It happened that the Holy Father Francis has endorsed an encyclical written by the future Pontiff in the year 2023 …



The encyclical of Benedict XVIII came to his time in the copy-tribute to several senior members of the Roman Curia. Well: sorgermi can now pleasant suspect that someone has actually read?



Author Father Ariel
Ariel S. Levi Gualdo



how carefully 1
A book written by Ariel S. Levi in ​​Gualdo 2012 and published in January 2013

The Holy Father Francis He has modified the canon n. 579 the Code of Canon Law regarding the consecrated life of diocesan institutes. According to an edict signed by the Secretary of State, Cardinale Pietro Parolin, His Holiness has decided to erect new institutions diocesan right necessary "to prior consultation of the Holy See as a necessary the validity». Otherwise, "it incurs the nullity of the decree establishing the institution itself ' [cf. WHO].


Cardinal Pietro Parolin ha spiegato nel rescritto che «è necessaria al fine di evitare che vengano eretti a livello diocesano dei nuovi Istituti senza il sufficiente discernimento che ne accerti l’originalità del carisma, che definisca i tratti specifici che in essi avrà la consacrazione mediante la professione dei consigli evangelici e che ne individui le reali possibilità di sviluppo».


Un anno prima dell’abdicazione del Sommo Pontefice Benedetto XVI, mi dilettai a scrivere un libro che fu pubblicato nel gennaio del 2013. This text, più che un libro, era una enciclica in forma di Motu Proprio data in San Pietro il 28 May 2023 nella solennità della Pentecoste dello Spirito Santo dal Sommo Pontefice Benedetto XVIII. Enciclica che questo Pontefice del futuro aveva titolata How much care in cordibus nostris.


Permettetemi quindi di sorridere sul fatto che oltre tre anni fa, in un testo molto articolato di 206 pages, il mio fantasioso Benedetto XVIII dedicava proprio l’intera parte quarta alla modifica di questo canone; parte così intitolata: «Sulla revoca ai Vescovi Diocesani della facoltà di riconoscere nuove congregazioni religiose e realtà ecclesiali. Modifica del canone 579 of the Code of Canon Law».


Come ho spiegato di recente ai lettori in un articolo [see WHO] i miei libri sono al momento fuori stampa, ma quanto prima saranno nuovamente ristampati tutti quanti, inclusa la enciclica di questo Pontefice del futuro. Nel frattempo potete però dilettarvi a leggere la parte nella quale veniva stabilita la modifica di questo canone, proprio per evitare che non pochi vescovi superficiali e privi a volte della basilare prudenza, They would give credit and recognition to a proliferating army founders and founder, often with the most serious consequential damages for both the diocese and for the universal Church.


But there's more … in the fifth part of his encyclical, the Supreme Pontiff Benedict XVIII of the future is the theme of "A first essential reform of the Roman Curia». Listen to what he writes, among other things, our the future Pontiff about certain honorific title:


11. On title onorifico of monsignor awarded to priests - The honorary title of monsignor should be reserved only for those priests who have distinguished themselves in service to the Apostolic See and the dioceses. This means that it is quite unlikely that this award will be given to young priests. For this we determine that this honorary title, as to give particularly mature and distinct priests, It is given very sparingly and mostly never before 50 years old, better yet late grateful and valuable service provided selflessly to the universal Church and the particular Churches […].


Unbelievable but true! Just what that years later will the Holy Father Francis [cf. WHO, WHO] which, however,, while the Pontefice del futuro He wrote this encyclical and dictated these provisions, He was still Archbishop of Buenos Aires.


In part that is «on bishops, their sacred ministry and their apostolic dignity», between the various sections there is another that deserves to be reported:


12 Abolitions of locations archbishop with right Cardinals He was promoted to the rank of Cardinal for "right home" but for special merits, After long and deep donation operates the Church and the People of God. Without exception for national primatial locations, it shall revoke the cardinal's title to all the archbishop's offices in the world that currently benefit. The Roman Pontiff will choose the number of cardinals needed to form the college of cardinals, mainly between diocesan bishops and bishops among some owners. It may therefore happen that instead of the Metropolitan Archbishop of larger premises which until earlier had benefited by historical right title, He is promoted to the rank of Cardinal Bishop of a diocese suffragan of the same metropolitan see […]».


Unbelievable but true! Just what that years later will the Holy Father Francis [cf. WHO, WHO, WHO, etc. ..] which, however,, while the Pontefice del futuro He wrote this encyclical and dictated these provisions, He was still Archbishop of Buenos Aires.


always in this part devoted to the Bishops, heard what writes Pontefice del futuro about the Italian dioceses:


14 On number excessive of diocese Italiane - In Italy will have to be revised too many dioceses, several of which grouping in less number of inhabitants of the faithful to a single parish of the large metropolitan areas of the world. It should be also revised the number of metropolitan archbishoprics locations and locations of archbishoprics, particularly in areas where for historical reasons has been given the title of Archbishop's residence or in a metropolitan reality that today have no reason to exist. According to the spatial extent and the number of baptized, in Italy there is a Metropolitan every three million baptized, two over five million baptized, three more than ten million baptized. In regions with a number of baptized less than three million it is nevertheless established a metropolia, provided that there are at least five suffragan dioceses, if not, the dioceses of that region, They are distributed between the ecclesiastical provinces of neighboring regions. Unless real and compelling pastoral needs arranging for the suppression or the regrouping of all the lower number to the diocese 100.000 baptized.


Unbelievable but true! Just what years later he complains about the Holy Father Francis: the excessive number of Italian Diocese [cf. WHO, WHO, etc.] which, however,, while the Pontefice del futuro He wrote this encyclical and dictated these provisions, He was still Archbishop of Buenos Aires.


Where the futurist Pontiff is The third part "Sui priests in particular on the liturgy and the Sacraments», heard what he wrote Benedict XVIII, which invokes new criteria about the exam and marriage annulment judgments by the ecclesiastical courts:


23 On celebration of Sacramento of Wedding - All 'occurrence would have to act with responsibility and courage, cautiously saying no to the wedding celebration advanced request from young or suffering from blatant immaturity, moved by surface infatuation, tine conscious conviction and, above all, from basic Christian faith. Some problems should be noticed in fact prevented with caution. It is gross negligence of the bishop and the parish priest, waived regardless of certain cases of clear immaturity and equally preside over the celebration of the Sacrament, only to remember later, rather than before, that marriage is indissoluble, when all the conditions for its validity. In this regard we invite the ecclesiastical courts to consider carefully, the purpose of an eventual judgment of nullity, cases of non-sacramental perception and awareness on the part of the spouses do not adequately encouraged to acquire the true and deep sense of the nature of religious marriage, However, taking in this case, and always practice, Also the necessary canonical measures against those priests who have performed at the celebration of a sacrament in all those cases where it was clear that no opportunity to proceed in his administration.


Unbelievable but true! Just what that years later will the Holy Father Francis with his Pope's own motion on the reform of the canonical process for the nullity of marriage causes [cf. WHO], which, however,, while the Pontefice del futuro He wrote this encyclical and dictated these provisions, He was still Archbishop of Buenos Aires.


The Pontefice del futuro, always at the third dedicated to priests, the liturgy and the sacraments, It does not fail to address the issue of sacramental confession, giving precise instructions to confessors, type …


22 On the celebration of the Sacrament of Penance - "Receive the Holy Spirit; If you forgive the sins to those who do not forgive they will not be forgiven ". Always bear in mind this initial warning: "Receive the Holy Spirit", because through his work, the confessor is called to act as a tool in the hands of God's grace. The Fathers of the Church gathered in Council declared that it is necessary "by divine decree to confess each and every mortal sin". Administering this delicate sacrament, the confessor, who it is called to be a judge but especially medical, It is first of all always merciful, largendo il perdono che procede da Padre dal Figlio e dallo Spirito Santo, perché Cristo è divina misericordia incarnata che racchiude in sé la dimensione umana-divina. Eviti sempre di essere inopportuno, si attenga a ciò che dice il penitente, non indaghi, non osi mai chiedere nomi di luoghi o di persone legate ai fatti narrati, specie se particolarmente gravi, faccia anzi l’esatto contrario: se il penitente volesse riferirli risponda che per dare conforto, consiglio e soprattutto remissione dei peccati, non è necessario riferire luoghi specifici e soprattutto identità dei soggetti, ma solo i fatti in sé, except for very special and extraordinary cases, the evaluation of which is left whole to the best wisdom of the confessor and especially in light of the Holy Spirit who illuminates the. Both very measured in addressing any questions and does so only if it really necessary, indeed only if unavoidable, for example in case he had not understood how exposed by the penitent, but above all it always adheres to a strict merit of what he was told. Do not do interviews and never open arguments on issues that the penitent has not addressed. In particular, do not dare to come into direct or indirect way in speeches related to his sexual intimacy, If the penitent does not open in free conscience arguments on certain issues or if you will not put questions to that effect expressed. They are in fact always known cases of the faithful who because of a bad confessor, or to the investigation or the questions inappropriate and for various reasons not due addressed by a confessor, They have moved away for years, sometimes even for decades by the Church, after they felt violated in their deepest feelings and human intimacy.


What comes to mind the Holy Father Francis that years after the publication of this encyclical by the Pontefice del futuro, will debut several times, addressed to confessors, with expressions of this kind: "The confessional should not be a torture chamber» [cf. WHO], "The confessor should be merciful" [cf. WHO], "Penitents not be abused" [cf. WHO] …


The encyclical of Benedict XVIII He came to his time in the copy-tribute to several senior members of the Roman Curia. Well: sorgermi can now pleasant suspect that someone has actually read? Gradually others which will be taken by the encyclical of my ideas Futurist Pontiff, I will be happy to inform our loyal readers. And then, if the Holy Father wanted to use me as a consultant or advisor, in which case the guarantee would I, unlike Cardinal Walter Kasper & C., I not ever suggest going to Stockholm in 2017, During the centenary of the apparitions B.V. Maria Fatima, to celebrate the five hundredth anniversary of the so-called “Reform” Lutheran, which was far from being such, namely reform, It remains and was instead only the celebration of painful heresy of Martin Lutero who broke communion with the Church one, saint, Catholic and Apostolic. And before the heresy - as recently he has wisely reminded us of the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Cardinale Gerhard Ludwig Müller [cf. WHO] - we, we do not have anything to celebrate, much less celebrate.



To read the encyclical in the form of Motu Proprio of Pontefice del futuro in the section dealing with can reform. 579 click below

How much care in our – fourth part



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22 thoughts on "It happened that the Holy Father Francis has endorsed an encyclical written by the future Pontiff in the year 2023 …

  1. incomparable, Don Ariel, Provident his fears, Provvidenti suggestions!
    But I understand that the rescript operate ex nunc and not ex tunc and especially not transpose – for the moment – the entire articulated series from her so minutely examined and with such wisdom “legal” disciplined,
    We must wait until the competent dicastery emanate appropriate directives and any necessary transitional rules to ensure coordination between the previously existing provisions and the correct application of the new legislation.

  2. Venerable brother priest.
    I state, first, that I speak to you as a religious priest.
    I do not know all the encyclical of Benedict XVIII of the future pope, but the part devoted to religious life is enough for me.
    With affection and, above all, with estimates, I'm telling you … you are a fool of the Lord! And do you explain why: you, I assume alone, you wrote a text that, of practice, It requires the intervention of various committees and various departments of the S. seat. To this I say “crazy”, using the term as a synonym for madness acute intelligence.
    I hope, and I wish you, do, and prevent certain things in advance, do not excessive prices costs.
    If they were applying what you've written, and how thou hast written, would solve, at the root, the problem with this uncontrolled army of new founders and the founding of new.
    I await this your book is printed again to read it all.
    Meanwhile greetings!

  3. I speak from painful experience.
    Twenty years ago, from our monastery, They came out 7 monks. They went to a diocesan bishop, that, obviously, said their immediate canonical recognition.
    A nothing availed attempts of our abbot, uselessly, time, He tried to dissuade the bishop, Also speaking to the issues, some of these “leaked”.
    The bishop, in response, and irritò.
    They founded a new monastery, with the diocesan recognition, and the approval of the bishop.
    After it was several years, from fledgling community, They split off three religious, who went elsewhere, on the other diocesan bishop, to found a new monastery, obtaining, of course, immediate canonical recognition.
    I have to continue beyond?
    Words your holy, dear father Ariel … Holy words!

    A Cistercian monaco

    1. Dear brother, I do not know if the primacy of “leaked” that establish new families Franciscan, claiming all the real, authentic charism of our Seraphic Father, we've got the Friars Minor Capuchin, or if they have the Friars Minor.
      Non so, not having the available numbers, to which of these two branches of the Franciscan Order should be given the … the … “tapir gold”!
      I remain so with this unresolved doubt.

      fr. Simone, Ofm.cap

  4. Dear Brother.

    I can tell you that my student and collaborator he completed his theological studies at the Pontifical Lateran University two years ago, where from time to time I went to pick him up and take him, and on those occasions I have seen many times those “freak” of so-called flyers friars.

    Whereas I do not express myself either instinctively or humorally, especially when use certain terms strong or colored, in reiterating again “freak” rest happy waiting for complaints on the one hand by the parties concerned and calls by some competent local ecclesiastical authority that these subjects have received and protected them. Indeed, if it were not for the first imprudence, poor supervision and lack of discernment of certain ecclesiastical authorities, The Holy Father, who has just granted to diocesan bishops to be able to treat the causes of matrimonial nullity, certainly would not properly proceeded to the reform can. 579, in practice by withdrawing the power to recognize new realities or religious congregations of so-called diocesan right, without the prior authorization of the Holy See.

    With my own eyes, in those various occasions, I saw him at the Lateran Fraticelli of them beggars Giovin Messer Among Flyer, arrive with their Clothes Frateschi in practice with the facts used to pack the potato sacks, but at the same time, however, they showed off laptops more expensive new generation, telefoni cellulari dai costi esorbitanti; disponevano di Ipad di ultimissima generazione che non erano ancora in commercio in Italiae si capiva che, con buona pace di Mona Poverty, questi esteti della povertà ad uso e consumo del povero people ox pronto a credere alle loro panzane, maneggiavano quattrini in notevoli quantità.

    Però vestivano col saio fatto più o meno coi sacchi delle patate e andavano scalzi coi sandali ai piedi.

    Evito di dettagliare che se fosse stato in mio canonico potere, il saio glielo avrei fatto mangiare ed i sandali li avrei usati per cacciarglieli laddove non batte mai il sole.

    Dopo avere dato vari problemi in giro per le diocesi italiane, mi sembra siano approdati nella Diocesi di Noto, retta attualmente dal vescovo rocchettaro che suona e canta canzoni profane con la chitarra elettrica nei pub, nei centri commercialiche di recente fece un ameno concertino omiletico durante la Santa Messa per i cresimandi, etc. …

    Capisci quindi che in una situazione simile, può starci collocato bene anche lo messer frate Volantino, perché come dice un proverbio delle mie zone di origine: "God makes them and couples them Christ '.

    See WHO, WHO, WHO

    Lord have mercy!

    1. Parole giuste e sante … “freak”.
      Quello che io udii con le mie orecchie durante una specie di conferenza di fra Volantino, andava preso e portato di corsa alla congregazione per la dottrina della fede, anche se la risposta del vescovo fu … “quanto sei esagerato!”

    2. Chi tra poco ordinerà sacerdote il sig. Corrado Giuntain artefrate Volantino, che il nostro vescovo espulse dalla nostra diocesi a giusta ragione con un decreto, si assumerà una responsabilità enorme, e io prego che i danni che ne conseguiranno, non siano quelli che purtroppo temo saranno per la Chiesa.

      don Giuseppe (Caltanissetta)


      NdR vedere sotto

      Decreto del Vescovo di Caltanissetta S.E. Mons. Mario Russotto

      1. “allow me”, come diceva quel famoso signore alto un metro e mezzo con i tacchi inclusi
        il Vescovo di Caltanissetta, doveva a mio sommesso parere, molto sommesso, chiamare padre Ariel e dare a lui in affido frate Volantino
        e poco dopo non ci sarebbe rimasto (altro che volantino!) nemmeno un foglio di carta velina.

      2. Caro confratello di Caltanissetta.

        Il decreto dato dal vostro vescovo e qui riprodotto in Ndr, merita veramente un encomio. Un testo scritto veramente in modo caritatevole, sapiente e deciso, proprio quella decisione che oggi, unfortunately, manca drammaticamente.
        Ci tenevo a dirti, in support of this rightly you say, and with much greater knowledge of my, Some years ago, said fr. leaflet, he landed in …. “Apostolic Visitation”, here with us in Verona. I like other pastors brothers were forced to work several weeks, to clarify the colossal heresies that this picturesque person said around among our people in the space of a few hours.
        If the bishop who is preparing to take the grave responsibility to ordain a priest, only looked the popular video this “sètta” the exalted, and did what he did advise and enlightened by two talented experts specialized in psychiatry, He would have every reason to give up.
        In any case one last attempt to do: we priests in many ways that we have seen or heard in most circumstances the character in question, let's agree to draft and sign a letter, sending a signal to the Holy See, before the bishop of Noto the priest orders, and then say in the future, as unfortunately the practice in certain cases … “I could not foresee … I could not imagine …”

        Don Paul (Verona)

        1. … already available since even now my signature to a letter.
          Just to say: when he came in “Apostolic Visitation” also in our, the head of the deanery of my pastoral zone, He said about one Leaflet: “Oh, Santa Madonna del Carmine! We already on the head the constant danger of Vesuvius, that is enough for us and we advances!”.

          1. I notice that from north to south, from east to west, the character of flyer has left its mark!
            Therefore, I can confirm that years ago it has also left us in Milan.
            An authentic exalted that if it were not tragic it would be comical.

            Don Michele B.

          2. Salve, ho letto i diversi vostri commenti e a quanto ho capito siete dei sacerdoti. La lettera l’avete scritto alla Dottrina della Fede?
            Spero non vi limitate a commentare ma anche a provvedere con i fatti. Thanks.

    3. Check the extravagant performance of Noto Bishop, videos are also already known, in sheep confused dare ask:
      Who watches the watchers?
      I hope that the bishop has now put an end to such laughable events and has made amends for the offenses against dignity and not to have defended the dignity of the position he plays.
      Some larger brother the corrected fraternally?
      The church hierarchy has occurred or not? And competent office?

      1. Dear Ettore.

        Usually, Authorities competent Ecclesiastical, They justify saying that around, both in Italy and above all for the world, "There is unfortunately a lot worse".
        And’ a way to say that they do not know where to start. Instead I tend to think they do not want to start their own.

        When I was twenty – so now 32 years ago – I met a holy priest, class 1906. I learned later that he became monk in the Order of Friars Minor and then priest. And then, afterwards, Order came out and entered the secular clergy, after having some trouble finding a bishop who welcome him and incardinate him in the secular clergy of his diocese, branded as had been branded …
        … and the bishop who took it, certainly he not regretted, because he truly died with a reputation for holiness.

        Well, the blame for this holy priest, was nothing less than this: during a public square festival had begun to sing the “secular songs” with “secular” and moving a few dance steps. All in 1936, well I remember the date because the story was set in a specific historical-political context Italian.

        If this holy man to see the scenes that follow below, what to think and say? Seeing his brothers today dancing not in the square, but covered the vestments during the sacred liturgies? Not to mention the rockers bishops …

        always, I'm arguing that the imbalance creates imbalance. Indeed, it was something highly imbalanced that until half a century ago, priests who had taken their cassocks to play with youth football in the field of the parish football, blacks have been made by their bishops; just as today is highly unbalanced thing that not only, many priests, refuse to wear their clerical garb, but they occur also in civilian clothes at the Chrism Mass.

        And then, believe me, it's difficult, for any ecclesiastical authority, correcting people, when they arrive in procession, even before they arrive they are preceded by their narcissism and their irrepressible arrogance.

        etc.… etc. …

        1. Impressed naughty, certainly difficult if there is no will.
          The authority implies responsibility, duty to act, to watch over and protect, making their voices heard, calling, also correcting the sheep.
          I can think of:
          – the three similarities of the Gospel of John chapter. 10.
          – the wisdom of the proverb: the compassionate doctor makes the verminous scourge
          ergo evil worsens irremediably when you did not dare to take the appropriate measures, although these can be painful.
          – prayer, the spiritual and moral strength that comes from prayer to God, asking the intercession of B.V. Mary and the Saints, beseeching the Lord to grant us yet courageous priests, holy priests.
          Zitto, But is it not certain to me to preach!

  5. In my diocese, a priestly fraternity, traditionalist model, also accepted and recognized by the bishop, made disasters, it's still, in that pastoral zone, After years we have difficulty make people forget certain ugly facts and events, very nasty stuff …
    Bishop's answer after the nasty business? …. “eh, but I know I could mica!”
    No, He could not precisely know … He could not know although he had been warned by the bishops of two dioceses, although our presbytery tried to persuade him not to accept those people, and, in response, He told us that we were jealous of people who celebrated Mass with zeal and devotion.

    1. … exactly as the bishop of Noto, that despite their known data issues by already said Brother Flyer, after a written decree by the way with all the trappings of wisdom and Christian charity by the Bishop of Caltanissetta … if it took it anyway, and soon the priest shall command. Rest assured, don Luciano expensive, that also in this case … want to see that, at last, will run out classic “but I did not know!” ?

  6. If I did not know the author and if I had not bought that book ( to be exact in March 2013, and to be precise even tell you where … Coletti to the library v. della Conciliazione in Rome), I read an article like this would arise spontaneously blurt out … “un altro prete che le spara grosse”, in conclusion, uno in più, uno in meno, ormai abbiam perso il conto
    La cosa che trovai singolare, a posteriori, di questo libro, il fatto che la data di stesura è il 2012, la data di stampa agli inizi del 2013. Prima della rinuncia di Papa Benedetto XVI e prima delle elezione di Papa Francesco.
    Allora padre Ariel non le spara affatto grosse, le fa proprio grosse! Ma ciò che mi rincuora, è il fatto che più le fa grosse, più gli escono ben cotte dal suo forno di lusso, dopo accurato e meticoloso impasto e lievitazione.
    Spero sia ripubblicato presto, why this, come altri suoi libri, meritano essere letti. Se infatti uno sfoglia oggi “And Satan came triune”, published in 2011, e lo legge nel 2016, solo su questo è obbligato a riflettere e chiedersi: come poteva, between the 2008 and 2010, confezionare un libro con contenuti del genere?
    Qualcuno sopra l’ha chiamatopazzo del Signore” … I agree!

  7. No, No, Absolutely not, that's no good! Macché Benedetto XX, un evento del genere deve essere festeggiato almeno almeno con un Pietro II, Don Ariel!


  8. Cari e Venerati Fratelli Sacerdoti.

    Ho letto i vostri commenti pubblici qui riportati. E dopo avere già risposto a diversi vostri quesiti in privato attraverso numerose email tramite le quali ci siamo scambiati le nostre reciproche opinioni, cercherò adesso di dare una risposta pubblica un po’ to all.

    I believe – ma questo lo avete capitoche il proliferare di nuove congregazioni religiose, fraternità sacerdotali o come qualsivoglia istituti di vita consacrata e società di vita apostolica, con i tempi che corrono è cosa prima da esaminare e poi da sanare come una sorta di … “epidemia”.

    Let me explain: Today we are living a situation that the Church already lived at the turn of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, so much so that one of the councils that for various reasons I have repeatedly examined and studied with particular care, the Fourth Lateran Council, entered into a sensitive historical context, both social and ecclesial and socio-political, strictly forbade the establishment of new religious orders.

    As dogmatic theologian advocated more, scholars in my field or to those who practice this matter, that the dogmatic in general and dogmatic perhaps especially sacramental, He can not do without a thorough historical knowledge. But that goes for all the other theological disciplines that should always lead to know where we come, Who we are and what future eschatological perspective we are projected for the mystery of grace in the economy of salvation.

    When you lose the historical memory, when replacing the theological teologismi and the sound and the deep ecclesiology sociologisms pseudo-pastoral, then it lacks that precious element “salvific” which it is precisely the knowledge of our past, the experiences of our past; and unfortunately when we do not know our history, sometimes they are condemned to repeat it, as before or perhaps even worse than before.

    But we come to this.
    I do not do mystery – Also because I wrote it and repeated – have often heatedly discussed with the Neocatechumenal and charismatic, especially for their vision of pneumatology which is often completely mismatched to the Catholic doctrine and the magisterium of the Church; not rarely, several followers of these movements, glide in fact typical doctrinal errors of the great heresies of the past, while other times, their arbitrary liturgical abuses, really border on sacrilege of the Holy Eucharist.

    For half a century in this part, the Holy Spirit is literally pulled “for feathers” and “brandito” in support of disparate “motions“, “inspirations“, “messages” … and the name of the Third Person of the Holy Trinity, so often just as erroneous, It joins another “magic word“, which it is the word “charisma”.

    The speech was long and it is not the place, so I will just say that the Holy Spirit of God, charisms, He lavishes them in the Church, for the Church, serving the Church, under the control of the Church and after approval by the Church. In the absence of all this it is not permissible for anyone to speak or the Holy Spirit's inspiration, nor of gifts, in a particular way if those who consider holder of some charisma, It is not an authentic model of obedience to the Church and its apostolic authority.

    In precious years of life she lived in Rome during my spiritual and theological formation for the priesthood, then later as a priest, in an international environment in itself universal, such is the Diocese of the Roman Pontiff, I met fraticelli the most imaginative and exotic congregations of diocesan right recognized by bishops of the most diverse parts of the world; bishops on which, Christian charity, lie suffered a veil. And many times I wondered how they could, some bishops, do not realize they have given canonical recognition to immature subjects in faith, psychologically weak, with disturbing lack of knowledge of theology but not of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. And all these people were “genuflesse” and “adoranti” in the wake of their leader or so-called “founder”, rather a psychologically fragile subject them, but able to exert on these weak its authority, often after they have inhibited in each exercise capacity of the critical sense.

    All these new “founders” They had as characteristic to feel invested with special, details and large missions, entrusted to them – obviously – by the Holy Spirit, through charisms which in truth were only aping other charisms, mostly related to the tradition of the great historical orders.

    Or good, the experience of the last fifty years of life and Church history teaches us that, as a result of a misconstrued idea of “Spring Spirit”, It is given space and dangerous rope to many mobile objects to be pseudo-mystical exaltation and narcissistic personalities with significant points of megalomania were able to exercise charm and authority over the weak and vulnerable people in their subject often through real mechanisms and plagiarism.

    The results were that, around the world, many of these new realities have ended up generating serious character scandals mostly moral and patrimonial. While their members, left to go as far as the sacred priestly order, after being formed by the pseudo-educators who were never themselves been trained, They have turned out bad priests, without first of all the spirit of devotion and filial obedience due to the Bishop. Subjects born just the day before and boasted clung to surreal ideas “tradition” and “traditions” as if they were members of one of the great historical orders millenary, then prepared in the name of their unspecified “traditions” to do battle within the various dioceses “faithless”, who were obviously priests, often led by the bishop, guilty everyone to be at their adverse, so bluntly branded as subjects closed to the grace of the Holy Spirit and jealous of their prodigious charisma.

    In the diocese of small or medium-sized, where by virtue of the environment of restricted certain shots are not easily “depreciable”, some of these groups, reality, or so-called new congregation, often they created havoc and have often been suppressed canonically after sowing all kinds of scandals and confusion among the faithful.

    I believe that a priest can not be improvised, the less you can whip up a religious tradition, ma soprattutto nessuna realtà religiosa o fraternità sacerdotale può nascere ed essere strutturata sull’egocentrismo narcisista e megalomane di un sedicente fondatore, quindi su di un carisma che non c’è.

    Sono anni che vado dicendo quanto la situazione sia grave, al punto che mi presi il letterario sfizio difarmi papae scrivere una enciclica anche a tal proposito, mentre nelle mie orecchie risuonava la rima di Cecco Angiolieri:

    S’i’ fosse foco, ardereï ‘l mondo;
    s’i’ fosse vento, lo tempestarei;
    s’i’ fosse acqua, i’ l’annegherei;
    s’i’ fosse Dio, mandereil’ en profondo;
    s’i’ fosse papa, sere’ allor giocondo,
    ché tutti cristïani imbrigherei
    s’i’ fosse ‘mperator, sa’ che farei?
    A tutti mozzarei lo capo a tondo.

    Siccome tra questi commenti è stato citato Corrado Giunta in arte Frate Volantino Verde, in coscienza mi sento di direavendo conosciuto a Roma i membri di questa esotica realtà ed il loro cosiddetto “founder” – che il Vescovo di Noto si sta accingendo a commettere un gravissimo errore, because, con soggetti simili, è pressoché garantita la realizzazione di ciò che sino a qua ho scritto, se non peggio ancora

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