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[…] If the Holy Father Benedict, doctrine man and refined theologian, had a character tends to be mild and weak, to the point of being subjected to a real dripping during the last year of his pontificate; the Holy Father Francis, who knows the doctrine and that by his own admission is not repeated and a theologian, far from having a mild and weak character has the spirit of the leader, of General and, between a smile and the other media, his authority knows exercise and enforce, Oh! At this delicate moment in history at Christ Church maybe needed this: a Pontiff that impose its authority knew and know to cry if the proud and arrogant rather than go away crying before the arrogance of the proud and arrogant.



Author Father Ariel
Ariel S. Levi Gualdo

Caro Father. I've been reading your articles for a while and I have to tell you: on something I agree on other somewhat less. We witnessed a very painful renunciation from part of a great Pope that stinks more than blatant exclusion on the part of those who have always hated. She defines a thing for me was the spearhead of the Holy Pope John Paul II and now impresses me the strength with which bears his cross. Frankly it saddens me to compare his meekness and determination the arrogance of his successor who seem to be debunked a Paladin of so-called progressive that a representative of the East India Company as she called his order [cf. WHO] imbued with powerful. I know that the Holy Spirit is at work but does not force then it is not that we have closed the door on making us owners of what is not ours? I'm not a traditionalist I am just a Catholic Christian a little saddened and bewildered. Thank you for your attention and for your answer.


Dear Herman.

The vocation follows the dynamics of falling in love. When as a teenager I used to fall — something that happened every two weeks media —, my age seemed to me as a beautiful goddess, but I say: perfect! A quel point, by man “adult” and “expert” This was to 13 year old, got to sing and dance "Ramaya Ramaya Bokuko abantu Ramaya Miranda Tumbala» [see WHO], I went to get my grandfather's advice, He had the ability to take even seriously — perhaps because he called Giordano Bruno? —, remaining unmoved in the face of my shoot, type: "I fell in love with Silva, the daughter of pharmacist». And he, Serio: "But I didn't realize that Silvia was the daughter of the bakery». And I: "And, you got it right, because even the Baker's daughter is called Silvia, but that was two girl cooked does». After the initial euphoria and the girl began to appear is no longer a goddess, and rather than see her perfection I began to see the flaws.

How many times I happen to smile to myself, When the sacramentals or liturgical assistances wearing crush Bianca, Today I'm happy bridegroom of the Church.

After disbanding neurotic Dell’falling vocations one of my trainers — also became a priest in adulthood —, I addressed a warning of where feces for Hon and today is my exhortation object: «Do not idealize the people, because you can create idealizing of idols, finishing below then disappointed and often angry with a knife between your teeth ".

To avoid falling into such disarray and at the same time clarifying certain doubts legittimi altogether, should be clear, first of all, what is Holiness. Saints are those figures to which all we do cheer but well we look by look, in particular to the holy martyrs. What are the soubrette and actors of zany movie who like to declare themselves devotees of St. Pio of Pietrelcina around televisions or columns of Pink Magazine, to whom is never crossed my mind to make the slightest effort to imitate the model in their lives of faith and Christian virtues of this extraordinary santo?

There are major figures in the history of the Church that no one has ever canonized and that inspire my deepest sympathy, that is a human element subjective. There are several saints, some doctors of the Church, that make me instead dislike, some deep well; and the antipathy, as the sympathy, is a human element subjective and as such if necessary to control, because from it you should not be affected when you are called to formulate evaluations and especially to make choices regarding the Church's life or the lives of individuals.

The recognized sanctity instead relies on an element objective rectum on a solemn pronouncement of the highest Mastership: the Church has canonized that man or that woman — I can be obnoxious — recognizing objectively the heroicity of virtues and then elevating them to sample template for God's people. This element of objectivity is a given for me that I have never denied, anything: I recognize, I respect that, I follow it and send to the people of God. Moreover, the Church does not requires me to ask you to intercede for me with God in those saints who subjectively I think “obnoxious”. And if on the one hand I don't deny that I feel much closer to the spirituality of Saint Dominic of Guzman and his Dominican friars, on the other hand I don't have any problem to declare indifferent to the figure of Saint Francis of Assisi and distant from his Franciscan friars. I have sympathy for St. Philip Neri and devotion to Saint Ignatius of Loyola, Despite being free to express that the current Jesuits — to me epitetati East India Company —, have little to do now with the society of Jesus designed by their founder, because if they come to be what they were, instead of spreading poisons of Karl Rahner like Thomas Aquinas novel of the 20th century, would the novitiates and student full, instead populated by some African shaman or by young Indians who often manifest themselves most clearly that Buddhist Christians. And we pass on the kind of training through which came to the priesthood a pious past and Jesuit on what you come today certain methods and certain Buddhist shamans means.

The whole thing is just Chronicle of a death foretold, because the 23 October 1972 a distinguished Jesuit, Cardinal Jean Danielou, responding to a Vatican Radio interviewer on the crisis of religious life, in particular, of the society of Jesus:

"The unique and urgent solution is stop the fake orientations taken at a number of institutions. For this it is necessary to stop all experiments and all decisions contrary to the directives of the Council; warn of the books, the magazines, conventions that are put into circulation these misconceptions; Restore in their entirety the practice of the constitutions with the adjustments requested by the Council. Where this appears impossible, It seems to me that you can not refuse to the religious who want to be faithful to the constitutions of their order and directives of Vatican II to form distinct communities. Religious superiors are expected to respect this wish. These communities must be allowed to have houses of formation. Experience will show if vocations are more numerous in case of strict observance or observance homes mitigated. In case the above oppose these legitimate requests, an appeal to the Supreme Pontiff is certainly permitted» [text of interview, WHO].

… And from the ashes of the society of Jesus St Ignatius Loyola, He was born to father Pedro Arrupe new East India Company live today from Father Adolfo Nicolás.

Another item to clarify is the fact that the Holy perfection is not required. Not only, indeed, There were saints who walked the capital sins far and wide, because along with the sins they committed all manner of errors, before that conversion that led them to diveniri authentic models of virtue. A separate topic deserve those saints who were Matti as racehorses, to name one among many: San Giovanni di Dio, also as former soldier Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Fatebenefratelli order meritorious, It takes its name from the habit of this man of God who often, between the laughter of the people, began to rant and to gesture the squares and markets screaming: «Do good, you do well, Brothers, to yourself!». Implying that doing good to the next, and in particular to the sick, It was also good to yourself, to your soul.

The last Popes canonized and beatified, were far from perfect: I refer to San Giovanni XXIII, Blessed Paul VI and John Paul II San …
… certain naivety of John XXIII are known facts, as is the fact that if the withdrawn Paul VI, instead of whining, He had used his authority to invoke Apostolic and nipping their legs to certain theologians who spread dangerous heresies, today their children and their grandkids would not have rotten the whole Church of heterodox thoughts. Nor can we evade the fact that in the last decade of pontificate of Saint John Paul II, with Cardinal Giovanni Battista Re, prefect of the Congregation for bishops have risen to some of the worst Episcopal bishops ever had by the Church over the past two hundred years of history; and this statement is a fact supported by the convictions of various courts of the world, from various more or less silent dismissals, from many painful promoveatur ut amoveatur, etc ...

What does that mean that have been canonized and beatified people who don't deserve it? Or men without the fundamental virtue required of a Saint, What is prudence?

Place without stain of original sin was born only the Blessed Virgin Mary and that only the word of God made man has never known SIN, These Popes have been canonized and beatified because in spite of their imperfection, in the face of an appeal before which Apostolic, the first to be inadequate in its way it was personally chosen by Christ God, were models of heroic virtue. Like San Pietro at these Saints recent Successors lived an exemplary life in social and political contexts sometimes hard, sometimes impossible to manage, Blessed Paul VI in particular. And as we know Peter, after escaping afraid [cf. Mt. 26, 47-56], After having denied the Lord three times [cf. 26, 69-75], after it was rightly reprimanded by Paul in Antioch [cf. Maybe. 2,1-2.7-14], died by shedding their blood for Christ and his Church; a blood that makes him heroic in faith but certainly not perfect in some of its incorrect opinions, in some of its pipelines and in certain life choices.

This logical Christian It is therefore also applicable to Benedict XVI, None of us can reasonably change nor in a roaring lion or a warrior, neither an Idol, even with all the affection and reverence that I for one I cherish towards him.

That Benedict XVI has shown profound weakness and sometimes a total lack of Church Government, is a fact that nothing takes away the virtues, His Holiness of life and beautiful theology according to which, Apostolic authority together with its, He could order the diffusion of heretical thoughts of many theologians — starting from Karl Rahner — and to prohibit their thoughts were used as teaching incorrect even required under her window to pull up papal of future priests who do not have a clear idea at the outset on the ministerial priesthood, precisely because of the grave filled rahneriane heresies about the concept of the sacred order [reference on the subject to the splendid article by John Carlson, see WHO].

From refined what was theologian could have avoided, then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, to consecrate a Bishop with his bare hands a topic from questionable to say the least Christology as Bruno Forte; could have avoided by the Roman Pontiff to consecrate a bishop and then create a subject like Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, that embodies the denial not only of healthy living theology of Benedict XVI but the orthodoxy of Catholic doctrine; could prevent many nefarious Italian Bishops to send their seminarians to do spiritual retreats before the Holy order in false prophet and bad master Enzo Bianchi, because this is all authentic impiety … These and more are the devastating works that took place under the eyes of Benedict XVI, fully informed and aware of all. Objective of “niggles” that invalidated but his Holiness of life, to its high theology and its splendid papal Magisterium.

Having said that I add: If those who by waiving the sacred throne continue to try theories from Yellow Book, Instead they tried to penetrate the mystery of the Church — which requires the assumption of humility and listening — understand that Pope Benedict has done voluntarily, spontaneously and freely by the why can't handle a situation of paralysis that has developed as a tumor with disseminated metastases in the last half-century of the Church's life, starting from John XXIII, How are salivating the accusers of Vatican II, because the triggering conditions already there were everyone in the last part of the pontificate of Pius XII, which saw fit not to appoint a Secretary of State; But having said that why can't I gotta sit open a complex topic in the theme. I will only say that the many, too many Agatha Christie entering as tanks in the factory of Murano crystals of the contemporary church history, should assess the damage and the bewilderment that produce the good people of God, usually often take them seriously as “Seri” and “Devotees” Catholic historians or journalists. A “Serio” and “Devoto” Catholic journalist sells off not poor and though disfigured bride of Christ for one scoop, impersonating the sensationalism for irrefutable truth; a “Serio” and “Devoto” no historical truth claims to their own subjective ideologies, as such all debatable.

If we do priests catechesis, If we explained to our faithful the fundamentals of doctrine, of Ecclesiology, the sacramentary, Church history and Canon law — but the assumption though is the knowledge transmission — we would avoid leaving them in meal daily Twaddle who write many vaticanologists loaded by their owner-operators or as any from small serpents hidden in the anonymity of the Roman curia; journalists that many of our members — not having adequate responses by us priests — take it as the word of God with everything that goes with it.

And to respond strictly in relation a relevant question: Let us assume that the Holy Father Francis, as our dear reader is an «arrogant». Admitted and that the grace of the Holy Spirit is able to pull out the virtue even the habit, wonder: After a gentle man was devoured by an open-air dump which gave rise within the Church to a dirt like no other traveling upstream from weakness of blessed Paul VI inherited almost unmanageable heritage from San Giovanni Paolo II, It wasn't that there was providential as a “marpione Jesuit” smiling publicly remaining square Nice to everyone but that in private in Santa Marta cutting heads? And those who were guillotined cannot manco complain, because if they did they would finish the square filled with lynched fans of … fasina piacone He immediately declared that "from the other side of the world», unless you have the ability to make smart concrete facts in — and I mean that in the positive form — out of this world.

More than answers I gave food for thought, including the action of grace of the Holy Spirit through the Holy Father Francis, and as I said already two years ago in the third month of his pontificate: "It's enigmatic. A Pied Piper that is bringing all the mice in the open ' and that I hope will lead them one below the other to jump into the river for the Supreme good of the Church. I am more and more convinced, indeed, through the Synod on the family pulled them into a trap by placing them in a position to go all out in the open, thing that the showdown will mean that short selling is finally too. And, as I wrote in the past, the Holy Father could run the risk of returning to wear the red shoes for what they really mean: the martyrdom of Peter that with bloody feet on Vatican Hill came to be crucified upside down [see WHO]. At that point we — which we devoutly criticized — we will defend it and we will watch the cross with the young John and the Blessed Virgin Mary, While "all the disciples, forsook him, fled» [cf. Mt. 26,56], because I am afraid this is the end, all in all very glorious, reserved for the Holy Father Francis, at the end of this honeymoon media that was too long and that even the most shrewd and cunning of the old Jesuits can pull over for a long time.


THE ENIGMA OF FRANCIS – interview of June 2013 Ariel S. Levi Gualdo


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  1. Father Ariel Caro,
    I read for a while’ his articles and I find them really illuminating (especially those concerning Pope Francis). Thank you very much really! God bless you!

    1. Dear Ettore.

      The author of this paper, in even tones nice, He expressed his legitimate opinion, and it is his right to do so. Do not think like me, and he has every right to express it.

      Certain, the writing is somewhat confused, because I do not border accusations of heresy as they were “Carnival confetti“, given that the term heresy is part of normal theological lexicon, is not a dirty word or an insult.
      As well as ignore or pretends to ignore, the author, that before accusing of heretical tendencies the lefebvrists, accusations of heresy heavier well I addressed to all the high modernists or so-called Empyrean “Progressives”, they are also far more powerful and dangerous than the lefebvrists, because while four lefebvrist cats closed in their ghetto can't get me to do anything, Modernists, I've always stuck hard, can you clean – and I have created – big problems and big impediments.
      Thank God, from my, I've always had great support: became a priest with the firm resolve to never vacuum any ecclesiastical career, therefore, even modernists to power, to whom do I owe my total exclusion from any ecclesiastical role and task, I have minimally scratched, Since I became a priest to serve the Church and the people of God entrusted to it, to celebrate the Eucharistic sacrifice, absolve from sins, administer the sacraments according to the power of my rank order and send to heaven as many souls as possible. And all that I do every day without needing to be “gratified” or chairs in the Pontifical universities or by clamps on a red cassock.

      And all of this should take into account, When it comes to a life “complex” as my, because I am one who always paid so much, on the contrary: to the test, Word behind words I always paid for everything to work of those who, more could not refute my assertions, I had the knives in the back.
      If members of the clergy were to be awarded the Cain Award, the number of priests would not be rewarded and their ranks would lose really on the horizon.

  2. Dear Don Ariel, io mi sento affine al suo lettore Ermanno (salvo che non sono sconcertato). Lei scrive cose condivisibili in questo articolo e sono d’accordo che il punto chiave di questi tempi è che i topi stanno venendo allo scoperto. Ma questo non implica necessariamente un giudizio positivo nei confronti del pifferaio: perché i topi stanno spadroneggiando e infliggendo danni a destra e a manca. Non mi sconvolge l’arroganza del condottiero, perché come dice lei non mi aspetto che un santo sia necessariamente politicamente corretto, on the contrary. Però potrei obiettare che la doppiezza mal si sposa con la santitàuna cosa è un pontefice interventista e “arrogant”, altra è uno con questi attributi che però fa di tutto per apparire tanto aperto e dialogante. In conclusion, tutto quello che si vuole, ma che ci si presenti come si è.

    Per questo non trovo soddisfacente la risposta. But it, Don Ariel, a lei riconosco una risposta valida al problema, che nessuno di quelli che hanno colto le contraddizioni è stato in grado di dare: “dopo il Sinodo Francesco metterà le scarpette rosse”. Non ne sono convinto, ma ormai manca poco e vedremo. Se però non succederà, bisognerà trarne qualche

  3. … “Devil” of a priest!
    A stroke of genius, your provocative title “Saints obnoxious”, to remember and to clarify what is truly masterfully Holiness.
    I loved it soooo much, is this your is to father John concerning the invalidity of certain priestly ordinations.

    P.S. I have sent two mites with Paypal, Since you have to do the maintenance costs of the site, I hope to do the same as well as other readers.

  4. Caro Father,
    I'm a Dominican tertiary, and if you don't mind me asking I would like to ask you: Why not become a priest in the order of Friars preachers?
    If the question is indiscreet and erase everything and do not answer me.
    Heartfelt greetings to the island of Patmos.

  5. I just noticed the reference to Race, I know marginally, but I knew the student Borgonovo, in career, for reasons relating to the historicity of the Bible. Historicity that he, and many like him, does not see, Affirming the nonexistence of Solomon, David and Moses…. Ben existed instead, that, however, requires a profound modification of those times scenario in terms also of astronomical events. And Salazar would say Race goes well beyond.

  6. Rev. Father,
    What do you think of the recent and upcoming performance of Rabbit? (Your incorrigible?)
    1. Thursday, 17 September 2015 Rome – Duties of medicine. Patient's rights
    The ' Court of Francesco’ submit a document: "Constructive Lines for a right of care and end-of-life decisions". Someone on “the new compass” commented bitterly :
    “Surprise: even a cardinal pulls the plug.”
    From Assisi 23 to the 27 September, a dialogue between believers and non-believers on the theme of humanity.
    Giving a look at the rich program you discover other “surprises” concerning the Conference venues, guests (Ravasi has “good” social circle, a high budget, sponsor munificent) and arguments (almost all human knowledge!).
    Some conferences have really titles “suggestive” and eye-catching: bookable spaces are already almost sold out.
    Magnificence and pomp, in the House of the poverello of Assisi!
    I implore the intercession devoutly because from these scattered seeds are born good fruits
    the greater glory

    1. Explanation, about Gianfranco Ravasi and consequences of ravasipensiero, all of them should be asked to the Holy Father Benedict XVI, because it is he who has consecrated and it is he who created Cardinal.

      1. Excuse Don Ariel, però non capisco la sua risposta. Yes, penso che anche chi è molto affezionato a Ratzinger e si trova in sintonia con il suo pensiero si rende conto che non ha esercitato il ruolo di governo come avrebbe dovuto. Recentemente ho letto un commento sintetico, che “un fine teologo non necessariamente ha le doti di governo“, e proveniva anche in questo caso da uno che ha in gran simpatia Ratzinger. D’altronde è lo stesso pensiero di Ratzinger, che resosene conto si è dimesso. Well, fin qui siamo tutti d’accordo. Poi lei dice che è un bene che Francesco governi con il pugno di ferro, anche per compensare il passato. Fine. Ma non solo i Ravasi rimangono e non vengono allontanati; se ne aggiungono anche altri. E dov’è dunque questo pugno di ferro? Capisce perché a molti, me incluso, le cose non tornano?

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