"Open Church" episode III - Edited by John Zanchi: in this time of grave emergency, your priests, albeit alone, they continue to celebrate the Mass offering the Eucharistic Sacrifice for the health of body and soul

- the Fathers of The Patmos Island close to the faithful in this quarantine - "CHURCH OPEN» (III episode) - BY JOHN ZANCHI: IN THIS TIME OF SERIOUS EMERGENCY YOUR PRIESTS, ALTHOUGH ALONE, They continue to CELEBRATE THE […]

Set&surroundings: because of the Neocatechumenal San Kiko Arguello and Carmen Hernandez Santa eminent doctors of the Church, four villages of the Campania end up in quarantine for coronavirus

Set&Surroundings BECAUSE OF SAN Neocatechumenal ARGUELLO KIKO AND CARMEN SANTA HERNANDEZ FAMOUS DOCTORS OF THE CHURCH, FOUR CITIES OF CAMPANIA FINISH IN QUARANTINE FOR CORONAVIRUS . The true nature of the Neocatechumenal, always falsely obsequious to the Church and […]

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