The “Whore of Belluno” It is a bishop as a pastor has taken the most typical smell sheep: the smell of shit. This is the worst shit, that of satanic inverters: ask forgiveness from those who offend the Church of Christ and beat the shit those who love it, the serves and defends it from evil pitfalls

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Applicants may only apply to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and Ecclesiastical Court, to ask possibly the imposition of canonical sanctions against me, after having demonstrated, with Catholic doctrine to the hand, the absence of charges that I launched the, starting right from the title of "whore", which it is an exquisitely biblical lemma, used by the Prophets, and in situations with more or less similar people to the bishop of Belluno, and for what he said and how he said it, It could be an honorary citizen of the Great Whore of Babylon, within which it would be hailed as a triumphant ass with the miter on the head by Satan himself.

Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo



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iconographic depiction of the Great Whore of Babylon

In a letter the 22 November che is a true act of apostasy from the faith and defiance of Catholic doctrine, the bishop of Belluno S.It is. Mons. Renato Marangoni, demand excuse for divorced and remarried to the Eucharist Communion are not allowed by the charity of the Church, in order first and last to preserve the health of their souls [see the full text WHO].


To deny to receive the Most Holy Body of Christ in a state of mortal sin, It does not involve being "moralists" and "dark legalists" from "dry heart", but put into practice what he teaches with a stern warning the Blessed Apostle Paul:


«[…] anyone who unworthily, eats the bread or drinks the cup of the Lord, It will be guilty of the body and blood of the Lord. Each, therefore, examine himself, and so eat of the bread and drink of the cup; because whoever eats and drinks without recognizing the body of the Lord, eating and drinking his own condemnation " [The Cor 11, 27-29].


At this point you need to be very clear, first returning to explain what I have often reiterated during the last few years about the means and instruments of salvation. There are ordinary means, which are the data sacraments by Christ to God's own Church, which they have a substance and an accidental their external shape and which are regulated by ecclesiastical disciplines on the strict basis of Revelation and the Deposit of Faith Catholic. The church, that the grace of the Sacraments is bestower and careful guardian, It can not affect in any way on the substance of the Sacraments, that are not settled by mere ecclesiastical laws, but by the revelation that was given to us. And the Church can not refrain from teaching in any way that "God does not enter into a soul polluted by sin" [Sap 1,4].


The Church can not affect the substance and fundamental nature of the Sacraments, even in the face of a changing society and within which, armies of secularists who can not even make the sign of the cross, dare thundering imperatively those famous words: "The Church must …». Imperative which is followed by the most absurd instances, from priestly ordination of women until the blessing of that so-called “love” altogether “natural” of homosexual couples. Well, the company may change how and how much he wants, but the Church of Christ has no power to adapt to the most absurd requests and the worst vices of this world their own being and existence; because his being and existence is not the time and space in the world, but the eternal space of Christ God. Reason for this, for which at the time, the Holy Pontiff John Paul II, He closed the discussion on the sacred order affirming women:


«[…] in order to remove any doubt about a matter of great importance, it pertains to the divine constitution of the Church, in virtue of my ministry of confirming the brethren [cf. LC 22, 32], I declare that the Church has no authority whatsoever to confer priestly ordination on women and that this judgment is to be definitively held by all the Church's faithful " [cf. Priestly ordination, see text WHO].


Let's clarify the non-experts that the expression "this judgment is to be definitively held», It involves the exercise of infallible teaching, that not only binds the mind of the then reigning Pope John Paul II, but all his successors.


The Church can not, nor ever will accept, let alone recognize as right and just, then bless the “marriage” Two persons of the same sex, because what is for us an unacceptable disruption of creation:


"God created man in his image; in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. God blessed them and said to them,: “Be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth”» [GN 1, 27-28].


In addition to ordinary means there are also extraordinary means of salvation which they are inscrutable and unknowable by man. Divine grace is indeed need of those Sacraments we need us, but not God, which is not bound by them, and you can use many other ways to fulfill the plan of salvation of man. Ways that we can not even know, even imagine. Then I will try to clarify everything with an apparent paradox, However, concrete and real: to save a soul God could use even the "good" offices of a sorcerer who directs the execution of human sacrifice in a tribe of cannibals who then eat the meat of the poor victims. We are the ones we can not say that the sorcerer in question, through human sacrifices and the meal of the victims' meat, It carries out a plan of salvation. We must say that this is bad and evil and that sorcerer, with his whole tribe of cannibals, They must be evangelized and led to truth and faith in Christ, pace of Panamazzonico Synod. In short: the extraordinary means of the grace of God can save entire armies of indigenous people who venerate the Pachamama, but we can not bring the Pachamama in the Vatican and in the metropolitan church of Santa Maria in Traspontina and propose it as a means of salvation, because this is a sacrilegious violation of the First Commandment of the Decalogue:


"I am the Lord your God, You shall have no other gods before me " [cf. Is 20, 2-17; Dt 5, 6-21].


Simply said,: none of us can know how many divorced and remarried who have lived a lifetime in a state of mortal sin, They will be treated by the judgment of God in much more benevolent way of those who - I mean just priests, brothers and sisters - lived instead a life of authentic chastity, But missing in the worst possible way, throughout their lives, the fundamental theological virtue of charity. Christ is God himself who puts us on notice in this sense telling:


' Verily I say: the publicans and the harlots go into the kingdom of God. Is John came to you in the way of righteousness, and you did not believe; the tax collectors and the prostitutes believed him instead. Butter, on the contrary, though she had seen these things, you do not even repent and believe him " [Mt 21, 31-32].


Those of prostitutes and tax collectors are two categories that contain within itself many other categories of people, including adultery, divorced and people who like the Samaritan woman at the well [cf. GV 4, 1-26] living situations of grave sin, but even though they could pass later in the Kingdom of Heaven, because none of us can not know what will happen - if anything, even in the last minutes of life - between the grace of God and the conscience of man lived in a state of sin. Just last Sunday, for the feast of Christ the King, Fathers de The Island of Patmos commented in two different homilies the figure of the Good Thief, In the last two minutes of life you have earned the Paradise [texts of homilies: WHO, WHO].


Be carefull the fact that Christ God, during his entire preaching, He has never failed to indicate the sin as such, inviting to flee from sin and to cleanse us from sin. Christ gave, to this end, he has never failed to make repeated calls to two realities: the existence of Satan, that person, then the existence of Hell, the place of eternal damnation called numerous times and dramatically depicted in the Parable of the rich man who was "in torment in hell" [LC 16,19-31].


Jesus Christ is the divine Redeemer, is the precursor of the Episcopal emotional salvation that proceeds from the vagaries and the human spirit that lax decided to please the world, until reaching that sacrilegious aberration that connotes all the features of the real apostasy put in black and white and signed by the poor Bishop of Belluno: ask forgiveness to sinners, to the Church who dared to call mortal sin, and indicate how their conduct of sinful life, often it made particularly messy from the worst forms that materially realize the cardinal sin of lust. Nor missing Christ God to warn us saying very clearly:


"Enter through the narrow gate, for wide is the gate and broad the way that leads to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat:; how narrow is the door and how narrow is the way that leads to life, and few there be that find!» [Mt 7, 13-14].


The truth is that the man of our time does not intend to give up anything and least of all wants before her narrow doors, quite the opposite: It tends to make every worst expression of sin as a legitimate thing, also with regard to human sexuality, relations between man and woman, the coexistence relationships outside of marriage, and so on.


A Catholic bishop, a sampling of such people, It should remember that the Church has received from Christ and God the absolute imperative command to welcome its sinners, as did the very Word of God made Man, but he has always called sin by its name: sin. Indicating with clear words and not subject to denial that the fate of the obstinate sinner is the eternal damnation of his immortal soul.


Not only sinners should not be excluded, but treated in a particular way, Christ is in fact God who explains:


«It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. Go and learn what this means: I desire mercy, not sacrifice. For I came not to call the righteous, but sinners " [Mt 9, 12-13].


Ithe poor bishop of Belluno He begins saying instead:


"Sorry […] we also have for a long time said that you could not be fully admitted to the sacraments of Penance and the Eucharist ".


Request: but this place donkey in a chair with the miter on his head, the Holy Scriptures, starting from the Apostolic Letters, He has never read? Because the Holy Scriptures should be faithful servant, guardian and supreme master. In fact, according to the words of Christ God, the patient must be upheld, tended and healed by the great disease of sin, You do not mean you can: excuse me, if till today, the church, It dared to consider the health of your soul as a sin.


The letter of the poor bishop of Belluno is such a concentration of the worst emotional sentimentality, enough to equal the launch of the Holy Gospel and the teaching of the Church into the cesspool of a septic tank. I never imagined, even in these times of decadence and devastation of church and ecclesiastical, to find myself at the age of 56 years before an Italian bishop apologizes question to the people who remain in a state of mortal sin - with the aggravating factor for many of the public sin -, after the Church has dared to consider for a long time as a mortal sin mortal sin.


stating what, the Bishop of Belluno He has desecrated the sacramental dignity of their apostolic ministry. It should be consistent all the way and proceed to abolish in his Diocese - if he has one -, the office and the ministry diocesan exorcist. Then, with another specific letter, ask public apology to Satan for being repeatedly expelled from what it should be welcoming and including the Church that does not expel anyone, from sin and sinners by claiming the right to live in the public state of sin. It is not in fact understand why Satan should be excluded, like so totally wrong we proclaim to the parents of the baptized, when during the Holy Baptism we ask them to give up all his works and seductions. Perhaps you think it right, exclude from the Church a worthy person as Satan?


With this letter, Bishop was prostituted as the whore of Babylon the worst whims and sins of this world. A world that not only calls evil good and good evil, but claims the right decidedly devilish bend the Church itself, teacher and dispenser of grace, to accomplish this inversion diabolic.


I conclude by recalling that Christ God He became incarnate, he lived, He is dead through the redeeming sacrifice of the cross, It rose from the dead and ascended into heaven for man's salvation. Christ, God has not shed his blood for the salvation of the clerical institutions for a fall, He did not die to save this clerical visible Church that question apologize to sinners to have considered a sin conducted some of their life contrary to the teachings of the Holy Gospel, contrary to Catholic morality that comes to life from God's Word. Our morality does not come to life on the whims of a handful of “aridi” Fathers and Doctors of the Church “hard-hearted” e “poor” the merciful spirit of includenza, from "poor" St. John Chrysostom that in the "dark times" dared to write:


"I raise my voice, beseech, beg and implore that no one draw near to this sacred table with a sullied and corrupt conscience. One such approach, indeed, it can never be called 'communion, even if we touch the Lord's body a thousand times, but condemns, torment and increase of punishment '.


Until you reach across the centuries to the Holy Father John Paul II, that on one hand they wanted to canonize in record time, and at the same time, his own canonizers, were the most zealous and fierce destroyers of his supreme magisterium, from his encyclical dedicated to the Holy Eucharist in which he wrote:


"I therefore wish to reiterate that exists and always will be in place in the Church, the rule by which the Council of Trent gave concrete expression to the Apostle Paul's stern warning saying that, at the end of a worthy reception of the Eucharist, “The confession of sins must be premised, when one is aware of mortal sin "» [Church of the Eucharist, 36].


Who among us can have the power to perform a man or a woman living a Christian illicit relationship, living with a partner or a mate who is not the legitimate wife and from whom would return to continue that lifestyle one hour after having received sacramental absolution completely useless and after having received the Holy Eucharist for Subjective “right” to sacrilege? I understand that the donkey bishop of Belluno press ask them for forgiveness for getting mad with joy the secularist press, ma a me, I am a priest of Christ and not a donkey, instead press the salvation and eternal salvation of their souls. And for the ultimate salvation of souls I will never say to them that the Church must apologize, quite the opposite: I will exhort them to apologize to God and beg his forgiveness for having offended God and His Holy Church and for having given scandal to the faithful with their audience sin.


This visible Church must as soon as possible "to die", so that it can rise again, if anything, even in a small little flock dispersed to the four corners of the world, the Church of Christ, one who will never die, and that the Redeemer will still find the day he comes again in glory to judge the living and the dead.


In conclusion: His Excellency the Bishop of Belluno Avoid contact with shouts virgin vilified my Diocesan Ordinary, because my bishop has many pastoral commitments which fulfill but above all a man of God and a man of faith who never lost his perception of good and evil. So that, the most I could do, I would kindly tell me that I may have used a strong expressive form. In such cases, however, I would say that the whole is not random but scientifically wanted, I have made deliberate use of that hard biblical language and decided that is typical of the vocabulary of several Old Testament prophets. I never proferirebbe instead moan about the substance of my writing, because if he did he would give up being himself, namely a Catholic bishop, a teacher and guardian of the faith and doctrine. Is this, any bishop who is not a perfect devout atheist satanic decadence of this clerical power often run by authentic unbelievers, You can not really afford to do, because if it did it dannerebbe the soul. So the party can only ask the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and the competent Ecclesiastical Court, to ask possibly the imposition of canonical sanctions against me, after having demonstrated, with Catholic doctrine to the hand, the absence of charges that I launched the, starting right from the title of "whore", which it is an exquisitely biblical lemma, used by the Prophets, and in situations with more or less similar people to the bishop of Belluno, and for what he said and how he said it, It could be an honorary citizen of the Great Whore of Babylon, within which it would be hailed as a triumphant ass with the miter on the head by Satan himself.


I remain waiting to see, before a bishop who has shot so big, Who shall then attach itself to the shape, because in that case they should be rehabilitated, from first to last, all of the ancient Pharisees.


the Island of Patmos, 27 November 2019



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55 replies
  1. Mario
    Mario says:

    I am a Catholic diocese of Belluno and I am honored to have a bishop as Don Renato Marangoni. The bitterness that I read on this website surprises me and makes me ask: But which Gospel read?
    Merry Christmas!

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      … definitely not what he reads his bishop, according to what is dissimilar to the Gospel and the Apostolic Letters she said about the specific issue – and only about the specific issue – referenced.
      It is well to respect his bishop: must respect, It is his faithful duty. Just as I respect him, as bishop.
      If anything, you learn to distinguish what is “disrespect” from what is one “doctrinal dispute” in bright tones proportionate to the seriousness of the issue and the error expressed and disseminated by those who, of doctrine and faith, It should be the guardian.

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      … scusi, but the huge rat that I met the last time in my sewer, it was her, or someone who looked like a lot?

  2. Isabella
    Isabella says:

    The bishop of Belluno and its thick and bad group of acolytes,

    the mother who in Rome complained to the public authorities the child murderess Has not used charity to boy? Better shut up in prison to meditate, and hope, on his crimes, or free to commit other?
    Who has ears to hear…unfortunately they have cut the ears, brain, but also the understanding of the heart.
    But it was better to enter the Kingdom of Heaven with one eye, amputees what prevents us to walk quickly towards holiness?


  3. Always a free mind
    Always a free mind says:

    It also seems too sudden intervention of the rambling “The voice of the people”, only a 9 minutes away from the self-proclaimed Father Roberto.
    In such a short time would read the comment of “Dad” and he would set about to make matters worse, always on don Minutella?
    It is attached to the site all day for a non perdersene?
    But please…
    If they begin to mystify the identity pretending to priests or religious, it just comes to the bottom.

    And if I'm wrong, and Roberto Bellario was really a priest, I apologize right now.
    But would I be confident.

  4. Always a free mind
    Always a free mind says:

    But are we really sure that “father Roberto” is really a Father?
    Normally the internet, If you type the name of a priest, something always appears.
    In this case it does not appear anything at typing “Don Roberto Bellario”, which seems to be the name of the writer.
    I would not be yet another mockery of someone who claims to be a priest.
    It does not even look like the writing of a priest or monk who is…
    Avoidance of doubt, I would do a nice checks.

    However, overall, personally I disagree with what he writes, especially when compared to Don Father Ariel Minutella.
    If it were really a priest then, one that is aimed at those tones to his fellow anointed, I would listen not even in a single homily.

  5. The voice of the people
    The voice of the people says:



  6. says:

    The profound ignorance with which Father Ariel wrote this post I am surprised. It defines “learned” and fails to understand that that letter (as well as due) It has to do with the discernment of “special situations” which they are permitted by the Catholic Church.
    Remember that THERE MAY separate situations in which access to the Sacraments; she is merely trying space to grow its reputation and and’ at the SAME level of Mr.. Minutella.
    I close by saying that you dare to humiliate themselves in front of everyone as it did that holy bishop did not potra’ ever have; It is called to imitate Christ…He has this?
    I wish to end this post with words to his level, but she, believe me, It does not even deserve the bad words.
    father Roberto

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      father Roberto,

      I note that you, besides not having studied theology, You do not even know the Catechism of the Catholic Church.
      Do not play on the words and the smoky words, at least with me, but rather respond to two questions, instead bring up terms “magical” emptied of meaning and used inappropriately.

      This is the question:

      The Apostolic Exhortation post-synodal love joy, It has somehow, directly or indirectly, repealed the ecclesiastical disciplines contained in Familiar Consortium of the Holy Pontiff John Paul II?

      E’ been reformed, with an apostolic letter or motu proprio, the discipline of the sacraments, in particular linked to the Holy Eucharist?

      These are questions that you must answer, while I invite you to be ashamed to have reduced the Catholic doctrine and discipline of the sacraments in an explosion – I dare say the menstrual hysteria – Based on the pure, unreasonable and irrational moodiness, as well as the subjective feeling.

      Faith is something else, theology is something else, I deeply regret if you have never taught.

      As for the priest excommunicated Alessandro Minutella, I remind you that recently, the Fathers of the Island of Patmos, They urged his bishop to want to proceed with the further canonical regulations. And the last canonical measure would be dismissal from the clerical state, to prevent the perpetration of the scandal that he is giving believers of Christ.
      So, the comparison you make, is nothing short of absurd.

    • orenzo
      orenzo says:

      Have you carefully read the letter “bishop Renato”?
      Did you notice, in addition to separate it will also appeal to adulterers cohabiting as husband and wife and the cohabiting couples?
      Did you know that separate is a very different thing from adulterers cohabiting as husband and wife and the cohabiting couples?

  7. Manuela Fadda
    Manuela Fadda says:

    My Lord and King, give us a bunch of priests with balls as Father Ariel. We are with him, then we work to your Kingdom!

  8. Pier Luigi Tossani
    Pier Luigi Tossani says:

    I'm thinking, after the Father Ariel wrote, and we have commented, so we said (quasi) all over, but there is one last thing to say on the matter.

    So, a priest who fell homosexuality and pedophilia, as in the case dell'outing done at the time by the famous Don Lorenzo Milani, see here:

    It should be removed from his post and placed in conditions to do no harm. On the contrary, It should not even be a priest.

    Now, the case of the Bishop of Belluno S.It is. Marangoni, is more or less serious than that of Don Milani? More serious, I would say, because a bishop has the responsibility of an entire diocese, which it is much more than a single parish, that it is diverted through a corrupt magisterium. So you should immediately revoke any assignment, like above.
    It will be done?
    Probably not, view of the air that pulls. But the Day of Judgment looms, and all those responsible for this situation, which now seem unmovable, I do not see them very well placed, in that the seat.

  9. Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
    Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

    Dear Brother,

    is exactly what we, especially called to exercise the sacred ministry of confessors, we try to make it clear to all those people who, ill-informed and apparently now also diverted by some bishops themselves, dare call the Holy Eucharist "is my right," and then also come to explain because "you can now". And as a source will bring newspaper articles, interviews with bishops and so on …

    An elderly priest told me octogenarian: "You love Me? Then pray that God let me die soon '.
    I answered: "Stay calm, You now have given, Now to suffer and fight it will mean that we will remain ".

    • Don Ettore Barbieri
      Don Ettore Barbieri says:

      In reality, He was intended as a response to the comment of Paul that distorts the words of the apostle (see above), but I must have been wrong in sending the answer.

      • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
        Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

        Dear Brother,

        your answer is of a clarity and a flawless relevance.
        That's why I gave you a hand promote it with my comment.

  10. Always a free mind
    Always a free mind says:

    As for the divorced, for example,, to stay in the theme of the article, before the State can not claim the right to avoid the payment of maintenance if the judge determines under current rules. If they do incur the penalty due and this already know.
    It is therefore adhere to the norms established or will suffer the consequences.

    This is not to assimilate the Church to the State, but only make the idea that if you do not intend to observe the guiding principles according to the entity with which we interact, They must also accept the consequences.

    I seem to see the Church as a large container, where you can put everything, by their own rules and their own ideas. But if the Church preaches the principle of the indissolubility of marriage as a sacrament, He is relying on Christ and his Spirit, if you melt this sacramental bond shall I know that there are consequences. They are not entitled to demand rights, because it is not I who will establish the principles as it seems to me.
    I believe this applies to all: marriage of priests, women priests, etc…

  11. Always a free mind
    Always a free mind says:

    It seems to me that the Church, considered the reasonableness of all the talk over, is just below a bell'attacco, from within and from outside.
    There are many realities in the world that have their own rules and their own principles, and no one would dream of to contradict them to demand rights to join it without having to observe or, at maximum, They pay the price for not having observed.
    I am reminded of the universities with the entry test: if not greater than not it is approved. Needless to claim the right to go to be part of it. The rules of the states on citizenship: needless to claim it to be part of that state if you do not own the requirements, etc.
    Wherever you should observe to what is established in the principles of reality to which we aspire.
    The Church is founded on the principles essential, founded by Christ himself and by his Spirit through the centuries. They are the ones, who claims the right to make fully part must accept them, otherwise our own lives.
    What is now claiming the right to be part of the Church, But its own rules, I see it as an act to destabilize and attack stigmatizzarla.

  12. Paul
    Paul says:

    «[…] anyone who unworthily, eats the bread or drinks the cup of the Lord, It will be guilty of the body and blood of the Lord. Each, therefore, examine himself, and so eat of the bread and drink of the cup; because whoever eats and drinks without recognizing the body of the Lord, eating and drinking his own condemnation " [The Cor 11, 27-29]

    Who, according to St. Paul, eats the bread or drinks the cup unworthily? according to what we read who eats and drinks NOT RECOGNIZE in what they eat and drink the body and blood of the Lord, so who eats and drinks without believing in the mystery of the Eucharist. but not the sinner…

    • father ariel
      Don Ettore Barbieri says:

      We are all sinners and no one, in an absolute sense, It is worthy to receive the Lord.
      But, through the Sacrament of Penance, We ask forgiveness of sins and sincerely propose to correct.
      Now how do you ask for forgiveness and to correct if you do not feel pity your choice and, therefore, it does nothing to change their situation, because it contends that it rightly?

    • orenzo
      orenzo says:

      Recognize is the Italian translation of the greek verb “diakrinô” that does not mean much “believe in the mystery of the Eucharist”, but it could be translated: preferring something to something else, decide for a someone or something, take sides in a dispute in favor of someone or something.
      The sense is, therefore,: who does not abandon evil by choosing to be on the side of Christ chooses his own condemnation.

    • Pier Luigi Tossani
      Pier Luigi Tossani says:


      you have some understanding of textual problem. You mentioned:

      ” anyone who unworthily, eats the bread or drinks the cup of the Lord, It will be guilty of the body and blood of the Lord”

      See you, and also see Pizziolo and Marangoni, to which you were right to write, although it will do little – each one makes his choices, this is a free country – but at least you can not say he was not warned, in anticipation of the Day of Judgment, that is for each of us.
      See you, if on that occasion, where everything is already clear it will be clear even to those who preferred to give their interpretation of the facts, gradisci be united to their fate?

  13. The Sphinx
    The Sphinx says:

    I think this is one of the many “pearls” that our Ordinaries sessantottino are putting together… Who knows what beautiful “jewelry” not ricaveranno! There is a detail that worries me and disturbs me very: it seems that those who try to live a Christian life, in search of his holiness and that of Holy Church, It should feel guilty about those who live in troubled waters! This particular irritates me a lot! Thanks father Ariel for the strong defense of the Holy Gospel and the Holy Church and her Magisterium! A remembrance in prayer.

  14. Gianbattista
    Gianbattista says:

    Finally it is clear ! I realized that we have to try to hold on to life Sacramental otherwise make the game of the enemy . But many priests but especially bishops who act as “good shepherds” I do not see around. especially bishops ….Why ? What proof do we live ? And if we break even we lost and frightened sheep responsibility we have towards the Master ?

  15. nonversolottopermille
    nonversolottopermille says:

    Dear father Ariel,
    it seems to me that the bishop of Belluno wants to do some’ the first class in the sense that he has learned the lesson well and now shows up first, precisely, who knows and puts it into practice.
    But who has taught it to him with an official document? Not to mention the pearls spread unofficially by Scalfari. And do not tell me that the journalist is old and understands a thing for each other.
    Unfortunately he understood very well what do you think the’ Argentinian!
    D’accordo, are decades that we Christian people we have become prostitutes,but who almost led us by the hand to frequent the casino? In order for us whores can redeem need a miracle: that the madam will redeem and close the casino. We pray for this.

    • Pier Luigi Tossani
      Pier Luigi Tossani says:


      I read all the comments, and your seems to me the most appropriate. E’ just what I thought, too.
      I would add that everything comes from the fact that no, since time immemorial, It has more polite to the people '”to be”. That, with a certain systematic, only Giussani did. But it is not that he planned, he came out well, from the hands, Why, Certain, He was a man of faith, but he had a special charisma to pull out from the people at his best.
      This pontificate, with his teachings deviated, does the opposite. However, then, each of us is endowed with intellect, and he makes his choices, despite Bergoglio & associated, as the hapless Marangoni.
      You're right, let's pray, and convertiamoci, maybe. E’ the best.

  16. Attilio lot
    Attilio lot says:

    Caro Father,

    I honestly do not understand all this attention towards “divorced and remarried” as if they were the victims. Victims of what?

    Behind divorces there is in most cases worse than you might think. the revenge, the slander, struggles to carve money, dogs, cookware etc.. They are a constant of divorces, just ask a judge or lawyer…

    The initial condition is very often this and a divorcee who remarries often conceals the lack of interest in the first family, and to the children of the first wife (I think of my cousins, whose father remarried and even greets them more or to several friends and acquaintances who have enriched psychologists because of injuries received in an endless series of psychological violence).

    Perhaps in Belluno they think that it is devout Catholics who suffer for their status “divorced and remarried”? and he asks them even apologize?

    I was thinking of Blessed Elizabeth Canori Mora, but who made him do? could leave her husband and marry no?…

    Caro Father, I support his reaction and I will be with you even if they do everything possible to shut her mouth

  17. Fabrizio Giudici
    Fabrizio Giudici says:

    Yup, the bad shepherds are a secondary cause.
    The first cause is the people that you want godereccio “to free”: he shepherds it deserves.

    On the other hand is the typical pattern of the divine punishment: I'll live the way you want, you are free, you will realize yourself what have faced proceeding along that road.

    Of course, at a certain point, of unfaithful people and bad shepherds a vicious circle.

    Thank you Father Ariel and other fathers of The Island of Patmos.

  18. lambs astray
    lambs astray says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. The Truth will set you free! If only there were shepherds who know how to drive so clearly their flock. Of course you have to repeat things in some ways so discounted means that we are being really bad.
    Thank you again!

  19. Christmas
    Christmas says:

    I really hope I'm wrong, but I do not be surprised if the aforementioned Bishop of Belluno was flooded with letters of solidarity, prudence even "personal and confidential", many "colleagues" for "insults" received with your article, expensive P. Ariel.
    Because, What I need hardly explain to you, one thing to venerate the "frankness", another practice.

    • Sant Ambrogio-Pierre
      Sant Ambrogio-Pierre says:

      Thank you Father Ariel
      She is a true father with real controc * and a pen worthy of Swift!

    • Paul
      Paul says:

      I also wrote to the bishop of Belluno begging him to excuse his father because the latter Ariel, when a burst of anger (and often it happens when he hears the word homosexual or even divorced) He does not know what comes out of his mouth

  20. fabio
    fabio says:

    dear father Ariel

    you talk about “apostasy” of the bishop of Belluno, but I would ask those that have fomented?
    those who idolized the Pachamama in the Vatican?
    Why do you wonder?
    Who says “God wants the plurality of religions”, Some say that the Virgin Mary was not born holy?
    a loyal facing a heretical apostate hierarchy and what it can do?
    If you do not feel in communion or not consider them as shepherds hurts?
    Thank you

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      dear fabio,

      the irreversible decline that we are experiencing is not dependent may depend on a person, or some people. The one and the other are just the end product of a long process that has lasted sixty / seventy years.
      The analysis of certain situations is very complex, and to give all the blame to the last wheel of the wagon is neither realistic nor fair.

      What can a faithful?
      Accept the test and with it the pain that this tragic trial involves.
      The end of the life of Jesus Christ is not his triumphal entry into Jerusalem between choirs “osanna!“, but on the cross, where his physical suffering was united even ridicule, around the outlet, the sponge soaked in vinegar.

      For half a century in this part we “drug addict” the faithful with the idea of ​​a Christianity that is all that emotional joy, pace, love, party …
      We have forgotten the cross, indeed we have disowned.

      Many have forgotten or even denied (read my book on The seven Neocatechumenal), the soteriological element of the Eucharistic sacrifice, mutating the same Mass in celebration, buffet, meeting between the brothers jumping and dancing to the sound of guitars and bongos.

      Obviously, before the rise of the first problems, a large number of faithful fell into deep crisis, completely devoid of antibodies to cope.

      For some time I keep repeating – ah, them mortacci … but who hears me! – we are experiencing a great test of faith that can be overcome only by remaining united to the Church, and I understand that certain bad shepherds are also and not least the product of an army of faithful who have long succumbed to the whims and wiles of this world, by consequently giving to the Church those bad shepherds who have not come down from heaven, but either they were born right from the People of God, by armies of Catholics who voted for abortion, they considered lawful and “charitable” l'euthanasia, who they were buying homes to children so that they were going to live together outside of marriage, who lived a subjective moral whole and totally divorced from their doctrine and the magisterium of the Church, Catholicism becoming a do-it-yourself custom.

      “Butter”, you gave life to the bad shepherds who have always been chosen from among the People of God.
      And today, the reckoning … but of what “heck” you complain?


        With regard to your answer on the subject in addition to the sentence condivisibilissima “What can a faithful?
        Accept the test and with it the pain that this tragic trial involves” so they stay faithful to the Roman Catholic Church theory on a practical level what is a faithful? Personally I am in trouble, eg, in defending the Church in the face of atheists / agnostics who glorify the current situation and pontificate. But above all taking into reference a tragic period of the Church that the vexed question of the Roman Church (and especially African way) that arose after the Christian persecution (in particle way of Diocletian in the third / fourth century. ) on the legality of the appointments and therefore the so-called sacraments priests lapsi the question and the question, faithful to me is even more disruptive today: the sacraments of worship of Pachamama bishops in the Vatican Gardens are still valid? and their orders? their teachings? Learning that the bishop of Belluno sin does not exist, in short words, its sacraments are valid? The Host given the communist priest pro-immigrant is still sacred? E’ lawful to give 8×1000 a CEI immigrazionista?

      • Paul from Genoa
        Paul from Genoa says:

        "Oh", you gave life to the bad shepherds who have always been chosen from among the People of God.
        And today, the reckoning… but that "hell" you complain?

        Yup, effectively… even in my limited experience, I realized that in the parish environment is now almost impossible to speak as a Catholic between Catholics.

        To name two:

        – the center support of life is prescribed birth control pills safely; But woe to hold to account or to say it out loud, They get offended and you hunt…
        – in the parish there are meetings where we talk about everything, a real festival; the festival entry ban only to those who wanted to speak as a Catholic among current Catholic, for example of gender…

        In fact the difference between the Church and the World is getting thinner and is not the world that you are converting…

        • Anna
          Anna says:

          I have left everything! I no longer go to Mass and I would say that I fall even in a discrete depression, also due to other causes the type having witnessed the xsecuzione and physical annihilation of a poor holy nun, brainwash etc.. Then I see the Pope ratifying all the evil and repeats every day the same words 7 year old, forgetting and not caring of xsone that not only no longer receive spiritual nourishment , but they must receive continuous blows. It's still, attend the outputs of priests and bishops and cardinals tattered putting out heresies and apostasies daily. Me I see alone with Jesus Christ and the whole sky, and then you will see. Amarissima.

          • Fabrizio Giudici
            Fabrizio Giudici says:

            Dear Anna,
            I understand the discouragement. Ma – among the many responses I could give her – analyze it rationally. All these traitors prelates have a purpose: demolish the Church. It is the same purpose of Protestants, of always: to believe that we can have a relationship with Christ without the mediation of the Church. It's wrong, because it ends up that we lose sight of the true Christ, so the Antichrist has good game. So, with its reaction even in good faith, she does exactly what these traitors want. Instead, if you really want to "react", It must do just what you do not want. Remains attached to the Church and the sacraments;! Choose a different church from the one who attends if there is an unworthy priest. Unless you do not live in a very isolated area, You shall find.

          • Lucia
            Lucia says:

            Mrs. Anna am close, luckily for me my pastor and “normal” but I understand what you mean, now you can not say anything that is accused of being fundamentalists, fascists etc.. by relatives, acquaintances and strangers.

            I'm sorry for the sister mentioned, What had he done? He had argued with some bishop or priest or catechist that abortion or divorce are not really fantastic things?

            I hope you also find a decent priest who is spiritual comfort to her that now she misses.
            Good evening and good Advent.

    • Stefano
      Stefano says:

      Rev. father ariel,

      she writes in the style of Luther: brutally clear, My son says (delighted). It also cuts skillfully shortcuts that people of petty power and susceptible typically use to silence subordinates with the power means.
      So that donkeys and / or whores with machine guns are warned: zero tolerance!

      Keep it up, outraged yet simple and objective argumentation, and a remarkable prediction television future, For the sake of all; except maybe his staff.

  21. orenzo
    orenzo says:

    Dear father Ariel,

    no apology adulterers that irritate me morally, is what, in that letter, He follows those excuses;
    For if the letter had been ruled:

    “There is an initial word to confide: Sorry! There's this word in our awareness of having often ignored in our parish communities. Perhaps you have also suffered attitudes among us of judgment and criticism to you…”
    … Forgive us not to have welcomed with open arms in order to let you know that the right doctrine, aimed at eternal salvation, He teaches that adultery is not only a sin against man but against God, which also “whoever looks at a woman lustfully, He has already committed adultery with her in his heart” and not to have well clarified that, those who live in constant adultery, has stripped, the way that leads to hell… pray to ask for the strength to get back on track… Draw near to Reconciliation… Eucharist remain faithful to the words of Christ… We'll never missing prayer for you.

    • orenzo
      orenzo says:

      Dear father Ariel,
      I lost on the road, in my speech, the request for an answer:
      What would be your view if the letter of the Bishop, after the onset of excuses, It was continued in the terms I pointed to above?

    • orenzo
      orenzo says:

      And also the end of the letter it seems acceptable:
      “We hear a word of Jesus: "Courage, get up, calling you!». The word that he utters over all life, even when it seems compromised in its roots.
      It is because of this word that we would meet between people who feel the open wounds in their family ties or who have started a life together and wish to place it next to the word of Jesus' life. ”
      But pity that, first, The prelate affirmed that are most important situations in which people live today than it are the words that Christ uttered two millennia ago: perhaps he gained a following the new doctrine that, the time of Christ, there were no recorders and culture of that time was not merciful like today.

  22. Luca Carboni
    Luca Carboni says:

    superlative Article, congratulations Father Ariel!
    And now look…a piece on 'synod Amazon'.

    • father ariel
      Massimo Zamarion says:

      Father Ariel did not understand anything.

      A friend of mine, Jesuit theologian from Catholic Civilization, Instead he explained everything to me. Carry his words literally, so shine of crystal light:

      “The bishop, in '' open a relationship of knowledge "with those who" have started new experiences of union ", in the simple person "Renato, bishop,"He intends to reach open its arms to the other self with an invitation to address him, and he calls us to compete with a contrite spirit of the articulated installation service interactive and interpersonal relational structures, in a revolutionary framework for renewed cooperation and humanizing reciprocity who can seize the opportunities that the Spirit infuses in the human receptivity to trigger dynamic factors of creativity capable of regenerating aggregate potential in the field of the reception paths, al fine, At first, proceeding so the affective spaces of exploratory activity as configuring devices in the daily life realities of the various so-called irregular forms of family life on the territory, and later to arrive to the identification of shared tracks accompanying better focused in the concrete of each particular situation, real dialogic paths in existence geography, corresponding to bringing those affected by the logic of exclusion to the full enjoyment of community life – not just a sectarian, and therefore equivocally, “parish” – a culmination of a process that identifies the conversion accomunanti accompanied trajectories and carers, to the extent that they are configured as permanent laboratories and solidarity of mutual and fraternal discernment, which, as such, present themselves as hubs of virtuous self-development and sustainable growth in charitable action in painful bowels of society.” ?

      • Antony
        Antony says:

        But she, sig. Zamarion remained to listen to all that talk (super cazzola) of his Jesuit friend, until the end???? I would have told the third sentence: ” ghost and a ciapa i racc.

    • Paola
      Paola says:

      Thank you Father Ariel.

      In this time of absolute relativism, in which each (especially non-believers) He feels in the right to tell the Catholic Church what it should do and say, She has the courage to affirm the truth.
      This comforted me.
      To do this she also risks a reprimand or other penalty (I'm sorry this banal vocabulary and not accurate, but I'm not a lady at the work, as they say).

      I wish to continue in his ministerial priesthood again for many years.

      A warm greeting,


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