Onanism and theology: the relationship between metaphysics and extra uterine pregnancy, while our aesthetic obstetricians abort the little that remains of the sensus fidei

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Scattered in the jungle of the communication network there are sites and blogs of “true Catholics” and “true defenders” the purity of tradition mentioning one iota Romano Amerio like it the word of, while his students, real or imagined, beano in fancy turns of phrase which show the unmistakable taste of ... "Oh, heaven! How like myself, what are the aesthetic, they are metaphysical!».




Ariel S. Levi Gualdo



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the ruins of Metropolitan Cathedral of Messina after the earthquake of 1908

Samantha with the "h" at the end longed is a girl of twenty two years ago celebrated the eighteen years to a total of fifteen boyfriends. During his turn our love life began at the age of thirteen, He has had some small hiccup, trivial things but mostly solvable, that are part of the normal course of developmental age. Like when she became pregnant at fifteen, prompting her mother, Jessika, con the "k", forty-two years, to be a severe self-criticism with his third companion series, a twenty-eight year-old boy, also called toy-boy, to whom she confides: "Michael" - so named by his mother in honor of pop singer Michael Jackson - "I admit that I have wrong, because I did not bother to make taking birth control pills to Samy "- affectionate diminutive of Samantha with the" h "end-awaited -. "Sure, if she had not she kept it hidden for days, I would have done immediately prescribe the abortion pill '. The toy-boy Michael heartened: "Jessy" - affectionate diminutive of Jessika with "k" - "I do not think you have the wrong. You know, Samy your daughter has a breathtaking body, with the pill could run the risk that it be cellulite. In the end it was resolved: a raschiatina, a blood clot removed, and the problem is gone to counseling in a flash ". Then Jessy feels relieved and sighs to toy-boy: "You are right, Miky "- short for Michael -, Sylvester also gave me reason, but not only him, also Christian, his former fellow Brits, He agreed and solidarity.


Messina earthquake of 1908

And here to understand you need an engraved: Sylvester, father of Samantha with the "h" awaited final, He was the first husband of Jessika, so he named by his father who was a bodybuilder inflated anabolic and great fan di Rocky Balboa, the famous film series starring Sylvester Stallone from 1976. After the wedding Sylvester discovered his true identity and, after a coming-out made a famous talk-show in front of millions of viewers, present in the studio also Jessika wife with "k", declared their gaysmo. Then - twist! - at that moment he stood up from the public its first man, all’epoca Christian, he appeared publicly to his wife as his partner. Moved, his wife hugged them both declaring themselves happy and hoping that they will be so happy. The scene was accompanied by a haunting melody of a famous singer who died of AIDS and the gay icon, Freddie Mercury: «We are the champions […] of the world» [we are the champions of the world].


Messina earthquake of 1908

Now, Samantha with the "h" awaited final, He is doing their university studies, He chose psycho-pedagogy, in fact he wants to become a champion of the theory of gender. His father, rich cry architect on the way to the age of fifty, meanwhile he changed partner and now lives with a young Brazilian model shooting -nothing of twenty-two, certo Ricky, so he named by his parents in honor of Ricky Martin, another gay singer, father of two children bought from a surrogate mother and convolato recent wedding in Puerto Rico with his young companion [cf. WHO]. The Sylvester gay dad is very proud of her daughter, He is also experiencing a happy relationship with a new partner, certo John, a native of Bari, but so he called because his father and his mother are two fans John Lennon, and son, through this former Beatles, They sent their deepest values ​​of life through song Imagine :


Imagine there's no heaven

test, it's easy

No hell below your feet

Above us only sky

Imagine that people

Live the present ...

Imagine there are no countries

it is not difficult

Nothing to kill and die

and no religion

Imagine all

Living life in peace ...[Original text English, WHO]


The messages of love Samantha with "h" final direct longed to his John, They constitute a veritable apotheosis of contemporary poetry, here's one to give everyone the perception of this poetry-loving mood:


since msidt [1], my life has changed

Why [2] xme [3] tu6 qlc [4].

For this tvb chicks [5], xchè 6Sxme [6].

MMT+ [7] xchè you 6 the + [8].

T tel + tough [9], I recommend resp to cel [10]

dp vng [11] and cmq CVD [12].


Faced with this so intense expression of love poetry, what ever can be compared to a quatrain Dantesque type:


So gentle and so honest it seems

my woman, when it greets others,

ch'ogne lingua Deven, shivering, move,

and eyes not dare to look [13]



Friuli earthquake of 1976

Remember that Samantha with "h" awaited final, is a girl now considered high culture that passes an examination after another at the university and in a few years will be a professional psycho-pedagogy, engaged in social and political. Obviously, the level of universities, university and teachers studying at the same, and corresponds in a sense, has had to adapt to these new generations of students.


This is reality, and in this kind of reality, us has the unenviable task of proclaiming the Holy Gospel to young people who have heard of so vague a strange concept of the Church and Christianity in the words of a famous Italian intellectual, Lorenzo Cherubini, aka Jovannotti, that in his song Think positive, It expresses the best of Catholic doctrine and theology of metaphysics in this way:


I believe that in this world

It exists only a great Church

That passes by Che Guevara

It is up to Mother Teresa

Going from Malcolm X through

Gandhi and San Patrignano

There comes a priest in the suburbs

What goes on in spite of the Vatican

[full text, WHO]



Friuli earthquake of 1976

This is the real society with which we have to deal, although this does not seem to even touch those four cosmetic and aesthetic pundits that among codicils, columns and four spells of no great school, but most of the decadent neo-scholastic, They never cease to announce that we must start from metaphysics. And when I use the word "metaphysical", feel stuffed up in seventh heaven, because the very word excites you at times to really perverse way.


Scattered in the jungle the electronic network there are sites and blogs of true Catholics and authentic purity of tradition defenders mentioning one iota Romano Amerio like it the word of God, while his students, real or imagined, beano in fancy turns of phrase which show the unmistakable taste of ... "Oh, heaven! How like myself, what are the aesthetic, they are metaphysical!».


Friuli earthquake of 1976

Well, but Samantha with the "h" awaited, student of psycho-pedagogy and tomorrow practitioner and trainer psycho-pedagogical, daughter Jessika with "k" happily accompanied by his new boy-toy, ex-wife of Sylvester rich architect currently cohabiting cry with his new Brazilian boy-nothing, Who leads and who offers the message of redemption and salvation of the incarnate Word of God, "who died and rose, ascended to heaven and now seated at the right hand of God, that one day come again in glory to judge the living and the dead, and his kingdom will have no end?» [cf. Symbol of faith].


But the better to excite the aesthetic beauty of true and pure tradition, Also we insert the original text of the I believe, as the greek, as the Latin liturgy, love it especially to those small groups of lay people who do not know, and that for this favor of its use arcane magic, because when you are not able to penetrate and live the essence of the sacred mysteries in the substance, then you end up worshiping the external accidents, as of the same language:


Te crucified for us under Pontius Pilate,
and victim
and was buried.

And Risen tῇ tritῃ imerᾳ
according to the Scriptures.

And ascended into heaven
and is seated at the Father EV dexiᾷ.

Again Coming after glory
judge the living and the dead,
th CDK reign ESTA fee


Friuli earthquake of 1976

This message of salvation, Samantha with “h” and longed to John, maybe bring him the pundits of codicils and Directories, if anything, with a couple of lectiones magistrales on the assumption that St. Augustine was of a philosophical Platonic? But Samantha with the "h" awaited final, albeit he graduated with honors and today university student of psychology and pedagogy, It is convinced that the Platonic Krizia is just the fragrance launched by the design house of Mary Mandelli, known with the pseudonym Krizia [cf. WHO]. Samantha with the "h" final longed not even imagine that Κριτίας [Krizia] It is taken from the last unfinished dialogue of Plato, all based on female vanity. And that while her new boyfriend, John, also a university student at the faculty of pharmacy, when a few years before he was questioned in the literature graduation examination, When asked who was the Tasso [cf. WHO], after a moment of reflection replied: "The inventor of cedar Tassoni" [cf. WHO]. And at the pharmacy faculty, where also passes an examination behind the other, for teachers is a real funny guy, I always remind everyone, This Bari named John, when an examination answered the question of the examiner professor who asked "tell me whence comes an extra uterine pregnancy», replicating after brief reflection: "Originates from anal intercourse".


Irpinia earthquake 1980

To these two subjects, you can touch the heart and convert them to explain what relationship exists between the Nicomachean Ethics of Aristotle and the metaphysical speculations of St. Thomas Aquinas? But above, is to convert them is to bring them to the right path of faith, Perhaps we will share the diatribes against the German Jesuit theologian Karl Rahner, explaining them as he reduces be thomist, which it is act and perfection, being aware of, identifying the man be, knowing and being known, thus putting standing an anthropological reduction of metaphysics? And we can then continue to explain, Samantha with the "h" final and longed to her last boyfriend Bari called in honor of John Lennon, Karl Rahner overturns the fundamental principles of Thomistic realism to give birth to the modern principle of immanence?


Irpinia earthquake 1980

A Samantha with the "h" awaited final, between little psycho-pedagoga, convinced that it is a perfume Krizia, and her latest boyfriend Bari, John named in honor of Lennon, soon pharmacist, convinced that an extra-uterine pregnancy is originated from anal intercourse, to stimulate them to a journey of faith, what we have to offer? Maybe we have to give the conference proceedings against Karl Rahner promoted years ago by the Franciscans? We advise them to read the texts of the late Brunero Gherardini, Serafino Lanzetta and Roberto de Mattei, that advance the thesis of Vatican Council II which only pastoral and not dogmatic? We are we to convince them to read the valuable and excellent work True and false theology Antonio Livi [cf. WHO], difficult to read even for scholars of philosophical and theological sciences? Or are we to drag in the sci-liturgical debates of some minds schizophrenic, convinced that the crude and simple Galilean fisherman of the Blessed Apostle Peter came to a solemn altar basilica escorted by four deacons in shining baroque dalmatics, aided by several assistants clad priests of solemn copes, cheering under the steps of the altar "Introibo altar Gods», then opening the missal given by Saint Pius V in the sixteenth century and starting to celebrate what these poor schizophrenic aesthetic liturgy and their retinue of the sci-liturgy scholars call "The Mass of All Time»?


earthquake of the Friuli 1976, funerals of the victims

In conclusion, poor John, named in honor of Lennon, raised by parents on the driving pattern of the lyrics Imagine, we can also forgive did not even know how to develop an extra uterine pregnancy, but certain ladies and gentlemen of the true and pure traditio catholica, which abound in circles dreamlike self-styled theologians and liturgists, They can not be too convinced as John that an extra uterine pregnancy "is spread by anal intercourse", because that would mean, against the other, not knowing even Aristotle in his capacity as a biologist, on diagrams and logic of which St. Thomas Aquinas develops its own method, hence its title Doctor Communis, ie Universal Doctor of the Church. And this precise title and indicates that Aquinas is not merely a "theological school" special, but a common patrimony of the whole universal Church, and at the same time a method that, albeit with some defect and shortcoming, It remains valid today and especially unsurpassed.


And note well that Samantha with the "h" awaited, with all its poetic "msidt [14], xchè you 6 the + [15]" … and so on, it is not even the worst. Just imagine those who arrive not even the kind of evolution which came anyway Samantha with the "h" awaited, that it will soon be a doctor in psycho-education and promoter of the theory of gender.


Irpinia earthquake 1980, the bodies prepared for burial

I do not despise the scholastic and metaphysical, of which I am expert and scholar who are both at the base of my philosophical and theological formation, but since I am first and foremost a pastor in the care of souls by the grace of the priesthood was received, I am aware that my primary and fundamental task is the proclamation of the Holy Gospel in a de-Christianized Europe and decadent in which new generations no longer know even the basics of Christianity. And in this situation of collapse, affirm the spirit of closed and exclusive lounge that we must start from metaphysics and St. Thomas Aquinas, stubborn way in explaining the only pastorality of Vatican II, or supporting the concept of aberrant "the Mass of" - what in the philosophical sense of aberatio understanding —, all it referred to a Roman Missal given by the Holy Pontiff in the sixteenth century, It is equivalent to use the XXXIII canto of Paradise to teach reading and writing to adults joints of the age of majority in state of total illiteracy, convinced that we must start from the Opera de Dante Alighieri to eradicate illiteracy. All in blind disregard the theological structure of the final of the three books of the Divine Comedy Canto is not even including today by those who teach and explain to the students the work of the great poet, one need only read certain explanations to the text printed on the books for school use, or enter into any high school as a teacher gives absurd explanations to students during class send SMS, send photos to Istgrm the whatsapp with cell phones under their desks.


Irpinia earthquake 1980, transportation of remains from the Fire Department

To say with smug narcissism We have to start from metaphysics and by St. Thomas Aquinas, It is like trying to give a one year old son with severe malnutrition problems such as a T-bone steak meal. Which St. Thomas Aquinas we have to start, dovendoci today confronted with a large number of priests and bishops who seem to know more about the basics of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and the talk is a whole swarm of worldly sociologisms? But we want to account, what comes out of the mouths of priests and bishops, when today speak of charity, of mercy, poor in spirit? At best he comes out of the dull and spineless gooders, and without their knowledge - because now you have to talk about quite unconscious ignorance -, from their mouths out of the terminologies that are typical of the Enlightenment and Masonic language, from ambivalent concept and totally distorted "solidarity", Freemasons who is pure and exclusive philanthropic social commitment, exactly what we see today the visible Church has reduced the sense of charity emptied of its Christological transcendence and filled with worldliness uomocentrica.


at issue - and it is good puntualizzarlo to avoid any potential misunderstandings -, I'm not sure the school and Aquinas, I remember are two methods, which as such require a solid base, a high degree of culture, but above all a language and mental fitness and concentration that today the majority of the clergy themselves can not be proposed, because they have neither the training nor the means to face it all. When it unfortunately lacks basics, culture and language, how can you say in a logical and reasonable way that you have to fly high in the sky? Or maybe you can ask a chicken to fly as if it were an eagle?


Aquila earthquake 2009, The funeral of the victims

The school and Thomism, over the past half century have been razed to the ground by high theological magnitude earthquake triggered first by the para-council of theologians and then by post-Vatican Council II false interpreters. Now, we should all know that the violent earthquakes of high magnitude earthquake, in a few minutes can bring down entire cities. Once this happened, and then rebuild those cities will not be enough certainly many minutes, take decades, because it will be necessary to start almost from zero. And when it comes to ancient towns completely destroyed, as it has often happened in Italy over the centuries, It will not even be possible to reconstruct more or less the same state, because certain ancient architectural works are not playable, except create a fake antique or a clumsy reproductions, such as the decadent neo-scholastic and pseudo Thomism. So, to assert in certain salons ghetto that we must start from metaphysics and St. Thomas Aquinas, perhaps some dreamlike subject gives more excitement than I can give a disturbing erotic image of a teenager in the throes of hormonal storms, but on the other hand denotes to what extent they are motivated by an irrational spirit that makes them incompatible with any true philosophical and theological speculation, reliable and secure as they can rebuild in time of a ballet entire cities after a high-magnitude earthquake that has razed; riedificandole rather stagnant with four formulette the decadent neo-scholastic, that they have nothing in common either with the school or with Thomism. That said note also something, various lay Catholics who throw themselves into diatribes internetiche on the revival of metaphysics and of St. Thomas Aquinas, if I caught and removed from their world-Onorico telematics and placed in front of an audience, the question addressed to them: "We clarify the concept of" authority "and “be”, of "substance" and "accidents" ', would dumb show. And this I say this not because I imagine, but because I have frequently and repeatedly experienced. It is not by chance that these lions behind computer screens, flee to every kind of discussion and public debate, He is having never studied nor metaphysics nor Thomism, albeit perversely excited by these two magic words, of which they do not know the complex structural essence, which first requires the construction of solid foundations, then years and years of study.


Ascoli Piceno, earthquake 2016, funerals of the victims

All this to the great pundits do not care, because in them it prevails narcissistic sense of pleasure and self-gratification, certain and sure that is just sinful and severe physical masturbation of a teenager, not dangerous mental masturbation of certain adults, unable to understand that even if to humiliate our being intellectual and cognitive, or our philosophical and theological speculation skills acquired and developed over many years of study and work, we must start with the announcement of the most basic elements of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and all even with very uncertain outcomes, in a society that has developed social and political aversion to Christianity. Everything moved by the painful awareness that in contemporary society, the feeling and the same concepts of man and nature, of human life and ethics, family and human relationships, legal and law, are completely antithetical to all Christians feel and experience. And if anyone, before this reality, really think to start from metaphysics and from St. Thomas Aquinas, in which case it would be good to run as soon as an ambulance and have it transported tied in a straitjacket at the nearest mental health center. Otherwise, Christianity will be turned into an intellectual speculation, cosmetic and aesthetic, carried out for the masturbatory pleasure of his selfish "me" by people much more and much worse than the modernists and rahneriani from their much-criticized, have long forgotten that the shepherds in charge of souls, not of parlor intellectuals that if they sing and if they play each other in a world that not only does not want them to hear, but also I am wanting to make the effort to listen to willing, It has its own plus the intellectual means to understand this kind of language.


Or to put it more with another concrete example: it would be like if I, going to be shopping at the fruit market in Campo dei Fiori in Rome, I rivolgessi the seller with this language: "Good day my Messer, no man hath said ch'eziandio keep robe stories high Goodness? Ordunque, ere largitemi these graceful herbs, afterwards these fruits fertile ". I am almost certain that I would answer the greengrocer: "Dear father, I sell herbs, but if it seems like she used to smoke herbs of those who give to the head, then you must go to buy them somewhere else '. At that point I could probably replicate saying … "My dear, she misunderstood and did not understand: we must start from the language of Dante!». Here, this is exactly what they do the inhabitants of the ghetto-aesthetic when they say that we must start by metaphysics and by St. Thomas Aquinas and to save deposit and the sense of faith we must celebrate "the Mass of" using the magic of Latin, place that Latin is a far more effective instrument of salvation of the absolution of sins through the Sacrament of Confession or the Sacrament of the Sick given to people who are going to die together with the expected full absolution. Having said that I add: Anyone who thinks that faith works together to save, commits a grave error: to save souls are the Latin Missal and the so-called "Mass of Always," St. Pius V.


Also to explain what happens when you lose a language I also offer another example: those great fathers of democracy and that unspecified civilization, these will still believe the British, after having plundered certain countries around, what ultimately deprived them? Li deprived of their language. And today, in India, to communicate with each other Indians of the various regions are forced to speak in English. Of course, the best of themselves, the British have given it with 'apartheid in South Africa in the singing of God Save the Queen [God Save the Queen]. And today, in the dying British company - the capital of which is likely to be stabbed in the street by two children a decade -, the same that until yesterday kept standing in the scheme of’apartheid in Sud Africa, They are able to send you in the galleys of Her Britannic Majesty with accusations of racism or its variant that is the so-called homophobia, if you dare to express that their pop icon Elton John, He married with two children and a man bought from the wombs for rent, She would cry foul even the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah. But then, paradigm of British society are the toilets of their public places, where it happens to find a toilet squat on the floor without even a small sink for washing hands. What this denotes what some people are filthy dirty inside and out, but even though convinced they are the fathers of civilization, perhaps hygiene. All this although the early 2000, a group of Italian students living in London with the project Erasmus, He withdrew peanuts and chips brought by containers along with beers at the tables of one of the many pubs in London, and just returned in “dirty” and “uncivilized” Italy made her examined by a laboratory of the University of Bologna, with this surprising result: those foods contained traces of fourteen different types of urine … God Save the Queen !


Earthquake of Amatrice 2016, funerals of the victims

This is the nefarious work brought to completion over the past half century: The destruction of language and radical subversion of the very concept of humanity. We must therefore again teach the language to communicate, to give man a "new heart" [cf. This 36,26-27. 26] and transmit the mysteries of faith, aware of how long it takes to rebuild a city destroyed by an earthquake. Only after years of work that engage different generations, which will require first of all holy pastors in the care of souls and true servants of theology, we groped to say: … and now let's start from the metaphysical and St. Thomas Aquinas. Any true shepherd care of souls, and any authentic theologian who is not a conceited narcissist onanist stale in the pond of his own ego-theology, It should understand how urgent it is to start from the most basic foundations, pace of one iota Romano Amerio, headings and codicils of the drawing-room exclusivist that both like each other when in their circles ghetto-speak of the purity of the true doctrine or of the highest metaphysical speculations, but that nothing of Revelation announce the mystery of the Redemption and the neo-pagan society of a world now in an advanced state of decay. And with this society and this world, esclusivisti the drawing-room of the metaphysical dream share a large common element: their love and their complacent drowning decadent aesthetics.


To those who still had doubts about what I have said so far, proceeding on the logical basis that anyone can deny equal and better through logic, It could be enough simply to compare this:


since msidt, my life has changed

xche XME tu6 qlc.

For this tvb chicks, xchè 6Sxme.

MMT + xche tu 6 the +.

T tel + tough, I recommend resp to cel


with this other text:


Let us then resuming etc.. In the prior preamble, Here, Aristotle goes to deal with science. It is divided into three parts;. The first determined congratulated, which is among the highest human good luck leading into consideration the fact that the operation power. The second part discusses the virtues, there, If the operation is a success, according to some power etc.. In the third completes its handling of happiness, there is a happiness, and what is the nature of the operation, showing the power of […] [16]


the cathedral rebuilt in Messina 1929 after the earthquake 1908 that had destroyed

… and compared these two texts, we will see and we will establish from where better to start to bring the announcement of the Holy Gospel to the people of an increasingly blind world, deaf and hostile to all that is contained in the Revelation of the Mystery ...


That's why We Fathers de The island of Patmos even at the cost of "stifling" our so-called "intellectual spirit" and speculative -, we decided to start from those basic foundations that involve a careful pedagogical work which first requires extreme clarity and a thorough explanation of the meaning of words. We must not take anything for granted, with the times they live today. So you can not mention, for example the word transubstantiation, or the philosophical and theological terms of substances and damn it, without explaining clearly and simply the precise meaning of these terms [by way of example reference is made to John Cavalcoli, o.p. WHO]. All this always in the sad realization that certain terms transposed the classical philosophical vocabulary in theological language, today are not even included a large number of bishops and priests, not to mention certain laymen made teach catechism to our children, or the teachers of religion in schools.


Obviously, occasionally, We continue to write longer articles and specialized cutting our page Theologically, but certainly not limiting ourselves only to these writings almost always complex, as clear, mostly directed at a more specialized audience.


Only after we have reconstructed the language it can happen that in a few generations our posterity - when we are now dissolved bodies inside the tombs and our souls stay in purgatory -, They will try to say: Now we try to start from the metaphysical and St. Thomas Aquinas.


the Island of Patmos, 29 April 2018 ― St. Catherine of Siena, Doctor of the Church





[1] I fell in love with you

[2] Why Is That

[3] For me

[4] You are someone

[5] I love you I think of you

[6] You are special to me

[7] I miss you so much

[8] You are the best

[9] I'll call you later.

[10] Reply on phone.

[11] I come later

[12] I'll see you.

[13] Both noble heart and so full of decorum is
my woman, when he addressed to other greetings,
that every language becomes, shivering, move,
and the eyes do not have the courage to look [Dante, The new life, XXI]

[14] I fell in love with you

[15] You are the best

[17] San Tommaso Aquino, Free The Lectio IV.


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7 thoughts on "Onanism and theology: the relationship between metaphysics and extra uterine pregnancy, while our aesthetic obstetricians abort the little that remains of the sensus fidei

  1. Dear don Ariel,

    curiosamente un paio d’ore fa, in auto, pensavo sostanzialmente alle stesse cose. Ero appena stato alla “Mass of All Time” and, nel momento di uscire, stava entrando una compagnia di ragazzini, con chitarre al seguito, e prete che richiedeva un certo esercizio d’osservazione per essere distinto dai ragazzini. Da lì è partita una riflessione sui linguaggi. Not only: siccome frequento quella messa ormai stabilmente da mesi, e vedo pian piano sempre più persone, vedo certi che arrivano e rimangono, altri che si vedono una volta e poi non si vedono più (of altronde, dalla mia prima messa VO alla decisione di andare alla messa VO sono passati tre anni).

    Io ho concluso questo: of course, quei ragazzini schitarranti, se fossero arrivati un’ora prima, avrebbero potuto (*) avere grandi difficoltà a capire il VO. Capiscono più facilmente un prete che sembra uno di loro. Ma d’altro canto, that priest, and then, dove li porta? Se anche la sostanza si abbassa alla loro forma, non li porta da nessuna parte. E infatti voi Padri di Patmos, capite di Greco e di Latino, di Tomistica, e scrivete in italiano corretto, mica in gergo essemmessiano.

  2. Don Ariel specialist provocations; but he believes that his chronicles be caricatured, the characters of his own ears, more accessible to a quaestio Thomist ? Where awareness is zero, argumentative levels 0,1 or 1000, are equal.
    Don Milani started from the assumption that it is the language that is equal, and then he formed his little boys mountaineers to a conscious enriched and critical knowledge of the Italian language, as a harbinger necessary for catechetical understanding of Christian faith (Cattolica). Well, but today would be enough ? The general barbarism makes futile any effort and any pastoral strategy.
    Yet even more today Fabro, i Gherardini, i Livi, The Elvio Fontana, The Danilo Castellano, They are absolutely necessary, so that the Catholic who listens to them, even if it makes it difficult to follow throughout their speeches, has the serene and proud awareness of having nothing to learn from the self-styled scientific trombones to Hack, to Odifreddi, all Hawking, alla Halder Hey Hospital, and even by the Kung buffoncelli, all Rahner, to Enzo Bianchi (Agritourist), and the rest are silent and worse.

    1. Dear Reader,

      I can tell you that having known the holy man of Brunero Gherardini that today I want to imagine myself in Paradise, then also knowing Antonio Livi, I hope to heaven we go as late as possible, because we still need him, that the one and the other does not rejoice to be interspersed with Lorenzo Milani, problems which start at a distance, despite the attempts of Beatification, namely, a training for the priesthood leaky; and he exposed himself, More leaked.

      If Gherardini was an excellent teacher, and it is still Livi, you were the one and the other is still mainly for the impeccable correctness of their theological language and also catechetical, while good Milani, before “join in the language” the “small mountain” and transmit the doctrine language, he should know a lot better, Catholic teaching. Besides the fact that, in a real teacher, It can never prevail nor emotion nor ideology.

      This is to tell her that she combines with an evil master – such I consider myself freely Milani -, with two instead were two real masters, regardless of differing opinions that you may have between us on certain speculations or theological nuances, Why then, in facts, if she puts together the late Brunero Gherardini, Antonio Love, Cavalcoli John and me as bringing up the rear, It will ascertain that all four speak the language of the exact same doctrine and that we are faithful to the same deposit of faith. And then, If anything, we take “a legnate” on the theological and ecclesiological disputations, but this part always in the sphere of theological debates.

      Therefore, far from address certain words to the deceased Brothers and living above, When I spoke of “aesthetic metaphysical” and anything else, I was referring to very different situations and people, or better understood: I was referring to “praticoni” of “theology do-it-yourself”, not the masters of theology and metaphysics philosophy as Brunero Gherardini and Antonio Livi.

      Antonio Livi in ​​particular, which it is an epistemologist and a master of philosophy of common sense, It would be the first to agree that in the absence of an appropriate and especially precise doctrinal language, ie strictly scientific, nor is it conceivable to be able to do theology, then catechesis. Indeed, today, It merges the emotions with the doctrine and poetry with theology.

      In conclusion: celibacy and chastity have I “private freely” from having one of my offspring to be the father of God's people, but I assure you that if I had children, I would have a hard time sending them to teach catechism in certain parishes with some catechists, but unfortunately also with many pastors, It is considering that catechesis is reduced more and more often pure Poetess and emozionesi.

      That's why – and my writing to that effect speaks – I hope that I first rebuilt a proper language and then be able to really start from the true metaphysical and the real Saint Thomas Aquinas.

      To say then, as she makes, that "The general barbarism makes futile any effort and any pastoral strategy", It is an open negation of the theological virtue of hope, the Holy Spirit's grace and assistance; also because, with the same logic, It may come to say that the Word of God became man and died needlessly as the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world, since both men have continued to sin is to reject it.

      And finally: if Rahner and Kueng were simple “buffoncelli”, first of all they would not have caused the damage that produced nor ever – as in the case of Rahner – They would affect a large slice of the world episcopate since the very first season of the post-conciliar.

      Of the “enemy” we must first recognize the talent, otherwise you may not be able to fight, you may end up defeated only starting from the wrong assumption of his inability or limited ability.

      Rahner, as his pupil Kueng, are two very bright minds. At the intellectual level and speculative capacity, Kueng was equipped still the same Rahner, as well as having higher communication skills of its first great master, It was also favored by a good physical presence that made him very pleasing to the eye and very listenable. The same can not be said instead that authentic man of God to Cornelio Fabro, that despite being an extraordinary mind, But he had no special communication skills nor was favored by a good looking like Kueng. This is why the Fabro, he left us genuine masterpieces, it's never been the subject of extensive services with pictures like Kueng on Times, place that Kueng fifty seemed a Hollywood actor and that the way to eighty was a fascinating man and beautiful even in old age.

      Do not forget that Lucifer was beautiful, It was not a hideous monster, and it is also very clever, on the contrary: intelligence is pure. Of course “buffoncello”.

      If some very harmful and damaging people were arginabili with a quick and easy “buffoncello”, I can guarantee that many theologians, including Brunero Gherardini, Antonio Love, John and I Cavalcoli, followed by many others, we removed them from the scene for decades. Instead, these subjects, from the pontificate of St. John XXIII followed by an almost holy blessed (Paul VI), an almost blissful (John Paul I) and a holy (John Paul II), It has passed unscathed and unharmed during four pontificates. Not to mention the Venerable Benedict XVI, that is the danger of Rahner is the Kueng, by its narrow and ancient direct knowledge he knew better yet all four of his predecessors put together.

      1. “… Do not forget that Lucifer was beautiful, It was not a hideous monster, and it is also very clever, on the contrary: intelligence is pure. Altro che ‘buffoncello’…”

        Ma se era intelligenza allo stato puro come poteva essere bellissimo?

  3. Thank you for the long answer. I have not stirred the names you say; Don Milani I only did a quote, because it suited me do it, I have not talked about his “Theology”. Of his pedagogy, I educationist and not a theologian, I could talk longer, but it is not the place and the theme. Of all the other names I mentioned in a positive or negative, I tell that were only examples sommarissimi to evoke the opposing fronts, without any particular analysis. Dei Kung e dei Rahner, loads of academic glories, rich in impressive bibliographies, suffice to say μèγα βìβλος, mega kakon; buffoncelli will not be the more appropriate term, but my caveat means higher against their system of sowing false doubts (the dogmas of the faith) and even worse false certainties (the dogmas of their prejudice), As for hope, as among he said’ Christopher Don Rodrigo: “There is nothing to hope from man. All the more so we must trust in God” , phrase tinged with Jansenism, but again I look citations know where and where it suits me. With regard to physical, Fabro non pierced the covers, but I will never forget my epic games of soccer with him on the pitch of the Holy Cross…

  4. Dear don Ariel,

    debbo mandarle un lungo messaggio che può anche non pubblicare: mi basta ragionare con lei su alcune cose.

    Lei ha perfettamente ragione a polemizzare con l’elitismo spurio di, eg, quelli che io chiamo ironicamentepliniani” (lei mi ha capito). O dei sedevacantisti che sentenziano di eresia senza sapere nulla di teologia (o filosofia o latino).

    Ormai siamo ridotti all’incomunicabilità massificata e, ancora peggio, al rifiuto di imparare.
    Le citerò un esempio: to me, professore di liceo classico, è toccato correggere alunne del primo anno del triennio le quali credevano che i Vespri Siciliani fossero avvenutiavanti Cristo” (e non comprendevano dove fosse l’errore), o alunni che ignoravano il significato di parole come artiglieria, intrinseco, fallace. E di essere preso per il naso da alunne ripetenti che facevano i compiti in classe copiando da Wikipedia (e ancora non so come abbiano fatto, dato che avevo sequestrato i telefonini). Si può immaginare in tale contesto che razza di lezioni di filosofia o storia potessi fare. Ed era un liceo classico romano, di un quartiere benestante. Figuriamoci altrove.

    That said, e dunque eliminati i plinianesimi e gli snobismi, osservo: non è forse vero che il degrado di massa è cominciato anche perché a degradarsi sono state le elites? Let me explain: atheism, edonismo, contraccezione, consumismo sono iniziati nei ceti benestanti, non nel popolo semplice (dove pure non mancavano i depravati e i mascalzoni, ma erano chiaramente etichettati). But above: vediamo che anche il popolino, lungi dall’essere portatore di chissà quale “cultura di classe”, segue i modelli di coloro che reputa vincenti: cantanti, calciatori, star della tv, i quali costituiscono ormai le attuali elites. Non pensa dunque che occorrerebbe ricominciare andando a evangelizzare proprio tali elites, anziché dare per scontato che siano così?

    In addition to: non è forse vero che “bisogna vivere come si pensa, altrimenti si finisce per pensare come si è vissuto”? E in ciò non è d’aiuto la chiarezza di pensiero e la fissazione di principi metafisici dell’essere, al di là delle mode e contingenze di attualità? Non sarebbe meglio evadere dalla camicia di Nesso dell’attualità?

    1. Caro Iginio,

      mi scuso per il ritardo con il quale le rispondo ma non sempre, unfortunately, mi è possibile farlo per tempo.

      Il suo discorso è molto interessante, ma sarebbe anche molto lungo e complesso. Mi permetto allora di partire con un esempio: «piaccia o non piaccia»mi spiegava una volta un famoso economista«per salvare l’economia, ed anche e soprattutto i piccoli risparmiatori che hanno lavorato una vita per mettere assieme poche decine di migliaia di euro, è necessario all’occorrenza salvare le banche».
      Credo che questo economista avesse ragione. Ovviamente a prescindere da tutto quello che di sbagliato hanno fatto spesso le banche in operazioni spericolate, agendo più volte senza il minimo senso etico. Cosa questa di cui non solo lui era consapevole, because, com’ebbe a spiegarmi in più occasioni, ebbe pure a partecipare come specialista ad operazioni di salvataggio di queste stesse banche.

      Prendiamo allora come esempio la vecchia Compagnia di Gesù ridotta oggi ad amena Compagnia delle Indie. Prima che i gesuiti prendessero la svolta auto-distruttiva che li ha portati a pericolose commistioni con il marxismo, la guerriglia, il filo-protestantesimo, il sincretismo religioso e l’animismo, il tutto condito con la sociologia – o il culto? – del povero e della povertà, gli stessi gesuiti della cosiddetta “vecchia scuola”, per alcuni secoli hanno formato quelle che nel linguaggio odierno siamo soliti chiamare “classi dirigenti”. Questi erano infatti i gesuiti: didatti, pedagoghi, formatori e anche uomini di scienza. I problemi nascono quando nella seconda metà dell’Ottocento si mettono a fare i teologi.
      In this sense, l’opera della vecchia Compagnia di Gesù, è stata lungimirante e soprattutto molto preziosa.

      In 2013, quando improvvisamente cambiò vento ed i poveri od i presunti tali divennero il centro del mistero stesso della Chiesa, ricordo che affermai più volte: “Se prima noi non convertiamo ed aiutiamo i ricchi, non avremo nessuna possibilità di aiutare i poveri, perché saremmo privi di tutti i mezzi necessari per farlo. Certain, potremmo compiere un gesto eclatante e svuotare le casse di Santa Madre Chiesa, ma una volta che le casse saranno rimaste vuote, come potremo svolgere le nostre opere di carità”.
      E siccome andava di gran moda affermare che la Chiesa doveva spogliarsi … vendere … rinunciare … e via dicendo, io portai l’esempio della vacca dicendo: «Se noi uccidiamo la vacca e organizziamo un bel pranzo per i poveri a base di carni arrostite, quando poi dopo, Poors, verranno a chiederci il latte, che cosa risponderemo? Dovremo rispondere che la vacca se la sono mangiata e che quindi il latte non c‘è più». But it, il gesto di privarsi della vacca per un bel pranzo con i poveri, avrà sicuramente mandato in brodo di giuggiole quelli de La Repubblica ed affini che frattanto avranno magnificato … «La Chiesa si spoglia delle proprie ricchezze!».

      Senza i ricchi non abbiamo possibilità di aiutare i poveri, come senza banche non sarà possibile aiutare e all’occorrenza proteggere i piccoli risparmiatori.

      Sometimes, years ago, mi recavo saltuariamente presso una elegante clinica romana a prestare servizio pastorale. Una clinica che pare un hotel a cinque stelle, di proprietà di una congregazione di suore e dalle stesse gestita. the sisters, in general, ma soprattutto quando avevano certi particolari pazienti, avevano bisogno che a visitarli fosse un prete che possibilmente non ruttasse, non scoreggiasse, non si grattasse i pantaloni sul culo tra una parola e l’altra, non sbagliasse verbi e congiuntivi, non giungesse con il bianco della forfora dei capelli sulla camicia nera con il francobollino bianco slacciato sotto il collo, che fosse in grado di intrattenere un colloquio con persone di una certa levatura cosiddetta sociale e culturale. And I, che pure – come vede – dico e scrivo parolacce, certi generi di pessime figure al sacro ordine sacerdotale non le faccio fare, persino quando dico parolacce.

      Più volte ho udito persone affermare che quella clinica, per il suo lusso ed i suoi costi era «uno scandalo» e che il «mitico Papa Francesco avrebbe dovuto finirla con certe strutture e istituzioni». A quel punto ho spiegato a certi “romantici” che solo grazie ai proventi in attivo di quella clinica, le suore di quella congregazione, negli ultimi dieci anni, avevano aperto tre ospedali e finanziata la costruzione di ben dieci grandi poliambulatori in Africa, più due centri per l’assistenza e la cura degli ammalati di AIDS.

      Per aiutare i poveri, abbiamo bisogno dei ricchi, ed affinché i ricchi aiutino i poveri, bisogna dedicarsi a loro e convertirli dopo avere curato, often, le loro grandi povertà interiori.

      Unfortunately,, today, questi ovvi principi fondamentali non sono riconosciuti ed accettati da quell’esercito sempre più fitto di preti che ruttano, scoreggiano, si grattano i pantaloni sul culo tra una parola e l’altra, sbagliano verbi e congiuntivi, giungono con il bianco della forfora dei capelli sulla camicia nera con francobollino bianco slacciato sotto il collo, non sono in grado di intrattenere un colloquio con persone di una certa levatura cosiddetta sociale e culturale.

      Grazie a questi preti che oggi, come scrivevo in altre pagine, stiamo vedendo diventare vescovi, finiamo col perdere i poveri e col perdere i ricchi, per rimanere vittime del devastante romanticismo di una povertà ideologica che non aiuta e che non salva nessuno. But it gets worse: la Chiesa è sempre stata attenta a evitare la diffusione delle divisioni generate dall’invidia sociale, but today, social envy, pare proprio legittimarla, assieme alle divisioni.

      E per tutto questo abbiamo già cominciato a pagare un elevato prezzo.

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