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“The joy of love”, between pastoral without doctrine and faith reduced to emotional slurry



We are reducing the faith to emotionality homocentric after changing the objective reason with subjective feeling, therefore, the Faith and Reason of John Paul II, Today is a text comparable to an old treaty of Anthropology, because what counts in this is what "I feel”, consequently what “I want”, so that you realize the will, if not worse than the caprice of man, instead of the will of God. And this we will pay the consequences, while those who are silent today slothful, frightened out omissivi, likely to pay with eternal damnation, because to us Christ, God has entrusted the Church His Holy Bride, not a circulate National-popular at the “good blood volume“, not a pathetic little theater in which today, to applaud our achievements, They are those who until yesterday were our most aggressive and destructive enemies: atei, Communists, Freemasons, ultra liberal …



Author Father Ariel

Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo



"The biggest scandal that can give the Church is not that believers are sinners, but stop calling by name the difference between good and evil and relativize; stop to explain what is sin or pretend to justify it to a greater mercy and closeness towards the sinner '.

Card. Gerhard Ludwig Müller, Report on hope


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titatic verso iceberg

the Titanic, the “nave inaffondabile” en route to the iceberg

Three years ago I got off the Titanic with the spirit of those who needlessly after shouting "alarm!"And" reverse the route!», He decides to abandon the ship before may it end collided with the iceberg. It remains for me one thing peaceful: I can even risk my life to save the life and especially the souls of others, It is part of my sacred ministry; But I can not participate in any way, Christian and morally, to a planned mass suicide, even in an indirect way.


After collision Titanic with l'iceberbg, as I walked away aboard a lifeboat, I heard behind me the music and I could see at a distance the people who seguitavano to dance on the notes of the orchestra in the ballroom, saying with each other: "There is no danger, although there was a "small" incident, because this ship was "unsinkable" ". And these are the same words as those in our current situation of ecclesial debacle reassure themselves and others saying: "The Church is Christ, and it is governed by the Holy Spirit, He then will think there '.

This phrase I heard uttering more and more often in the course of the last times, both bishops and priests from, although none of them has, however, I responded to a specific question and unequivocal: "And the man, in particular we are called to participate in the ministerial priesthood of Christ and chosen as pastors in charge of souls, what precise function we, the economy of salvation? Perhaps to remain on the bridge to dance while the "unsinkable" ship sinks, sure and certain that in any case will take care of the Holy Spirit of God? Because it's true, that the Church is his; it is true that the Church is a body of which Christ is the head and we are living members [cf. I Col 1,18], but it is also true that Christ, his Church, He has it entrusted, just as he has entrusted to our hands the sacred mystery of his Body and his Blood, as he has entrusted us with the devoted custody of her sacraments of grace, as we entrusted to us by the people of believers of Christ in the great project of the mystery of redemption ". Therefore, anyone who stands in lazy, cowardly and helpless waiting for it to drop the Holy Spirit of God out of trouble, saying if anything in the while to himself, "but who am I doing this, andarmi to inguaiare ", He has not understood the essence of the mystery of man's creation and the Church willed by Christ as a sacrament of salvation. Therefore, those who think in these terms, besides being blind guides [Mt, 15, 14] They are in all respects of ecclesiastical atheists put on the payroll of gold of the Demon [cf. Mt 23, 24-39], which demon today is destroying us not through our sins of action but through our sins of omission.


towards titanic iceberg 3

the Titanic, the “nave inaffondabile” on a collision course with the iceberb

That the Church will survive until the return of the Word of God to the end of time, It is written in the deposit of our faith, but on the deposit of our faith it is not written that the Church will find the Lord at His return. Which I think has been explained comprehensively by his admonition: "And when the Son of Man will return, will he find faith on earth?» [cf. LC 18, 1-8].

The Word of God, on his return to the end of time, It could indeed be a Church of Christ emptied and filled with another. Or at least according to the facts this is the road towards which we are heading as the Titanic launched towards the iceberg, while resonates more than ever that Pauline admonition which is the mirror of our contemporary reality:


«The day will come, indeed, when they will not endure sound doctrine;, ma, having itching ears they, will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own likings, refusing to listen to the truth to turn to fairy tales " [II Tm 4, 3-4].


In my last Lectio, under the title "The problem of the doctrinal language and Newspeak new theologians ", I talked about the theological language loss, the manipulation of words emptied of its true meaning and filled with another [see WHO].

towards titanic iceberg 2

the Titanic, the collision of “nave inaffondabile” with l'iceberg

The documents of the Supreme Pontiff ranging commented ─ especially indicative-management, especially if binding ─ it with due care, since it precisely word of the Apostles Prince Successor, not the writings of Jorge Mario Bergoglio. The latter distinction that over the last three years is not always easy to do: When Peter speaks and when he speaks Jorge Mario Bergoglio? To answer me that the one and the other are the same person would not exist to replicate that is not so, to the same extent in which I, when they celebrate the Eucharistic Sacrifice or administer the Sacraments, I am not me but the "other", for accuracy are a old christ that in Person Christi acts. Now, if this applies to me, let alone what should be true for the Successor of Peter.

Those are not the doctrine of political and administrative documents coming out by the Secretary of State in which there is required at times ambivalent language, made of innuendo between the lines or that suggest behind the lines without saying things in an open and direct. A style that is not a characteristic language of the State Secretariat, It is a typical expressive language of politics and of all the international diplomacy.

towards titanic iceberg 4

the Titanic, the collision of “nave inaffondabile” with l'iceberg

For the first time in the history of the Church we find ourselves faced with seemingly clear documents that are not clear, however,, since imbued with an inaccurate language, ambiguous, vague and misleading, subject as such to the most disparate interpretations. The post-synodal exhortation is in fact a text written in a language steeped in sociologisms politicians ambivalent, everything cloaked behind the spirit of pastoral.

Can the Church make theology and pastoral after having waived his innate clear and precise language, which it is the dogmatic-metaphysical language, He born of high school behind which shine the names of many of the holy fathers and doctors of the Church today in oubliettes relegated by the grandchildren of the worst Nouvelle thèologie?

Views on the other hand, I think we have to thank God that He allowed that there were slammed in my face the results of fifty years of methodical destruction and deconstruction of dogma and doctrine. We must thank the weakness of Blessed Pope Paul VI that does not dissolved the Society of Jesus [see article by John Cavalcoli, WHO] and we must thank the then Secretary of State Cardinal Agostino Casaroli who persuaded John Paul II not to proceed with the dissolution of this aggregation of fact and no easy deniability has given us Rahner as a new St. Thomas Aquinas. He donated Hegel as a speculative meter to face the theology and for doing theology. There has donated liberation theology, la teologia femminista, la indigenous theology, catto the Marxist commistioni, religious syncretism, politicians sociologisms instead of sound doctrine, The captive-Protestantism, the theology of the people, false pauperism of Judas Iscariot [see my Lectio, WHO] …

titanic sinking 2

Titanic, the sinking of the “nave inaffondabile

... Finally they gave us a successor to Peter that these things his way seems to synthesize all, seasoned with ambiguity and unhappy expressions uttered both in so-called "off the cuff speeches" is in a homiletics at times baffling [cf. WHO]. A successor of Peter that is now polluting the College of Bishops with its clones, with its duplicate, with subjects often ventured into more indignitosa flattery that the ape, and who seek to please him in the phrase book, in the way of porgersi and even in the way they dress. Suffice it to say that recently, the members of the Roman Curia, they had to put up during the retreat preached by Father Hermes Ronchi serious heterodoxies fruit of the spirit clearly pimp-compliant this preacher [cf. WHO], which it was proposed and invited … from who? Diteci: which of the “guardian angels” close to the Roman Pontiff have designed this latest “coup de theater”? Because, none of the members of the Roman Curia, while the Ronchi uttered authentic heresies, He had the manly courage to stand up and venirsene away without uttering a single word? But this Successor of Peter, not without inadequacies and sometimes even by carelessness, is the successor of Peter, and as such must still welcomed and lived as a donum Dei to the Church, so as that followed and obeyed, because he is the Vicar of Christ, because he is the supreme guardian of the doctrine of the faith.

So I think of all that you have to thank God, having no other system to implode and then to start to build above the ashes of a huge destruction that will take between not much to a real tabula rasa.

The thing that scares me is the fact that this process of “crash” and subsequent recovery, it is said to be fast. In fact it may take 200 year old, before pulling back on their feet. In this case we, faithful to the mystery of Peter rock edifying of the Church [cf. Mt 13, 16-20], faithful to sound doctrine and faithful to the perennial magisterium, We will discount our hard purgatory on earth only to see from Paradise rebirth of Christ's Church on earth …

titanic captain

the captain of the Titanic before the ship dell'inabissamento

… and mine is an optimistic, because the phrase: "But when the Son of man will he find faith on earth?» [LC 18,1-8] It is a question at all reassuring. Of course, the phrase is a warning and at the same time question, it's not an answer, nor a judgment. The problem is that the answer can give us only, created in the image and likeness of the living God, free and have free will; an answer that is a consequence of our free act and operate, of our free store or dissipate, of our free build or destroy …

And I am not God, in human history, It has ever made against the freedom of man. This is why the warning and Lucan question worries me, especially if combined with those expressed by the Blessed Apostle Paul to Timothy:


«The day will come, indeed, when they will not endure sound doctrine;, ma, having itching ears they, will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own likings, refusing to listen to the truth to turn to fairy tales " [II Tm 4, 3-4].


And today, are we not living in the world of fairy tales served up by those bad teachers also known forever as false prophets?

orchestra of the titanic

the musicians who played until the last moment on the bridge as the ship sank

I think those who are silent today not to compromise their own place in the sun, or for fear of not having your own place in the sun on the bandwagon, tomorrow, when they find themselves face to face with God, They may feel reproach: "I had given custody of my Holy Bride, thou hast thrown on the street as a prostitute '. Then they find out that the fire of Geena really exist; discover that Hell is not, how to teach certain theologians from professorships current pontifical universities: "A translation of allegorical human ancestral fears".

The words of the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith I reported earlier, I have particularly struck me because in my essay written between 2008 and the 2010 and then published in early 2011, I had stated that in my opinion is the diabolical inversion principle, writing in this regard:


[…] the problem that now afflicts the Church and from which at times seems to not be able of succeeding outside, so much so hard to undermine some mechanisms, It is that good becomes evil and evil becomes good, Virtue becomes vice to be cast out and vice virtue to protect good for our internal; sound doctrine becomes heresy and heresy sound doctrine, in a world and in a society where everything ecclesial, sometimes, it seems reasonable to Beyond Good and Evil [And Satan came Trino. Rome 2011, text in reprinting]


titanic sinking 3

the Titanic, drowning in the icy waters of the passengers of "nave inaffondabile

In any analysis that it is appropriate and correct, but above all is that, It must be based on objective and non-subjective data; you must proceed with faith and reason, not with emotional spirit. So, especially in a document written by the Supreme Pontiff, We have to look all the positive elements; and if there is something else again, both the good theologian, both the good shepherd caring for the souls, before uttering speech must ask yourself a serious question: It may be that I have not understood or I have misunderstood, or that I am not able to understand? Questions that are nothing short of rigor, before a document signed by a man who is the depositary of a grace superior status to that of a bishop and a priest. Numerous in the history of the Church are in fact the documents in question, sometimes also badly attacked, that with the passage of time have proved prophetic. That's the reason why you can not work through the supposed wisdom, but through the wisdom of the move charioteer virtue of prudence. And all this, in priestly and theological consciousness, I think I did …

... And once this is done, in conscience I can say that we are facing a long-winded text and vague steeped in literary expressions, poetic and especially sociological. And in doctrine, all that is vague and steeped in literary expressions, poetic and especially sociological, It can become dangerously misleading, when the Church gives up a precise language contained in that invitation increasingly deaf ears of the Gospel warns us:

«Is your talk Yes, Yes; no, no; the more you from evil» [cf. Mt 5, 37].


titanic sinking

the culmination of “nave inaffondabile

We are reducing the faith to emotionality homocentric after changing the objective reason with subjective feeling, therefore, the Faith and Reason of John Paul II, Today is a text comparable to an old treaty of Anthropology, because what counts in this is what "I feel”, consequently what “I want”, so that you realize the will, if not worse than the caprice of man, instead of the will of God. And this we will pay the consequences, while those who are silent today slothful, frightened out omissivi, likely to pay with eternal damnation, because to us Christ, God has entrusted the Church His Holy Bride, not a circulate National-popular at the “good blood volume“, not a pathetic little theater in which today, to applaud our achievements, They are those who until yesterday were the most aggressive and destructive enemies of the Church: atei, Freemasons, Communists, ultra liberal … while in the increasingly saddened and bewildered faithful devotees, It seems to resonate the loving Peter's confession:


"So Jesus said to the Twelve: «”Perhaps you also go away?”. Simon Peter answered: “man, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life; We believe and know that you are the Holy One of God”» [cf. GV 6, 67-69].


Tell, holy Father, indeed Scream it from the rooftops just: "You have the words of eternal life", words always clear and never vague and ambiguous. But to do this you must first stop being the’argentinocentrico Bergoglio and become the universal Supreme Pontiff Francis, leave your stubborn “I provincial” and immerse yourself in the universal which is gateway to the immutable eternal, to his "words of eternal life".



"If the Church starts talking about how the world and to adopt the language of the world, He will have to accept to change his way of moral judgment, and therefore he will have to abandon its claim to guide and enlighten the consciences ... give up its mission to be for the people a light of truth […] If you create an unstable magisterium, creating a permanent doubt "

Card. Robert Sarah, da The New Man [cf. WHO]




However, always and in any case:

Ubi Petrus, Church was there

[Trad.. “where Pietro, there is the Church”]

Judgment of the Holy Doctor Ambrose, Bishop of Milan

[Exposition on Ps., XL, § 30]














19 replies
  1. Emilio says:

    dramatic and well exposed situation, on which I have no personal comments. Christianity does not reach or studying the whole of Augustine (whose books in Latin and edition 700 still waiting for the reading in my library), nor Thomas, nor De Lubac, neither… ma almeno, among studies, Mother Teresa came to us in any other way, the gospels and letters. I found that among the laity virtually no one has read them…. incredible, if this is a Jesus whose relationship with God is…. a topic that of the knowledge of the sacred texts for a Christian I have NEVER seen discussed.

  2. matteo says:

    Dear father Ariel, first of all pray for her.
    Because if it is true what he says, and I believe absolutely, is well assured that it will open even to him that the witch hunt that is already open at this time against priests loyal to the doctrine on the Sacraments.
    And here I wanted to take advantage of his patience to ask you this.
    Take the case that a young person feel the call of Christ to the priesthood and want to follow him, by giving ourselves to Him, to the Church and to souls, in fidelity to Tradition and to the doctrine and in the name of charity. However, see what happens, namely, that the faithful servants are beaten and those infidels brought to the palm of your hand, that the false and depraved doctrines are amplified while the orthodoxy is neglected, which often own the seminars are the propagation centers of these pernicious opinions and Heresiarchs, once ordered, the new priest will have to confront a hostile environment and clericalized, both clergy and laity (any reference to the Neocatechumenal is not purely coincidental).
    there, to a similar young hypothetical vocational discernment, what do you say?

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Matthew Dear.

      The speech is complex, but what you ask me is part of some special balls of my sacred ministry, because for years I have confessor and spiritual director of several priests who belong to the secular clergy and regular.
      Several were the young people who in recent years have turned to me for a vocational discernment, other for sometimes huge problems they had found or who were living in our seminars, especially for questions of a doctrinal, both moral.

      Trainees that for imperative of conscience I asked him to leave the seminary, unfortunately they are different, in total 18 over the last four years. And I must say that for an average of 8 his 10 I have listened, after I invited them to “resign voluntarily” from the workshop waiting for better times.

      The two of 10 instead they have listened to me, soon become priests found themselves badly. And this for these reasons: on the one hand their, aware that the training given was not adequate, but above all it was not Catholic, They believed they could overcome the problem by pretending to accept what was wrong they served up through the best of the worst of heresies modernist, del rahnerismo, theologies pro-Protestant, dell'Almighty” Karl Rahner, the myth Carlo Maria Martini, the myth Tonino Bello, One part. Enzo Bianchi called to pontificate to seminarians or the seminarians sent by obligation forced to make experiences in exotic captive-Protestant-Buddhist community of Bose, etc … and even if we know that the whole thing was wrong, these young people were saying: "I pretend to accept all, then, when I finally priest, things will change because I show you for what they are ".
      In response, I would reply the: "This is wrong, to become a priest you must first be yourself and show you for who you are. If not, if you pretend now and then tomorrow posters you other than what you pretended to be, and threatens – and sometimes the same bishop – them get paid a heavy price, because they will take the whole thing as a hoax, as a betrayal by your side '.
      And so it was, not for some of them, but for all.

      I know cases of young priests who a few months after their ordination, while it is belonging to the diocese where now, priests ultra octogenarians, Sunday celebrated Mass in three parishes, They were never charged even as vice-parish priests, and today they are watched over by the Bishop and by a presbytery there clearly and markedly pro-modernist who does not accept them and do not give them any kind of pastoral space.

      The error, But as you can understand, He was mutual: on one side is wrong those who insist to form in non-Catholic way, our future priests, the other was wrong then-seminarian who pretended to share certain things wrong and then say, just become a priest: now that I am a priest deny everything wrong you have taught me and I start to do the right things.
      Good, but if “the right things” then do not you let them do, then the result will only find yourself, foreign and marginalized in your house.

      At this time, in Italy, I know of a seminar at which target young people who have received a genuine vocation to the priesthood, and to which, because it really suited, I always say to keep away from our current seminars.

      If in Italy there is some good seminar, it makes me very happy, but unfortunately I do not know him. At the moment only I know of “pretify” comparable in all respects to the “monster factories“, from which cautiously remove the authentic vocation and healthy, to leave to them the abundant and numerous weeds which seems at times that our bishops are not able to do without.

      Or to put it in other words: once, if it was detected a rotten apple, the take off to keep him from rotting all other. Today instead, in a basket made up mostly of bad apples, non è opportuno, in my opinion, throw in a healthy apple.

      These things, in a much more severe and articulated, I write for years; and I can guarantee that no ecclesiastical authority has never scolded me, quite the opposite, many bishops have repeatedly vindicated me. And after having given reason, They have ordained as priests people who were not made to approach the altar even as ministered, with all the consequences that then ensued …
      … But, in private, They give me, and they continue as well to give me reason, rather, some bishops have even urged me saying: «bravo! Keep writing these things, I recommend, because someone has to say ".

      And that being said, I should entrust a future priest great potential to bishops of the genre? Starting right from those who are deprived me even to say 'bravo!», after I told him that their workshops are now “infected cages”?

      Because of this, the authentic and healthy vocations always say: "The priesthood is not a diploma, because one does not priest's degree. Priests it is for mystery and sacrament of grace and you are forever. Wait a few years, or even several years, before reaching a dimension of eternity, it costs just as much? More you mature, plus you get waited patiently production, the more you how to become a good shepherd caring for the souls. If anything coming to the priesthood with a few gray hairs, instead of the full and often too carefree youth '.

    • matteo says:

      Dear Paul, you are wrong.
      The reigning Pontiff red shoes took them, He has worn, and used them to take to kick his predecessors, by Benedict XVI (cf.. enciclica Sacrament of Charity, lettera della Congregazione per la dottrina della fede del 1994, Introduction to “The pastoral care of divorced and remarried” 1998″, Speech by the Aosta 2005 and statement by the Bresso Park 2012) San Giovanni Paolo II (enciclica The splendor of truth and apostolic exhortation Family member company), to go to the International Theological Commission (“The doctrine on the sacrament of marriage” the 1977) and come to the Pontifical Council for the Family (“The pastoral care of divorced and remarried” the 1997). Not to mention a huge range of scholars, which the Cardinal and Bishop Caffara. Negri's, obviously, the current Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the card. Müller. Ending with the Catechism of the Catholic Church.
      Now, I would like to raise a question, making my own the words of the great father Scalese: "It is correct to call into question a now virtually definitive teaching?».
      I thank the ancestors for the space they want to give me.

      • Redazione dell'Isola di Patmos
        Drafting of the Island of Patmos says:

        Matthew Dear.

        Let's try for a moment to rasserenarla with these our words …
        Everything she writes is legitimate and plausible, but wants to take account of certain factors that may indeed soothe her like many other readers: when we are before a just published document. However, a very long document and equally divided.
        Siamo, in conclusion, in the very first stage, because the document is understood and then applied.
        And what at the moment we do not know, is precisely how, esso, It will have to be applied in concrete and complex case.

        • matteo says:

          Sorry. I did not want to be impetuous.
          What you say is absolutely true fathers. The report deserves to be read and studied carefully.
          There is a problem, But. The correct approach is the one followed by the media secularists and modernists or modernist clergy. The IV, immediately after you toasted the “revolution” and to “the fall of the bastions”, He has already announced its wholly aperturista line on the Eucharist concession to cd. “divorced and remarried” (cf.. bishops of the Philippines and Bergamo. Many others will follow).
          The situations are indeed complex and need discernment. If there is one thing on which the card. Schönborn reason is that this word is really important, as it is the heart of the Mother Church. I know with certainty that you fathers, per primi, You have implemented this discernment, even before the synod and this exhortation. But you did it on the basis and in accordance with a clear doctrine, solid and definitive.
          therefore I propose again the question: if the reality is already complex in itself, terremotare because the firm rock of doctrine, not offering solutions but only by raising ambiguities? Whose profits?

          • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
            Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

            Matthew Dear.

            She was not absolutely impetuous, quite the opposite, you raised very plausible issues and above all very Catholic.
            I know, unfortunately, the superficiality of some of my brothers and lack doctrinal preparation of as many born to seminars that should be incinerated with a flamethrower after flayed alive trainers put in them. Needless to say, this mine is a hyperbole, or if you prefer a paradox, however it founded and expressed so as it were theatrical.

            To say things like that through similar tragic-colored depiction, Is it my hyper-critical spirit?
            No, talking is the Church! That Church which everyone wants variously, propria, nuova, rivoluzionaria and so on, but when fewer know the doctrine and the magisterium.

            If in fact the Church has been forced to issue years ago the education Sacramentum, he did it because many priests do not celebrate the Holy Mass devoutly, do not follow the general regulation of the Roman Missal, in liturgical and legal requirements of the Discipline of the Sacraments. Or maybe they have written this statement because the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments they did not know how to commit their time?

            Now, these irredeemable and often arrogant superficial, which is not clear that the sacraments do not belong to the priest, and which are not at its available assets, will step forward to do more than ever in the light of the sun that were already wrong in the light of the sun, with their bishops silent, because they lack the necessary will or the necessary balls to call their priests unruly.

            I'm not deliberately entered into the merits of the doctrinaire speech The joy of love, because I can not and must not do; because my job is to guide the People of God, do not confuse criticism with rash or worse scandalize.

            I only say that in a time like this and in a climate like this, such a long document, and so not clear in many passages, It will give rise to many problems in the implementation of the Discipline of the Sacraments, almost as if in a similar delicate sphere had not already huge problems, much of it due to liturgical abuses now institutionalized and put in place by certain Neocatechumenal and charismatic groups.

            I can assure you that as far as I, the first pluridivorziato who defiantly be presented to Communion, I cast out; and I will reject it for the good of his soul. And if this, as it happened, he will tell me: "But Pope Francis said …», I will reply that the "Pope Francis has commanded us to give the Eucharist to those who are publicly and clearly not in a state of grace, but if he thinks that Pope Francis really said this, Then go to Mass in the morning to House of Santa Marta and it does give Communion to him, because I do not give it to him ".

            The sacraments of grace – and it says the deposit of faith, I don't say it – not only they do not belong to the priests, not even belong to the Bishops, even the Roman Pontiff; not even belong to the Church, who is giver and not mistress.

            This is to reiterate the reasons of prudence through which we expressed on'Island of Patmos, unlike secularist newspapers they have claimed to handle such a delicate subject as if he had just celebrated … “fall of an old taboo”.

            She is therefore right, and he expressed his concerns in a calm way, embittered and especially Christian.
            And in giving her reason to invite you to pray for the many and increasingly severe and arbitrary misdeeds committed by its priests through the sacraments of grace.

            unless, as already I said, have not written the Sacramentum because the Holy See did not know how to spend their time.

  3. hector says:

    The Filipino bishops' conference, in popularizing the message spread 9 April used tones surprisingly jubilant: focusing exclusively on that point! And the rest of the exhortation?

    In Italy, many bishops have already gone to work on the most important issues: tomorrow we vote for the referendum “ecologico”.

  4. tomorrow says:

    As far as I'm concerned, I would like to make some comments:
    1) About the recent papal document, at the moment there is still no treatment that shows, in a comprehensive and clear: a) the alleged discontinuity with the previous Magisterium; b) ambiguous expressions in the document; (c)) alleged inconsistencies of the text taken as a whole. If these three things are demonstrated with logical arguments, consistent and clear, I believe it is necessary that both the faithful and the pastors to request clarification from the authorities which are the responsibility. Non è possibile, indeed, give his adherence to a text of which you do not know the exact meaning of some essential steps, since this would produce an endless “war of interpretations”.
    2) The priest and theologian José Granados, in an interview published by “The new Daily Compass” Saturday 9, He issued an opinion a little’ different article that we read above. I'd like to know what you think p. Ariel the J position. Granados.
    For the reasons I have set out, I believe that the debate is to be defined and that we should not draw hasty conclusions.

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dear reader.

      What she means is exactly what I've done in my article, taking into thick lines a recent Lectio.
      That means: I complained about the style of the language, which it is not a semantic sophistry, because we express ourselves through language and through language transmitting the truths of faith, or indicate or specify the truths of faith.
      I complained that this text is written with a literary style and poetic, soaked sociologisms and so.
      I am not however just entered the substance of doctrine or of any “new dicipline”. And that says a lot about my respect for both the text itself, is, above all, for the one who signed it.

  5. fabriziogiudici says:

    Dear Don Ariel, It was very clear. I lost faithful, at this time – clearly I am also talking to me – they need to know what they can do “in their little” (clearly, assuming that prayer is the first thing to do, and that we should make it even more; but somehow also valid for us we not consecrated an indication that we can not simply stand to wait for God to do something, especially since the CVII engaged us in person on evangelization).

  6. Hector says:

    Words of Cardinal. Sarah, prefetto del Culto Divino

    "If the Church starts talking about how the world and to adopt the language of the world, He will have to accept to change his way of moral judgment, and therefore he will have to abandon its claim to guide and enlighten the consciences ... give up its mission to be for the people a light of truth ».
    "If you create an unstable magisterium, creating a permanent doubt "


    Thank you Father for this article that clarifies which side to be, Jesus Christ, Via, Truth, Vita.

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