Alessandro Minutella: if you dare touch our daughters, us do late what with their feet soaking in a tub of water touched with wet hands tension wires

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[…] Let's make a premise based on the theological virtue of charity: a subject beyond any doctrinal equilibrium such as Alessandro Minutella - who, like all deranged people, takes himself terribly seriously -, It should not be taken seriously, but the piss. All this for an act of charity, because what he asserts on the level of the doctrine of the faith, is not only wrong, but aberrant, grotesque and tragicomic. So, take the piss out an excommunicated heretic as Minutella, It is an exercise of more dutiful, educational and deep Christian charity.


The Fathers of the Island of Patmos




poor Blessed Virgin Mary, I wonder if he suffered the most under the cross of the Redeemer or behind the back of this heretic priest who confuses the flock of the redeemed by the precious blood of his Son Divine?

His Heresy&surroundings, the Facebook Of Radio Domina Nostra, the heretic priest struck by excommunication Alessandro Minutella threatens one of our daughters, Simona Marino, to "take legal action" against her, “rea” Glad “maligned” for having expressed opinions on his always insulting statements towards ecclesiastical persons and institutions [cf. WHO]. Moreover, Simona Marino goes back to the Dominican theologian video, its namesake Father Francesco Marino [cf. WHO], and a previous one from Father Ariel [cf. WHO].


Let's make a premise based on the theological virtue of charity: a subject beyond any doctrinal equilibrium such as Alessandro Minutella - who, like all deranged people, takes himself terribly seriously -, It should not be taken seriously, but the piss. All this for an act of charity, because what he asserts on the level of the doctrine of the faith, is not only wrong, but aberrant, grotesque and tragicomic. So, take the piss out an excommunicated heretic as Minutella, It is an exercise of more dutiful, educational and deep Christian charity.


To all this is added that his followers are a handful of fanatics rendered him psychologically and verbally violent, aggressive and destructive to each person who does not think like their guru heretic, which it is striving to fanatizzare people after they have been swallowed up in the vortex of his heretical imbalances.


This crazy rooster and screaming from her company Radio Domina Nostra, words such as "libel" and "slander" should not even pronounce them, since there are hundreds of hours of his public video recordings in which he bestows the following grossly defamatory titles:


  1. in all their video defines the reigning Pontiff «false pope», "Emissary of Satan", "Antichrist", "Illegitimate", "Usurper" and so to follow, calling on the clergy and the faithful to reject and deny its legitimate authority;
  2. He has repeatedly called "rabbits", "cowards", "Devoid of attributes" all the cardinals, Bishops and priests guilty in his opinion not to follow a madman like him and not to accept that the reigning Pope is a "false pope put on the Chair of Peter by the international Freemasonry";
  3. He abused and abusing popular credulity by passing as a miraculous water source new Lourdes the water of a well, among other things, even drinking, which it is located in its property, called Little Nazareth, It built mostly illegally in the province of Palermo and for which he was summoned the partial demolition by the administrative authorities, also counted among the emissaries of Satan; all the while followed to abuse of popular credulity claiming to receive so-called phrases from Madonna, who would invite him to fight against this "false pope," and this "false satanic church".


Much more could be said but here we stop to jump to comments of a purely legal-penal character, since the offenses and public insults committed within Italian territory against the person of the Supreme Pontiff with speeches, facts and writings, are punishable offenses and injuries done to the person of the President of the Republic (Law 11 November 1947, n. 1317). Therefore, those who offend the Roman Pontiff incurs its own crime, punished in the manner provided by Article. 278 of the Criminal Code, which it provides one to five years imprisonment.


It is therefore paradoxical that the Minutella, priest of the Archdiocese of Palermo excommunicated by the Holy See, vesta cloths of virgin vilified and you declare defamed by this our dear child, place that, to the proven proof of the facts, He never misses an opportunity to commit any crime day, disseminated through public speeches in video still accuse the Roman Pontiff, its clergy and an institution recognized by international law and by most of the national laws of the Member: the Holy See and the Catholic Church.


Leaving aside the doctrinal and theological aspects not involving the criminal justice, we wish to clarify: say that the reigning Pope - also recognized as head of state and diplomats accredited in 121 Countries of the world - has been elected illegally, which it is not the true pope and usurp his office, all with implicit incitement against him, It is equivalent to saying that the President of the Republic in charge is not constitutionally the real head of state, because he elected through fraud and abuse that make his election invalid. Therefore, it is considered a usurper, so it must be rejected by the Italian Parliament, citizens and all countries of the world that incorrectly recognize it as such and granting accreditation to the ambassadors of the Italian Republic, straight from a fake President and a Government formed by ministers Disabled.


This is the reason why we, as the injured parties, we are seriously considering suing the excommunicated presbyter Alessandro Minutella pursuant to the aforementioned law and the related provisions of the Criminal Code, for his repeated serious insult to the august person and office of the legitimate reigning Pope.


We do not believe Minutella dare sue anyone for defamation, But if you find a lawyer who agrees to settle its lawsuit unfounded by a public prosecutor, in which case he will go the way dell'improvvido confident that with wet hands and feet into a bucket of water touches the high-tension wires. Or to clarify: as injured parties as soon as possible we will sent a good lawyer who is the penalty, not only out of any Catholic circles, but strictly anticlerical and atheist. So we will make use of valuable office of a good criminal lawyer that a young man attending the circles Lotta Continua, He grew up as the far left jurist and which had as rapporteur for the thesis Prof. Oliviero Diliberto, former Member of the PRC and later founder of the Italian Communist Party.


Our valiant lawyer tear during the trial that the feathers one by one the mad cockerel house of a heretic Little Nazareth, that day on his way and the public outrage to the Roman Pontiff and the College of Priests, He bears in such a severe and profound way insult to the sentiment of the Catholic devotees, both clerical and lay, much more and much worse than they have done over time would-be artists and intellectuals who have vilified works with various representations and the feeling of Catholic believers.


What could be more fun then a Christian an atheist lawyer, anticlerical and convinced communist, defending the public figure and the institutional integrity of the Roman Pontiff from the mouth of an excommunicated priest and heretic who insults every day, bringing injury to him, at a recognized institution and to the feeling of his faithful devotees?


We reiterate that if this heretic excommunicated dared to do what he feared hitting with a lawsuit unfounded this protected and beloved daughter, “guilty” to have only expressing opinions, in the face of the daily and public anthology of aggressive insults spread by Minutella, Well we will do much pay, indeed everything: from cover to pen torn this crazy gallinacean raging on the online network with daily insults to the Catholic Church and the reigning Pope, bishops and priests accused him of "cowardice" and "connivance with the illegitimate usurper".


Alessandro Minutella is out of the real and the balance, what took him some time to overcome all the limitations of human decency, through continuous incitement towards the reigning Pope and what he calls "false church", all with the 'iprinter his crazy personal Madonna. Indeed, this horrible blasphemer, He has transformed the Virgin Mother of the Church in relentless odiatrice of the Church and of the reigning Pontiff. Needless to say, even if we say: an aggressive unbalanced, It can be followed only by psychologically frail and troubled that he turned into as many aggressive sowers of hate.


The Pope Francis I It could also be one of the worst popes in Church history, even the worst ever. It was, however, legitimately and validly elected Successor of the Blessed Apostle Peter, therefore, although subject to legitimate criticism for some of his speeches, actions or pastoral choices, always and rigor he expressed with deep respect due to his august person and his office, It must be the object of our veneration of priests and Catholic faithful for the role that he plays.


We regret that S.It is. Mons. Corrado Lorefice, Metropolitan Archbishop of Palermo, at which time ago we sent our Minutella yet another article on the scandal and that he continues to spread among the faithful [cf. WHO], together with a private letter to him sent together and in which the sollecitavamo to consider the opportunity to proceed with the request of his defrocking, I did not even have the good manners to reply or respond to its Secretary to three priests who have asked for a matter of such gravity. Maybe we were wrong manner and form: we had to go to Libya, into a boat, then arrive in Palermo by sea apply for asylum. Perhaps in this case we would be welcomed and listened, so "cozy" and "including", this theologian of Bologna School became bishop even as he dreamed a real poor Church for the poor, in the most favorable moments and appropriate to make a profitable career …


Who before this subject fanatizza people and spreading hatred against the Church and the Papacy, It does not act and does not respond, It assumes a grave responsibility, especially considering the way the Minutella literally devastates the psychologies of the weak, manipulating facts, situations and people, up to exhibit in video beside him lay young people arbitrarily, and contrary to canon law and also to the laws of the State, presents to the public dressed in a cassock of Catholic priests [cf. WHO], in violation of Article. 498 of the Criminal Code.


From the island of Patmos, 5 December 2019





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75 replies
  1. Maximum
    Maximum says:

    Caro trio Pachamamma Boys :
    you are absolutely right , indeed , that concentrate nonsense has told Bergoglio .

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      … continues like you're on your way, because in the wake of a schismatic heretic freaked, you will be saved no one, but a hundred times!

      • Saverio Gpallav
        Saverio Gpallav says:

        I read with interest the letters from Father Ariel. But this article has no sense of measure or reality. I too find that none of the arguments made against the validity of the election of the pope have any basis, not even the last of them, that is, the one that starts from the exegesis of the Latin text of the renunciation, which would presuppose in Benedict XVI the minimum ignorance of Latin and the maximum deplorable simulation continued over time. Francis is pope whether like it or not. Even those who consider him a heretic fail to cite a single heretical proposition. The faithful can, however, criticize their way of governing the Church. The faithful then owe no obedience to the temporal sovereign and not even to his clerical policy which invades the autonomy of the state. Nor can he feel attached to Bergoglio's private opinions. Having said that, I find it completely unfounded and illiberal to invoke the crime of contempt to silence those who do not insult anyone but exercise their freedom of expression of thought even when unfounded like that of those who consider Bergoglio a usurper. The truth is done by those who demolish unfounded theories with the clarity of the arguments rather than with the threat of handcuffs and communist gendarmes that would only create martyrs and consensus around Minutella. then the difference between schism and heresy should be emphasized and Minutella's heretical propositions quoted if there are. As for the hatred of tones, since I witnessed a brawl between seminarians I do not expect any Christian charity in disputes between…

  2. Mikael
    Mikael says:

    I do not think it is very useful to rail against the Minutella. I think it's helpful to understand what's returned to a Pope who pronounced the following amenities: “Jesus makes a bit’ the DUMB”, “Jesus has missed the MORAL”, “To obey all the commandments paralyzes us”, “GOD was UNFAIR, He sent His Son on the cross”, “The Madonna was human! And perhaps he had the desire to say: 'LIES! I was DECEIVED!”, “Even in the Holy Trinity they are all arguing behind closed doors, while outside the image of unity”; “Jesus made DEVIL”. all very colorful and innovative. Then maybe ask why Bergoglio is not returned in the charming Argentina and disgusted because the Madonnas postwomen. There is a seer who prophesied all the catastrophic situation of the Church that we are living. Exactly one year before '”abandonment” Benedict received a message in which he explained why Benedict would be “ousted”. Obviously this seer has been discredited (OPS). Council to all those watching your finger to read the messages and (after) continue to believe that Bergoglio is humble and his main interest is to…

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Thank you on behalf of myself and all the Fathers of The Island of Patmos for the laughs he has given us.
      In fact it happens rarely, to read such a concentration of nonsense in so few lines.

  3. Anthony Boniface
    Anthony Boniface says:

    I would not go to for a living polemic but I propose a reflection of this piece by Mircea Eliade on dell'androgi,ia based on his book Mephistopheles and androgynous in which develops this argument by 94 96
    "When two of you will make one; when you make the inside like the outside and the outside as the inside, and as high as the low, when you make the male and the female only be, is that the male is no longer male and female is not female only then enter the Kingdom ".
    To this comment Eliade writes
    But as we have just seen, St. Paul and the Gospel of John already include androgyny of the characteristics of spiritual perfection " (Mircea Eliade: pag 99)
    Accompany a net Dichirazione C G,Jung for granted androgyny of Christ
    "Androgyny is the extreme of Christ grant the Church has made the problem of opposites" ( G.Jung: Psychology and Alchemy 23)
    It seems to me that the matter is very susceptible to deepening, Please note that mine is just a warning

  4. Fabrizio Giudici
    Fabrizio Giudici says:

    Therefore please read the Holy Gospel, where not find the androgynous Christ with the eyes languid upset the sky depicted in certain iconography, anything you will find many "little words" under which can safely say to the Word of God Made Man

    Dear don Ariel, I am increasingly convinced that this disgraziatissima iconography of Our Lord has done vastly more damage than all added together modernists and their teologal-pastoral documents. If quell'iconografia had not transformed the average orthodox Catholic (si badi: I'm not talking of the catholic middle, who does not know what it is needless) in a violet convinced that the Archbishop manual. Dellacasa is part of the Magisterium and unable to understand what constitutes the "mildness" Catholic, heretics they could do what they wanted, but they would be driven by the people with sticks.

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      He wrote and explained 10 Years ago.
      If in addition to navigate to websites and blogs occasionally reads books also, find all written and explained in “And Satan became triune”, first edition in February 2011 second edition in July 2019.

  5. Isabella
    Isabella says:

    Dear Fathers of The Island of Patmos,
    I understand that the Minutellaboys Kikoboys and are made of the same dough: to loud and clear prompt respond both with insults, threats, vituperation and if it was possible with the punches, can you believe it. They are the gorillas who handle glassware. There was a time when a mule in Rimini knelt before the monstrance…He had yet hungry even before its fair share of oats. These crazies would shout to the scandal against the Holy priest bearing the monstrance and picchierebbero he and the mule. Then, on the contrary the heretic converted.

  6. father ariel
    rino says:

    Let me get a little '.
    Before the priesthood do not you've got yourself a needless [ CENSORED ]

    • La Redazione de L'Isola di Patmos
      The editors of The Island of Patmos says:

      The next time you decide to send false news, offensive or harmful to human and priestly dignity of the Father Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo, do it by sending all the e-mail, not putting a fake email, but above all by her name.
      A quel point (her promise and guarantee) We will publish its message passing at the same time to our law firm trust, so that she can have the satisfaction truly live the thrill of emotion.

  7. Andrea
    Andrea says:

    …”you take a very intimate moment, out of context”

    1. “you take a very intimate moment”. Look, I was picked up and published by others, at the event. They seem to be numerous, to face the VERY INTIMATE. I pity his wife, The l'ha, for your crowded intimate moments.
    Said this, it is not “just a moment” : is don Minutella's show. That is, one that makes the voices and goes into trance-like Whoopi Goldberg in “Ghost”… He is “stay robe”, that even Father Maronno Maccio Capatonda is so grotesquely.

    2. “out of context”…out of context? OUT OF CONTEXT?!?! Toooc toooooc! What the f ** says?! They extrapolated the little phrase mica, type “love and do what you want”! That it may be misquoted out “of context”(that is, the moral teaching of St. Augustine). Here they show a video of almost 10 minutes in which activities have started circus paranormal Reverend…ecchecca ** or…
    If the video would show his wife's intimacy with other men, would say “take a very intimate moment, out of context” or ask explanations to his wife?..

  8. Manuela
    Manuela says:

    Dear father Ariel, I read with interest your article.
    No follower of Francis and I Minutella our reigning Holy Father.
    I would understand a thing: in my heart I have the iron conviction that Francis is the false prophet announced in the Apocalypse, or the disguised beast from Lamb, or as said Fulton Sheen one who represents the mystical body antichrist.
    I shame to think everything?
    Manuela, one of your daughters

  9. Luca
    Luca says:

    expensive gift, the day that Negri decided to order you, He was drunk. From that moment he decided to stop drinking some wine, even vinsanto, after the biggest mistake of his life.
    All ciucaton these bishops ?

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      … said by someone like you, who wandered needlessly from one to another rehabilitation center to be detoxed from drugs, unfortunately without ever having succeeded, this is its a joke that ranges between comic and tragic.

      Go rather to ask the Cardinal Salvatore De Giorgi, what he was truly repentant instead of ordering Minutella.

  10. Attilio Sacco
    Attilio Sacco says:

    From a random video of Don Minutella :

    ” Church has become a Satanic cult” and then “The Cardinals today or are gay or are Freemasons or are Satanists “…and much of inaudible cries.

    When you come to these comments as you can continue to follow him without the slightest jolt of conscience?

    Do not you realize that's sick and needs help?
    You minutelliani should help him to think for the good of the Church.
    If you see in the Church of Satan's hand because you choose to respond with Satan ? Are you the victim of a deception that comes from little love for the Church. More sins you see in the Church ( in the first part of us lay) more you try to correct for what you are able.
    Give yourself a wake up!

  11. Paul
    Paul says:

    If this is your “Charity”, get ready for a very long purgatory…

    You know only attack the person of a holy priest, favored by Madonna; intervene on content or shut up! E’ shameful and cowardly your attack.

    Don Minutella dice (truly) nothing new: what he discovered I already knew long before him, and with me many others.

    E’ Lord blessed by the courage of Don Minutella! Your shameful crusade internecine instead will have the end it deserves! We will feel after the Great Warning! You will be so humiliated by the scolding of Our Lord Jesus Christ, who do not dare longer speak for weeks…. (and mind, this may be a prophecy!).

    • Redazione de L'Isola di Patmos
      Editor of The Island of Patmos says:

      Reply to this proven fact and documented, a fact that would dwarf the most cunning of sorcerers cheaters of the fork in Naples area.
      Look and answer, we reiterate: answeraaaaa !!!

      • Paul
        Paul says:

        But cowards who you are! There are no words…

        I know almost all the catechesis of our beloved Don Minutella, and I saw him in person, so I had many ways to know him well, close.

        You know him? You know its the last catechesis 3 year old? Are you familiar with his conscience?

        You take a very intimate moment, out of context, precisely in order to point the finger, and since you do not believe his charisma (and you'll probably stings the conscience, because lukewarm and even cowards), vomited on him to dear Don your shameful fear of not being up to the task! Yup, because this is your problem:

        6 long years you had to be able to reflect, know, meditate, to pray (on your knees, before the Blessed. Sacramento) for the gift of the Holy Spirit of Discernment, BUT you DO NOT HAVE DONE!

        They lack humility ', The CARITA ', faithful!

        Poor you, soon you will be forced to look in the mirror….

        Romulus, My Don Minutella!! Soon the army will be our global expansion, and you will remain only the shame of not having recognized the authentic prophecies of these times…

        (We just like…

        • Redazione de L'Isola di Patmos
          Editor of The Island of Patmos says:

          "I know almost all the catechesis of our beloved Don Minutella, and I saw him in person, so I had many ways to know him well, close. You know him? You know its the last catechesis 3 year old?»

          … and also he knows this beautiful representation?

          Answer, answer, answeraaaaaaaaaaa !!!

          • Paul
            Paul says:

            …but then you are deaf! There are none so deaf as those who will not hear…

            Take it! You have no arguments, I repeat: YOU DO NOT HAVE TOPICS, and then there remains only the personal attack…

            (It seems almost Communists… then you have learned well from your boss Cardinal Absinthe — who cervix to understand, understand…)

          • Redazione de L'Isola di Patmos
            Editor of The Island of Patmos says:

            She still does not respond before public documents that prove the proven evidence of the facts, how the video in question. And this proven fact is a specific offense, and it provides a specific name, is called: abuse of popular credulity.
            Continue to deny the evidence of the facts and not to respond.
            Know though: if its not a case of invincible ignorance, in this case the real risk Hell, if he knowingly denies what was in your face.

            Art. 661 of the Criminal Code:

            Anyone, publicly, search by any deception, also free, abuse of popular credulity is subject, if the event can result in a disturbance in the’ public order, the fine of between EUR 5.000 a euro 15.000.

            all with reference to this scripted, on which the player does not respond, but instead followed a converse attacking us.

        • Attilio Sacco
          Attilio Sacco says:

          Mr. Paul

          As it is informed, He could clarify the role of the boy dressed as a priest?
          It is a seminarian of Minutella ?

          Thank you

        • Iacopo
          Iacopo says:

          But sorry, which justify this context pantomime? He was just doing a dramatization of a possible presence of Padre Pio and the Virgin Mary, or he was claiming to actually be doing to “channel” for these two people? Because, and I speak for me, I'm definitely a Christian like shit seriously deficient in both theological virtues cardinal, But I love the Madonna, so: If this is the first case, it bothers me to see her used to set up a theater of the ridiculous and do not understand what deep and fair beliefs can act as support for a blasphemy of this level; then if instead it is the second case and it is a mystery “charism of possession”, Well here I think to open a separate chapter on which an exorcist priest might have an opinion interesting.

          Look, even a broken clock twice a day tells the right time, does not mean it is not broke; I believe that even the American preacher Jim Jones would tell something right, for example, it was outraged by racial discrimination, but as the story is over?


          [N.d.R. see WHO]

  12. Gardin Gaetano
    Gardin Gaetano says:

    Don Minutella will have a thousand faults, but you are much worse than him.
    A language …. merciful… by longshoremen. You say you wrong Teologicamene? and the white dressed man who occupies the throne of Peter? you've never heard or do unspeakable things ? or when the Blessed sproloquiavo
    Virgin were distracted? and what about Pachamama? it was a joke? even inside the walls where it is buried the 1st pope PETER: You were watching joking aside. And those priests who bless LGBT in church? and the statue of the uterus in
    Careful look around and smell the whited sepulchres.

    With the white dress ladies could go on for a day. It will be your papa. for me I have very strong doubts
    (no matter what he says don Minutella) I ra
    ncorosi will not enter the kingdom of heaven. (S.Paolo)

    • Responds Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Responds Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      A priest who like Minutella, with his preaching and hate campaigns against the legitimate Roman Pontiff, It produces people like her, It should bind a millstone around his neck and throw himself into the sea, as it warns the Holy Gospel.

      Anyhow: She has never seen the "false pope" and "emissary Antichrist Bergoglio", as Minutella says, do scenes like this?

      And now answer, if arguments.

      • Gardin Gaetano
        Gardin Gaetano says:

        I've already told, indeed it did Our Lord Jesus,: Woe to you scribes and Pharisees, whited sepulchres. Bianchi outside and inside full of all uncleanness. All will be forgiven except the sin against the Holy Spirit. and within the walls where is the gentleman dressed in white, the Spirit of God will stà well away.
        abortion, Ok! Divorce, OK! Gay,OK!. Lgbt, OK!, Euthanasia, OK! Luther, OK!, Pachamama, OK! Divorced and remarried, OK. The Bonino, Ok. Pannella, OK, card Kasper, OK!. All religions save,OK!
        But Jesus Christ for what became incarnate? God saves all. OK. ……………….we move forward I will stop here ancorao?
        Meditate priests and laity ……maditate. Look mma do not see, hear but do not listen….meditate. Merry Christmas and may God forgive us and bless. Praised be Jesus Christ.
        to greater.

        • Redazione de L'Isola di Patmos
          Editor of The Island of Patmos says:

          The is a question to which she has no answer was given.
          She reiterated with a rant that escapes from the precise question addressed to her and which did not respond.
          Then we formulate the question again: watch this video

          Then answer, we reiterate: answeraaaaa !!!

  13. Giuseppe Monno
    Giuseppe Monno says:

    I do not agree. The exercise of Christian charity does not need at all to insult someone by saying that it is right to take the piss. Who persists in heresy threatens hell. Anyone who receives an excommunication outside ecclesial communion and can not use the aid of the sacraments for salvation. The situation is very serious Minutella, it's dangerous, and should be helped, not take the piss. I hope the Good Lord brings it back to the right path. In the meantime, I do not feel compelled to charitably take the piss!

    • Iacopo
      Iacopo says:

      Allow me a small apology for the profanity, premise, however, that the socket for the butt is not the insult end in itself but is a reworking that highlights the absurdity of a situation.

      The vulgar evokes the people, the lower part, unsophisticated humanity and the human body, that we often want to forget distancing himself from it. No coincidence that the excremental and genital, parts of ourselves that we do not like or ill check, fully fall into the vernacular as constant humiliation and ridicule for those who believe themselves to above them. In this light it is also a tool, perhaps the only sometimes, It can bring back with your feet on the ground who is believed to be already in Heaven; indoctrination or at least wake up those who follow certain characters.

      Then you can overdo it and end up wallowing in the mud, but it is not impossible that in a world where the worst vulgarity were powdered and perfumed to hide the smell of shit and go like the new things “for good”, express themselves “indecorous” can help to overthrow a world upside down and straighten

      • Andrea d'Amico
        Andrea d'Amico says:

        At the risk of sounding one stockfish, I would then myself an apology style. The double load of bad language, to compete with the gay pride to whoever invents the most’ crude blasphemy can’ maybe score some points, increase audience – but only in that of coarseness match in which they often reduce web-based discussions and controversy. It always remains a point marked in a very equivocal sports, the launch of dung.
        The Church always proposes the virtue of the Road ', the constant work on oneself. “Let your moderation be known unto all men”. Personable you become, Mica we are born. The passions must be dominated – or at least you should try. I am painfully aware of how awkward writing these things, but must still be written.
        The overthrow vulgar, the inversion mocking are modern and post-modern ideological exercises, more’ or less squalid. But what is the point – much more’ for a priest – let go this way? I'm not saying that the merits can not be right, ma… where is it’ the little face'? In truth? And. But there is not’ The truth clods.

        • Iacopo
          Iacopo says:

          I don't think it is “seem like a codfish” and do not believe that I think, I do not have any previous hostility that take me to imagine her in a negative light. Everything he writes is true, and specificavo fact that even with positive possibilities, the vernacular is hazardous substance.
          But, and perhaps this can clarify the speech, There are cases in which keep the most absolute education actually likely to elevate to a dignity they do not deserve certain ideas or actions. To say, I speak of something clearly beyond any dignity, like the idea of ​​the uterus for rent, too much grace would define it “diabolical suggestion”, are terms that are good for official documents, what in practice is a great…not continuous “the theater”, but he will understand alone. Other times you may just not tell the “veritas” if there is expressed with words that have impact, also obscene. I think the phrase “the emperor has no clothes” the known history, a rupture of the social convention that certain things are not said. We also sarebbbe, Always by way of example, the shots of war “meme” certainly not educated that American conservatives have brought forward…

  14. CC
    CC says:

    I am amazed of your denial of evidence. Socci also wrote us a book, precisely titrated “It is not Francis”, in which he argues that the Conclave 2013 We have seen violations that make the election of Bergoglio NOTHING. Socci has long argued that the election is invalid, and also Tosatti and Valli very often publish similar theories although not embrace openly. Denying it here will not help erase the reality.

    I did not know Mrs. Marino. The description that she makes, convinces me even more than I have argued above: a person of this caliber should not really even thinking to get to argue on Facebook on a character who believes a nutcase.

    Thanks for answering me.

    • Responds Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Responds Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dear Reader,

      Antonio Socci is a journalist, of undoubted talent, as well as professor at the School of Journalism of the University of Perugia; as education is a political scientist, not a canonist, not a theologian, not a ecclesiologist.
      I was among the first and contest his book, to which I answered with a short essay in 2016

      and we were always friends.

      It may also be that there was one or maybe more irregularities in the conclave, for example it is known that on the same day was made a vote more than those provided, because the counting of the result was a white remained “attached” to the others, then it was counted one more card.

      Any irregularity is possibly occurred, since none of 130 Cardinals never raised issues, stepped in that context is both theological canon is called validation Church.
      Then remember that at that conclave there were several canonists: by two former Presidents of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura (namely the Supreme Court of Cassation of the Holy See), to follow the distinguished canonist Cardinal Velasio De Paolis, and others.

      I repeat: none of these authors, in public and in private, including Antonio Socci, who wrote the book “It is not Francis”, They never rejected the reigning Pontiff and never denied that he is the Successor of Peter.
      I read the book by Antonio Socci, He raises issues of legal and illegal, but he never doubted the validity and the office of Pope Francis. And that I do not say it, says his book.

      When Alexander tried to bring Minutella Antonio Socci, the latter has always denied and he never wanted to have sex with him.
      And this too is a fact, if anyone denies it, I do not have to do is ask to Antonio Socci to confirm, What he will do, because it is the truth.

      • CC
        CC says:

        Caro Father, Socci is not the only one to be a political scientist. And anyone who practice, He knows that certain things can not openly support it big trouble in career, in work and even more. And I am not referring only to areas Vatican: this applies economy, in foreign policy, etc.. What the king is naked you can not claim, and who does it becomes isolated.

        That said, It begins to be evident what is happening: the emperor has no clothes, or better yet it is not even the king; it is becoming public knowledge (in addition to continuing the tradition pickaxe); i laici (and not) begin to pawing always in the most obvious way.
        Clergymen more “high can” between the conscious of the situation (Sarah, Viganò, Woman etc.), now have a primary goal: avoid a schism. Benedict has resigned probably right under the threat, making an immense sacrifice, and now there is the risk that the schism to occur just by “our”! Such a thing can not be allowed, hence the activism of so many holy men to throw water on the fire. We understand everything, but a little’ of transparency that the strategy does not…

  15. CC
    CC says:

    The fact remains that it is not the only Minutella to argue that Bergoglio is not the reigning Pope and that his election invalid. There are fine Vatican experts to support the same. Maybe Minutella is a nutcase, but you should also give some crazies Socci, Tosatti, Valli and several others. And if it is not ruling… It falls all the passionate defense that you did and with it any other theorem.
    I am convinced that sooner or later the truth will: indeed they know the half of world services, and someone will use the information when they come in handy. It will not be a nice thing.

    As for the beloved goddaughter, if it's goddaughter of you illustrious intellectuals (no kidding), as he never spends his days to attack one as Minutella, It was not even a sfaccendata from social? He has better things to do, you give all that important?

    • Responds Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Responds Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Do not talk about what you do not know is the first step that leads to wisdom and science.
      I know from years Vaticanists you appoint, which are first of all authentic examples of Christian life, personal and family.
      Neither Antonio Socci, nor Marco Tosatti nor Aldo Maria Valli have never put the slightest question that the reigning Pope is the legitimate pope.

      In bright tones Antonio Socci, that is Tuscan, equally bright but softer Marco Tosatti, which is Ligurian, much more delicate and pompous Aldo Maria Valli, which is Lombard, They have turned entirely legitimate criticism, as always, it was also addressed to the Roman Pontiffs, during the entire history.

      Maybe she does not know, but I that the history of the Church and the history of dogmatic theology I studied for years and years, I can tell you with knowledge of and with all the necessary evidence in the case that the Roman Pontiffs have also been criticized and strongly contested by the bishops inside the Assizes of the various councils, latest in series order Vatican I, when, during the debates on the dogma of papal infallibility, critically and ironically some bishops said about Pius IX: “It's not enough to be a Pope, also he wants to become an Eternal Father?”.

      Previously, many meetings of the Council of Trent, It lasted no accident 18 year old, They were blown up on purpose, because over and over again, the bishops, They did not present themselves in protest. One time, the Supreme Pontiff, He had to send the papal guard to take them back and then bring them back to the classroom, because the council had deserted and gone to the sea in Venice.

      A critical account, tough but also expressed with respect, an account of the rejection of ecclesiastical authority and above all the legitimate successor of Blessed Peter the Apostle.

      None of this made my friends you quote.
      So you're way off, but above all the false claims.

      Dr. Simona Marino is a consecrated laywoman, He works as a qualified employee at a government agency, pray, He is dedicated to volunteering and charitable activities. Not spends his days attached to social and to follow the follies minutelliane.

      Evidently, Vatican experts as well as you mentioned, do not even know this young woman and the exemplary life that leads.

  16. Dorotea
    Dorotea says:

    Reverend Fathers Island,

    to the many puritani that in order to hide the seriousness of the facts that have imposed this article, It would be good to remind them of the famous – and little known at the same time – "Plenary indulgence for those who had said ten times a day the word “dick“"Mythical Benedict XIV, nee Prospero Lambertini.

    When they did not get upset sent word and the classic word “dick” he felt for all the corridors of the Palace.

    When he finally reached his ears that many papal dignitaries they were not only outraged, but they spoke ill of him behind his back, He wanted to provoke them by giving them a lesson by donating even a plenary indulgence who could say ten times a day this word, rather than stumble and end up talking bad about a person behind him.

    All with all due respect puritani, to remind them that it is better to focus on the serious things.

  17. fabio
    fabio says:

    dear father Ariel

    might do an article on the validity of the Mass? relating to of’one such?
    It could clarify that the pope is infallible under certain conditions?
    There is much confusion around and many fall in the mistake of following the don […]

  18. Maurantonio
    Maurantonio says:

    I never thought to read the words of this vulgarity, unworthy of a minister of the Catholic Church.
    Ma, evidently, the Catholic Church has changed.
    Don Alessandro Minutella, It raises theological questions, Ecclesiological, doctrinal and magisterial that the Church has never before today had to face, and which should be examined in depth and with extreme seriousness, unrepeatable and not with vulgarity, like those I see written on this page. I invite, therefore, a direct public confrontation with Don Alessandro Minutella.

    • Responds Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Responds Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      The heretic excommunicated Alessandro Minutella affirms and reaffirms a couple of years:

      1. all the Masses celebrated throughout the Catholic Church in communion with the "anti-pope Bergoglio are invalid";
      2. He has defined those we celebrated, not only Messe invalid, but even "satanic masses';
      3. He said that in our Masses celebrated "there is no Christ, but Satan";
      4. He said that we take in food to the faithful "not the Body of Christ but the Antichrist Body, that Satan "
      5. He said that the sacraments administered by all of us are invalid and do not produce thanksgivings.
      6. etc. etc …

      She calls these … "Theological questions".
      Fool in the wake of a buffoon who brings immense damage to the weak and the ignorant!

      • Maurantonio
        Maurantonio says:

        Fool who?
        Cardinal Bergoglio, It is implementing the project of a Neo Church designed by the Second Vatican Council. A NEO CHURCH, where there are live and all theologies, the doctrines, the liturgy, devotions, the movements, groups and individuals in open contrast between them. One common element is the figure of an alleged pope, that gives no right and wrong to none, leaving all wallowing in utter confusion. Naturally, she too, evidently, It is part of this beautiful picture gay and multicolored. She, really,He wants to convince someone to which it belongs is the Roman Catholic Church? Where the priests give the fool people, who want to make an authentic journey of faith? The Holy Virgin, obtain for us the graces we need to be worthy of the promises of Christ.

        • Responds Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
          Responds Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

          Gentile Minutella’s boy,

          Make us understand, because it views it from a comic point of view, she is hilarious.
          Believe me: Alvaro Vitali who plays Peter – as they say in lofty and dignified ecclesiastical language – to her “jie does just 'na blowjob!”.

          But let's go:

          She sends us messages in which denies the legitimacy of the Roman Pontiff, He does not recognize his apostolic role, considers him an impostor, an antichrist and so … then, After having said all this, declares – hear, hear! – Catholic! (!?)

          We have them answered that she is an obvious fool, afterwards she – always speaking in lofty and dignified ecclesiastical language – s'incazza bad and writes:

          "Lei, really,He wants to convince someone to which it belongs is the Roman Catholic Church? Where the priests give the fool people, who want to make an authentic journey of faith?».

          excuse me dear: and in what other way we should define a Catholic would-that hateful contempt for the rock upon which Christ built his Church, denies the legitimacy, the authority and the ministry of the Successor of the Blessed Apostle Peter, the whole – we reiterate – declaring themselves Catholic and then bringing up the Blessed Virgin Mary, mother Church?

          Effectively, we were wrong. she Ordunque – always speaking in lofty and dignified ecclesiastical language – It is not a buffoon, effectively … she is just 'No grannissimo cojione, exactly how he freaked out who convinced the theo-logic of these incredible nonsense, always in lofty and dignified ecclesiastical language, Athanasius called pseudo pseudo … emeritus bullshit!

          • Maurantonio
            Maurantonio says:

            She would be a priest of the Roman Catholic Apostolic Church? His words would be inspired by the Holy Spirit? Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name. Come your kingdom. Your will be done, as in heaven so on earth. give us today our daily bread. Forgive us our debts, as we forgive those who trespass against us, and lead us not into temptation, but it frees us from evil. These, are words spoken by a real priest and inspired by the Holy Spirit. They forgive her for all the unique words he addressed to me. I entrust to the Holy Virgin Mary.

    • Iacopo
      Iacopo says:

      “Madonna is coming, I put on my knees” said someone who even claimed to speak on behalf of Padre Pio, but to be just Padre Pio.
      “I'm here with you as a loving mother”, someone said the same, making pitched voice and torn worthy of a drag queen show and claiming to be the channel through which he speaks Mary herself (as I know still has a body, however glorious, and does not need to be mezzucci seance) and finally defines himself in glory (by the mouth of his vaudeville imitation of God's Mother) “an immaculate heart martyr”.
      And because to miss a “I bless you with Father Pio, who has accompanied me here” ?
      (all listenable here

      there, these are vulgarity unworthy of a minister of the Catholic Church. For real, take back; what to do man, the pantomime of Christ in person to show you that it is not worth to follow?

    • Responds Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Responds Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:


      "I invite, therefore, a direct public confrontation with Don Alessandro Minutella ".

      Alessandro Minutella is a resounding and unrepentant liar.
      In his repeated public statements he said, ingenuous “People of Obtuse” that follows him, no one wants to confront him.
      And it does so blatant and knowing lie.
      During these years more priests and theologians have asked the public against him.
      Some influential senior theologian of the old Roman school, failing to source sent him a letter by registered mail with return receipt; and the receipt is signed by the same Minutella.
      No one has ever even answer.

      Are you blind that you are on the march behind a blind that is leading to a ravine.

  19. Domenico Sasso
    Domenico Sasso says:

    Dear my poor Ariel, You seem exactly ugly or beautiful copy of the heretic who would denounce Minutella, rather, if he had lived in some previous century, perhaps to burn in the public square in the manner of Savonarola or Giordano Bruno. From the little I learned from the Gospels it is that Jesus behaved in this manner: She and the joker of Minutella represented the post-Tridentine Church which used preferably the club instead of mercy. How I wish to come back the Cavour he wanted “a free church in a free state”: We do not speak of lawsuits and courts, but only of great forgiveness and mercy. In the end, It is less arrogant when she also defines the Holy Father Pol Pot. I forgot: but you do not give weight to the qualifications, when to seek treatment for an illness, It goes from a graduate doctor and specialist or go to a holy man? To conclude: The bishop of Palermo, not giving answers to the frantic, is a truly wise because the cry sentences only create “of the great casino”!

    • Responds Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Responds Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dear Domenico Sasso,

      his comments insulting towards me abound at the end of articles in which I discussed the problem of the sect neocatechumenal.
      In practice she mixes together different things, pieces taken from articulated contexts and myself always well explained clearly and without misunderstanding it, then he turns them into indictments against me, making me say what I have never said and written. Everything in the style transmitted to settaristi in closed rooms for the work of the mega-catechists kikiani.

      I am well aware that for her and related, with my book “The sect necatecumenale”, I committed an original sin that can never be washed by any baptism and recovering from any confession, But, the fact that she did not understand that with me you can not play this way with words, makes it really hard in the head as her surname, ie like a stone.

      I note that she loves vegetable soups. What good, They are good for health. Else, instead, It is to make soups.
      with the ignorance that is proper and which he has already amply manifested in many of his comments, she puts together Girolamo Savonarola and Giordano Bruno.
      Ah, these mega-catechists of closed and eretical lounges!
      So I tell her that Girolamo Savonarola, combined absurdly Giordano Bruno of Nola, He was a witness to the faith and is considered a holy man of God. In the 1997 postulation of the Order of Preachers Question Diocese of Florence can start the diocesan process for the beatification, Cardinal Silvano Sandpipers gave a positive opinion. This is followed by other various and complex aspects of this complex historical cause that touches so indeed embarrassing both the Holy See epoch both the papacy and the situation of total decay of the high clergy …

      Giordano Bruno of Nola was rather a heretic, stubborn and unrepentant unto death, although he tried in every way to save, to the point to be repeated again his trial twice, pulling the long nine years, in the hope of his repentance by serious and dangerous heresies.

      After stating that it is not satisfied by the Gospels that "Jesus had behaved in this way", denoting its very incomplete knowledge of the Gospels, continues with a rant through which the Italian Risorgimento uncomfortable and Count Camillo Benso di Cavour, to invoke an unspecified “free church in a free state”, whereby it should not he said "talk of courts and lawsuits'.

      My dear, but in smaller rooms, mega-catechists, there have never said that to resort to lawsuits and courts, They were also saints and blessed, when it came to defending their good works, or their personal integrity, from which depended on their good works?
      A name taken from his contemporaries who resorted to the courts: Blessed Bartolo Longo, who sued for slander and libel a character that was spreading poison against him and against his work.

      For how Pol Pot riguarda, I did not ask but the intimate: you find, indicate and mention the script in which I “I call the Holy Father Pol Pot”.
      You are a fake and a fraud! The image of Pol Pot I have used to refer to a style, a system and a way of acting of some clergy within the Church that "seems at times governed by Pol Pot '. I never compared the reigning Pontiff to Pol Pot. If anything I said "like Pol Pot" Today the Church "apparently ruled by arrogant" and that after "having eliminated as legalism and legalism anti-merciful canon law, just that the last of the red face a louder voice clothes dwarfs, and his free will becomes law humoral ".

      She then becomes ridiculous in his rhetorical question, "but you do not give weight to the qualifications, when to seek treatment for an illness, It goes from a graduate and specialized doctor or go by a holy man '. And I repeat ridiculous because the speech was not focused on “exact sciences” nor on medicine, but on the theology, the humanities, on the science of thought or how best to prefer.

      That said I challenged publicly to quote me and tell me the academic title and multi-degrees of a bit’ of the many characters chosen at random:

      1. St. Caterina da Siena, doctor of the Church, totally illiterate. In such prestigious universities studied and which earned titles?
      2. St. Francis of Assisi, He could barely read and write enough. In such prestigious universities studied and which earned titles?
      3. St. Ignatius of Loyola. In such prestigious universities studied and which earned titles?
      4. San Filippo Neri. In such prestigious universities studied and which earned titles?
      5. St. John of God. From historical sources it seems could not read and write and that his lyrics were written by dictation, including the rule of his Hospitaller Order of fatebebefratelli. In such prestigious universities studied and which earned titles?
      6. St. Teresa of Avila, doctor of the Church. In such prestigious universities studied and which earned titles?
      7. St. John Mary Vianney, universal patron of priests. They did not want even to order priest, because it was considered unprepared, because he did not know the Latin and when he read the missal often wrong, also he was out of tune and could not sing, and at the time, able to sing in such a way at least decent, It was indispensable in order to celebrate the so-called “sung Mass”. In such prestigious universities studied and which earned titles?
      8. St. Pio of Pietrelcina, Confessore saint and miracle worker, one of the most venerated saints in the Catholic Church. Many do not know that St. Pius even preached, because he was not considered capable and up to do; and festive Masses, when it was expected the homily after the proclamation of the Gospel, there was always a Capuchin preacher who held the sermon. In such prestigious universities studied and which earned titles?
      9. Father Divo Barsotti, witness of faith, considered one of the greatest mystics and spiritual masters of the twentieth century. He was invited to give lectures at the most prestigious institutions, up the invitation addressed to him in 1971 by Pope Paul VI to preach the spiritual exercises to the Roman Curia. Yet barely he managed to achieve the minimum basic title imperative to be ordained priest. He never earned advanced degrees, Licensing specialists and doctoral degrees of any kind.

      Dear Domenico Sasso, provided that she does not deserve response, for the reasons I have explained and for comments insulting and falsanti she has repeatedly sent, taking my words out of the text and context and totally stravolgendole, I know that if I answered in precise detail was just to give a clear message to the many readers who read us.


      It would be kind enough to explain such high academic titles instead holds your Kiko Arguello? In such prestigious universities studied? How many degrees and doctorates has collected?
      Please, not mention the “given away” degrees Honorary, cite those achieved with the fruit of his study.

      • father ariel
        Don Andrea (Bologna) says:

        Themselves. Sasso,

        I remember her comments on other articles referenced Father Ariel.
        What to tell her, She seems to have an inherent and congenital inability to assess and measure the priest and theologian before which you are faced with such great bold arrogance.

        If you read the II edition of the book Father Ariel “And Satan became triune” find the first pages an original letter written in the introductory 2017 dal card. Carlo Caffara which essentially says … “I thought you exaggerating, Instead you were right, and today, these your exact words, They are accompanying me at the end of my life”.
        The Caffara archbishop ordained me a priest, I knew him well, I was one of his priest …
        One time (now Archbishop Emeritus), When I complained privately to him about some of the church drifts, mi said: “procured the book And Satan came triune Father Ariel, there is no written all over it, years in advance has analyzed the situation today”. The book, however, was out of print, so I lent it to him, I read it and I reported him, It was full of notes made by Cardinal, told me that in the resume (we were at the end 2016) … “soon he will publish again all his books, I know that it is organizing a publishing house”.

        my Hypothesis: I think that letter has given it to him because of the reprint of the book. Perhaps Father Ariel will not respond to that effect, but I think my guess is not far-fetched.

        Themselves. Sasso, despise the great men of spirit, knowledge and wisdom, It is typical of the small. No coincidence that I mention the card. Caffara, which, although great and wise, This contempt has lived especially in the last years of his life, and while all stayed away, from the 2015 following, Ariel the father was always very close.
        A meeting between great men of faith …

        • Responds Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
          Responds Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

          Dear Brother,

          I confess that I can stand better compliment insults, the first embarrass me much less than the second, that they see are always published and rigor, even when they are ends in themselves and totally inconclusive.

          You tell the truth, I am telling that I was very close to Cardinal Carlo Caffara, as he was to me, and also to my student and collaborator Jorge Facio Lince, whose very appreciated his study of Antonio Gramsci [cf. WHO]

          As for your legitimate hypothesis, I can only tell you that you'll never made use of what I could not or had to eventually use.

          A fraternal greeting in the unity of prayer,

      • Anthony Boniface
        Anthony Boniface says:

        Giordano Bruno of Nola was rather a heretic, stubborn and unrepentant unto death, although he tried in every way to save, to the point to be repeated again his trial twice, pulling the long nine years, in the hope of his repentance by serious and dangerous heresies.

        In short disoiace me so much but I have to kill yourself doing well on a slow fire sizzling meat, so much so that the French ambassador will lament of the stench and with their muzzle, I wonder if the poor Marguerite Porete you will be given the same punishment
        Bei still time, ah that longing !
        A B.

        • Iacopo
          Iacopo says:

          To get closer to understand the historical events would be better not to consider them as if they had taken place the day before yesterday; I do not say enough, but it certainly helps.

          • Anthony Boniface
            Anthony Boniface says:

            James tries to historicize the book Dogs of the conquest so you can see how good you are to say nothing pretending to have said everything as Toto and Peppino de Filippo

        • Iacopo
          Iacopo says:

          Why should I, It is having already determined that my words are worthless?
          For my part, I got the idea that she has nothing but style topics “My first manual of anti Catholicism” like rabbits to pull out of a hat whenever comments, without considering the merits of his ideas but always counting on the fact that others feel guilty about the historical facts that do not concern them at all and that would make his game trying to justify things far away in time and space as if it were the directly responsible.
          We we're even and made peace?
          But look, I understand and I do not say that I love, but a little’ I am the near and recognize myself in her as plausibly I also believed in the same things that perhaps she believes. As the olive branch also I give advice on how to be a better anti-Catholic polemicist, because with the Black Legend will not lose faith to anyone who already do not miss: Cacciari is more and less Odifreddi, trusts that works best.
          Ah, and give of herself to those unfamiliar, It is more refined.

  20. Iacopo
    Iacopo says:

    E’ beautiful that since the early comments will require degrees in theology or do “the game of love”, and that to defend the honor “vilified” one who does the voice for false interpretation of the Virgin Mary and Padre Pio, who would speak through him in a sample “channeling” worthy of a dick New Age Californian any.
    I would say that impersonate the Virgin Mary and make it say what you want is the most grotesque blasphemy that I've ever heard, much worse than several leccaculate the world LGBT or delusions of migrantelatria that are still angry, but never as one who gets to make the verse to the Blessed Virgin transformed into a parody of a pious lady of charity.
    Perhaps, as you pull as much at stake as Satan and the Antichrist, It should remember that the grotesque and taking the piss out of the sacred are always his features, and from there to assess their own choices “Masters”.

    • Thomas Cecchini
      Thomas Cecchini says:

      “Friar Ruffino , de'più one noble citizens of Assisi, companion of St Francis, man of great holiness, was one time very strongly fought and tempted in by the demon of predestination, of which he was all sad and malinconioso; Empire ch 'the devil put it into his heart that he was damned, and it was not among those predestined to eternal life, and so he lost what he did in the Order.
      And that said, Brother Ruffino arose and went to St Francis. And seeing him coming from the long St. Francis, He began shouting: "O Brother Ruffino naughty, whom have you believe?». And coming to him Brother Ruffino, he said to him to order all the temptation wherewith he had been the devil inside and outside, and showing clearly that the one who had appeared to him was the devil and not Christ, and that none so ought to consent to the suggestions: "But when the devil said to you more: You se'dannato, yes the answer: Open your mouth; mo'vi you caco. ”

      We all learn to respond in kind by our father and patron saint Francis

    • Tooth
      Tooth says:

      Thanks James for the video. Say it is shocking is an understatement. Don Minutella is playing with fire. Take the direction of Maria Santissima as you see and hear in the video is severe blasphemy.
      For all those who are scandalized then the Don Ariel language, we know that he has in the past tried everything possible to talk sense don Minutella and on this website you can still read his appeals, all, however, have fallen into the void.

  21. Valentina
    Valentina says:

    Beyond’ content and theological evaluations…….three priests have used the 'expression : = Take to c……=

    It's fine eh…..

    • Redazione de L'Isola di Patmos
      Editor of The Island of Patmos says:

      We waited almost with trepidation the inevitable comment that sticks to “little word”, flying over the contents of all text and especially allegations that are charged to the person who is the subject of this paper; all charges based on facts and evidence, on what he says very serious and seriously offensive day after day through their videos posted on social.

      Maybe she is not very ferrata in the exegesis of scripture, then we give some advice us, that a little’ we have studied.
      Any idea what that meant, at the time, in Jewish culture, comparing the high dignitaries and members of the priestly caste of whited sepulchres full of filth and putrefaction?

      "Whited sepulchres: outside they are beautiful to look, but inside they are full of dead men's bones and all uncleanness. So you also outwardly appear righteous to men, but within ye are full of hypocrisy and iniquity " [Mt 23, 27-28].

      He should know that the priests could not be defiled with the dead, and for this reason they could not even go outside near a cemetery. If they had inadvertently done the, They would have to proceed with long and complex purification rituals.
      Tell us: posed these premises, that these laws and these traditions, would not perhaps much less severe epitetarli “shits”? This second statement was in fact a lot less offensive.

      It's still:

      "Snakes, brood of vipers, how you can escape the condemnation of Gehenna?» [Mt 23. 33]

      In the Jewish culture, the snake was the symbol par excellence of evil, also it was considered a highly תשרי animal (Trefa) ie impure.
      He who throws these accusations, always aimed at the highest dignitaries of the Jewish caste, It is not limited to compare them to the most impure and “malefic” some animals, in addition to threatening them that will end up in Hell, but even he accuses them of being a "brood of vipers".
      So not only offends them, but also all of their ancestors and relatives, past and present.

      Well tell us: if it had merely tell them “motherfuckers”, perhaps it would not hurt much less?

      To use this language was Our Lord Jesus Christ.
      Therefore please read the Holy Gospel, where not find the androgynous Christ with the eyes languid upset the sky depicted in certain iconography, anything you will find many “little words” under which we can safely say to the Word of God Made Man:

      “Jesus Christ, that the Son of God uses those words, He does not feel good, eh …”

      • Vito Santoro
        Vito Santoro says:

        “… It should not be taken seriously, but the piss”…
        You just have to use this language? How are we different from the world if we express ourselves in this way? Dear Fathers of Patmos Island I hate to say it but I felt a sense of pain and disappointment in reading this expression (written by a priest who speaks of charity). We are adapting to all… Do not we realize that every word has its weight; we think of the great things and neglect “small”, knowing that Jesus asks us to be faithful on all fronts.
        May Mary Most Holy help us and guide us.
        Feast of Santa.

        • Responds Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
          Responds Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

          Dear Vito Santoro,

          maybe she does not read comments, However, if they see that flows to this question on its part it has already been broad response date [veda: Valentina].
          That said continuation: the password is “ass”, used in a literary context and ecclesiological very precise, the shocked both in itself and by itself, I can comfort her taking care to make matters worse …

          … but she, He realizes that inside our sorry ass Catholics, everyone is trying to get into a violent and aggressive, making too much, but really very bad?

          Think of advanced de-Christianization that rages across Europe, the churches of Holland, Belgium, France, Northern Germany, sold in bulk, because now there are more faithful.

          Go online and find that there are now specialized companies that sell interior furnishings, historical and sacred vessels altars from abandoned churches and sold. You can find for sale even the relics of Saints, always original, sealed with wax Episcopal intact [see WHO].

          The Catholics and the Catholic Church have lost any kind of impact on the lives of civil society, everyone who is weak sigh we are overwhelmed by the screams of the secularists who attack us intimandoci to shut up, remembering that the Church and the Catholics should not meddle in political affairs, as if Catholics, as such, They had no right to vote and an election certificate issued to them by the Elections.

          But, at the same time, there are those who calls to give citizenship, and therefore Voting on the spot even at the last African Muslims landed on our shores, to whom it is paid, however, any right of expression, cultural event, and so on …

          Well tell me a bit ', my dear Vito Santoro be offended by the word “ass”: but she, while all this happens … what fucking world lives?

          Now please, together with the “ass” It can pretty well be shocked to “dick”. But one thing remains entirely peaceful and well-meaning: while she is scandalized of “ass”, I have spoken to the hard, bitter and sad truth.

          • Vito Santoro
            Vito Santoro says:

            Dear Father Ariel is true I had not read the previous comments to my. I am glad that before me Valentina has had the same disconcerting reaction, not offend. I know several people who think like me and Valentina and expect from priests radical witness, Also in the language, But you prefer to lock us in the category of “puritani” probably because you are now immersed in the world and think you have to defend the Church and the faith with the same weapons in the world.
            Of the harsh reality of which you speak are quite knowledgeable and as you suffer for the confusion in which we live. I tell you, however, who daily read and / or listen to blog, Catholic websites and characters: Valli, Tosatti, R. de Mattei, Mons. Bux, Pío M. Pedalino, of the Franciscan, father F. Marino ..just to name a few. Test how everyday Compass; the Rudder, Correspondence Romana, Co-workers of the truth,… and many other… No character or site which I mentioned uses his language and unfortunately I noted with regret that even some people who follow you with the comments you are accustomed to this way. Maybe the hard truth I am saying it to him…

        • Luca
          Luca says:

          Very true Even the form conveys contents and even through this, imbalances of various kinds can emerge and appear!

  22. From
    From says:

    Don Ariel, I will not hide that I am a great admirer of Don Alessandro, although I do not follow it well because I moved to Madrid and not go for so long in his church.
    But she often talks about that or that other. But she graduated? I see that does not disdain the title of theologian, but she has a degree in theology? or have other degrees, and tell me in what and where?

    • Responds Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Responds Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dear Reader,

      I could – for instance – I have accumulated in my secular and ecclesiastical life then, even entire wagon academic titles, also studying in the best Italian and foreign universities. But if this were, I never dreamed of flaunting, because no degree, no Ph.D., no post-doctoral master, He can not even match dimly priestly ordination that I received, which comes from Christ God, proceeds by the grace of the Holy Spirit and like every sacramental action involves the mystery of the Holy Trinity.

      Instead, priests insecure and complexed, type the Minutella, have a morbid need to reassure the “people ox” flaunting at every turn their academic titles. Titles which, moreover,, as we all know very well, in the Roman ecclesiastical universities and beyond, for over twenty years in this part they are pulled behind literally all, including illiterate and authentic doctrinal theological donkeys. And the more donkeys – so insecure – most put forward the cards and reassure their interlocutors who are doctors of sacred theology.

      I inform you that the wisdom, including the theological, It does not derive or depend at all the titles, but by the grace of the Holy Spirit.

      What I did or did not titles, This is completely irrelevant.
      If I'm worth something eventually, I am worth for what they are able to produce human and spiritual; and if I can produce, is not my doing but the grace of God.

      Who does not however worth an emeritus fife, some such as the one day and go off must be held twice a doctorate in theology, needs of titles, cards that are packaged by men and by men dates.

      The Priesthood, instead, with all the graces that flow from, It comes from God, for mystery and sacrament of grace, not for “Mystery of paper”.

      learn therefore, you and your guru heretic, to be Catholic, which it implies first of all cease to be a “people ox” the result of a perfect theological unbalanced.

      • father ariel
        Don Ciro (Naples) says:

        Among Gentile

        this is what a man and a priest with whom the most renowned theologians would move so much notice, first acknowledging his deep training and theological education, even those who are poles apart theologically, but never domanderebbero Father Ariel … Yes, but you, titles that have?
        She shows in this way to have a mistaken view of the church, secular and worldly.
        I regret a lot for her.

    • Gabriele
      Gabriele says:

      Look, Among Mr., The permits if I would like to tell a story: during a lecture at the University of Statistics, our teacher gave us a talk on the value of the degree and the University in general, and he told us: "The world does not matter anything that you are, and make you call 'doctors' or 'gentlemen', the only thing that matters are the real skills that you have and your skills. The university today is organized to advance the idiots, in the course of my career as a teacher I have seen some very intelligent people leave school and become doctors I saw donkeys ". You see, not always the qualification is a guarantee of knowledge and wisdom, because in order to pass an exam, often, just learn by heart a book and repeat what they read mnemonic, just like a tape recorder, and then you not have really understood what has been studied. Do not let yourself fooled by so much-ballyhooed doctorates by Reverend Don Minutella, because nowadays a piece of paper does not deny anyone.

  23. Bongiorno Carlo
    Bongiorno Carlo says:

    In assumptions it is already clear that you, of what charity to how he intends the Lord Jesus Christ you know nothing, nor you could ever learn given the hatred that feeds you. Expenses, indeed, It is capable of such a hate can never forever exercise the theological virtue of Charity which descends only and exclusively by the love, not your hypocritical love, but the true love, that you may be able only if you love the true God in Spirit and Truth, something that you obviously do not do as the menacing tone and threatening than ever forever will get along with the commandments of the true God, the Lord Jesus Christ.

    • Responds Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Responds Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Do not dare make use, of these columns, the Holy Gospel and charity in distorted way: shame on you, but above all to repent and be converted!

      The heretic excommunicated Alessandro Minutella says day by day and in video video:

      1. all the Masses celebrated throughout the Catholic Church in communion with the "anti-pope Bergoglio are invalid";
      2. He has defined those we celebrated, not only Messe invalid, but even "satanic masses';
      3. He said that in our Masses celebrated "there is no Christ, but Satan";
      4. He said that we take in food to the faithful "not the Body of Christ but the Antichrist Body, that Satan "
      5. He said that the sacraments administered by all of us are invalid and do not produce thanksgivings.
      6. etc … etc …

      In short, only at the Little Chapel Nazareth, the Minutella and his companion, are the only priests, during the whole of the Catholic Church, celebrating eucaristie valid and administer valid sacraments.

      And she even dares, and with such great impudence, come and complain to us of not knowing what the charity and feed hatred?

      And now, if manly attributes and arguments, answer. But to answer on the merits of all evil claims that his beloved guru spreads around the company by the day.

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