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[…] We know well these confessors cases: There are homosexuals who confess so well, that should shame the Pharisees who say not having sins. These homosexuals from innate tendency, the blame may fall from venial to mortal, because, even if there is the caveat, There is always a fully deliberate consent, but the subject is won by passion, i.e. does not.


Author John Cavalcoli OP
John Cavalcoli OP
kevin richardson
humans and animals. Dr. Kevin Richardson, also known as The man who whispers to lions

The size of our animal person, as animal rationale, involves some trends that aim to keep the subject alive and healthy, as accrescitive functions and power, to defend it from harmful forces, as the physiological defense systems and the instinct of aggression, based on the instinct for self-preservation; in addition to, There is the sexual instinct, for which the subject socialize and reproduce the species.

As a result of original sin, These natural inclinations in themselves good as created by God, and indeed necessary for the preservation and survival of the individual and of the species, easily become morbid, bad or defective, tend to lose the right direction, to contravene to their rule and failed of their extent corresponds to true happiness and health of the subject. This happens also for the sexual instinct, which may or for reasons inherent or acquired thrusts, have an orientation in many ways contrary to its natural purpose.
Abandoned to themselves, the State of fallen nature after the original sin, or for a lack of discipline or education, the instinctive and emotional human tendencies, therefore, also called “passions”, are not sufficient to assure the men their good use, are, with the aid of divine grace, are not controlled, purified, governed, governed and moderated from reason and from goodwill, that in the light of the moral norm, the drive to their true purpose and then to their real good.

guinea pig
a poor animal beast used by human beasts to experience pain resistance

While in fact the animal, at least one healthy, is sufficiently driven by instinct to the attainment of its natural purposes, in man the instinct, for example the tendency or sexual affection, alone is not sufficient to drive the man to the achievement of the purposes of his nature, that is a rational nature FREEWILL, So what in the human action must play as a last resort for the man see her happiness guaranteed, is the leadership exerted by straight right and good will with the aid of divine grace, that heals the corrupt nature of sin.

Man to God
orientation of man towards God

The forces of man they have lost their orientation to God and good, following the original sin. Contrary to popular thought Luther, the reason is still capable of knowing the natural moral law and to know that God exists and free will has lost completely its functioning. For this, the moral life is not only the effect of faith (sola fides) in the action of grace, but assumes and requires wise use of residual forces and a continued commitment to purchase ascetic of virtue and the Elimination of Vice. The Christian conduct is not only a result of grace, But suppose the natural Act, preparing the gift of grace. To have faith is not enough grace to be in grace, If reason and will not work with good works. Man must cooperate with the work of grace. The trust only in grace (Sola gratia), as Luther, without the competition of human works, does not correspond to anything in the plan of salvation. Gratia non tollit naturam, SED perficit.

There are sins of various kinds, among these the sins of sex, that is wrong considering only, how wrong their establishing non-existence

It is true that with sin the reason easily Err and you believe, and it is introduced in the sensitive appetites and will, including then sexual appetite, a principle of evil or wickedness, for which, If the well continues to exercise his natural appeal and irrepressible, However even the Sin under the appearances of well, of reasonable and pleasant, exerts a strong attraction, for which the subject regularly and inevitably falls into sin.

The Lutheran idea is false that all human actions are sins, so to justified the faith would be (sola fides) that God is merciful; in fact the man alternates the action good to bad, so with good grace in action may deserve the paradise and can receive from God mercy only if he repents and repudiates the SIN. This mindset spawned today Lutheran doing good rahneriano, for which all are in the grace of God, so the SIN, assuming that there is, does not hinder the Salvation, which is God's gift to all insured. So it happens that come in the confessional — people don't dare call them “penitents” —, which instead of their sins accuse, ensure with swagger did not sin and, If the Confessor it dares to notar with all their delicacy that is impossible, you offend.

Jheronimus Bosch capital sins
table of deadly sins, Jheronimus Bosch's work

Continuing our findings on the consequences of original sin, We must add that, While the reason emerges excessive self-esteem — what they call the idealists “self-consciousness” — for which the subject, rejecting its statute creatural, aspires to equalize its reason to the divine (the “self-transcendence” rahneriana), the will is taken by a lust for unlimited and unregulated freedom and a thirst for exaggerated power (concept by rahneriano “freedom“). Appears in the will a trend towards self, the exhibitionism, the pride, the hypocrisy, the impiety, the arrogance, selfishness and contempt and even hatred and envy neighbor, with the desire to stand out on it and strumentalizzarlo to their cravings and their own interests. Here we have the principle of spiritual sins, which are the most serious, Why are the most aware, calculated and deliberate on major, How can it be your spiritual health and neighbor, as well as the honor of God.

freud cartoon
famous cartoon of Sigmund Freud

As the world of instincts, of emotions and passions, It acquires an exaggerated and unregulated power, rebelliously at will become weak, inept and irresoluta, ill-guided by reason, so the man not easily acts under the guidance of a prudent and wise counsel, but insidious passions, bullies and unregulated, where the sexual instinct has a considerable part, also cleverly disguised, as noted pointedly Freud.

Here we have the carnal sins, that certainly can be serious, as they degrade the level of beasts, but they are also less guilty, Why don't arise from malice as glossy spiritual sins, but by yielding to violence of passion. So are sins of weakness, rather than malice. In addition to, While the carnal Sin compromises the good of man in terms of physical life, the spiritual does deviate from the spirit of natural and supernatural journey towards God, who is supreme good of man, far more of the physical life [1].

Freud photo
photo portrait of Sigmund Freud

With regard to sexual conduct, the attractiveness of pleasure buy maybe a latent and explicit primary not greatness and tends to master all the behavior of the subject, that, in order to satisfy the passion, ends so for trampling on the rights of others, ignoring the needs, degrades their dignity of animal life person, extinguishes or neglects the interest for the things of the spirit and religion, putting possibly endangering his own physical health. Freud describes well this slavery of subject to libido, that becomes the primordial secret spring, Maybe unconscious, all activities of the subject, even those seemingly spiritual and.

human sexual behavior

The action of sexual appetite, in humans, thus arises in two levels: a physiological level-instinctual, which is shared with animals, and a moral level, characterizing the sexual behavior of man as man, be equipped with reason and desire, done not only physical purpose — physical health —, But even for a spiritual purpose — spiritual health —, that is the conscious and free of the highest good which is God.

In the first case the action or sex drive may arise spontaneously or unwanted tried not; in the second, instead, the impulse or instinct can be caused or driven by desire. If the natural or physiological pulse does not take place according to the normal physiological processes and therefore in harmony with the purpose of sexual instinct, you give or we talk about morbid or pathological state commonly also called “sexual dysfunction”, which may be susceptible animals.

sexual diseases
the varied world of sexual transmitted diseases

Here you can talk to “disease” sexual as in general it speaks for all those disease States or body motions involving decay, a failure or a disorder or a defect or an excess induced from inside or outside by pathogens, destabilizing, menomanti, divisive, crippling or destructive or harmful anyway, that may also lead to the death of the individual.

sacred ordination of new priests

Voluntary sexual behavior It is typical of man. The man can take and put into practice voluntarily, for reasonable grounds, as in marriage, the orientation of reproductive sexual instincts naturally or can, as for example in the religious life or for other lawful reasons, abstain voluntarily from the exercise of sexual instinct. In this case we morally healthy behavior, good and virtuous, that looks like the implementation of sexual Temperance.

However, if the subject, Despite knowing the standard sexual ethics, There willingly adapts, then we have the sexual SIN, that may be the result of habit of lust, a sin more or less severe depending on the amount of matter of sin or the level of voluntary consensus. The guilt of sin or decreases can also Miss completely, If the subject is not his fault has clear consciousness of sin or uneducated or misinformed on the moral norm or because of insufficient mental lucidity, as for example in his sleep or disturbed mental States.

first loves

The strong passion, in the case of sin, especially if not voluntarily caused, but that may arise spontaneously, especially in young and in subjects with strong sexual vitality, and in the case of weak wills, decreases the blame, even if the matter is serious. The will in fact not properly flaw here because they don't want to, But why can't win or dominate a too strong or irresistible impulse. Ad impossibilia nemo tenetur.

conscious search

If the unlawful sex act is intentionally sought, Neither avoids dangerous opportunities, then the guilt increases and can reach up to mortal sin. The passion that arises by itself reduces the unsought fault; What is searched on purpose, increases the. However, we must bear in mind that, If the Sin consists in a conscious and voluntary sex act, whose subject is an act, a desire or an intention contrary to the process and to physiological and procreativi, Sin is more serious than if the subject performed a sexual act consistent with the physiological process of sexuality. We must remember that human nature has two dimensions: has a size that is animal physiology, and has a higher, rational, that is what characterizes the man as such. Hence the possibility of two levels of sexual SIN: one against the rational nature and another against the animal nature.

… adultery

Thus, for instance, in principle and equal conditions, masturbation is more severe or sodomy that adultery, prostitution or fornication, because in these cases the supposedly seconds than the natural Union between man and woman, What that does not happen in the early cases. There are also physical sexual tendencies in principle abnormal, that is not in accordance with normal purposes of sexuality, trends that may however be and then virtually innate incorrigible, So how can it be any serious irremediable inborn malformation. Can this be the case of homosexuality. In these cases is that the subject, with all his good will, cannot avoid SIN.

importance of understanding

The difficulty of comprehending the gravity of sin rising from the homosexual tendency is now accentuated by the huge ignorance that sadly also exists in Catholic circles about the distinction between the two plans of human nature: that and the rational animal. Hence arises a conception of human nature and therefore of moral law, that is not to depend on the given objective due to the creator, but by the will of the subject, as we find in the ethics of Rahner. In certain Catholic environments, in addition to, influenced by Protestantism, it neglects or ignores the fact that sexual ethics has in itself the Foundation and principle in the simple practical reason, which dictates the natural moral law, regardless of faith, which assumes the given rational and not replaces. Some writing issues rules on sexual ethics, but it would be wrong to think that they are for the Christian Scripture alone (Sola Scriptura). The writing assumes and confirms, So how does the Magisterium of the Church.

There are now trendy liberal Protestant exegetes, for which, take for example Saint Paul's ideas about sexual sins would be a sign of “fundamentalism“, that is now outdated mentality, While the true Christian ethics would be ignoring an objective moral law and would depend only on the freedom of the Holy Spirit. Are dangerous heresies, that it is essential to avoid.

ikea 1
Ikea multinational advertising aimed at homosexual couples

You should make this serious and complicated situation? Those who are affected by defective innate guidelines, How can it be homosexuality, they must learn, Thanks to an appropriate and perhaps long educational support, to live peacefully and patiently with these trends. In fact they did not blame the trend; which does not repair them from sin, though then, If you repent, are forgiven. Instead the experience and special care they teach that you can win a homosexual tendency acquired. And we know well these confessors cases. There are homosexuals who confess so well, that should shame the Pharisees who say not having sins. These homosexuals from innate tendency, the blame may fall from venial to mortal, because, even if there is the caveat, There is always a fully deliberate consent, but the subject is won by passion, i.e. does not. Now, the real fault is not the fact that I can't, but the fact that I don't want to. Here is the unwillingness of sin or guilt, which is removed by repentance and the forgiveness of God.

the industrialist Guido Barilla said his namesake company leader in the world for the production of pasta, would not do commercials with homosexuals …

It is very important to know in principle because the sexual sin is SIN, serious or it is venial: is SIN, as conscious and voluntary act contrary to the purpose of sexuality or human physiological. But it is also important to know how to evaluate or by the educator and confessor or sinner, in his particular case, If there was or there was guilt and, If there was, how much there was? The difficulty to overcome Sin must not become an excuse to minimize guilt or to recline on weaknesses, There was almost no need to correct themselves or to fight against sin and do penance. Certainly the sinner in the sexual field always retains its positive personal qualities, that may be even higher than those who do not fall into that SIN.

barilla results
… the sensitive and powerful lobbies unleashed gay a worldwide campaign against the Italian company …

The duty of the sinner and educator to recognize and promote those qualities, from a non-exempt from the duty of the educator to remind the sinner because of his sin and therefore help, for what you can, to get rid of it, and on the other duty of the sinner is not reclining in his sinful condition, Although continuously is the subject of divine mercy and tolerance on the part of others and society. But the sinner must always present as the Saint David's own sin, not to forget that continues to Sin: "my SIN is always before me» [cf. Will 51,5].

barilla hitler
… with these results …

As has been noted by observers acute, the final document of the recent Synod of bishops on the family and marriage, the present situations and behaviors of those who deviate in various ways and degrees from the honest and Holy practice of these high values and Christian ideals, If on the one hand, highlights the duty of everyone to recognize the personal qualities inherent in these subjects, on the other hand lacks a reasoned and clear reaffirmation of what in these matter is or Sin and disorder as, consequently, remove these evils.

barilla homophobia
… the spot of Barilla 'Where there is no home Barilla», end translated: «Where there is Barilla there is homophobia»

The impression that I mean it draws from the document is that these good bishops shortly devote themselves to the Ministry of confession and guide of souls, otherwise it would not be so weak interest for correction of defects of the faithful and not so poor indicator standards of care be taken. The bishops are doctors of the spirit, as Christ was doctor of souls. So we expect from them not only the enhancement and the praise of health, How could do a sports coach or improvement of well-being, How could make good political governance, or development of the production, How could make a captain of industry, But even and especially the reporting, the diagnosis and treatment of the evils of our spirit, that are above all doctrinal errors, vices and sins, indicating in Christ as they can to get to the truth, the virtue, Salvation and Holiness. Here the bishops held a mission for Christ's mandate, in Union with the Pope, in which no one can replace them.

guido Barilla apologizes 2
result: Guido Barilla apologizes with a video message which you can open by clicking on this image

Not just make the praise of good families and the values that are found in homosexuals, in cohabiting or divorced and remarried persons, If not then please remember that these values, Unlike in good families, ligie to their duties at the cost of great sacrifices sometimes, accompany in these people to sinful behaviors, scandalous or irregular, more or less serious, who endanger their and others ' salvation, and from whom you must be absolutely correct or seek to correct itself, agreeing with confidence the canonical and pastoral discipline established by the Church for this purpose.

transposed the “lesson”, Italian companies begin to adapt with welcome to the lobby gay spot, a demonstration of the fact that it move not only money, but it might affect the economy and politics

It's not rage with hardness or consider these people as lost souls [2]; We will need tolerance, patience and understanding, but they must know clearly that their way of living sexuality is contrary to natural law and to the will of God: things that the Church has always said, but that must be continuously repeated, as well as doctors prescribe us ever anew the care required to heal from the same diseases.

Those who follow a perverse conduct, However in some respects excusable, certainly has a personal dignity is identical to that of honest and good, but at the same time has no right to be in a moral and legal condition au pairs who respects the divine law and the Church or even strut in gay pride. Otherwise can arise in many and the same sinners, that no longer appear to be sinners, but simply “different”, persuasion, that, after all, not being subject to any riprensione or any reminder, I am totally excused or can safely continue without guilt in their sinful ways, that with this same no longer appears such [3].

gianna nannini
Gianna Nannini, declared homosexual, having resorted to “alternative methods” to 55 years gives birth to a girl, which was denied a priori to have a father and a mother. One wonders: This is our future or our end?

The homosexual tendency cannot be considered, as some would, as “normal“. Instead it falls, as we have seen, in the category of sexual dysfunctions, concerning the physiological size of animal-person. This status, therefore, It is not to be confused with a negative moral judgement. This tendency becomes Vice or shame, precisely of sodomy, When it is voluntarily implemented by the subject. Being homosexual is not even the sin of sodomy, as being lame is not yet the limp or the inclination to get drunk is not yet the Act of getting drunk. Morally condemn or show contempt with insulting a homosexual for the simple fact of being what it is, You can configure how the crime of defamation, said in the present case “homophobia”. Conversely the qualify as evil or as sin or as tort or dir you want the Act of sodomy, It is the duty of those who want to call things with your name, and it would be folly to consider as a criminal offence that qualifies, When it is deserved. So it would be folly to condemn a doctor making the diagnosis of a disease under pretext that offends the dignity of the sick. Instead, for the sake of the dignity of homosexual person that the educator, the moralist or the priest remind the evil of the Act that makes, in an effort to help her and correcting himself break free from his sin.

francis the synod
The Holy Father Francis in the concluding speech at the Synod of the family

The Holy Father, in his speech at the conclusion of the Synod severely denounced some "doing good" and some destructive "false mercy», It is not difficult to trace the conditions in doing good atematico-rahneriano of all transcendental ' in grace-all s» [4]. We hope that this strong call of the successor of Peter to serve for the next Synod to remind everyone that some God is merciful, but nobody gets mercy, If it does not recognize their sin and not strives to remedy. God closes one eye, but not both.

Varazze, 15 June 2015



[1] The sign of what we have in Jesus controversies against sin. He takes much more against spiritual sins, as the hypocrisy and haughtiness, that is not against the sins of sex. There is also to be considered that is easier than repent a lustful that a superb. Indeed, If passion is Mars, the remedy can come from straight line right. But even if the reason is faulty, There is very little to do. It's easier than repent a pedophile than a Hegelian or a heretic, so as to what says Christ, It's easier than you can convert a prostitute that a Pharisee. By Mother Angelica, the famous jansenist prioress of the monastery of Port-Royal, It was said that it was pure as an Angel and superb as demon. For some a good priest can follow Rahner and Schillebeeckx: just obey the Bishop, to say mass and don't go to women.

[2] For this it seems inappropriate to support, as some, the divorced and remarried are “in a state of mortal sin”. It is clear that adultery is itself a mortal sin; but there are cases in which the couple is compelled for reasons of force majeure to coexistence, which of course is the immediate occasion of sin. But nothing prevents the partners to be forgiven by God from their sins, even if they cannot access the sacrament of confession, because God gives his grace even outside of the sacraments.

[3] They maybe reinterpreterebbero so the words of Christ to adulterous repented: “VA’ and go ahead to Sin, so much is good and God forgives you”.

[4] That was in the seventies of the twentieth century a demagogic in application “all promoted“, that spread in school environments.

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  1. She and p. Ariel have written two different articles with the same basic substance, giving a lucid vision of delicate problem, two masterly articles. I wonder how many can only be able to understand the gravity of what explained, even within the Church.
    In this article there is no condemnation, not lightning lightning spear, invites to reflect on SIN, explaining what is sin and as the sinner can be saved. But maybe soon (How to write in his article p. Ariel) If not you will attention, This will become a crime … crime of homophobia, a malicious way to remove the freedom of speech and.
    and once again you have done on the target Center with the bow and arrows.

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