotti, whose heroism is sealed by five officers who accompany him as a super star of legality. I'm a notorious mobster negai Godfather in baptism, saying that was a mobster, then I went walking in my house without any problem and without anyone that I was watching your back; but I'm not a hero priest of legality as that politicking by Don Luigi Ciotti.

      In the confessional listening increasingly pained lament faithful devotees really confessing that I couldn't just go to a Sunday mass, because they would not be tortured by yet another show del prete-actor, the eccentric priest, Dane improviser etc …
      I answer them that often, the unbloody sacrifice of Christ which repeats through the celebration of the Eucharist, are likely to become at times the bloody sacrifice of the faithful; but the most qualified to give answers should be diocesan bishops, given that corrective and punitive powers which I don't have. I can assure you that in fact with me, that priest that Holy Thursday made the Holy Sepulchre with the microwave, would realy but really a bad quarter of an hour, because before I removed the Blessed Sacrament from the inside and I'd stashed and thereupon I smashed the microwave in your head, possibly before the faithful.

      In compliance with, she missed the mark, as you may have noticed I distinguish obedience and respect, Since the first I solemnly promise and always respected, the second I was never required as a solemn promise, me as all my brother priests.

      I don't know if this will upset more people, also because I really don't want to make her mad, I just feel compelled to tell the truth according to the deposit of faith and the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.

      • Angelo Bellettini says:

        In his wonderful article, father ariel, b. in the eyes of many names German heretics. Shame about that land bathed in the blood of S. Bonifacio, such a model of Holiness on the throne in the person of S. Henry II, and that from a few centuries out heretics in handcart loads, starting from SWIG mcjigger of Saxon Augustinian Friar.
        And to think that the dirty fratacchione the city of Rome has seen fit to devote a square, without it the Vicariate parties speaking out not even a whisper of protest. Oh yes, I forgot, the "dialogue"first of all ...
        On “bloody sacrifice” of the faithful during certain messe, I write volumes Father Ariel. Starting with those sermons – pardon, Today we must say homilies in correct ecclesialese – half an hour passes and, overflowing of cliches and some passable heresy. This notwithstanding a suggestion that gold gave to his brethren the priest Don Francesco romagnolo Fuschini, or “short preaching, long brasula” (Trad.. short sermon, long chop): the priests to keep the “short preaching” and faithful the pleasant duty of a “long brasula” After strictly (Maybe someone still remembers the obligation not to eat before communion?…) And what about the “prayer of the faithful” often is verbatim from the last news: “prayer” It would instead call “patience of the faithful” as the latter is sorely tested by a lava flow of cliches and disgusting "do-goodism" pauperist mythology. All proposed by “faithful” neither fish nor fowl (the series: the priest know voice but you are not a priest, or you look like a nun but you're not a nun…)
        and amplified to 110db from microphones loud…

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