The Church of the monsters in the hands of court jesters devoid of style and priestly dignity: priests from the beach in bathing trunks which then make fun of their brothers who wear the cassock

- Summer lightness … —



From the Code of Canon Law: can. 277§2. Clerics are to behave with due prudence towards persons whose company can impair the obligation of continence or give rise to scandal among the faithful […] Can. 282 – § 1. The clerics lead a simple life and to refrain from anything that may have an air of vanity […] Can. 284 – Clerics are to wear suitable ecclesiastical dress according to the norms issued by the Episcopal Conference and the legitimate local custom […] Can. 285 – § 1. Clerics are to refrain completely from what is unbecoming to their state, accordance with the provisions of particular law […] §2. Avoid those things that, although not unbecoming, nevertheless foreign to the clerical state.


Ariel S. Levi Gualdo



His Excellency

Mons. Salvatore Pappalardo

Archbishop of




Venerable Bishop,


in its ancient and glorious City, before becoming a priest, I bought a nice house in the heart of Ortigia, in times when I led a very different life, and I also had many other kinds of economic opportunities.


Syracuse, estate 2019: Chancellor of the Archbishop of Syracuse, Public photos taken from his public profile Facebook [public page, WHO]

I spent long periods of time, Also as a priest, in your City, where I gave to the Catholic faithful and to those who are distant from the Church, the image of the priest by the conduct of exemplary life, everything until proven otherwise not easy. And then, if anyone has evidence to the contrary, in that case make it public, immediately.


The affection and esteem that the population of Syracuse He has always shown towards me, are jewels which I keep in my most dear and precious memories. hospitality, always he was given by his people, the port and always carry in my heart. Certain, to be esteemed and loved by the people, in the territory of a diocese whose presbytery is reduced to a pathetic little theater, with priests burdened by huge moral problems, who know each the skeletons in the closets of others and that I dare say so mafioso blackmailing each other ... well I said: to be esteemed and loved by people who finds himself with such models of priests, as it says it is a breeze.


In his City, no one has seen me addicted to worldly or play activities. And even though my house very close to the cliffs of Ortigia, no one has seen me sunbathe or bathe in the sea. Once a year, in summer, never alone but always I accompanied by my student and collaborator, I went three times, in a season, at a secluded beach of Porto Palo, where I was given the "luxury" of three bathrooms on the sea, lined shorts to the knee and never be seen by any living soul.


Syracuse, estate 2018, Father Ariel S. Levi of Gualdo in its ordinary and daily summer seal in a particularly hot zone. And because of his ecclesiastical clothing, the subject of jokes and mockery of priests … obviously just behind.

On the streets of his city, people have always seen me walk with a cassock on him. During the summer holidays I have not used the black cassock, but the white one, given the heat that is in the South-Eastern Sicily.


MDL, Excellency, how his priests - strictly behind, because no one would dare say it to my face - I have cruelly mocked? Just so: I made fun of me because I was wearing the white cassock summer, or, in winter stays, the black.


To them, Your Excellency, which however is also a canonist training and sent to Rome to canon law even permanent deacons, He has perhaps never said that the use of the priestly robe is made compulsory by the laws ecclesiastical and the directives of the Congregation for the Clergy, followed by the Italian Episcopal Conference? In this regard I refer to a very interesting video conference held on DogmaTv the young canon lawyer Federico Bortoli, Chancellor of the Diocese of San Marino-Montefeltro, that speaks to the Ecclesiastical discipline [see WHO].


That said the public submission, as an understandable and legitimate pebble removed from the shoe, the photograph of his Chancellor Archbishop, publicly photographed in a public beach with a red costume that, I'm his bishop, I would eat him literally locked in my private study at the bishop's palace.


[public page, WHO]

The images are public, and published on social. Indeed, the individual concerned, it is self-published on your profile Facebook, that is visible and accessible to anyone. Therefore, any possible legal action for breach of privacy, It could not be accepted by any court. And this desire is clear, from this moment to his "canon" army swimsuit red swimwear.


So do not miss, please, to extend my fraternal greetings to all those that his presbyters, sulle mie vesti Talari, They have always laughed fun, precisely the manner in which the ridiculous buffoons trying to laugh about who, respect of the sanctity of the priesthood and priestly consistency, did your life purpose. And while the clowns in red costume laughing, at the same time the residents of his city fed estimate, I dare say even veneration for a priest, like me, in public he never dared to show up even with a short-sleeved shirt.


Happy laughter in late August!


the Island of Patmos, 22 August 2019








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27 thoughts on "The Church of the monsters in the hands of court jesters devoid of style and priestly dignity: priests from the beach in bathing trunks which then make fun of their brothers who wear the cassock

  1. Of course this Diocese of Syracuse fell really badly.
    The spirit of Bommarito has also arrived there

  2. I have accomplished 80 years in July, and I pray so that the Lord call me as soon as possible to another life, thus saving me this abomination of desolation.
    Especially I find disturbing that similar subjects are placed in a certain role, therefore often must also decide the fate of the other, but above all that, in easygoing manner, self-publish on the public square of the Internet in these conditions.
    But what matters is only the reception of the migrant … of, on that “dogma of faith” do not argue!

    1. Dear Don Bruno,

      I Have 65 and sometimes I have your same “temptation”. But then I tell myself: if we disappear, now comparable to “last of moikani”, and then, the people of God which cost remains?
      … the priests in red costume and the bishops who appoint them chancellors archbishop.

    2. whether between an immigrant and another, a comizietto and the other social-bishops, they thought only a moment to what we are suffering we priests, and especially our seniors, yes they should hold a jubilee, but a jubilee of penance, to truly and seriously ask God for forgiveness, if they believe in God.
      A hug Don Bruno, of years I 35 and I dare not even think about what I will have to see, if I'll get even 80.

      don Carlo (Modena)

  3. Reverend Father, if I were the mother of the priest I would be ashamed to die! As the mother of a young priest to confess that I am more worried every day about what is happening in the Church. I can only pray, as already I do every day.

    1. Mrs. Adriana,

      I am also the mother of a priest. My husband died two years, and together we have suffered much for our son, today 38 years and a priest for 8, that a month after the arrival of the new bishop, He was called and was told I quote: “you think to continue to bring even this old black rag”? (referring to the habit that my son has always brought).
      I listened to Prof. videoconference. Don Federico Bortoli, that deserves to be heard, and in which he also talks about this: New bishops who do not want, the few priests who still lead, wear the cassock.
      In conclusion, if we moms have a son who is really a good priest, we owe a lot to suffer for him and with him these days.

      1. … and, it would take just a bishop as a father Ariel, as they say in these parts ... has two "cugghiuni"!!! (perhaps for this reason it does not wear a mini red costume).
        How many times when he was here in his home area in the past are being .... under his balcony on the first floor of the building of Ortigia. The balcony is always open in summer and him inside to work until late at night. Going to a corner of the square, you could see him inside the computer with a music background.
        Strolling greeting everyone, to go shopping market, the bar to get a drink with a girl down, laughing with market traders.
        Witty up to make you die laughing.
        Yes, it is true, all have always liked because it is an angel.
        But ... do not make him angry, never make him angry.

      1. At Syracuse we have the highest concentration of gay priests, we all know, but everyone. They will cover and protect one another, Archbishop knows and is silent, his predecessor …. well, let their losing, given that this beautiful collection of people he made them priests.
        But the Vatican, a visit in these parts, does not send nobody?

      2. I could say, we hope that Providence will send us a pope who shelters heresy, rather than promote. On the contrary, I say… but, I say also, Let the question of why Providence has sent him. If not it would be too easy.

    1. … the time has cried tears “normal”, She weeps today for their tears of blood, She told by a young husband to which a parish priest tried to get their hands on him inside the sacristy when I went to ask information for a baptism. Mind you, mica “hands on him” in the sense that I wanted to beat, No… No! I say: on, on …

  4. Mrs. Luisa
    I'm understanding that we moms of priests we have to suffer so much and the Lord asks us to offer our sufferings because of all the priests. My son is a priest for 3 years and has 30 year old, in the Diocese of Venice there are still held priestly dress, for now, but I assure you that are less and less dioceses asking their priests to wear the cassock but even carry the collar. My son was very close derided by priests of the Diocese of Treviso. I'm not afraid to write these things because, unfortunately, correspond to the truth. I think it's very significant rejection or mock dress, sign of a Church increasingly bride in the world instead of the Bride of Christ

    1. … perhaps, like its counterparts of our Archdiocese of Naples, then take a little note at the bottom of the Amoris Laetitia and declare the nullity of marriage, or, always like some of his counterparts and our Neapolitan, before life partners say: “you love? If all goes well there is ammmore, just the ammmore”.
      From us, they do so.

      1. No, no dear Ciccio (P.S. so I call this brother since seminary of Capodimonte)
        Okay we're both on the territory of the ancient Bourbon kingdom, I give the players new, compared to Sicily, They do a lot worse: nullity of marriage to marriage is not consummated because of sexual impotence.
        As, We ask before that instance … “you had three children from the next partner!”
        Reply: “… and, it is true, but, with his former wife, I was powerless”.

        Don Ciro (Naples)

  5. Here, I would like to make just one consideration, a powder’ from Romagna beef that are, but Catholic, Catholic faithful, because with our Bishop. Francesco Lambiasi not do hard time of it, with the air today pulls around, indeed we spend luxury.
    The consideration is this, given that they are a professional photographer and cameraman especially: I watched the video unprofessional don Federico Bortoli, then I took the video section of Patmos island a father Video Ariel.
    Pure professional account (need: of a young man strictly heterosexual!): these two priests, in front of a professional chamber, go forth out shooting like two actors.
    Another consideration always professional (and always identified by it as a strictly heterosexual man!), are just two beautiful figures of males.
    Question: some bishops, when they choose their future priests, evaluating them, what kind of chores are busily, seen then certain results?

    Greetings to all island visitors from Rimini

    1. Good evening!
      Bah! As a physicist is my best. Definitely more toned and less flabby.
      Which, I believe, also reflects the character. Anyhow, although not Priest, I do not publish my photos on social.
      Thanks. Greetings.

    1. Dear Reader,

      We publish his reporting, but reminding her that the matter does not concern us, but the Swedish Lutherans.
      Unless she has not missed the fact that this is not a Catholic priest, but a member of the Lutheran Community of Sweden.

  6. I want to see at least one good thing. From the picture of the archbishop's chancellor of Syracuse, the look a bit’ superficial and distracted by those who do not know, one senses that this man like them women. It is not just, today, for a priest. Then yes, in fact, by faithful Catholic the photo does not build me, it seems that of a couple, and this does not make me want to go to confession to him.

  7. The photo is impressive for smut but in these times unfortunate is almost considered a fortune a priest embraced a woman given the news that come to us on the sexual tastes of a large amount of consecrated, Priests, bishops and cardinals.

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