Friar Cipolla, that character conceived by Giovanni Boccaccio who inspired a fiery sermon at San Bernardino da Siena in the Middle Ages illuminated. While today, in the dark of modern reason, to deceive Catholics of digital illiteracy, just say: «Our Lady appeared to me and told me that …»

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[…] once the waiters arrived early to warn the Supreme Pontiff Benedict XIV that during the night a fire had broken out in Rome in the Monti district. To which he blurted out: "Shit! And there have been deaths?». Monsignor Teodoro Boccapaduli tugged him discreetly. After the waiters had detailed the seriousness of the fact, the Supreme Pontiff replied bursting: "Shit!». And Monsignor tugs him again. At that point Benedict XIV, saddened by that grave report, he turns towards the prelate bursting out: "Boccapaduli.", you broke my balls: dick, dick, dick! Of, I want to sanctify this word. Indeed I want to promulgate one fucking bubble, to grant plenary indulgence to those who pronounce this word ten times a day ".


Ariel S. Levi Gualdo



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period painting of the Supreme Pontiff Benedict XIV [Bologna 1675 - Rome 1758], who with scurrilous elegance threatened some curia scandalized by his colorful words, to promulgate a "Bull of the cock"

More than making a hypothesis, I dare to attribute a little discovery to myself: in his fiery sermon San Bernardino of Siena [Massa Marittima 1380 - L'Aquila 1444] he was inspired by, or was in any case influenced by the short story of Friar Cipolla enclosed in the work Decameron, composed by Giovanni Boccaccio between the 1349 and 1351.


The fratacchione Boccaccio, he used to travel the countries of the countryside showing the most improbable relics to the bifolchi, including the little finger of the Holy Spirit, one of the ribs of the «Dear Verbum made at the window» [crippling of the Latin: and Word was made flesh], the rays of the star that appeared to the three Magi in the East, an ampoule containing the sweat of Archangel Michael that fell from his forehead when he fought with the Devil, the jaw of the Death of San Lazzaro and so on.


Being in that of Certaldo, he had promised the villagers that the following day he would exhibit an extraordinary relic to the people: a pen that fell to Archangel Gabriel during the Annunciation. Except for the night, two local pranksters stole the precious angelic pen from inside the box in which it was kept, replacing it with coals. At that, when Friar Cipolla opened the box to exhibit the precious relic to the Boeotians, discovering coals inside, he was not dismayed, he apologized to those present saying that on his departure he had mistakenly taken the wrong container, identical to the one in which the precious pen was kept. Thus, after an apology, he provided the people with the coals on which the Holy Martyr Lorenzo was roasted.


A few decades later, Bernardino degli Albizzeschi, son of a powerful family from the upper Tuscan Maremma, today universally known as San Bernardino of Siena [Massa Marittima 1380 - L'Aquila 1444], in one of his sermons he launched himself against popular superstitions, particularly taking it out on the false relics and the profitable market that revolved around it. Subject of that sermon from the evident Boccaccio plant, it was the milk relic of the Blessed Virgin Mary preserved in the collegiate church of Montevarchi, in which Friar Bernardino thundered:


"It is who you want, I say you do not like these things to God these. Like milk from the Virgin Mary. Or women, where you are? And likewise you, able men, vedestene mai? You know you should be showing for relics: v'aviate not faith […] Maybe she was a cow the Virgin Mary, she had her milk lassato, how loose the beasts, you lassano mugnare? I have this opinion: that is, she had so much milk, neither more nor less, enough that Bochina Jesu Christ blessed " [San Bernardino of Siena Hypocrite devotions. in: Baldi. Novels and moral examples of S. Bernardino of Siena, and. 1916].


As known to serious scholars, the middle Ages, the true one, divided into the space of almost a thousand years in three different eras that have followed throughout history, it was not the era of the "dark ages" at all, but of the centuries of light. In fact, in the Middle Ages there was the highest development of the light of speculative reason, combined with a critical sense and a spirit of unceasing research in the various areas of scientific knowledge. It would suffice that the history books used in schools were not written by donkey ideologues, because then it would be clear to everyone that black legends on the Middle Ages they were built at the table at the end of the eighteenth century by enlightened poisoners of hatred towards everything that was Catholic. They were in fact these, animated by destructive ideology, to relegate the Middle Ages to the "dark ages" in the name of their alleged "lights of reason" lit under the French guillotines, where the heads fell one after the other following accusations based on pure allegations, often out of pure social envy, or after farcical summary trials in which the defendants were not granted the right to defense, nor that to the word [see my work Nada te Turbe, WHO]. All contrary to the trembling inquisitorial process, fruit this yes, of the most absurd and false black legends. Oh, what gross ignorance! The inquisitorial process, in addition to establishing the legal right to defend the defendant, it just couldn't be celebrated, without defense and right to speak. It would be enough to read the legal works and related documents of the Bolognese glossers, that between the eleventh and twelfth centuries, in the "dark" Middle Ages they gave birth to all who would later become modern legal institutions, after recovering the Body of Civil Law by Justinian and reinterpreted all the classical texts.


And yet, to the present day, even the last of bitches illetterate assurta to television honors as host of some following talk show, from the height of his bleak ignorance he does not fail to make pseudo-historical-intellectual references to the Middle Ages, o allo medieval spirit, all to create effect, or worse to put in a bad or ridiculous light something retrospective or superstitious. Unfortunately,, the bitch, reached the place where she arrived after being freely jumped from one bed to another of manager and producers - except to report them thirty years later for harassment as soon as it begins to suffer from the drop in popularity -, ignores that the Middle Ages is the era of rediscovery, study and rescue of all philosophy and classical literature. If we, today, we can read the most critical works written by Greek and Roman authors against the nascent Christianity, or if we can read i carmi more lustful and pornographic written by Valerio Gaio Catullo, it is certainly not thanks to the Enlightenment inventors of black legends and false historians, but why these works have been saved, transcribed and handed down to the present day by the Benedictine amanuensis monks, born in the 6th century from monasticism founded by San Benedetto da Norcia. And, in the context of Benedictine monasticism, among other things, the name developed, is the same socio-political concept of Europe. Therefore, always with all due respect bitch that from the portentous television medium often addresses millions of listeners, it is early said that the Middle Ages is San Pier Damiani, Sant’Anselmo d’Aosta and the great school teachers. The Middle Ages is San Bernardo di Chiaravalle, San Tommaso Aquino, San Bonaventura da Bagnoregio, Duns Scotus. The Middle Ages are the great engineers, architects, mathematicians, astronomers and alchemists. The Middle Ages marked the season of the great literati: the Sicilian literary school of Frederick II of Swabia, Guido Cavalcanti, Dante Alighieri, Francesco Petrarca, Giovanni Boccaccio …


The man of the Middle Ages, he also had an extraordinary taste for satire, that the more pungent the more it made popes laugh, emperors and rulers, none of whom gave up delighting on the most pungent satirical works, not only those of Boccaccio, but also those of the most scurrilous Peter the Aretino. When someone wanted to delight the Supreme Pontiff Pius II [Weather in Corsignano di Pienza 1405 – Ancona 1464], all he had to do was hire a talented storyteller to perform the rhymes of his Sienese fellow citizen Cecco Angiolieri [Siena 1260 – Siena 1311 c.a]:


S’i’ were focus, combustion’ the world;
s’i’ was wind, the tempestarei;
s’i’ was water, the’ to drown;
s’i’ was God, send it deep;
s’i’ was Pope, I would be happy then,
for I would embrace all Christians;
s’i’ fosse ‘mperator, SA’ what would I do?
to all cut off the head in the round.


Not that Silvio Enea of ​​the Piccolomini accounts, then he ascended the sacred throne with the name of Pius II, were less in sharp sarcasm, as when he ironically condemned the request and the hope of obtaining favors from him by motteggiando:


I was Enea,

nobody knew me,

but now that I am Pio,

everyone calls me uncle.


An elderly Dominican theologian, talking about the Middle Ages defined by many today's donkeys as the era of the so-called "dark ages", with scientific wisdom he ironized saying: "Maybe, today's man had the speculative reason and the critical and analytical sense of that of the Middle Ages! Unfortunately today, enlightened man, so to speak, his alleged reason exercises it by reasoning or with cock or with subjective emotions ». Needless to say: reason with cock or subjective emotions, marks the worst death of reason. A death that, at the height of our hyper-technology, it plunged us into new forms of illiteracy, much more devastating than those of the past. Without going backwards over the centuries, just take a step backwards of just a century, at the beginning of the twentieth century, at the time of Vigils of Neri, work of the Tuscan writer Renato Fucini [Monterotondo Marittimo 1843 – Empoli 1921]. Let's start from the element of memory: elderly peasants who barely knew how to read and write, quite a few of whom were in conditions of total illiteracy, they were authentic itinerant literature libraries. During the evening vigils, in times when there was no cinema, let alone the TV, they entertained by narrating works learned by heart: from Jerusalem Liberated by Torquato Tasso a Orlando Furioso by Ludovico Ariosto. I myself can testify to this, when I am just ten years old, in the lower Tuscan Maremma, on the border with Lazio, for the first time I knew the existence of Dante Alighieri's work, to be exact Hell, thanks to an elderly farmer, at the age of eighty - we are therefore talking about a man born in the late nineteenth century - who began to narrate, to us children, by Count Ugolino and Archbishop Ruggieri by reciting from memory:


The mouth lifted from the proud meal
quel sinner, shaking her hair
of the chief who had a retro fault.
Then it began: "You want me to renew
desperate pain that my heart presses me
already thinking, before I do it.
Ma se le mie parole esser dien seme
that bears fruit to the traitor I eat,
talk and weep you will see together […]


Present my cousin, today seventy years old, at the time just graduated in classical letters, amazed she then said to the other family members present: «He didn't make a mistake, I don't say a sentence, but not even a word!». That man had memorized entire literature books, that he hadn't read: he had learned them since he was a child during the vigils. Seppi, afterwards, who had done the second grade of elementary school, the time strictly necessary to learn the basic rudiments of writing and reading, acquired which had followed parents and family in the fields of agricultural work.


Many our super tech teens, already at the end of elementary school they have entire collections of pornographic films recorded in theirs Smartphone; while the girls, already at eleven or twelve, they post their photos on social media in clothes and positions that would make the prostitutes who worked in the old brothels pale, before it in 1952 the Merlin Law decreed its closure, thanks to a bill proposed by Senator Angelina Merlin, of the Socialist Party, presented in 1948. And yet, these modern hyper-technological "monsters", unlike the man of the Middle Ages and the man of yesterday, that of The vigils of Neri, they have such mnemonic deficiencies that they can't even remember their parents' cell phone number. Well: you know what happens if human intelligence, especially through reasoning and memory, it is not exercised? Roughly what we have under our eyes can happen: a generation of apathetic and ignorant idiots. Just so: we regressed to forms of frightening illiteracy, it would be enough to read the texts written by recent graduates, to be disconcerted in the face of such a deficit syntax enriched by gross grammatical errors. But ... we have evolved. So much to allow us with unheard of arrogance to make irony on the Middle Ages, we who are no longer able to exercise reason and objective critical judgment, because now we only think: or with the cock or with the subjective emotions that emerge from our egocentrism and our blind pathological narcissism. It is early said that this generation, degenerate daughter of digital illiteracy, devoid of historical memory and of that same cerebral memory exercised, useful to make us remember at least the phone number of our parents, shouldn't afford, not even as a joke or as a joke to paradoxes, to make fun of the glorious Middle Ages, marking it as an era of the "dark ages".


«How come you write such long pieces?», some asked me, pointing out: «… People don't read anymore. By now people jump frantically for the net and, more than a poor page, they don't read ». Without hesitation I replied: … I know, but I write for the few, perhaps for the very few who still understand, certainly not for the many who don't understand shit!


Here, I think it's the fourth time that I mention the word "fuck", almost as if I could not express myself without certain splashes of color, which I can do very well. What to tell you: in these moments of desolation, a sketch of bright color leave it to this poor middle-aged priest on the threshold of old age, so that everyone can enjoy their fun. Indeed, at the term "fuck", also joins that other beautiful idiomatic phrase of ... "notorious dickheads", that is, the boundless army of those who do not understand a fucking emeritus of what you have written, or the deep way, also wanting scientifically relevant, where you wrote it. Therefore, the idiomatic and homonymous cock heads, they fossilize only on this word, after that, bigots and self-proclaimed Catholic clowns send outraged messages to the vulgar priest, accompanied by lessons in style and morals. Usually they do all this by mistaking two verbs, a noun and a subjunctive in a four-line sentence, skipping doubles and considering punctuation useless, not to mention the omission of the letter "acca". But they give you lessons in style, these very beautiful people shocked by the mention of the term "fuck".


This noble term it was much loved and used by the Supreme Pontiff Benedict XIV [Bologna 1675 - Rome 1758], nee Prospero Lambertini, bolognese. With usual frequency the Augustus Pontiff indulged in very colorful expressions, starting from his first appearance before the crowd exulted after his election to the sacred throne. It was in fact on that occasion that, seeing that large crowd gathered in the square of the papal arcibasilica of San Pietro, he said in a low voice to the prelate next to him: "And all these people, as a campa?». The prelate, that he was no less and that he had deep knowledge of the newly elected, replied: «... Campania by pulling it in the ass with each other». The Pontiff replies: "... yes! Then there is us, that instead we pull it in the ass at all!». After, within the Roman curia, several times aroused amazement and perplexity that he used to intercalate saying "shit!». Until the August Pontiff appointed an assistant to his room, Monsignor Teodoro Boccapaduli, to discreetly pull it for the robe, if he started with certain colorful phrasebooks. Until once the waiters arrived early to warn the Supreme Pontiff that a fire had broken out in Rome in the Monti district during the night. To which he blurted out: "Shit! And there have been deaths?». Monsignor tugged him discreetly. After the waiters had detailed the seriousness of the fact, the Supreme Pontiff replied bursting: "Shit!». And Monsignor tugs him again. At that point Benedict XIV, saddened by that grave report, he turns towards the prelate bursting out: "Boccapaduli.", you broke my balls: dick, dick, dick! Of, I want to sanctify this word. Indeed I want to promulgate one fucking bubble, to grant plenary indulgence to those who pronounce this word ten times a day ".


There would be much to tell about this great figure, so we simply say that the Supreme Pontiff Benedict XIV was a careful administrator in favor of the needs of the people and charitable activities, at the same time he was a great promoter of the arts and sciences. With acute political ability, but at the same time with a great pastoral spirit, he was tireless guardian of the faith, promoter of the missions for the new evangelization and at the same time a man of profound culture and open-mindedness, enough to maintain intense correspondence with figures very distant from the Catholic world, from Protestant rulers to the father himself of modern anti-clericalism: François-Marie Arouet, known under the pseudonym of Voltaire.


Today the children of this great dark century I am not able, at the height of their digital illiteracy, to laugh about Novel of Friar Cipolla, as did the illiterate wit of the medieval countryside. Nor am I able to understand a great man of faith, so free from any form of internal and external vulgarity, to be able to affirm with true candor: ... if you don't stop breaking my balls, I promulgate a fucking bubble, complete with plenary indulgence for those who pronounce this word ten times a day.


ask ourselves: but who they are, the real vulgar ones? I'll explain it right away: are certain Catholics who send images created with photoshop, depicting a Jesus Christ on the cross sacrilegiously gayzzato, with an androgynous face and a languid expression that does not recall the mystery of passion at all, rather a girl awaiting coitus. And in front of these blasphemous images, I who have an eye accustomed to Cimabue, to Fra Angelico, to Filippino Lippi from Prato, to Titian, Giotto and Michelangelo, to follow with Guido Reni and Cararavaggio, until the most recent wonderful crucifixion by Salvador Dalì, maybe I shouldn't blurt: pseudo-fucking Catholics, you broke my balls, breed of digital blasphemers! Christ the Lord was not a languid child since photoshop with the androgynous air affixed to the cross, he was true God and true man, for this he made the cross terribly true, as true as God and true man was.


Only in conclusion do I turn to our readers, assuming that the children of the modern digital age of this dark century, after reading half a page, last in two minutes the whole text and identified the word on which to argue, in this case the mythical word "fuck", have already sent outraged messages, as if they kept us above all else, to fully demonstrate how much they have not really understood a fucking emeritus. And while totally indifferent I let them get busy, place that for years and years, by now, they can't even break my balls anymore, I turn to the few who can laugh at all the modern Onion Friars who have a prerogative, however: to get more money out of your pocket than a snake charmer can stun an Indian cobra. Indeed, just tell the Boeotian people, that of pseudo-Catholicism built on the contempt of reason and erected on subjective sentimental emotions, that on that day the Madonna appeared to me in that place and that she gave me a message; having said that, it will be sufficient to add that Our Lady revealed to me a terrifying secret that will upset humanity ... and here are the wallets that open like accordions. What Our Lady said to me appearing? Suffice it to say: "... Our Lady told me to tell you that she loves you and that she invites you to be good and to pray ...", and here the accordions will widen even more, if the great morbid itch of the terrifying secret joins the silly banality of the message, because at that point the accordions will explode, until the real rain of money.


In carrying out their apostolic work, Fathers de The island of Patmos they have always had to struggle with scarce money, although indispensable for carrying on our activities. However, not being of the Friar Cipolla, nor having apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary, nor having received from Mater Dei no terrifying secrets in custody through which to arouse the itch of the modern hyper-technological countryside, we have always been able to support ourselves with great difficulty, especially in this period. We can only support ourselves with the free offers and with the sale of the books of our editions, that have been blocked for over two months, not having been able, the company we use, provide for printing and distribution, because during the Coronavirus emergency, priority was given to all basic necessities. For our part, we rarely ask for help, we only do it and we do it once a year, certainly not interspersing the recitation of the Holy Rosary transmitted by radio with the request for donations and the mention of the current account number inserted between the glory of and the Our father, always about Friar Cipolla. So you see ...


The truth will set us free, as stated in our motto taken from the Gospel of the Blessed Apostle John [cf. GV 8,32], but at the same time we know how much the truth has never paid anyone, in particular when we say those truths that nobody wants to be told, nor when it refers to reality, escape from emotions and fatuous sentimentality. Truth does not pay off when one insists on it I can only believe that faith moves on reason and requires reasoning and a deep critical and analytical sense, because in this era of digital illiteracy, doing so is an authentic suicide policy, to well consider that today, people who say they are Catholic, want irrational emotions, sensational elements, so much sterile controversy and so futile gossip. And who offers these products, will always be paid in any way.


If there are some willing to say, with the wisdom of the Supreme Pontiff Benedict XIV: "... fuck, but we can not take any more of this decline and these pseudo-Catholics on pink tires big babol, who send around images of languid androgynous Christs affixed to the cross and of little Madonna lost among flowers and clouds that seem cartoon, often verging on the real blasphemy ». Well, those who have this feeling and this authentic Catholic spirit, or seeking to perfect themselves in the authentic Catholic faith, don't just say "good."!», «You are authentic voices of the Catholic faith», «Your words help us, comfort and support in this moment of terrible social and ecclesial crisis », but send us some offers, because we need it very much for our apostolate carried out entirely at your service, certainly not for our pure delight. And don't get any scruples whatsoever, because in the reason you can safely write "fuck offer". We will understand everything, we will understand instantly that you are authentic Catholics and true friends like us, you cannot take any more of this digital dark century, because all, we few intelligent and we few men of faith survived, by now we really have full balls. And note that "balls" is not a dirty word, anything: they are the most important psychophysical attributes with which God endowed man created in his image and likeness, certainly not creating it like a languid cartoon with photoshop.


the Island of Patmos, 25 May 2020









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31 thoughts on "Friar Cipolla, that character conceived by Giovanni Boccaccio who inspired a fiery sermon at San Bernardino da Siena in the Middle Ages illuminated. While today, in the dark of modern reason, to deceive Catholics of digital illiteracy, just say: «Our Lady appeared to me and told me that …»

  1. Mr. Orenzo I understand little or nothing, I will probably miss due intelligence and try to answer them again even if this exchange of views concerns you and me and has nothing to do with the topic proposed by the post

    If we want to resort to Treccani for the holy inquisition it exactly says
    Inquisition Special ecclesiastical court for the repression of heresy.

    As for the popes involved in the previous speech, I say it is not critical but I present facts that seem to me notorious and incontrovertible, quietly agreeing to have possibly made a mistake

    Regarding the third statement, that I have to say if not: hat! Monsieur de La Palise was a beginner in comparison

  2. Themselves. Orenzo

    Her hunt for a thief led to an incorrect result.

    The song “quotation marks” I took it from the blog of the Ekatos editions website and I believe it was formulated by a well-known indologist from the Ca Foscari University of Venice. I simply put it on display to show the difference between two approaches to the sacred, let's say so, of which the latter does not generate “inquisitions” of sorts. I didn't make any personal comments, I did not say “good blood volume” because we are all children of mother earth. None of this. The author of the song if he is, in the Asian subcontent it has lived for decades, knows Hinduism very well ( or rather dharma) and its various schools, and knows how the premises were treated and the feeling of inferiority that, then generated, it still invests them. Complex themes, very complex that cannot be resolved with controversial jokes (his) but they must be studied with the utmost honesty.

    These are however ways in which theology necessarily accompanies practice

    So if you don't like it (absolute right) contest the author of the formulation adopted, in any case, the sentences she affixed concern the attitude of the church today not yesterday, They didn't think so’ the missionaries who have been to India e, to say, the distinction between natural mysticism and true mysticism has been very hardly overcome by Vatican II

    1. Hinduism does not “generates "inquisitions" of sorts”?
      So the Christians who are still killed by the Hindus today because of their faith have only dreamed of them?
      I would like to ask you one thing: if I can drink from the source of living water that flows from the words of Christ, why should I drink water from other less thirst quenching sources instead, satisfying and satiating?
      It does not seem to you that those who truly know the properties of the only source of living water and drink from other sources to quench their thirst are at least a fool?

      1. Sig Orenzo

        She, taken by the heat, seems to me to go a little on her own and the reasoning that follows from it. The court inquisition was created to combat heresy, as a rule, therefore, it did not concern interreligious relations. The great impulse to the Inquisition was given by Innocent III and I do not continue. The problem of interreligious relationships arises rather from the donation of Constantine who attributed two prerogatives to the papal garment the imperial one, that is, the red cloak and the tiara. Boniface VIII (SIC!)he went further because he added two more crowns to the tiara and transformed into the Triregno (repudiated by Paul VI if I am not mistakenly melted and donated the proceeds to the poor). It seems to me that an enormous step has been taken with this since the pope as administrator has become ruler (the famous pope king).

        In short, all this has led to a great change in the structures between the Church and the Empire as in a letter of his, Innocent III declared that:” the Roman pontiff had received from Christ”the dominion of the universe orbs”… for he was in the vicar of Christ (and no more than Pietro)… The pope is like Melchisedeq, priest and king at the same time”(Assuming this, it seems that the pontiff was in a position to give whole continents in the formula “gold for the rulers and souls for the church”, which produced some little ones “accident” of which the consequences are still being paid and on whose deleterious anthropological effects literature abounds.

        As Dante knows, who is not the latest on the subject, inclining to the Franciscan Spirituals (these were persecuted by the Inquisition), listening to the sermons of Pier di Giovanni Olivi he formed himself in the Gioachim spirit (today in the smell of beatification) and he expressed all his anger against the simoniac Bonifacio in the Comedy.

        Regarding its lock, I tell you that to make Indian, the Buddhist, the Taoist or the Shinto and whatever else you need to have a mentality behind it that is formed over the centuries. He will have observed that none of these nominees has come in the centuries spent at his home imposing them, more than Christ, forced orientation (indeed the opposite has happened!). There is no "church" there that holds a dogmatic magisterium, but individual "schools" (darsana) suited to the participant's quid and therefore not at all in conflict with each other. The deplorable persecutory facts therefore concern contingent situations not the norm and this I say without removing any peana from anyone.

        The opposite happened instead. Moreover, today India is "secularist" with what follows. But I can tell you that different personalities from that distant world have "fallen in love" with Christ and have followed its teachings but despite their great fervor they have not converted because the gold background mint

        1. Say Antonio

          She, taken by the heat, seems to me to go a little on her own and the reasoning that follows from it: if he had in fact taken the trouble to consult a dictionary, would have read that today, the term “inquisition”, commonly indicates one “special investigation, carried out with an arbitrary procedure or that in any case violates the rights, the freedom and dignity of an individual”(Treccani).

          To take note of the damage that some Popes do to the Church, there is no need to go back in time… this proves, for those who have eyes to see and brain to understand, how the Church is a divine institution.

          The rest of his speech simply demonstrates that the world is divided into only two parts:
          1. Who believes that Jesus is God.
          2. Who does not believe that Jesus is God.

        2. If then you, or dearest Antonio,
          you believe the statement ” that the world is divided into only two parts:
          1. Who believes that Jesus is God.
          2. Who does not believe that Jesus is God.”
          is just my balzana and elitist idea,
          that's what Jesus said to Nicodemus (GV 3.16-18):
          “In fact, God loved the world so much that he gave the only-begotten Son, because anyone who believes in him is not lost, but have eternal life.
          God, indeed, did not send the Son into the world to condemn the world, but for the world to be saved through him.
          Whoever believes in him is not condemned; but those who do not believe have already been sentenced, because he did not believe in the name of the only begotten Son of God.”
          Or believe what Jesus said,
          or Jesus is believed to be just a mad idiot:
          the choice is yours.

  3. 1) Excuse me, Father Ariel, I wanted to ask you why in the following link it is said that saying bad words is a sin, although mostly venial.
    2) As for the rest, I also realized the crude ignorance of my teenage pupils: some, even, they can't write in italics and they use block letters because, otherwise, they wouldn't understand what they wrote! On the other side, I was impressed by certain older people who know a lot more than newly graduated students and who have a lower educational qualification. Not to mention their mental calculation skills, disappear today. Nevertheless, I have to put up with gods webinar in which they exalt themselves “the magnificent and progressive fortunes” digital school and teaching skills, instead of for knowledge. I am really full of them…
    As soon as possible, I will make you a small offer for your work on the Blog. Thanks!

    P. S. Excuse me, I forgot to insert the link:

    1. Caro Filelleno,

      in the link that you attach there is an explanation given by Father Angelo, Order of Preachers, who is an excellent priest, pedagogue and talented communicator.
      The father, answers a question addressed specifically to him; and he does it with the precision and balance that is proper to his person.
      Therefore, all right.

      But widening the discussion I can bring you several examples in this regard, I think all in all very pertinent.
      The words undoubtedly have their precise meaning, but, anyhow, it is we who give life to words and give them a precise meaning.
      Example: if in a very ironic-bad tone veiled with contempt, I say to a person: "Ah, but what a beautiful human being you are!», through this sentence I express a so to speak clean concept, which does not contain any bad words. Even despite, in my decisive basic intention, I expressed my deep contempt by using an apparently innocuous phrase to strike and also to offend a person ».

      Otherwise instead, if in a private colloquial setting, talking to a friend or a group of close friends, turning to one of them who did an opportune thing, good and fair, demonstrating wise intelligence with it, I tell him "… you are truly a great son of a whore!», that expression, in that particular and precise context, it will sound like a deep and sincere appreciation for the person and for what he has accomplished in a wise and intelligent way.

      Lately, in a strictly private interview, a priest told me how he put some intrusive people in line, arrogant and presumptuous who pretended to teach him how the priest should do. In response,, in an affectionate and playful tone I told him: «… of, but you're such a big piece of shit!»
      The brother laughed pleased and happy. Needless to say: with that playful expression, I showed him appreciation for his action and for the right and intelligent way in which he acted.

      another example: yesterday I met two young carabinieri on the street that I know and, always in a friendly private context, obviously without anyone else hearing, after greeting me they said they were waiting for their commander. To which I replied: "Well, so you will finally be three and you will be able to establish a regular criminal association according to the penal code ». They laugh as hard as I can, I greet them and, five minutes later, I get a what-sapp from the captain: «Hello father, a warm greeting. Established association, now we are three!».

      It is not necessary to explain that, if in a derogatory and offensive way, I accused public officials of forming a criminal association, surely they would have kept me, taken to the barracks and asked for all the necessary explanations.

      In conclusion: there is no vulgar word or expression in itself, to make vulgar words and expressions is the man who gives them life and above all meaning.

      Saying so-called swear words without being vulgar and especially without being offensive, it is a real art that requires upstream the purity of purpose of the person. A little’ like some women, some of which manage to wear miniskirts or dizzying necklines with such grace and purity of mind that can only be appreciated for their elegance, while others, although dressed from the neck to the ankles, they have such vulgarity and inner malice to the point that, when they arrive, first they are preceded by their inner troiaggine, then they follow behind.

      And’ the man who makes pure or impure what comes out of his mouth.

  4. Thanks to the "fuck"! This morning I listened to the audio while having breakfast, not because I didn't want to read, but because foreseeing a day in front of the pc screen for work or homework help, now virtual, when I can I rest my eyes. Father Ariel Caro, you made me have four healthy laughs! By now I have become almost intolerant of self-styled priests who use their little or no knowledge to recruit workers for their slave factories. I thank you for the courage you show and for the exhortation you make us to seek, document us and tell the reality of the facts. I know we just have to kick "fuck" in the mouth! But the choice is ours: lie or truth!! Good day!

  5. To Mr. Jacopo
    In less compromising terms one could say contemplative ecumenism. Indeed anyway, instead of sterile chatter – logismoi – however an expression of the ego (and I speak for me) and given the age (I speak for myself) would be appropriate, indeed necessary if not indispensable, read and practice what Saint Teresa of Avila writes about it “the inner Castle”(that a little perennialist is)

    Nothing else is needed, indeed the Castle is already superabundant of its own for the limited spiritual resources of us contemporaries.

    1. And’ while I was reading “the inner castle” that I went from being a perennialist (I spoke from experience of being difficult interlocutors) to christian. The perspective in which certain works bring us and the perhaps radically different conclusions to which they lead us are always a great mystery, but it is so beautiful.

      I follow my advice, and I don't speak any further, a powder’ out of respect for his age and life experience, certainly superior to mine and a little’ because I'm bad at debating and I always make bad figures.
      Anyway, every time I see his comment a little’ I gloat and cheer for her , that sooner or later the authors of the magazine respond to it and that it manages to achieve whatever purpose it has set itself with its digital presence here.

      1. Gent Sig. Jacopo

        I can talk to you for a moment despite the lock? If every now and then I feel vaguely to write some nonsense on the Island and because I suffer a lot from the decadence of Christianity which is actually decadence of the western world and, by now, of the whole world. So I like them very much - when I am not even thrilled - Father Ariel's expert interventions, that I know, on the issue of the accuracy of the execution of the missal, or on the medieval period, while at other times I get angry with him (or with others) with mental vehemence, for instance, on the value of the so-called sacred Renaissance art (art with a sacred but not sacred subject) and for other reasons that I am not dwelling on here. Calling yourself a perennialist is a label of convenience but indicates a spiritual position, or that of the one who thinks that, although the truth is unique, likewise several avenues can lead to it. Contemplation shows that this juxtaposition between religions has its basic authenticity, because the highest mystical state is IRREVERSIBLE, which they achieve reach, together with grace, very complex operating techniques, based on “vocal pronunciation” “body position” and much more, it leads to the manifestation of the same state: the “Rest”. Unfortunately it seems that Catholicism, but not Orthodox Christianity for example, he was estranged from the counting horizon already just after the 1600s.

        Now the quote from Saint Teresa, provocatively ascribed to the perennialist club, it derives from the long work carried out by the scholar Luce Lopez - Baralt on the text of Saint Teresa The inner castle, in which Harward's researcher has shown the numerous apparitions of the route made by the saint with a "certain" Islamic mysticism identically set on a seven-fold pattern, a little bit like Dante would have inherited the installation of the comedy from the East (Miguel Asin Palacios) including in the Neoplatonic Poem even some expressions from the Egyptian Books of the Dead (a well-known Egyptologist made this comparison)

        However the Christian mysticism is not only Saint Teresa is also Eckhart and here it gets tough because Orthodoxy and not Orthodoxy mix dangerously in these (think of the "crash": I pray to God to free me from god) and those of his later verser Silesius. For the Rhenish Master, as you know, there is an identity between the individual soul and God (a little like Atma - Brahman), there is a reversal in the conception of the value of the ancient philosophers "who went further than the apostle Paul" (thus reversing their role as preparers) and, sweet at the bottom, there is no gradualness in the mystical experience, as it happens in Teresa, this lightning and "india" the practitioner in an instant (the famous Kayros) which makes this comparable to the advaita Vedanta who does not have specific techniques. I stop here, as you see my polemical intent is equal to 0.

  6. After escaping the attack by Ali Agca, GPII said that a killing hand had fired the killing blow, but that a maternal hand had deflected it. Friar Cipolla gives him a mustache.

    1. The Holy Pontiff John Paul II attributed his salvation, after what could have been a deadly attack, to the Blessed Virgin Mary of Fatima.
      The bullet that was pulled from his body, he took him to that shrine, by setting it in the crown of the Blessed Virgin.
      It is not a story, but a fact.

  7. Well not having studied, I have to admit that the dots and commas also bother me; above all when they are rare in the middle of the numbers.

  8. Beautiful and true article, I just didn't like the usual attack on Radio Maria, this could have spared him.

    1. Because he had to spare him? … Maria, with Medjùgorie more than a Catholic broadcaster,it looks like a fantasy story radio…..

  9. It may seem strange, but the term “dark ages” referring to the Middle Ages it was used for the first time by Vasari painter and writer of artist lives. According to which the neoclassical obscured any other style. In the nineteenth century, the beautiful medieval cathedrals were given the derogatory term of “Gothic”, when the Goths either did not exist then or never passed through there. The same term “Romanesque” it made a derogatory sense. Fortunately from 40 years history is being rewritten often manipulated for political or ideological reasons. Voltaire, Gibbon and others passed down only or almost large buffaloes to us. Allow me to point out a valuable book that summarizes the many hoaxes on Catholicism. Autore Rodney Stark ” False testimonials. How to unmask a few centuries of anti-Catholic history” A nice useful summary to put history back. The author is a Protestant educated in the denigration of Catholicism until he studied history on documents not on authors, often lacking professional historians and especially ideologized to do…. Very useful and fun, at least in large part , the lessons of the Turin historian Alessandro Barbero that can be found on youtube. And’ a historian of the Middle Ages. Still worth mentioning Leo Moulin , an expert on medieval convents with which he fell in love, him unbeliever and shoot zero with the famous “illuminists”. One more thing. I believe that today we need to make a good apologetics again to overcome the ignorance of Catholics. The term has taken a derogatory sense, but the apologist Fathers thought otherwise.

  10. I approve of everything that is politically incorrect regardless, but in this case I should make some distinctions from which this initial summary judgment, note, prescinds.
    Only I already know that then he will tell me that I have not understood a shit, and since it is a nice way to talk I abstain. But know that I have many reservations, for what it's worth.

  11. With a sour tip that I don't hide I think that in other parts of the world there have been no legends inquisitions “white” the” Black” for the following reasons

    “Now we must consider what religion is for Semitic monotheism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam.
    Religion is a social order revealed by God to a specific community of his believers. All other human beings who do not adhere to this faith live in a state of sin and are excluded from the means of achieving salvation.. Religion is therefore a covenant between God and His community of believers that excludes all other beings, whether they are aware of it or not. The main purpose of Religion is to lead the deceased believer to salvation (and calves). All believers must therefore accept the dogmas, that is, some postulates of faith on which it is forbidden to investigate through reason. Whoever does not accept a dogma is excluded from the religious community. All believers must follow the same moral rules and the same behavior and the same ritual prescriptions without exception. Religion is an intervention of God in history through the revelation of a message to a human personality.

    At this point it is evident that Religion is completely different from Dharma. Dharma is not the fruit of a historical revelation, being free from time; for this reason its true attribute is sanātana, permanent8. Dharma is also free from spatial conditions, being the Order that regulates the balance of the entire Cosmos, in favor of every single creature that has awareness of it or not. Harmonizes the needs of each being, family, caste and nation, by establishing flexible rules, behaviors and rituals suitable for everyone. It does not impose any dogmatic belief9; on the contrary, encourages everyone to pursue knowledge. Hindū Śāstra10 is not a revelation that falls from Heaven to Earth on the whim of a God: it is the description of the real experiences of the ancient muktas11. Furthermore, its essential purpose is not to remain in some loka12, but identification with our Real Nature, il Brahman13, so as to achieve Liberation from any slavery of saṃsāra14.
    Who is right ? We will find out only by dying

    1. The Gospels report the “correct instructions for use” as reported directly by the One who created him.
      If you want to follow them better for yourself.
      If you don't want to follow them worse for you.

      1. Consequently, Mr. Orenzo would like to mean me that all those who for thousands and thousands of years have piously followed, in distant shores and well before the revelation was revealed, the dharma, are in the category of “worse for you”, a category that does not exist specularly except for the violators of the aforementioned dharma

        As you can see the root of the” violence” it finds confirmation and precise justification in this expression and it does not matter if the aforementioned violence is physical, psychology or spiritual.
        Other than permanent decolonization!
        I remember that the topic was in general “the Inquisition” understood in all its aspects and facets

        1. You have no idea how many people, even though they never learned of the correct instructions for use, they still manage to make things work well?
          You have no idea how many people, despite having the correct instructions for use, they can't make anything work?
          You have no idea how many people, since everything is fine for them as it is, once they become aware of the correct instructions for use, they do not care and continue to operate as before, often ruining everything?
          You will find out, I fear at your expense, dying.

          1. Orenzo, come on, don't give the perennialist too much to eat; as a category they are complicated interlocutors in general, the estimated (without irony) Signor Bonifacio in particular.

          2. Dear Iacopo, Bonifacio makes a copy paste from here
            of the following sentence:
            “All other human beings who do not adhere to this faith live in a state of sin and are excluded from the means of achieving salvation.. Religion is therefore a covenant between God and His community of believers that excludes all other beings, whether they are aware of it or not.”,
            and I should sketch let false things be said about the Catholic religion?

            36 «The holy Church, our Mother, holds and teaches that God, beginning and end of all things, it can be known with certainty with the natural light of human reason starting from created things ». Without this capability, man could not accept the revelation of God. Man has this ability because he is created "in the image of God" (GN 1,27).
            843 The Church recognizes research in other religions, still «in the shadows and in the images», of an unknown but close God, for it is he who gives everyone life, breath and everything, and he wants all men to be saved. Therefore the Church considers all that is good and true in religions as a preparation for the Gospel, «And as given by the one who illumines every man, to finally have life ".

        2. Dear Antonio, God is not capricious, otherwise it would not be God, or eternal, Almighty, perfect, Infinity, etc. . God reveals himself to man Adam before original sin and after original sin, that is, he speaks to man from friend to friend, of himself. All the rest are human attempts, often sublime, to get to God, to return to him. That's why God is great and highly lovable and sweet, because he made man like him, made him capable of very high intellectual peaks, but absolutely useless in order to salvation (after original sin).

    2. @ Antonio Bonifacio: what you write may perhaps refer to other religions, but certainly not to Catholicism. Lei says: ” (…) All other human beings who do not adhere to this faith live in a state of sin and are excluded from the means of achieving salvation. ” No, in the case of the Catholic religion this is not the case. Those who without fault and in good faith live outside the Church can sanctify themselves because Christ is sovereignly free to give His Grace in the ways he prefers; salvation is offered to all men and the means of sanctification are given to all. And if someone refuses those means and gets damned, it is solely his fault. Then you write: ” All believers must therefore accept the dogmas ” and this is true, but then he adds: “that is, some postulates of faith on which it is forbidden to investigate through reason.” I'm sorry it's not like that: dogmas can be investigated, to study, deepen: St. Thomas Aquinas is an example. “All believers must follow the same moral rules, the same conduct and the same ritual prescriptions without exception” Is not it: each soul is a case in itself with its own vocation, history, condition; confessors and spiritual directors know this well and behave (or they should behave) with the consequent elasticity. “Who is right? we will find out only by dying” . No, we can and must find out while alive. The God who is absolute truth and always keeps his promises says: “Seek and you will find, ask and you will get, knock and it shall be opened”.

  12. Padre Ariel, I don't always agree with what you write, but I have to tell you that this article was a real breath of oxygen for me! It really improved my day! Thank you very much!

  13. Dear Father, I read your breath in one breath that reached me like a ray of light, I am an eighty-five year old and you made me remember an experience similar to yours: When he still used the annual blessing of the farmers' stables, I then followed my parish priest as an altar boy and I got to know a certain Amireno who was waiting for the parish priest to read Dante and Manzoni, whom he remembered from memory the following year. I studied theology in the failed attempt to become a priest and I find myself fighting with one of my three daughters who was enchanted by Don Minutella. But I cannot make her make a single consequent reasoning because the very sentimentality that condemns so logically is taught and learned more easily than rationality. Pray for me . Thanks.

  14. He is absolutely right.
    During the week I will make a transfer with a small contribution.
    On the other hand, daily life is increasingly scary , and between helping the missions , helping your parish is not that much more remains. Please keep it hard , we are now an ever less numerous and frightened flock,and good shepherds , each with its own characteristics less and less. May the Lord help us.

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